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Breaking the Rules - part 1

Bucky Barnes x Reader

SummaryModern!AU You hate James Barnes with a burning passion and the feeling is entirely mutual. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, you are tricked into attending his sister’s wedding as his girlfriend. Stuck with a bunch of strangers, you come up with a set of rules that are not going to last long.

Word Count:1,957

Warnings: Hate to Love, Fake Dating, Snarky Remarks, Language

A/N: Okay, just a warning, there will be a lot of OCs in this series (mostly Bucky’s sisters and parents) Hope you like the first chapter :)

Breaking the Rules - Masterpage

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You loved Natasha’s apartment. It was spacious and bright and she had a great view of the city. There was just one teeny-tiny itsy-bitsy problem… you hated her neighbour.

James ‘Bucky’ Barnes.

Natasha introduced you to Bucky a little over a year ago. Her fiancé, Clint, adored him and Bucky always stopped by their apartment. The boys would stay in the living room and watch TV while you and Natasha gossiped and drank wine in the kitchen.

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*smugly smirks, letting a faint chuckle as you drag him in* 
“You know if you wanted to come here, you could’ve told me a long time ago, babygirl.”
*playfully smacks your ass as the two of you walk around, browsing all the different things they had* 
“I actually am really tempted to buy a lot of this stuff, now- god I should’ve brought my card with me.” 

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*shyly grins while his eyes fall on this hog-tying restraint set*
“Y/n, I’m gonna get this-” 
*pulls it down from the shelf as waves it in front of you- giving you a cheeky wink* 
“I need to try this on you tonight, princess.”

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“Ahhh, Jagi really?” 
*blushes as you pull him into the store, but immediately gets over it- taking interest in nearly everything* 
“You know, we should buy a ball gag- you’re really loud, I swear the neighbors are gonna call the cops one day.” 
*giggles as you lightly smack his arm* 

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*gives you this cheeky grin as the two of you walk over to the bdsm section of things* 
“Babygirl, you know everything we buy I’ll want to test on you tonight, right?” 
*moves behind you as you nod, his hands caressing your curves before giving your butt an enticing little squeeze* 
“I bet you’ll love every minute of being tied up and at my disposal, huh?” 

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*chuckles as the two of you walk into the store* 
“I swear you’re something else, princess” 
*strays away from you, heading over to the restraints hanging from the wall*
*buys a few things without telling you what they are* 

You; “Come on just tell me, babe.”

*shakes his head, giggling* 
‘Not uh, you’ll just have to wait til later.” 

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*pretends to be flustered, covering his eyes the instant he sees the dildos on the other side of the shop* 
“Y/n, why would you bring me here I’m a child of God- I’m too pure for this.” 

You; *rolls your eyes* “Oh shut up, last night you fucked my face until I couldn’t breathe, shall I go on?” 

*smirks as he remembers how badly he wrecked you* 
“No, no need- I remember, especially when I fucked you til your eyes rolled back.” 

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*nearly unfazed as he follows you around the store, inspecting the different items* 
“Mhmmm, I think I want to buy one of these and some rope.” 
*shows you a spider gag (a gag meant to keep you from shutting your mouth) with a cheeky look on his face*
“I wanna face fuck you tonight, maybe this will help prevent you from stopping me.” 

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This episode had me shook




LOOK AT TONI I’M SHAKING(I really am, it was so hard to type this)


Jingle Jangle is such an ugly name for a drug lmao

wow toni WOW

“maybe we should buy a gun” LOL homeboy 

I felt that tension with Hiram, but what is he doing? He’s gonna use Archie to his advantage isn’t he? Or send him over the edge 



What is Archie doing? He’ gonna get someone hurt

Reggie just wants to kick some ass lmao 

Jughead is that kid I hate in class for answering every question


Kevin is a savage

Cheryl’s not wrong though 

Okay tbh, Veronica is so demanding like damn yall are dating in high school not getting ready for marriage





TONI AND JUGHEAD would be a cute couple but Toni could do better if so tbh




Being in a small town and being one of the few lgbt people and not having anyone else does affect you

Hermoine knows what Hiram is capable of but she still has his back and I HATE that


How did Betty get here? Girl stay on the north, you know when something goes wrong you’ll be shaking in your boots

Betty is feeling jealousy, I can feel it






THANK YOU, KEVIN THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! (you can’t deny straight people have it so much easier)



Fred gets the idea, I hope Archie listens



Hermoine makes me uncomfortable but I think if she truly left Hiram he’d make her life a living hell






At least Sheriff Keller is trying to be a good dad, he isn’t a good cop though

Y’all see Hermoine’s face? Veronica’s doing this to spite her



y’all I am NOT okay, this season is gonna fuck me up

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Would you write a jooheon neighbour AU for me? Please please please I'm just imagining this boy as a neighbour and it would be so perfect if you'd put it into some words!!! + how are you? Does everything work out good in college,? 😚

ofc!! im ok, college is tough - but im gonna make it!! we all are ^^
find wonho (here) + kihyun (here) 

