i really almost bought it


Jin: ah, I have this really pretty romper thing, that’s got a transparent-ish cloth attatched to it! The top is also transparent and has little flowers embroiled into it~! ( The girls seem to really like this outfit as well~~ ;) )


fangirlandfailing  asked:

It's PRIDE day and the whole team is dressing in each individual's appropriate flag/colors to represent themselves and walking in the parade for SMH. Even Jack and Shitty are there. Dex decides this is it. He's tired of hiding and he's ready to be happy. He's never been a happy person, but he's ready to try and maybe this is the first step? They all meet at the HAUS first. He shows up in gay pride flag/colors. Lardo is the first person to say "Oh" and get it. Que the teams reactions.

Ohmigosh!! I didn’t even think of doing anything for PRIDE with these guys!! I hope you like this!    Thanks for the prompt!  Enjoy  :-) xxxx

(also, this is about 5 pages long (oops), so its under the cut.)

(also also.  Holster is getting a bi pride flag, Whiskey a trans pride flag, and Tango an ace pride flag.(personal headcanon - Tango is asexual)  Just in case anyone’s wondering  :-)  )

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The real problem with trying to figure out what constitutes “goth fashion” is that, in my experience, most goths are willing to claim with an absolutely straight face that literally anything is a subgenre of goth fashion.

(I once had a gothically inclined friend of mine attempt to convince me that the plaid-flannel-and-suspenders look is actually goth. It was a really well thought out argument, too - I almost bought it!)

“why are you counting down the days until october 1?” “haha idk. it’s NOT because i’m counting how long I have to wait until I can acceptably watch hocus pocus. it’s definitely NOT THAT.”

First ask batch 2016!

Anonymous said: i was curious as to why you always draw killua so much taller!! when theyre only 4 cm (a little less than an inch) apart in canon o: not like i’m complaining tho i’m just curious!! ur art is very cute and i love it very much!!!

Mhhh maybe I do draw him a bit taller than what he is,but in most cases he looks taller cause Gon is bending forward like in here:

excedraexshadow said: Hello! I saw you use clip studio paint, right?? I just got the program and if you don’t mind, could you please give some advices on the brushes?? and also how do you do the dots for the backgroung?? Thank you!

Hi hi!I do use CSP but only for final touches,I draw and colour entirely on SAI ;;w;; so sorry I can’t help much haha I suppose that if you want the brushes to adapt to your liking you only need to try and try ;;e;; at least that’s what I did with SAI brushes haha dots?you mean as in the coloring sprinkles I add or actually dot tones?Anyways here you have both possible answers

rest of the questions under the cut uvu

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Day 15: Nice

Nice is a lovely place. I would want to call it ‘nice’, but that might get confusing. Went to the Chagall and Matisse museums today (the Matisse museum doesn’t let you take photos… not sure why….), and they were both pretty cool. Chagall was free because have of the exhibit was closed (but the really cool half was open, so whatever), and the Matisse was slightly meh, but oh well. 

Went to the other side of town, which is slightly more ornate than the beach. Bit like older France, with quant buildings and bold colours. Some really great looking restaurants, and some ridiculously cool stores. Unfortunately it rained, so most of the photos look pretty dark, but I made it through :) Almost bought this really cool umbrella, but it was out of budget (I got a lame umbrella like a lame person).

A pleasant way to wrap up my time in France :) Italy tomorrow morning.