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trust part three

a/n: you guys, I am so so so sorry that it has taken me so long to get this up! But, it’s finally here and I hope you enjoy it! Be sure to let me know what you think! Thank you.

part one part two

— word count: 1,506
— warnings: none

Your back is to the door as you hear soft footsteps. You silently pray it’s Shawn because even though you’re furious with him, all you want is for him to hold you in his arms and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. The thing is, you don’t know if he ever will again. You bring your knees to your chest and bury your face in them in attempt to silent your sobs. You bite your lip as the person on the other side of the door knocks.

“(Y/n)? Honey?” You’re slightly disappointed to learn it’s your mother.

You don’t answer her. Not because you don’t want to, but because you can’t. You know that when you open your mouth, the only thing that’s going to come out is pained sobs.

“Baby, open the door.”

Your shaking fingers reach up and turn the nob, letting your mom in to see the fragile, broken state you’re in. She takes her place next to you and you fall into her arms, gripping the back of her shirt as you cry into her shoulder.

“He left, baby.” She says, thinking it would help, but it only makes your heart break even more.

You told him to leave, but you wanted him to stay. Your mom kisses the top of your head. Shawn used to do that.

“You still love him don’t you?” She asks quietly.

You nod your head. You could never stop loving him. Your mother pulls back and gently grabs your face to make you look at her.

“Why didn’t you tell him that? You didn’t even give him a chance to talk to you.”

“I don’t know. I just got so angry in the moment and I wanted to talk to him, but the feelings I felt from that night just came back and I couldn’t help it.” You say looking down, tears quietly rolling down your cheeks.

Your mom gently tucks your hair behind your ears, “I understand that.”

“I just don’t know what to do. I really messed it up.” You take a deep breathe, letting it out in a sigh.

“I don’t think you did, sweetie. I think you both could’ve handled the entire situation better, but every couple fights. You guys are in love and this is just a little dip in the road. You’ll get through it.” She offers a gentle smile.

You nod, “I guess you’re right.”

“Oh, no, I am. No ‘I guess’ about it.” She grins.

You chuckle and wipe your tears.

“Now,” she starts, taking your hands in hers, “if Shawn was here, what would you tell him?”

You shake your head and look up to the ceiling, “That I’m so sorry. For not listening. For not letting him apologize. For pushing him away over a stupid fight that was over a stupid rumor. I shouldn’t have gotten so angry with him. I just wanted him to trust me. That’s one of the only things I want. Trust. I need him to trust me and love me if this is going to work. I mean, I put everything into this relationship and I expect him to give it his all, too. I know he does, but it’s just that lately he’s been off. Distant maybe. I don’t know. I get that he’s busy with the album, but he hasn’t been himself and I guess the whole thing kinda got to me. I didn’t want it to. I knew what I was signing up for. Long periods of time apart. A lot of nights lying in bed alone just wanting him next to me. I don’t know, I just love him so much that it really messes with me sometimes.”

“Tell him that.”

“Mom…I can’t.” You shake your head.

“Yes you can. Go tell him. Right now. Because quite frankly I’m tired of this. Watching you mope around feeling sorry for yourself while Shawn is going through this too. You’re both being ridiculous. Now, go tell him what you just told me.” She gently pushes you up and off of the bed, towards the door.

You grab your mother’s keys off the hook by the door before heading out.

Once you reach your place, you knock on the door gently and wait for an answer. You really aren’t sure if you can even call it your place anymore. After a minute the door opens and you release the breath you didn’t know you were holding.

“(Y/n)…” Shawn lets out breathily.

“Hey…” you say quietly.

“What’re you doing here?” He asks confused.

“I…I, uh, wanted to talk.” You say shifting your weight from foot to foot.

“I don’t know, (Y/n). I wanted to talk earlier and you wouldn’t even give me five minutes so, why should I give you time to talk?” He asks crossing his arms.

“Come on, Shawn. You’re really bad at this whole ‘being tough’ thing with me. I can see it in your eyes that you still want to talk. You still want to work this out.”

Shawn looks around, almost rolling his eyes before moving to the side, letting you walk in. You stand in the middle of the living room, taking a look around like you were in a brand new environment.

“So, what did you want to say?” He asks closing the door.

