i really almost bought it


Jin: ah, I have this really pretty romper thing, that’s got a transparent-ish cloth attatched to it! The top is also transparent and has little flowers embroiled into it~! ( The girls seem to really like this outfit as well~~ ;) )


fangirlandfailing  asked:

It's PRIDE day and the whole team is dressing in each individual's appropriate flag/colors to represent themselves and walking in the parade for SMH. Even Jack and Shitty are there. Dex decides this is it. He's tired of hiding and he's ready to be happy. He's never been a happy person, but he's ready to try and maybe this is the first step? They all meet at the HAUS first. He shows up in gay pride flag/colors. Lardo is the first person to say "Oh" and get it. Que the teams reactions.

Ohmigosh!! I didn’t even think of doing anything for PRIDE with these guys!! I hope you like this!    Thanks for the prompt!  Enjoy  :-) xxxx

(also, this is about 5 pages long (oops), so its under the cut.)

(also also.  Holster is getting a bi pride flag, Whiskey a trans pride flag, and Tango an ace pride flag.(personal headcanon - Tango is asexual)  Just in case anyone’s wondering  :-)  )

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thirstyforbangtan  asked:

how do I join the youngjae protection squad? Can we have buttons or stickers that say #youngjaeportectionsquad? Or maybe some t-shirts? I'd buy those. I literally bought a photocard pack the other day just for Youngjae 😂😂

Hi dear, 

Oh my, you have a great idea there. A T-shirt would be nice as well with ‘Choi Youngjae Protection Squad’ written on it. I can actually imagine it. Maybe I will do that. Badge button is a good idea too. Thank you for the great ideas, dear. I’ll definitely do this. 

It’s not just you, I bought almost (not really) everything about Youngjae and they’re not even cheap..hahaha #ripmoney

Do u guys ever purposely dress like shit so u don’t get harassed?? Like I’ll take the metro to my dads from my moms house and it’s like an hr ride and I’ll purposely wear really baggy shirts and shit just so
I won’t get harassed on the metro?? And like today I almost bought a really pretty dress but it made my boobs look way tew much so I didn’t get it bc also didn’t want to get like attacked … u kno? It was a day dress but I’d never wear it :///


I know ya don’t read this but i feel really sorry for ya bud.

It’s almost like ya bought an overpriced Speedy during the Arcane raffle.

Treated badly missing tickets dragons still not recorded.

How have your tickets not been drawn yet? 

96+ dragons all of them sent 1 way.

Ya had alotta tickets.

Seems mighty shifty to me.

I almost feel like givin’ you a prize myself.

Poor thing.

amris  asked:

whats stardew valley about? I almost bought it cause its looks really pretty but im not sure what its even about

It’s a farming game. You inherited a farm in a small town. The goal of the game is to have a farm and befriend the towns people. The towns people have storylines and you can marry one of 12 single citizens. Doesn’t matter your gender or theirs, so you can be hella gayyyy. You can fish, mine, chop trees, or look for berries. In the mines you can fine treasure and fight monsters.

Your farm and house are chargeable. Your farm can look how ever you wanna it to look like. The inside of your house is changeable. You can plant food and flowers and raise live stock such as hens, ducks, sheep, cows, pigs, etc.

There’s a lot in the game basically and It’s really addicting once you get the hang of it

hoo gosh so ya boi treated themselves to some clothing after a lot of crying because of body issues and such but its good its alll great, i spent less than 50 (about 45, including taxes and shipping!!), bought 6 things that i really like, some “guy” stuff and some “womans” stuff!! i almOST bought a pair of shoes that looked like trash and had dollar store coloured pom poms on them, but my mum said i was an idiot and should not, so i didnt cuz she was right lmAO

The real problem with trying to figure out what constitutes “goth fashion” is that, in my experience, most goths are willing to claim with an absolutely straight face that literally anything is a subgenre of goth fashion.

(I once had a gothically inclined friend of mine attempt to convince me that the plaid-flannel-and-suspenders look is actually goth. It was a really well thought out argument, too - I almost bought it!)