  • only keeps one part of his apartment clean: his desk 
  • everything else is,,,,,,,,as you can expect,,,,,,,mismatched pairs of sneakers, t-shirts lumped together with socks, comic books and wrappings from snacks, and the occasional crumpled up paper from lyrics that he tried to write but ended up hating
  • has a dart board near his desk and will pin up bad lyrics and throw darts at it until he gets out of writers block LOL
  • (sometimes he puts up a pic of his companies ceo but shh let’s not tell anyone that) 
  • he doesn’t really use his bedroom, sleeps in his chair or manages to throw himself across his sofa in some uncomfortable position
  • like minhyuk has come over to find half of jooheon’s body sliding off the couch,,,,drool on his pillow,,,,no blanket except like three hoodies he threw over himself for warmth
  • it’s cute though he has a bunch of like action figures from marvel and dc around his desk and instead of actual books on the shelves it’s like action figures and different games
  • like,,,,he’s got 5 different versions of monopoly 
  • friday night monsta x comes over and they play settlers of catan or something LOL
  • has an old shoe-box full of the first cds he ever bought as a kid, most of them are ying yang twins, common, 50 cent,,,,
  • you know jooheon because no one else in your entire apartment building wears supreme and stussy as much as him,,,,,,,and also no one else but him gets a subscription to comics
  • so when you see the bundle outside near the mail you’re like “oh,,,,,that has to be jooheon’s.” 
  • but really, that’s all you know. he has expensive clothes and likes comics,,,,,,other than that you aren’t really sure about what kind of job he has or who he is as a person
  • and you’re not itching to find you either,,,,,,,,not until you get a knock on your door at 8 am and you’re up for one reason: you were gonna get a snack and then go back to sleep till noon
  • but you open the door, fully expecting the mailman or someone
  • but instead it’s?????? jooheon and he’s frantically looking around and you’re like uh,,,,,,,,,,,,,yes?
  • and he’s like “i have a flight in an hour and i havent packed and i forgot to buy an extra toothbrush do you have a spare???? and also toothpaste????? and like possibly a pair of socks???? also sunscreen?????”
  • and you’re looking at him like,,,,,,,well he just requested you give him a literal itinerary of things ??? things you pack in ADVANCE
  • and you’re like wait. when is your fligh-
  • and he’s like “an hour,,,,,im,,,,,,,,,,,,sweating”
  • and he isn’t lying. he’s sweating you can see his forehead glistening and you’re like ok ok give me a second to check my bathroom
  • and jooheon is in luck you have some brushes and paste still in packaging and your sunscreen is used, but only halfway and you’re like “this is what i have and socks,,,uh here you go-”
  • and you hand him the first pair, they have little cats on him, but jooheon has no time to complain and he’s holding all the stuff in his arms and you kind of feel a bit bad,,,,so you’re like “do you need help,,,,,,,,,,,,packing?”
  • and he looks at you like you’re the damn Sun and he’s like pleASe,,,,it’s 30 min to the airport so,,,,,,i need to run
  • and you end up in his apartment for the first time, navigating the mess on the floor, to help get all the basic nessecities he needs into a beat up looking duffel bag
  • and you’re like “where are you even going?” and he’s like “thailand,,,,so don’t pack any jackets.”
  • and you guys finish, but it’s not the best,,,,,,,,,,,but he’ll survive for the week he’s gone
  • and as he’s dashing out the door you’re like “lock your door!” and he throws you the keys and he’s like “please do it for me!”
  • and with that he’s down the stairs and you’re standing there with his keys and five minutes later you’re like WAIT HOW IS HE GONNA GET BACK INTO THE BUILDING WHEN HE COMES BACK OH MY GOD JOOHEON
  • and you run downstairs, but he’s gone and you’re like oh my god,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and as the week goes on you try to figure out what the best solution is: ask the landlord for jooheons number? well he’s overseas,,,,,,,he might not want the data charges. wait for him outside the building every night until he returns? no too much work,,,,,,,
  • so you just shrug and decide he’ll figure out someway to get to you
  • and he does,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,except it involves literally throwing pebbles at your window like this is some corny 80s romance flick
  • and it happens at like 3 in the morning too and you wake up like whAT the HELL is that annoying sound but you go to your window and look out and there’s jooheon standing at the side of the building waving with his duffel bag over his shoulder
  • and you signal for him to give you a second and you’re in your damn pajamas with the worst bed head and some slippers and when you let him inside he’s like “,,,,,,,,i realized when i got on the plane that throwing my keys to you wasn’t a smart move.” and you’re like hUH YOU THINK
  • and he’s like “im sorry for bothering you so much,,,,,,,,,,sometimes i don’t have it all together you know.”
  • and you soften up, even though he woke you up in the dead of night, and you get on the elevator with him and he’s like “oh, by the way i needed to thank you so i got this.”
  • and he pulls out a souvenir from his bag and hands it to you,,,,and you smile a bit,,,,,,even blush because well here’s this (cute. very cute) boy giving you a present
  • and you’re like “oh,,,,you didn’t have to,,,,”
  • and jooheon sees your blush and also starts stuttering and he’s like “i just - i - you were very nice to me - i - w-want-ed to- uh - repay,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and the doors open and you both go to your respective doors and you’re like rIGHT, and you drop the keys in jooheon’s hands
  • and he’s like “WELL good night,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like yes,,,,,,,,,
  • but neither of you go inside and jooheon clears his throat and is like “i,,,,,,,i didn’t mean to be weird and get you the present i just,,,,,,,,,didn’t know if you’d be ok with just getting that or if i should instead just take you to dinner as a thank you,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like oh,,,,,,,i have that choice?
  • and jooheon scratches his neck and looks away but mumbles that yeah,,,,,,,,you do
  • and you look at the souvenir and you’re like “if i say yes, do i have to give this back?”
  • and jooheon snaps back to look at you,,,,,because he didn’t think you’d actually be interested in the dinner option but his cheeks are pink now and he’s like no no you can keep it and um,,,,,,dinner,,,,,,,i,,,,,,,can pick you up tomorrow - well today - night? 
Cherry Flavor

(Or read on ao3.)