“That I’m sorry. For not listening and for not letting you apologize and..and for pushing you away over a stupid fight that was over a stupid rumor. I shouldn’t have gotten so angry with you-“

“(Y/n)…You had every right to be angry.” Shawn says softly, reaching out to you, taking your hands in his.

“I’m not done,” you say, loosely gripping his hands back, “I just wanted you to trust me. That’s one of the only things I want. Trust. I…I need you to trust me and love me if this is going to work. I mean, I put everything into this relationship and I expect you to give it your all, too. Trust me, I know you do, but it’s just tha-that lately you’ve been off. Distant maybe. I don’t know. I get that you’re super busy with the album and I’m so proud of you, but you haven’t been yourself and I guess the whole thing kinda got to me. I didn’t want it to. I knew what I was signing up for. Long periods of time apart. A lot of nights lying in bed alone just wanting you next to me, holding me in your arms. I just love you so much that it really messes with me sometimes and drives me completely insane.” You say quickly, talking with your hands, something you were known for when you wanted to get a point across.

You look at Shawn, waiting for him to say something.

He looks at you for what feels like an eternity before speaking, “Why didn’t you just talk to me about how you felt before?”

He looks down at you, almost every single emotion flashing through his eyes.

“I was scared.” You look down.

“Of what? What were you scared of?” He steps closer to you.

“I didn’t want you to think that I didn’t want to be in this anymore. When that’s all I want.”

“(Y/n), I wouldn’t have thought that. I would’ve been able to explain everything to you.”

You knit your eyebrows together, “Well, I’d still like that explanation.”

He nods, “I’ve been…distant…or as you like to say ‘a real shit fiancé’ lately,” he starts with a grin, making you roll your eyes, “because I’ve been working on something. For the wedding. For you. I can’t tell you what, but I’m hoping you’ll like it.”

“Shawn, I love everything you create. You know that.”

He pulls you close to him, kissing the top of your head, nodding slightly.

“I love you, you know that?” He asks, his voice shaking slightly.

“Yeah, of course. And you know I love you right?” You ask looking up at him.

He nods, a smile on his face as tears begin to roll down his cheeks.

“Shawn…baby…don’t cry.” You say gently, wiping his tears.

He leans into your touch, closing his eyes. You lead him to the couch, sitting down and letting lie down on top of you, his head in your lap and the rest of his body in between your legs. You run your fingers through his hair, humming to him quietly.

“I love you.” You whisper to him quietly, over and over again.

Shawn falls asleep in your lap, but you can’t sleep so you just look down at him. He looks so young when he’s sleeping. He doesn’t look bad, but when he’s sleeping all the stress of his career melts away and he can finally just relax. It’s like when he’s sleeping is the only time he has any peace. Your fingers are still tangled in his hair, combing through it gently. This is the man you’re going to marry and you couldn’t be happier about it.

Dean Drabble #26

Submitted by: @bringmesomepie56

Dean shrugged grinning happily. Sam had said something but he wasn’t really listening. He was too ecstatic that his little girl had just gurgled her first words from your arms.

“That’s right pretty girl dada.” You giggled loving how Dean lit up as Mac reached for him chanting her new word.

Dean takes her from you spinning her around as she giggles.

That’s my princess, he kissed her nose. 

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Lala: Texting you at 2 AM? Is everything okay?

Allison: I… it’s a love message. He said I need you.

Lala: I need you? At 2 AM?

Allison grins: Maybe he’s in the mood? Should I text him back something sexy?

Lala frowns: Does Nico usually text you sexy stuff? And I need you is not really that sexy. Remy usually says, “What are you wearing? Send me something naked”  if he texts me at 2 AM.

Allison: You’re right. Nico’s not really into sexting anyway. But why does he need me? He said we need space.

Lala: Maybe he really means he needs you. Has he sent anything else?

Allison: No. Just I need you.

Lala: Call him Allie. Maybe something’s up.

Allison nods and dials Nico’s cell.

my-constant-and-my-touchstone  asked:

Hi Steph. Thank you so much for running this blog and your fic recs lists save me from boredom so many times when I really want to have something good to read on the train or bus. I am wondering if you know any good fics which John finally realised what Sherlock has meant to him and what Sherlock had done for him and Mary after he is married to Mary and finally decided to make everything right? Load of angst is fine but with a happy endibg please? Thank you very much! ❤

Hi Lovely!

