i really am gonna buy it

Agshshagsjdssmgshsk the cutest thing happened today in my algebra class okay it made me really happy and no one cares buy I’m gonnA POST ABOUT IT ANYWAY THIS IS MY BLOG

Okay so I was drawin Lin because I am thinking about him 100% of the time and I would rather focus on that than pay attention to math and the boy that sits next to me goes “is that the guy on your lockscreen” and I’m like “!!!!?? Yeah omg you can tell??” And he’s like “hell Yeah your little guys are so cute hey you should draw me as one haha” and any artist will tell you that having someone ask you to draw them is the most annoying fucking thing ever but this was a goOD MOMENT he could tell who my drawing was okay and so I drew him his name is Tony and he’s a jock but we’re friends on snapchat and we talk shit about our algebra teacher together and he recognized my drawing and I’m realLY HAPPY OKAY

I bought this hat at some stall during a local festival. It was too out of reach to pick up so I could only see the front and I thought “that’s perfect for the cosplay I am gonna do!” and, after I paid, I saw the underside of the visor and this is how I got this hat.
And apparently people on IG really like it and a couple asked me where to buy it but I have no clue sorry…

  • ‘ people can live 100 years without really living for a minute. ’
  • ‘ as long as everything is the way i want it, i can be totally flexible. ’
  • ‘ this thing we’re doing here, you me. i’m in. i’m all in. ’ 
  • ‘ everything’s magical when it snows, everything looks pretty. ’
  • ‘ when a woman gives birth to a crack baby, you do not buy her a puppy. ’
  • ‘ people are particularly stupid today, i can’t talk to any more of them. ’
  • ‘ if you’re gonna throw your life away, he better have a motorcycle. ’
  • ‘ am i crying or laughing? ’
  • ‘ i have no patience for jam hands. ’
  • ‘ i love you, you idiot. ’
  • ‘ i’m afraid that once your heart’s involved, it all comes out in gibberish. ’
  • ‘ it’s all any of us wants, to find a nice person to hang out with til we drop dead. Not a lot to ask. ’
  • ‘ that’s going on your tombstone. ’
  • ‘ i only want to see you happy. ’
  • ‘ i just take a book with me everywhere, it’s a habit. ’
  • ‘ i’m sorry. have i ever been mistaken for a patient person? ’
  • ‘ i’m fine. i’m great. it’s a big fat happy sunshine day for me. ’
  • ‘ who cares if i’m pretty if i fail my finals. ’
  • ‘ jesus, mary, joseph and the camel. this is really bad coffee. ’
  • ‘ mom, you’ve given me everything i need. ’
  • ‘ i’m fine. i’m just being dramatic, it’s what i do. ’
  • ‘ am i more beautiful today than i was yesterday? ’ 
  • ‘ i wanna be good, life’s just not letting me. ’
  • ‘ what she tackles, she conquers. ’ 
  • ‘ nothing says coffee more like 6 in the morning. ’ 
  • ‘ that’s going on your tombstone. ’      
  • ‘ a little nervous breakdown can really work wonders for a girl. ’
  • ‘ i’m gonna have to quit drinking coffee and i love coffee. ’
  • ‘ you’re full of hate and loathing and i love it. ’

Confession:  I’m not the type of person to go out and pre-order games. Not even when Fallout 4. But when I first played Mass Effect, it did something to me. I was the introvert kid. I talked to no one and no one talked to me and I liked it. I bounced around from province to province so video games were the only thing I had. I became really depressed when I was in high school and some dude in my class was talking about ME2 (more specifically, Miranda) and I when out and bought them cheap.  These games saved me from falling into a pit. And today I’m in that same boat as before. Deeply depressed and scared of what’s next in life. But when I heard of Andromeda, I cried. Though I waited a while before pre-ordering, today I’m gonna buy it. And seeing everyone being just as excited as I am, makes me hopeful that there is some other kid that was like me. I believe we should pass these games on for it shows true friendship, bravery and resilience in every Shepard we create. Thanks.

Plastic bags are now being charged at grocery stores in California and a part of me is like yay that’s good less plastic bag waste… But then I’m more to like what am I gonna use for my bathroom trash? Car trash? Heck even the public library was offering plastic bags to hold books. And also 10 cents a bag can really add up especially for people on very tight budgets


“I love you, Yu…” “…I know…”

  • Liv: Hey! Hey!
  • Robert: (took her phone away) I'm not having you staring at this all through breakfast.
  • Liv: All right, just give it me back, then?
  • Robert: You can play Lego Walking Dead or whatever it is when you're in your lesson, at least that way you'll be in school. (sees the post about Gabby) Whoa.
  • Liv: Robert.
  • Robert: Really nice lads you hang out with. Yeah, real charmers. Does that mean I have to start buying you condoms and that?
  • Liv: No.
  • Robert: Tell me you're not doing drugs. That's all I need.
  • Liv: No, of course not.
  • Robert: And when I see your brother later, what am I supposed to say to him about all this?
  • Liv: Don't tell him about any of it, please.
  • Robert: Yeah, as if I'm gonna make things any worse for him. He sounded bad enough on the phone as it is.
  • Liv: 'Bad', like how?
  • Robert: Just not himself, that's all. So how about you make today a day where I don't have to lie to him about everything going on here? Think you can manage that?