“Hey, do you um…need a ride?” Connor looked up at the nervous, messy haired boy with a cast on his arm. He took a long sip of his cherry slushee and realized he’d reached the bottom of the cup. He slurped up the last of the artificial syrup and sighed.

“You’re Evan Hansen aren’t you?” He said, evading the question. He’d seen him gawking at his sister during jazz band concerts.

“And you’re Connor Murphy,” he replied. “It’s late.”

Connor was sitting on the curb, shivering in his thin hoodie. In hindsight he probably should have gotten a hot chocolate but he liked the way the cherry stained his mouth.

“Thanks Captain Obvious,” he sneered.

Evan seemed to shrink from him. “So you don’t need a ride or…?”

“Can we just go for a drive Hansen? I’m still kinda high and my parents are pissed off enough as it is.”

“I…um, sure,” he said. Connor got up.

“Do you want a slushee? I’ll buy you one.”

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me looking at the prices of stuff i want but could never afford even tho they are relatively cheap

Speaking as a bisexual woman who is female leaning, I love Rooster Teeth. I am so happy for the LBGT pride shirt (even fi I’m broke and can’t buy it) because it’s them recognizing those parts of the audience. Is it pandering? Yeah, they’re a business. They’re gonna take advantage of an opportunity. It doesn’t mean that they don’t care about those members of their community. The fact that they are even selling to that part when many companies do not says something. And they announced this at the LGBT panel, which yes that exists and they have a good number of people on it, and that made me really happy,

Which is why seeing the RT/RWBY fandom accuse them of being homophobic angers me. Look, I get it Representation is a HUGE thing. As much as I love RT, they absolutely should include more. Day 5, from what I have seen online cause as a non-First I can’t watch it, has a lesbian main character. Actually I DO know because Josh Flanagan made a journal post explaining how he realized that he should incorporate that. But I still see why one example still angers people, especially on the RWBY end. But does not including more mean homophobic? Hell no it doesn’t.

As I said, RT HAS LGBT employees who, from what I have seen, all enjoy workig there. Kdin (trans), Max (gay), Mica (bi), Patrick (gay), Mariel (lesbian), and I’m pretty sure I missed a few. Various RT employees (Barbara, Michael, Ashley, Burnie) either work and/or have expressed being supportive of those people before. Burnie has even expressed regretting using slurs that cane be offensiv e int he past (I’ve never heard him sue them, but going off early RvB I can believe that he did and eventually realzied that he was wrong to do so and grew up). Burnie, Barbara, and Michael have used female pronouns for Kdin. Michael once corrected Gavin for using male pronouns. Barbara runs Always Open, a podcast that has tried to be LGBT friendly, has Mariel on regularly as Barbara’s co-host, Mica is a semi-regular, and Max and Patrick have also been on a couple times. Ashley has both Mica and Kdin working in her division and from what I’ve seen before, treats them as regular people. Jon Risinger has used correct pronouns for Kdin and has had various LGBT employees (Max and Patrick have been on pretty frequent actually) on On the Spot and treated them as he would anyone else who has been on. At this year’s RTX, a female fan of RWBY expressed how coming out (IDK as what but that’s beside the point) made her family abandon her. Their reaction? Lindsay, Arryn, and Miles (aka the terrible queerbating writer or so fandom likes to say) ran off stage before she was even done talking to hug her with Barbara also following. Kerry was outright crying during it. Tell em that these people are homophobic. Go ahead and try.to tell em that these people are homophobic after that. Just try it.

Again, I understand. Representation is important. More can be done and should be done. We shouldn’t quit asking RT to continue to add more diversity. But they absolutely support and love their LGBT fans and have LGBT hires who from what I can tell, are very happy to be there and all I’ve seen in BtS stuff and podcasts, they are treated like everyone else. We should keep asking for mroe inclusion, but remember to be civil about it, so stop throwing ‘homophobic’ around. Let them grow and evolve to improve more because they are absolute on the right track especially compared to the early days. Heck I only listed ones we know about, RT has over 200 employees we don’t see regularly so there are probably more that we just don’t see. But please, keep telling them to include LGBT representation, but do NOT be an asshole about it. And if you want to show that? But the LGBT shirt. Pandering or not, it will tell them that you want more representation and that will tell them that they should. And than you RT for being a great company and please keep doing what you do best.

I bought this hat at some stall during a local festival. It was too out of reach to pick up so I could only see the front and I thought “that’s perfect for the cosplay I am gonna do!” and, after I paid, I saw the underside of the visor and this is how I got this hat.
And apparently people on IG really like it and a couple asked me where to buy it but I have no clue sorry…

themonalisa  asked:

hi! I started archery and in my beginner course I realised that I'm really weak :'( My instructor recommended me to use a compound bow bc I'm fairly good at aiming while using it, but I crave the aesthetic of the recurve. Is it possible for me to build enough muscle so that I can aim well with a recurve? (Could you recommend me some exercises?) Also I'm planning on buying equipment within a month so would it be best for me to wait to build up strength before buying a bow? sorry for the essay!