OH SHIT this is so far backlogged in my asks, I am SO sorry I missed it. I actually can’t think of anything SPECIFIC to this off the top of my head, but these are SORT of similar:

The Slow Burn by CaitlinFairchild (E, 12,097 w. | Romance, Emotional Infidelity, Friends to Lovers, Sherlock POV) – John smiles, something small and private and for him alone, and Sherlock just…he knows. With a heart-stopping certainty, Sherlock suddenly knows. It feels like falling off the edge of a cliff. It feels like falling off the edge of the world. It feels like flying.

Vena Cava by SilentAuror (E, 27,452 w. || HLV Fix-It, Romance, H/C, Angst, Infidelity) – Sherlock has been shot in the chest; John has been shot in the heart. Though everything is broken, they do their best to heal the wounds that Mary left on them both.

Silhouettes by allonsys_girl (E, 28,585 w. || Fluff, Bed Sharing, Angst, Drinking, Grief, Infidelity, Drug Use, POV John, Parentlock) – Sherlock and John find comfort in each other’s arms, but as ever with these two, it’s not your typical relationship. It’s fluffy at the beginning, gets deeply angsty in the middle, gets porny at the end.

To be Loved by You by TwisterMelody (M, 28,775 w. || Angst, H/C, Friends to Lovers, Post-HLV, Infidelity, Character Death) – Too many times they had confessed themselves in the darkness, leaving it there, never to speak of it again.  But this is different.  This love deserves the light of day.

Shallow Grave by SilentAuror (E, 32,672 w. || Romance, Angst, HLV Fix It, Infidelity, Pining Sherlock) – Starts as Sherlock’s plane is taking off at the end of His Last Vow. When he finds out that Moriarty is alive and that he’s being recalled from his mission, Sherlock decides that he should have told John how he felt before he left. So he walks off the plane and kisses him.

A Study In Auto-Signatures, Sniper Dolphins, and Sex Holidays by cwb (E, 32,690 w. || Case Fic, Post S3, Evil Mary, Dev. Rel., Honeymoon, Epistolary, Bottomlock, First Kiss / Time, Fluff, Secret Agents, BAMF!John) – John and Mary go on their sex holiday, and Sherlock is grumpy and pining about it. Part 1 of HOT DOLPHIN SEX

Right Hand Man by SilentAuror (E, 42,031 w. ||  H/C, Injury, Slow Burn, Infidelity, Mary is Not Nice) – When John’s left arm becomes paralysed after a car accident, Mary asks Sherlock to take him back to Baker Street to recuperate, as she’s about to give birth. Despite the fact that the search for Moriarty is ongoing, Sherlock takes John in and takes responsibility for overseeing his rehabilitation as he adjusts to the loss of his arm.

The Progress of Sherlock Holmes by ivyblossom (E, 62,006 w || Sherlock POV, Pining, Angst, Slow Burn, Infidelity, Sherlock Learns About Himself, Happy Ending) – Sherlock struggles with his feelings for John, makes a mistake, and learns just how important he and John are to each other. Non-BBC Mary / John, but it’s a *complicated* relationship.

The Moonlight and the Frost by CaitlinFairchild (E, 77,289 w. || Case Fic, Post-HLV, Self Harm, Virgin Sherlock, First Time, Oral/Anal/Rimming, Romance, Angst, Mary is Not Nice) – John has to somehow rebuild his life in the wake of Mary’s betrayal and Sherlock’s deceptions.

I’m sure I have others, but these are what I have sorted so far. I have too many fics. I hope these appeal to you, and as always, followers, please add your recs! <3

Incoherent Thoughts on the Complete Chapter

what a way to wake up

i haven’t had coffee this is going to be majorly incoherent 


I didn’t think it was possible for me to love Urie more. I was wrong.

Furuta you little shit. You are too much. You have decent taste in manga though. 

Rio please be okay I love you too


Originally posted by psiicopataa

So is Roma like really dead right now? Like are we sure? Like are we really sure? Can someone check? 

Rio screaming brother again is shredding my heart. Now I really am hoping Scarecrow is his brother even though I still think it’s Hide

Urie’s realization… him growing up… and hopefully turning away from this tragic path he’s been on…

Originally posted by nikkiiklebold

Furuta will probably just laugh about being shot in the head. 

