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  • Ruby: Blake, can I ask a question about your kitty ears?
  • Blake: ...I guess. What is it?
  • Ruby: How do you hear out of them? Like, where does all the inner ear stuff connect too and fit in your head?
  • Blake: Ummmm...
  • Weiss: Surely there is space in your skull for the anatomy structure of your cat ears, right?
  • Blake: I imagine so...? I've never really given it that much thought before.
  • Yang: Oh my god, Blake! How do your ears work?!
  • Blake: I DON'T KNOW!

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i enjoyed your meta about regarding dean. i'm curious, do you think Sam telling Charlie (in s10) he realises he loves hunting but he doesn't want to do it without his brother is evidence FOR sam feeling chained to dean or evidence against? as i was reading your meta, I was thinking it was a strike against that reading but now I am not sure and i'm not good enough at meta-ing to really think it through. would love to hear your thoughts.

I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think meta is half the fun of watching a show like Supernatural – I love finding out what other people think.

As for your question, I honestly thought back in s10 that Sam was lying – he didn’t look happy or content when he said all that to Charlie. He looked tortured and like he was trying to convince himself. But one of the cool things about Supernatural is that it’s very open to interpretation. Reading Sam as genuinely meaning it is just as valid as my take on it that he was, for whatever reason, not entirely being honest.

Basically, I’ve read Sam as deeply unhappy with his life as a hunter at least since his relationship with Amelia ended, and I think a case can be made for him being very unhappy earlier than that pretty easily too.

It’s late here at the moment, so I can’t go into more detail right now. But if I get a chance on the weekend, I’ll try to write up my take on where Sam’s at. We haven’t had a lot of overt insight into Sam and what he hopes and dreams for a long time, so a lot of my reading is based on how Jared plays the body language. In short, I think Jared often chooses delivery that subtly undermines Sam’s overt words in one way or another. He’s depicting a man who is angry but hiding it, depressed but unwilling to admit it, unsatisfied, lonely and disconnected, and often ascribing those things to Dean instead (Dean projects onto Sam in similar ways, but on different topics).

Sam tends to cling to Dean jealously, to the point he’s even sometimes seen Castiel as a threat to his place in Dean’s affections (which is another meta entirely). He doesn’t know how to move on or change even though he wants to – he got scared and cut and run with Amelia, and used Dean as the excuse, rather than a positive thing he was choosing.

I find Sam a fascinating character, but I don’t think he’s at all what he seems on the surface – he’s every bit the performer that Dean is, it’s just that Sam has chosen a different kind of mask. Rather than toxic masculinity, he’s chosen a more sophisticated and tolerant mask, but that doesn’t really match up with the larger patterns of what we see him actually doing and valuing.

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Was the series of murders just to make sure we were paying attention??? Eeekk!!

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Ok wait what? Murder? Really! Fascinating huh ����

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murder and mass murder?! I am very curious!

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Actually murdered someone ….

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Really concerned about the murder ones ��

Haha, you guys are really cute😂 Not to scare you but I was completely honest while answering those questions. In fact, I take at least a million lives daily. I would have explained but I’m the tag queen 👸 and I have a reputation to live up to. Can’t explain and break the rules even if I want to. I can’t set a bad example. But do tell me if you figure out who my victims are, lol 😜 

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Because I like theorizing about potential ships and you seem like the best person to go to for this, which do you find more intriguing? Bellamy/Echo or Bellamy/Luna? Personally, I'm really looking forward to seeing B&E interact/develop more as the season goes on. But then, I'm also curious about the potential between *peacefulLuna* and B struggling with trusting Grounders - to put it simply lol but I'd love to hear your thoughts on these 2 ships + potential!

You’re right nonny, I AM someone to come to with this because yesss let’s talk about pretty people mushing their faces together.  I’m gonna take this in two parts: what I think is most interesting, and what I think is the direction the show is most likely to go.