Okay so, just so we’re clear, I am for the moment gonna assume that when you say ‘weak’ you mean ‘what are sports?  we just don’t know.’ –because bro!, that would be me!, I know that one.  if you mean weak as part of a disability*, then bruh I can help with that too.  one of the coaches at my range is on the US Paralympic Archery team and I would be glad to hassle him for advice.

*archery is for EVERYONE.  there are archers in wheelchairs, there are blind archers, the world record for the longest accurate shot in archery is currently held by a gentleman who doesn’t have arms.

Moving on, okay, I am … side-eyeing your instructor just a little bit?  do you happen to know what poundage (How hard to pull) the recurves you used were?  at my range, a beginner archer of adult height gets a 66″ bow of either 12 or 16 pounds of draw weight (how much force it takes to pull the string back 28 inches.)

so, here’s the thing about pulling a bow.  imagine a gallon of milk.  or juice is okay if you prefer juice.  imagine picking it up by the cap.  yikes???  most people would find this very hard or impossible, and it’s not necessary.  so, you pick it up by the handle.  much easier!  you can manage the weight.  archery is just the same - the same amount of weight is either dang near impossible OR not too bad, and it’s all down to how you use your body to move that weight.

shooting a bow, your instructor should be showing you how to hook the string and pull with your back (much more muscle!) as you lower your front shoulder and push the bow away. push and pull, push AND pull.  it’s awkward at first, but once you get the hang of it, if you are using a bow that’s appropriate for your skill level, it’s MUCH easier because you are using your muscles efficiently.  and definitely don’t feel bad about feeling weak - literally every saturday i have people who are convinced they cannot do this, whole body shaking as they try to pull the bowstring back in an awkward way, and once they’ve had fifteen minutes of me poking at their elbows and back, saying ‘pull from here, elbow behind you, now push it away push push–’ they’re drawing the bow smoothly and making very nice shots!  

tl;dr, it is totally possible to build up enough muscle to start a recurve!  exercises, briefly: 

1.) buy a stretchy band and pull it like it’s a bow.  this one is… hrm.. I could explain it better with pictures.  would you like pictures?  i can try to do that tomorrow.  

2.) less need of pictures, do plain old push-ups - i do them against the wall. place your hands against the wall, lean in (bending elbows, tummy firm, back STRAIGHT - if you let your back sag, it will hurt) until your nose touches the wall, then push off. repeat until tired, and it’s okay if that only takes five times.  try to do six next time, then seven, then take a dang day off!  when you can do like thirty, make it harder - back up further away from the wall - it will be harder to push off. 

3.) lift things.  lift a water bottle.  lift the cat.  hold the water bottle at your side, then lift it to shoulder height, arm fully extended - as you would lift a bow.  hold it up for fifteen seconds (10 or 5 if you can’t do 15), then lower it.  rest for the same amount of time you held it up, then repeat.  if you can only do two of those at first, bruh!  that’s fine.  try to do three tomorrow, then four, then - take a day off!!  lots of rest days are important - you WILL get sore, your muscles WILL need time to recover.  starting out, swap the water bottle (or weight or cat) from arm to arm, so that one can rest while the other works.  as you get stronger, use two weights and do both arms.  extend your arms both straight to your side and straight in front of you - this is working on different parts of your shoulder.

WOW has this gotten long - and here you thought you wrote an essay!

Equipment:  Nope, you don’t have to wait, as long as you buy ‘the right’ equipment.  ‘Right equipment’ doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, it just needs to have limbs that can be taken off.  Here is an example of the sort of bow I mean:  LINK!  We have tons of bows just like this one at my range. that one is metal, but plastic (like this) is also fine, and so is wood (like this.) See the black knobs at the top and bottom where the limbs (white bendy parts) meet the riser (the ‘body’ of the bow)?  those are bolts, the limb can be easily taken off and swapped out for a lighter (easier to pull) or heavier (harder to pull) limb.  limbs of the bolt-on type are very affordable, and a beginner bow of good quality is both tough and light weight.  

the only point I will make on the purchase of the equipment is, do NOT let anyone tell you that it’s a ‘waste of money to buy limbs that are too light.’  that is dumb, people that ought to know better say it to archers all the time, and you know what happens?  those new archers hurt their shoulders, aren’t having fun with a bow that’s a struggle to pull back, and the bow goes in the closet and we never see them again. :’(  go ahead and get the lightest limbs available for your bow of choice - this is usually either 12 or 14 pounds. if you are over about 5′6″ tall, get the 12 pound limbs or even 10 if you can find them.  If you are 5′6″ or under, 12 is still okay, but so is 14.  this probably sounds backwards, but to put it bluntly:

the farther back you pull a recurve bow, the HARDER it gets.  that’s what the recurve shape of the limb does, it makes the bow more powerful as it is pulled back more. so, if you’re tall, or have rather long arms, you’ll pull the bow back more - you want lighter limbs so that you don’t have to fight with them. if I draw a bow with 14 pound limbs, it will be 16 pounds - I am tall, my arms are long.

 if you are short or have stumpy t-rex arms, your draw length will be short - you may only pull a pair of 14 pound limbs to 11 or 12 pounds, if not less.

MAN ok, this has been an info-dump, and I hope it helps; if you have any more questions let me know, and I will do my best!  ENJOY.  YOU CAN DO IT.