Who is it though? Marude? Akira? Saiko? (Sadly, I doubt that one.) 

alphakuriboh  asked:

So in the tags of that Reaper art you did for a new profile picture you said he's your main, got any tips for someone looking to play Reaper? 😁 Your art is absolutely amazing, btw~ ✨

Yup. He is my main and the reason I started playing Overwatch. I fell in love since they showed him first, long before the game was released. 

I really am not sure what “tips” to offer, but it’s always good to have a healer near, preferably a Mercy, because otherwise, I for one die quite fast. You need to know the maps and routes so you can sneak behind the enemies(for ultimate mostly) and mainly aim for the head, since he is in a quite close range combat, because that way you finish them before they can blow you up and heal yourself in the meanwhile also. Ah and also be careful with teleporting since he announces his “arrival”. It’s best not to teleport next to someone, like Widow or Hanzo. And ALWAYS be aware of your shadowform. It can save you from lots of shit(like Mei’s freezing attack or other ultimates), so use it wisely, don’t waste its cooldown just for fun. 

I hope this helped in any way! But you can always check out videos on YT of Reaper mains, surely better than me haha!

And thank you for the love towards my art! :3

I must say that Gakkon was amazing! I have a photo with Bakugou and Todoroki, and a single photo with Kirishima! Bakugou was actually a popular artist, who I love so much, and I drew his bnha OC and gave it him yesterday. He was so happy! He hugged me and told “thank you!”! That was really meaning to me and cute! I wish I could meet him in another meeting!

Then here’s quick art of another KiriBaku
Jestem zmęczona :

really though as much as i hate louis he’s a really comforting character for me. i won’t/can’t defend his actions even though i completely understand them, i can’t even sympathize with him even though i know i’d probably do the same thing which means i can’t even sympathize with myself. which is true. like. that’s what it boils down to for me and it’s true. and i love knowing a character like that. and he still manages to earn a place at the fountain at the end even though prior can’t take him back. so. there’s some balance between not being forgiven after doing the unforgivable, and being redeemed. i don’t know. 

jparkitrightthurr  asked:

Every time you reblog a post of Hanbin a little part of me dies. I have to constantly remind myself that I am loyal to Bobby but it's not really working. The charismatic idiot leader is creeping his way into my heart and it's killing me 😭😭 the smile, the jawline, the abs. UGH

But i don’t think as bobby stan you can say no to hanbin because your bias is the most thirstiest…

shall we get a close up of that?

You like his jawline?

And his smile

what? junkrat? he’s such an insane, ugly– *trips* *thousands of pictures of junkrat spill from pockets* fuck these aren’t mine i swear! i’m just holding them for a friend i– *slips on pile of pictures* f uck no they’re not mine i really don’t like him i– *more pictures fall out as i fall to my knees, desperately trying to pick them up* hang on a sec jUST LISTEN

OOC stuff!

Ayo. Just a few things I wanted to toss out to whomever is following me and all that!

1. Contacts and such for Anthony! I’ve got a couple, but I’m a night owl, so I’d love some peeps to RP and such with in the later hours, and I’m down for really any kind of interaction honestly. If you want a character summary or something to see if you’d like too, just lemme know!

2. League and OW! Same as the top, none of my guildies/friends are on as late as I am so it’s rough man. Solo que is painful at its best.

3. Kaelath! I’m starting a new kaldorei alt, and it’ll be my first venture into none human RP, and my first RP alt since early MoP! I’d love pointers, tips, contacts for him as honestly? No idea what I’m doing with him aside from the storyline with the person I started him with.

Contact info: My battle.net is Pollykinetic#1291 and my LOL ign is The Sirens Song. I’d love to meet any of the people following me, if you’re so inclined.

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I think I'm probs the youngest here I'm 12 and I love Tom I'm 9 years younger than him! Everyone I know is like "Go for someone closer to your age". I'm like "um let me follow my dreams" I guess there is always Paddy! I'm around a month older than him. He's really cute...

Girl no worries I began my deep dive into the world of fanfiction at age 11 with Nick Jonas and here I am ten years later and I’ve stanned people of all ages along the way hahaha it actually feels weird to finally be the same age as the celebs I’m into -L

@deaneatscake replied to your photoset “@thayerkerbasy I took a chance to learn blanket stitch on this guy……”

these are so cute! why are you making them?

that’s more of a sneaky way to ask “can you make me one for money” ok

I will happily make you one for money because I love money and have no income because our government is a great big pile of garbage about disability benefits :P I am however still learning to make things in the first place, with like, a long term goal of opening an etsy shop or something when I think I’m making stuff that doesn’t have such obvious flaws I feel ashamed. 