For me personally, as firehot as I think Bellamy/Echo could be, I think Bellamy/Luna is more interesting.  For one thing, the show has already done the “a grounder betrays a sky person, that sky person learns to forgive and love them anyway” twice now (cl.exa and memori), so I’d be up for something a little different this time around.  For another thing, Echo is responsible for the death of Gina, something the show didn’t handle very well the first time around (as Gina was clearly created just to be fridged and I thought you were better than that, show) and so I’d rather see the show handle that head on rather than just be like “idk, it’s war” because that’s lazy.  I also think “Bellamy learns to forgive Echo despite her being responsible for one of his major traumas” feels unnecessarily harsh on Bellamy, because everyone else on this show gets to make horrible mistakes and move on with lessons learned, but for some reason Bellamy has to pay for his mistakes first.  And that sort of storyline with Echo would feel like more of the same and again, I want something different.

Bellamy/Luna, however, presents far more intriguing options to me.  Luna has deliberately chosen non-violence despite the world she lives in, and I see Bellamy struggling with following that same path this season.  He wants to “deserve to survive” as it were, and I think exploring a relationship with Luna would give him the opportunity to figure out how to do that without it seeming like punishment/self-flagellation.  It would get across the same narrative of “Bellamy learns to trust grounders” that we’d get with Bellamy/Echo, but without the grossness of the show getting a boner for punishing Bellamy and not knowing what to do about Gina.  Nadia is also incredibly pretty, and I for one am a slut for “pretty people making out” and thus it checks that box for me too.

However, for almost the exact same reasons as I listed above, I do think the show is more likely to go with Bellamy/Echo.  I’m not entirely convinced that all the parallels we see are actually parallels so much as lazy writing, but “sky person forgives and loves a grounder despite betrayal” is definitely a story beat they seem to enjoy.  They’ve also clearly set up Bellamy and Echo as foils for one another, and their story is definitely being portrayed as “unfinished” for now, because “Do you think we’ll ever be able to trust each other/I doubt it” is what we call Very Unsubtle Foreshadowing, my friends.  In contrast, Bellamy barely seemed to interact with Luna in 314. In fact, I’m not sure they even had a conversation that didn’t include other people.  That sort of complete narrative indifference to a character dynamic indicates to me that it’s not a relationship they’re really interested in exploring (and before anyone mentions the set visit video from Seat42F, I took Bob’s answer about Luna to be more of a “uh, I didn’t plan on answering a question about her because we have almost no scenes together so I’m just gonna say something vague and non-committal” dodge than anything else.)

All of that being said, however: I’d still be surprised if Bellamy/Echo went explicitly romantic.  I would not rule out (and definitely wouldn’t be opposed to seeing) a scenario where Bellamy hits rock bottom and like, has grief/hatesex with Echo as a way of attempting to process the absolute mountain of feelings he’s dealing with right now, but the farthest I see his Echo feelings going this season is “downgraded from Hate Always to Grudgingly Trust.”  If we take 401 as the place setting episode for s4, wherein they lay out where each character is emotionally at the start of the season and what each character is going to have to overcome, here’s what we have for Bellamy:

Current Emotional State:

Concerned About Octavia

Concerned About Clarke

Does Not Trust Echo Even The Slightest Bit

Worried He Doesn’t Deserve To Survive

What He Needs To Achieve This Season:

Learn To Let Octavia Make Her Own Mistakes

Learn to Believe He Is A Good Person

Learn To Trust Echo/Not Hold a Grudge


If you notice, everything but Clarke from the “current emotional state” list was addressed explicitly (and verbally) by 401.  Clarke called out his worry about Octavia, Kane called out his worry about his soul, and Echo called out his distrust of her.  Given the clusterfuck of s3 and ships, I’m not at all surprised that they left Concerned About Clarke as the only element uncommented upon, because if a character calls that out then the Build Up To Canon Bellarke has officially begun.  And narratively, Le.xa died for the second time like, two hours ago, so I get why they felt it was too soon.  (Because it was!)  But the fact remains that the show repeatedly and bluntly emphasized “Bellamy is very worried about Clarke, even more so than he is worried about his sister, the one person he has consistently been shown to love above all others” throughout 401.  I highly suspect the show is laying the ground work for something involving Bellarke and they just didn’t want to get accused of erasing L.exa right out of the gates.  (And again: good.  Let Clarke grieve one love interest for a bit instead of immediately introducing a new one.  I disliked it in s2 and I’d dislike it now).  So I suspect that if Becho is introduced at all, it’s going to be introduced as a complicating factor on the way to canon Bellarke rather than True And Everlasting Love.