Derek Hale As A Father


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A/N: This is not proof read
         This is based on a very weird dream that I had 😂
         And can we talk about Nolan? I know he’s a lil bit of a psycopath but those nose freckles are so cute and I can’t really hate him props to Froy Gutierrez for the amazing acting skills

Pregnancy and going into labor

  • When you tell him he’s scared at first thinking that he’s not ready for a child. What if he’s not good enough? What if something happens to him and the child has to grow up without a dad? What if they make your child a target because of him?
  • But after you assured him like two hundred times that he’s going to be a great dad and nothing is going to happen because the pack is there to protect the child and he accepts the idea
  • He actually gets really happy, he smiles and laughs
  • And fuck what a sight
  • You go to the doctors right away to see if everything is okay
  • The pack is thrilled
  • Lydia starts to plan shopping sprees for the baby
  • He growls at everyone who is too close to you
  • You can’t even lift a finger, he does everything
  • It gets kind of annoying because pregnancy is not a disease
  • “I don’t see the point of having a baby shower…”
  • “Because it’s fun. C’mon Derek don’t be such a sour wolf”
  • “Then why is he here?”
  • “Peter is your uncle.”
  • You guys don’t want to know the gender of your baby, you want it to be a surprise
  • The pack places bets
  • Scott, Lydia and Mason bet on girl
  • Malia, Liam and Stiles bet on boy
  • “Are you betting on my child?”
  • He doesn’t really know what to do about your mood swings but he tries his best
  • Like he’s really confused
  • One minute you’re angry, the other you’re crying and then you start laughing
  • He gets disgusted af with your cravings
  • Bc let’s be honest you wouldn’t eat that shit unless your hormones were all crazy
  • Which they are
  • But if you’re craving ice cream at 2am and it’s raining cats and dogs Derek still goes out to buy you ice cream
  • If you take up the whole bed, it’s fine he sleeps on the couch he doesn’t mind
  • Foot rubs
  • Back rubs
  • Wearing his shirts because you’re clothes are starting to get tight
  • Peter is not allowed to be alone in a room with you
  • “Derek do we have Nutella?”
  • “No, (Y/N) the book I read says that you should eat fruit. Do you want an orange?”
  • “Derek, which one of us is going to have to give birth to a werewolf baby? It’s me, I don’t want any goddamn oranges I want Nutella!”
  • Late night talks about your baby’s future
  • Derek talks to your belly when he thinks you’re asleep
  • “I don’t know if you can hear me but I just want you to know that I’ll always be here for you. No matter what”
  • He carries you everywhere
  • The smile that lights up his face when the baby kicks for the first time
  • But then it gets painful
  • “Derek tell your child to stop kicking me, I can’t sleep”
  • Whenever you feel insecure he reassures you that you’re still beautiful
  • Having the pack over a lot
  • Everyone is always listening to yours and the baby’s hearthbeat just in case
  • Painting the baby’s room together
  • Which ends up with you two painting each other instead of the walls
  • Your waters break in the middle of the night
  • You try not to freak out as you wake up Derek and tell him that the baby is coming
  • He is  f r e a k i n g  o u t  but he tries to stay calm because of you
  • You guys are quick to leave the loft and drive to the hospital
  • When you get there you realize that you don’t have your maternity bag
  • Derek wants to go back to get the but you want him to stay
  • And although  it’s 3am and he still calls Scott to get the bag from the loft
  • Contractions are a bitch
  • Especially with a baby werewolf
  • You have to wait a few hours before you start pushing
  • You only start pushing at dawn
  • Derek is by your side holding your hand and lowkey taking your pain away without the doctors seeing it
  • Forget the pain of contractions
  • Pushing is worse
  • Even with Derek taking your pain it still hurts
  • You cuss him out while your pushing
  • He just agrees because what else can he do?
  • But everyone knows that’s a lie because the baby making process is really fun especially when it’s with Derek Hale am I right?
  • Finally after three hours of pushing you finally hear a tiny cry
  • And all those hours of pain are worth it
  • Derek kisses you happily as he mumbles how much he loves you
  • The first time he held your baby he cried
  • Then you cried
  • Everyone cried

If it was a boy

  • Okay I can’t get over the fact that Derek would buy a leather jacket to match his own
  • Stuffed wolves because you’re that cliche
  • He’s the one who gets up in the middle of the night when the baby cries
  • As soon as your son starts to crawl he just leaves the room so quickly that Derek panics for a few seconds before he hears a giggle in the other room
  • And he starts doing it on purpose
  • He takes after Derek
  • Basically you have a tiny version of Derek walking around
  • Big green eyes just like his father
  • And as soon as he can walk, your son just walks away from you like he doesn’t know you
  • He likes picking on Stiles too
  • He bites him, drools on him and the lil shit still laughs
  • Derek is sooooo proud
  • That little frown when someone picks him up after he walks away
  • He eats a lot
  • The only thing he takes after you is your clumsiness
  • He bumps into everything
  • He trips over nothing
  • His first word is “no”
  • He said after Stiles told him to stop biting him
  • Derek teaches your son how to play basketball
  • “Derek why are you taking him to the woods?”
  • “Because he needs to learn”
  • “Derek, he’s two”
  • Sometimes you walk in on them sleeping, your son curled up on Derek’s chest
  • Your son is very sarcastic at an early age
  • “Stiles is a bad influence on him, (Y/N)”
  • “He learned it from you Derek”
  • They team up to prank you
  • Crying on the first day of school
  • Derek cries, you don’t
  • You help him with his homework
  • As a girl you teach him how to treat a girl’s heart
  • Or a boy’s heart
  • Really you don’t really care as long as your son his happy
  • You accept whatever career he chooses because you just want him to do what he likes
  • “Dad, stop I’m 17”