Crowley bun bun is structurally sound, but I would really not advise like… playing very violently with him because I’ve never blanket-stitched something together before that wasn’t on a flat surface and it’s a bit alarming and I think I did it wrong and also there was nothing in the basic guide for sewing ears and horns on :P The Dean bun bun I made has an ear falling out, the Sam bun bun’s tail is sewn on wrong, the Cas one is pretty well-made but over-stuffed and too buff so the threads are all straining and I can see his stuffing… The penguin is just a disaster zone I mean I don’t even want to talk about him, and the unicorn is hilariously misshapen :D

I’m making a big old pile of prototypes and experiments and “how do you even do this” critters right now. If people actually want them they’re cluttering my desk, but literally everyone I know is encouraging me to do this venture right now, and there will be more critters and I have that enormous pile of felt to mess around with so I can work out custom things… 

Maybe give me a month to make 100 more until I’m certain they’re worth selling :D In the mean time if someone desperately wants one of my misshapen creations I’m basically just hoarding felt animals right now to no purpose except learning how not to make them that badly next time, but I warn you they’re *really* scrappy and wonky :P

Edit: oh and also anyone can ask me colours or something to try and make because I’m always up for suggestions and experiments. I wanna try a white Cas bunny with black wings next up. After another one from the complicated, frustrating book >.>

agallifreyanconsultingdetective  asked:

Hey Steph! I just reread the MHR blog post you linked, after a long time, and WOW! The words he uses make him sound a lot like Westie's fiancee talking about Westie. Also, WTF! He says he needs to move on and then he says he found someone(Mary). That makes it sound like he just equated his relationship with Sherlock to his relationship with Mary. Like, WTF! I'm so frustrated with these idiots, I really am!

(referencing John’s blog post here)

Hi Lovely!

Oh gosh, I don’t even know which meta I linked it in… I haven’t written an MHR-related post in a long time (guessing you found an old post, hah!), but YEAH. EXACTLY. John grieves for Sherlock like a widower, and then says he needs to move on. Like every word in there SOUNDS LIKE he had a spouse. It’s heartbreaking.

They BOTH equate each other’s relationship with the other in terms of romantic partnership, it’s fucking life-ending, honestly. Like, they missed the “communication with each other is key” memo and instead pine silently for each other. It… fucking kills me.

I just… really need them to talk, for crying out loud. I want them happy. I need them happy. 

anonymous asked:

hiiiii miya :)) one of the most surprising things in bts' charts for me is yoongi's venus in aries although i did think that he could have aries rising... is it the pisces placements which might make him seem like the more devoted type romantically or am i misunderstanding venus in aries, or pisces since pisces too has a short attention span from what i know x)

Heey, anon! :) Yoongi is definitely being influenced by other things that are making that Venus in Aries less… Venus in Aries like. lol I mean. He still has some pretty strong Venus in Aries characteristics but his is expressing itself more regarding his personality and personal views than with the way he approaches love - but it’s still defining it in a way. Lemme elaborate.

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so this is an undertale imagines blog, i do the following:

  • imagines
  • headcannons
  • reactions
  • matchups
  • ttyls (what is this?)
  • roleplay

i accept the following aus so far:

  • undertale (obv lmao)
  • underfell
  • underswap
  • ink/errortale


  • the ask limit is 6, which i think is a good number
  • nsfw is allowed, but i am 16, so nothing extremely explicit
  • suggestive is fine
  • terf/swerf do not interact
  • same goes for dd/lg and kink blogs

ok now that th serious stuff is out of the way lets talk neat things

  • im mod mercy, i dont feel ok giving out my name yet so just call me mercy
  • my pronouns are he/him
  • im agenderfluid, which i could explain what that means but like, eh
  • its easier to say im a transboy but anyway
  • im gay af
  • im really friendly!!!! dont be scared of me i love talking to ppl online
  • im a minor, 16, so yh

i just realized how reserved i am-

i mean… I don’t mind? I like have time with myself and spending it with my hub it’s…very nice tbh

sure I’ll do the occasional hey I’ll say something in a group chat or hang out with a person for a bit

idk i just get worn out so easily and really just love drinking tea and eating ramen while gushing about things to the love of my life heh///