Okay, one last thing I want to say about speculation before I wrap this up: I have absolutely no idea if any of the above is true.  I could be totally wrong, because I don’t actually write the damn show.  So if you read this and got upset that I think Becho might happen in some form, take heart in the fact that I am not an actual authority on the s4 plot and therefore this spec carries absolutely zero weight in real terms.

But the same also goes for my “I think they are building to bellarke” theory as well.  I could be totally wrong.  As my dear friend once said about show speculation: it doesn’t count if you promise it to yourself.  I can look at the clues and say “I think this is what is going to happen,” but that’s all it means, okay? 

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Hi! I reeally love your Supernatural fanfiction Welcome All Winchesters! I read it before christmas and I stayed up until 3 am to finish it *even remembering it makes me feel warm and fuzzy* Anyway I thought about translating it and maybe some other works to my native language (hungarian) and I wanted to ask your permission for it.

yay, thank you!!!

yes, absolutely, please do translate my fic! (my one request is that you post it on AO3, and mark it as a ‘translation’ when you upload it, so I can link it properly~)

thank you so much <3


fic link: Welcome All Winchesters

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what makes you so excited about Pluto? I am very curious to hear your thoughts on the planet, as Pluto is conjunct my ascendant (in the last degrees of my 12th house) and in Scorpio. I would love to learn more about this planet if you wouldn't mind sharing your knowledge, please! :3

hi! pluto is a planet of regeneration, transformation, ultimate power, and it represents the underworld. i’ve been interested in spirit work lately, and i feel like its energy would be a good component to add to such workings. 

aside from that, pluto’s association to mystery, death, and crisis really interest me. 

the outer planets, with the exception of jupiter in this case, really seem to have more associations with baneful components of magick and that also resonates with me. 

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Sorry if you've gotten asked about this before, but this really rad artist is working on a sort of prehistoric animal SIM game with semi-customizeable critters. They're Xylax on Tumblr, if you check their /evosaur tag you'll see the work. They're trying to do a combo of classic + current/accurate. I'm looking forward to the end result but am curious your thoughts on the dinos they've done so far!

They look generally good, albeit somewhat shrinkwrapped.

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So first of all, you are just a happy gem out here that I love reading and you deserve an award for your patience with some of your anon questions. I have to say, I love Season 5. I'm enjoying it all I'm fine for Oliver and Felicity to slowly work their way back to each other (love the love eyes and the waiting). I am curious about your thoughts about the whole IMDB release that Tommy/Promethius are the same person. I may be in the minority, but I really don't want Promethius to be Tommy.

Well, first of all, @mysweetminiaussie, thank you for being so lovely about my blog. :) So many of you are too kind to me. *blushes*

Second of all, I really wouldn’t put any trust in IMDB. Because it can be edited by anyone, that means someone who loves that theory could have put that in there. It’s hard to imagine the show blowing a huge reveal like that. But that being said, we’ve had it happen before. So, really, it just leaves us back where we started as not knowing for sure. lol 

And I love the idea of Tommy being Prometheus. I love the idea of Billy being Prometheus/Slade’s son a bit more, but am happy with both, because of all the full circle opportunities. :D 

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what are your opinions on the ace discourse? i love your tumblr and am just kind of curious what your thoughts are :)

if you’re talking about the “cis/het aces aren’t LGBT” i am on the side that ace people are always in the LGBT community. as long as they recognize that they can’t speak over other “letters” of the LGBT community (like cis LGBT can’t talk over trans members of the community about trans issues, allosexual people can’t talk over ace people, etc) then they’re welcome in our safe spaces :)
i think it’s important to recognize that a lot of ace people (my girlfriend included) don’t really realize there’s a term for what they’re going through until exposed to the queer community and i think it’s important to allow people into the queer community, ESPECIALLY if they’re questioning gender/sexuality.
basically, and this applies to all members of the LGBT community, if you’re not a part of that specific community (trans for example), don’t speak OVER members of that community. so that’s my opinion on the whole ace discourse, i think yes they are queer because part of them diverges from the cisgender heterosexual heteroromantic allosexual that is the non queer or whatever.
sorry if this isn’t entirely coherent, my brain is being dumb this week (personal stuff going on) and it’s like 10:50 at night and i should be sleeping but lol i’m not, hopefully this answers!!!!