 If it was a girl 

  • She cries a lot as a baby
  • Derek found out the only way for her to stop crying is when he flashes his blue orbs at her
  • Her favorite uncle is Scott
  • Probably it was because of the red eyes
  • Werewolf things you know? Can’t relate to that
  • When she starts to crawl she hides
  • And she’s tiny so she fits everywhere
  • It’s hard to find her sometimes
  • Lowkey Derek is proud because as a werewolf if she can hide she’ll be fine
  • It takes her a while to start walking but when she does she never wants to sit still
  • She loves when Derek holds her tiny hands to help her up
  • Her first word is “Lucky” the name of your dog
  • Actually it was more like “Wucky” And she’d have Derek wrapped around her little finger
  • Whatever she wanted, he’d give it to her
  • “Derek you’re spoiling her”
  • “No, I’m not” *silence* “Okay maybe I am but I can’t say no to her”
  • Play dates would include Scott and Derek sitting on her bedroom floor with tiaras and tutus sipping tea
  • Also you and Stiles by the door laughing your asses off
  • If she wanted to do Derek’s make up, you can bet that Derek is going to have lipstick on his teeth and eyeshadow up to his forehead
  • Maybe a sticker or two on his forehead
  • “How do I look?”
  • “You look gorgeous hun”
  • Since she couldn’t braid their hairs, she’d try to braid yours or Lydia’s
  • But that wouldn’t stop her from doing weird ponytails on them
  • Then she’d take advantage of Liam when he grew his hair a bit
  • I feel like Derek would raise is daughter to be a badass
  • And she doesn’t take shit from anyone
  • She’s a Hale, she was born done with everybody’s shit
  • She has the same scowl as Derek
  • Overprotective Derek when she’s old enough to date
  • But she knows what she’s doing
  • How many times have you opened the door to a teenage boy with flowers?
  • a lot
  • Derek’s overprotectiveness gets a little too much
  • “She’s kissing him outside on the front porch!”
  • “Derek, she’s 23 she can do what she wants!”

Request:Can you write a Bucky x reader, where reader has bought a new car and they decide to take a road trip with Steve and Sam, but a cop pulls them over and asks her some questions like ‘is this your car?’ assuming it was stolen, then asks Bucky and Steve if they’re safe and demands to check her car. It’s just basically a messy situation. @mazuru7

After years of saving and responsible decisions you finally had enough money to afford your dream car. The car you’d been drooling over since high school.  You went to the dealership with Steve and Bucky because it was common knowledge that dealerships try to pull less shit if you have a man with you. You weren’t taking any shit so you brought two men who beat people up for a living. Bucky put an arm over your shoulder as you waited for the guy to come back with paperwork and keys. You looked up at him absolutely giddy with anticipation for your new car. He smiled down at you; he knew how much this meant to you and he was proud you were finally getting the car your heart desired.

“This is it doll,” Bucky spoke.

“I know,” you grinned up at him, “We should go on a road trip this weekend and really see what this baby can do.”

“You really want to put a bunch of miles on your new car?” Steve questioned.

“Steve, your old guy is showing. Why buy a car if not to put miles on it? It’s not the miles it’s the driver, and I am gonna take good care of my baby.”

That weekend you loaded snacks into the backseat for a trip down to Virginia Beach. Bucky loaded up everything else, he had refused to do more than one trip so he was carrying an ungodly amount of bags.

“Well look at you Hercules,” you teased as he put things in the back of the car.

“ Are you sure you want to drive?” he asked, ignoring your teasing.

“Yes I’m sure, Bucky. You’re just itching to get behind the wheel and I ain’t gon’ let you.”

“Is that right?” he leaned down closer to you, getting in your face as if to really scrutinize your expression and decide if you meant what you said. However, as he got closer his gaze kept dropping down to your lips.

“That is right, Sergeant Barnes. You’re never ever gonna drive my baby. I love this car more than I love anything in this world.”

“You are such a brat,” he laughed, pulling you close to him by your waist and pressing his lips to yours. Reflexively, your hands went up to cradle his face, his stubble scratching the palm of your hand.

“Hey are you guys gonna suck face the entire trip?” Sam asked. Bucky’s grip on your waist tightened as he turned the both of you quickly and dipped you, continuing to kiss you passionately. You were smiling into the kiss, used to his antics to spite Sam. He was smiling too and as he broke the kiss he looked down at you with his usual gaze of love and admiration before pulling you back up.

“Alright love birds if you want to get to Virginia anytime soon we should be heading out,” Steve chided throwing the last bag in the car. You smile hurrying to the driver’s seat ready to start the journey. Bucky sat beside you  as a navigator, Steve and Sam were in the back. Steve was in charge of snacks while Sam had music. The three bickered back and forth often asking you to weigh in on their quarrels.

“But your dear boyfriend put nair in my shampoo!” Sam yelled.

“Oh my god, and he’s still alive?!” you exclaimed laughing.

“He did it before he left for a mission,” Sam explained.

“Well you couldn’t have been that upset, you didn’t do anything about it.”

“Yes he did,” Bucky interjected.

“Icy Hot in his underwear,” Sam responded triumphantly.