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Choose one or two! I am so jealous! What site are you buying from?

i’m gonna put the links up, since people have been asking, but i’m not sure if you can order from there, since the sites are Croatian web shops




also, let it be known that I’m not advertising anyone or anything like that, I’m just a Pisces whose birthday is in 3 days who still doesn’t know which pair of really/moderately cheap shoes to buy for herself

so my tax refund came in and I am using a lot of it to catch up on Big-Ticket Items I Couldn’t Afford To Buy Or Replace For Years (on Monday I buy new glasses frames to replace the two-year-old ones now missing a stem and also a six month supply of contacts! gonna get a real haircut for the first time in two years! maybe a piercing!)

(last year I was supposed to replace my laptop and phone with my tax refund and have some left over for savings but then I got fired right before I filed my taxes and had to use all of my tax refund on rent and groceries while job hunting!!! so this year is extra giddy-making because I actually get to splurge on things

anyway what this also means is I’ve been planning for months to buy a new pair of Doc Martens when the government cash came in because I got mine secondhand three years ago and they no longer have tread and the sole is about half the height it once was and they are honestly a bit sad looking and have always had BRASS EYELETS which has BOTHERED ME FROM AN AESTHETIC PERSPECTIVE FOR THREE YEARS, but also, Docs are the shoes of my heart and I wear them with everything all the time

(I now have three pairs of Docs, the other two being a knee-high pair that was the best birthday gift from my parents ever and a black-damask-on-white pair my mother found for fourteen dollars at a thrift store in Kentucky; if I am not wearing Docs it is probably because it is a Formal Occasion and then I am wearing high-heeled granny boots or, even more vanishingly rare, Actual Adult Heels (my actual adult heels are almost-black beetle green platform designer shoes half a size too large I got for two dollars at my old workplace) and like maybe one day I will find the multi-strap pointed black witchy flats of my dreams)


I also ordered this because like, own your cliches, kid

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I know you haven't finished your tarot deck yet, but oh my goodness, I am already absolutely in LOVE with it. Your art style, the colors, the composition, the symbolism, the background of the cards with the fairytales! I'm absolutely swooning. I'm so excited for when your deck goes on sale, because I'm gonna fund and buy the hell out of it, I need it in my liiiiiiiife.

Omg! Thank you for the support! It’s always really really encouraging to hear that from people, especially because it’s such a dauntingly large project. I’ll keep persevering!

not gonna lie, i’m actually a bit nervous to start things here, because I am new to the mass effect universe and I haven’t played the previous games. i had no money when they came out aand i still don’t really have money to buy them now. (i also only have an older laptop who can luckily run photoshop, but no real games so that is out of the picture too. i play on my ps4 otherwise.)

like i’m scared to fuck things up with the lore and stuff and I haven’t even started the account and already kinda regret it because i’m overwhelmed but I also like cora and just…

basically, i apologize beforehand for any mistakes and stuff, because i am still in the process of reading up on everything. 

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i am simply going to present my thoughts on the new wwc chapter holly is a bitch but kinda nice? luke is gonna buy y/n blue dress ashton IS BODYGUARD love triangle with y/n luke and ashton? ashton and holly will end up together maybe when BABBSIS BORN if hashton happens then theyll BE GODMOTHER AND GODFATHER ashton will help y/n during pregnancy and theyll date until luke realizes hes a fucking idiot and then hashton will happen :) any conformation JULIE????

All really great theories and I love you share them with me but I’m not gonna confirm anything until proved in the chapters!!!! :D 💓💓💓


Light Blue Short Sleeve Twopiece

*Im so in love with this! I am even wearing it @ this moment because Im gonna go to celebrate my friend’s big day. This is awesome & I really feel so cool in this outfit! comfy & trendy look! <3 



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So I am going to collect the whole bleach series even though I hate the ending, but I love the art. I'm gonna still see the ending in an ichiruki way (like Ichigo and orihime married so Ywach wouldn't come back because if Ichigo ends with Rukia he will always be happy and Yhwach would be back--so they're love is like sacrificial) but do you think I will be judged by the bleach/ichiruki community? I just really love the art!!

Anon you are free to do whathever you want, if you want to buy the manga do it. I personally stopped collecting the manga because of the ending and because I don’t want to give my money to Ku/bo anymore he doesn’t deserve any after all the lies and the shitty end he came up with but I have to confess it’s not easy, I have all the volumes up to the 67th+the artbook+the first two novels and many times I think about the volumes with Renji,Ishida and Ichiruki’s covers and how I would love to have them, I mean having an Ichiruki manga volume cover was my dream! Anyway I still didn’t change my mind, the content inside the last volume is too ugly but that’s just my opinion. 

I can understand why you want to buy it, like I said you are free to do whatever you want if you feel to buy it, do it, I personally think it would be great if you would buy it maybe by second hand? Many people got rid of their manga collection after the ending so you could spend less money too (and Ku/bo wouldn’t get more lmao). Also anon your explanation of the ending is actually how it reall went ^_^ 

How I shop in the mall

How I shop in the mall.

Me: This is cute. *picks up*  This is cute. *picks up*  This is cute. *picks up*  This is cute. *picks up*

*10 mins later with a load of stuff in my hands/cart.*

Me: Oh, i know i dont have the money for all of these. I’ll just keep what i REALLY need and put the others back where i found them. 

Me: *leaves the fucking store with a sweater that costed $15….while its summer time*

*5 mins later*

Me: I wasted too much money. Im disgusting. How am I supposed to act like a reasonable functioning adult if im blowing all my money on stupid shit? Why did I buy this? I must have some major problems. When tf am i gonna wear this? Im an idiot. I have like 50 of these im my closet. WHY DID I BUY ANOTHER IM JUST GOING TO WEAR IT IN THE HOUSE. WHATS WRONG WITH ME I-

*2 mins later after ive put on my purchase*

Me: Damn I look good. Why didn’t i buy more?