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what's your sexuality?

To be honest I never really labeled my sexuality. But I sure have thought a lot about it.. I definitely am attracted to men. But sometimes I like girls too.So I wouldn’t define it as bisexual cause it wouldn’t be accurate..I’d just say Bi-Curious. :) 

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Oh i thought you had a daddy? you made a post about your bf and stuff i am sorry if anything happened between you too! i am really not trying to be rude i was just curious and hoping you guys are okay unless he doesn't know yet about ddlg and stuff or anything else then i understand and you don't even have to answer this i understand if you want to keep this info private c:

I don’t have a Daddy. I do have a boyfriend but he doesn’t know about my being a little. I’m waiting a year before I tell him anything. we’re still fresh in our relationship, it’ll be a month on Valentines Day, so nothing happened between us, just he doesn’t know yet. That’s all. ^^ C:

Rumor Has It

You had been questioned all day about Jungkook. And his reaction to it leaves you even more curious.

Part 2

You’re scared senseless when the group of girls appear right next to you. Barely managing to save your books from falling on the floor, you turn to look at them curiously.

“Are you really dating Jungkook?”

“I am?” It’s a question, but the girls choose to take it as a statement, some pouting, some eagerly dancing in place.

Excusing yourself, you set out to your next class, shaking the thought of the weird questions you’ve been receiving.

People had been asking all day if you and Jungkook were dating. You didn’t understand. He was your best friend, and you were sure everyone knew. Besides, even if people didn’t know, there had been no sudden increase in affection between the two of you. Why would they suddenly assume the two of you were dating?

Keep reading

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hi! i am really sorry if you already have answered this question, but i tried to look for it in the tags and i couldnt find it. what will you say is the most important to look for in a book? is it the characters, or how they describe a setting? im just really curious about your thoughts

I think it depends completely on the reader. There are no objective qualifications for what makes a book ‘good.’ Whether a book is ‘good’ will depend on your individual taste. Some people prefer plot over character. Some are the opposite. Some don’t give a damn about either and just want a book that’s going to make them laugh. Some hate moral ambiguity and some (like me) revel in it. The reason you’ve never seen me talk about what’s “important to look for in a book” is that what’s important to me might not necessarily be important to anyone else. All art is subjective.

But if you’re asking about what I personally look for in a book, or what I think makes a book good, here are my basic criteria:

  1. It’s well-written. There are a lot of factors that contribute to what makes a book ‘well-written’ but that’s a whole different post. Is the prose good? Mechanically speaking, does the story work? That’s what I’m talking about here.
  2. It’s believable. This doesn’t mean it has to be realistic fiction. You can write a story that takes place on the moon in 1914 if that’s what you want but you still have to convince me that everything that happens makes sense for a story taking place on the moon in 1914. 
  3. The characters are compelling. Read: Just like real people, the characters are not perfect. They’re human. And in spite of all their human flaws, they are still people I want to read about. Note: This does not mean they have to be ‘likable.’ 
  4. There’s enough plot to keep me reading. I love me some literary fiction but if nothing actually happens for 200 pages, I’m going to get bored. I want to see a narrative. I don’t need to know where this thing is going but I need to know it’s going somewhere. If there’s nothing to keep me from closing the book and walking away, I will do exactly that.
  5. It’s amoral. Not immoral. Amoral. Stories where bad always loses and good always wins are for children. As soon as you bring me into a world that is clear-cut enough to have good guys and bad guys you’ve lost my interest. I want to see the ugly, messy, and often unpalatable reality, because that requires much more artistic fortitude than telling fairy tales. (Not to mention, it’s much more interesting.)

That’s about the sum of it. 

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Hey, I have been looking through your blog and find it very interesting I was just wondering if you as a feminist are into freeing the nipple and if it was enforced would you walk around topless, just curious because I have a friend who is all for it and would 100% do it. but I don't think that I ever would personally even though I am all for feminism - does not wanting to do that not make me a feminist? Thanks :) love your blog

I do support the free the nipple campaign. Whether or not I would personally walk around topless isn’t something I have really thought about, but I believe that is men can walk around without theirs, than people with breasts should also be able to. Thanks for the question!

-The Daily Feminist