“Oh my god is that why you refused to have sex with me that one day?” you asked. Bucky only nodded. You glanced in the rearview mirror at Sam who looked more than satisfied with himself. Steve on the other hand looked like a tired mother of two at her wits end.

“Is this what you deal with at work?” you asked him.

“Oh that and much more,”Steve sighed.

“I feel for you, Cap.” you turned your attention back to the ever-stretching highway while the men in your car continued to bicker about past pranks. You were an hour out from the beach when the police car behind you turned on its siren. You glanced down at the speedometer to see if you were speeding. You were not and there were no traffic laws broken, so that left you to wonder what the hell was going. You turned on your hazard lights and went over to the shoulder lane.

“Grab my insurance papers out of the glove box would you?” you asked Bucky, your voice dropped to a forced calm. He grabbed the papers while you pulled your wallet out of the arm rest and got your license. You had both easily accessible when the police officer walked up to your window.

“Good afternoon, officer,” you greeted forcing a smile on your face.

“Afternoon. Can I see your license and registration?”

You handed them over immediately. He scrutinized your papers then your face as if he expected the papers to be fraudulent.

“Do you know how fast you were going?”

“Yes I do, sir,” you nodded. He hummed glaring at you, you stared back with a deceptively friendly gaze.

“Would you get out of the car?” he asked.

“Why is she getting out of the car?” Bucky demanded, putting a hand on your wrist to stop you from getting out.

“There’s a search out for a car exactly like this. So I’m gonna say it again, Miss. Please step out of the car.”

You did as he said and stood out side of your car.

“Is this your vehicle ma’am?”

“Yes, sir, it is.”

He looked past you to the men in your car, “Are you guys okay?” he asked.

“We’re fine. I’d like my girlfriend to get back in the car, and for us to continue our drive.”

“I’m sorry I can’t do that. I’m gonna run her license number, be sure she is who she says she is,” he cut a side eye to you. You watched Bucky’s hand clench in a fist and he looked about ready to blow. You thought for sure he was going to get out of the car and make the situation even worse. In your worry for Bucky you’d stopped paying attention to the officer. He grabbed your arm and yanked you around to look at him.

“I will put you in jail, do you hear me?” he growled at you, and you wondered what part of the one sided conversation you had missed. Three doors seemed to open in the car simultaneously.

“Get your hands off of her!” Bucky yelled, and Sam put a hand on Bucky’s chest to keep him from doing something stupid. Unfortunately he couldn’t stop Steve who broke the officer’s grip on you.

“What’s your badge number, officer?” Steve spit out glaring at the man.

“Steve,”you warned. The officer pushed Steve back.

“There’s an APB out for this car model. No way she bought this car so which one of you does this belong to?”

“It’s hers!” Steve yelled back, surging forward to attack but you wedged yourself in between them.

“Hey, man,” Sam called out, “Everything’s good here just let us go,” Sam was preoccupied holding Bucky back. You looked back at the police officer hoping by some miracle he wouldn’t be too preoccupied by the color of you and Sam’s skin to listen. The officer glared at all of you and it occurred to you that these were superheroes.

“Steve, show him your Avenger’s ID,” you requested straining your neck to look up at him. He grabbed his wallet from his pocket and pulled the ID out. It was enough to make the officer begrudgingly walk away and get back in his car, not without throwing your license at you carelessly. You caught Steve again keeping him from attacking the officer. After the cop car drove away you let out breath out that you hadn’t been aware you were holding. You also let go of Steve and got back in the car. Everyone followed suit after a while and you continued the journey to the beach. There was silence for a long time in the car, you glanced over at Bucky. You could feel the anger radiating off of him as he silently seethed. You reached over and gave his knee a pat.

“It’s alright, Buck,” you murmured.

“It’s not alright,” he snapped.

“You’re right. But it wasn’t worth a fight.”

“Yes it was.”

“Are you gonna fight every time someone is an asshole to me?”

“Ideally,” he nodded. You laughed a little at that shaking your head.

“I’m sending a complaint,” Steve announced as he looked down at his phone, “I got his license plate number.”

You scoffed, “Come on we’re gonna have a great time at the beach. Don’t let one asshole ruin the mood.”

“What if we weren’t with you?” Bucky demanded.

“Well I’m glad you were,” you settled.

“But what if?” he insisted.

You sighed, dropping your happy bravado, “Who knows? At best, I’d be in jail, at worst I’d be…,” you paused letting the thought trail off, “ but I don’t want to think about that, kay? I already know what this life is like for me, I don’t need to live in fear too. Let’s just be grateful I wasn’t alone and that I had the best of the Avengers to look out for me.”

Bucky took a deep breath trying to quell his anger. You took his hand and rubbed soothing circles on the back of it with your thumb. There was another moment of silence but this time it was much more comfortable.

“You dumbasses were gonna fight a cop on the side of the highway,” Sam laughed breaking the silence and coaxing a rueful laugh from the rest of you. Soon enough most of the tension had passed, but Bucky kept you close the entire time you were at the beach. It occurred to you that he had really been scared for you, so you didn’t say anything. You just let him hold you.

~Mod Lillian

anonymous asked:

Used to work at walfart and in my state booze sales stop at 2 am. Had a cop come through my register, at least he said he was one, at 2:05 am. My register wouldn't scan booze of any kind after 2 am. He tells me "it's ok to let me buy this, I'm a cop" I grinned as I told him that one I wasn't breaking the law even for him, and even if I wanted to, I couldn't. My register won't let me. Not even for a cop. What cop does that though. Like really, I'm gonna break state law just because you said to?

A badge does not mean you’re above the law. Too bad we live in a country that is blind to that. Good for you not being bullied into breaking the law. -Abby

EDITED I mistyped the final sentence.

  • ‘ people can live 100 years without really living for a minute. ’
  • ‘ as long as everything is the way i want it, i can be totally flexible. ’
  • ‘ this thing we’re doing here, you me. i’m in. i’m all in. ’ 
  • ‘ everything’s magical when it snows, everything looks pretty. ’
  • ‘ when a woman gives birth to a crack baby, you do not buy her a puppy. ’
  • ‘ people are particularly stupid today, i can’t talk to any more of them. ’
  • ‘ if you’re gonna throw your life away, he better have a motorcycle. ’
  • ‘ am i crying or laughing? ’
  • ‘ i have no patience for jam hands. ’
  • ‘ i love you, you idiot. ’
  • ‘ i’m afraid that once your heart’s involved, it all comes out in gibberish. ’
  • ‘ it’s all any of us wants, to find a nice person to hang out with til we drop dead. Not a lot to ask. ’
  • ‘ that’s going on your tombstone. ’
  • ‘ i only want to see you happy. ’
  • ‘ i just take a book with me everywhere, it’s a habit. ’
  • ‘ i’m sorry. have i ever been mistaken for a patient person? ’
  • ‘ i’m fine. i’m great. it’s a big fat happy sunshine day for me. ’
  • ‘ who cares if i’m pretty if i fail my finals. ’
  • ‘ jesus, mary, joseph and the camel. this is really bad coffee. ’
  • ‘ mom, you’ve given me everything i need. ’
  • ‘ i’m fine. i’m just being dramatic, it’s what i do. ’
  • ‘ am i more beautiful today than i was yesterday? ’ 
  • ‘ i wanna be good, life’s just not letting me. ’
  • ‘ what she tackles, she conquers. ’ 
  • ‘ nothing says coffee more like 6 in the morning. ’ 
  • ‘ that’s going on your tombstone. ’      
  • ‘ a little nervous breakdown can really work wonders for a girl. ’
  • ‘ i’m gonna have to quit drinking coffee and i love coffee. ’
  • ‘ you’re full of hate and loathing and i love it. ’


black is not sad, black is poetic.

i bet people don’t understand that i’m joking 453% of the time.

i’m not good for descriptions.

take a selfie at my funeral.

don’t be sad, eat mcdonalds.  

im still here bitches nd i know everything.

its easy for you, u’re pretty.

i like him, he likes her.

can’t i just go back to having normal problems?.

the wasted years, the waste youth, the pretty lies, the ugly truth.

everything you do is super fucking cute.

one in love with death, that way i’ll describe: it was once a beautiful girl in which wanted to die.

because no one will care about what will happen to her, because not even god will recognize it when her die.

I don’t like interacting with other humans.

p. sherman 42, wallaby way, sydney.

black is such a happy color.

this is the start of how it all ends.

we don’t care, we’re driving cadillacs in our dreams.

do not be ashamed of who you are, if god made you that way, you have to thank.

i dont need a boyfriend i just need wifi.

i’m bored of being bored.

we live in a tropical climate.

you’re not a barbie.

i am sorry, i don’t speak stupid’s language.

the world is full of idiots.

just a girl with a broke smile.

waiting for better days.

oh you look so pretty that makes me want to vomit.

color black is my happiness.

candy is the new religion.

don’t try to be a barbie.

fuck u, thanks.

i don’t want you, i want your netflix password.

i’ll pay you $10 to have a crush on me.

i am not a hero, dad.

sad today, sad tomorow, sad forever.

kittens are the new black.

we accept the love we think we deserve.

my vagina looks better than your face.

we’re all coming down.

when was the last time you thought of me?

my pussy my choice my body my voice.

i luv you but you don’t care and it hurts.

as chris said “fuck it”.

sometimes i just feel like giving up.

sorry, i am not rihanna and i do not love the way you lie.

the game its over babe.

you can dye your hair, buy new clothes, you can change your shoes, rearrange your nose but it don’t change the fact that you’re ugly on the inside.

nobody told me life was gonna be this way.

nobody called you here so BYE.

more gays please.

i dont like pink i’m not princess i like dick and dark.

i really don’t care what anyone thinks of me.

can i sue my parents for making me ugly.

we didn’t come from money.

jesus loves u, i don’t.

*:・゚✧ you ✧゚・:*

making the same mistakes and expecting different results.

no new friends or old friends.

if you make me laugh im already 89% in love with you.

i have no feelings or emotions just sarcasm running through my veins.

i like the storms, they let me know that even the sky scream sometimes.

haha whoops i accidentally started thinking about you and now i would like to set myself on fire.

i am not cruel. im a realist, and the reality is cruel.

daddy’s little whore.

the friend who gives all the relationship advice but never is in one.

i definitely thought 2015 was going to be my year but clearly that ship has sailed.

the friend who gives all the relationship advice but never is in one.

i dont like other teenagers, i am 60.

making her smile when she’s sad.

isolation is a way to know ourselves.

i am doing whatever the fuck i want. i don’t need your opinion.

90% of the ocean is undiscovered and you’re telling me mermaids don’t exist?

millions of stars in the sky, but all i wanna do is stare into your eyes.

if you think of pulling the trigger, keep in mind that I could still shoot first.