i really adored the animation in this video

A list of obscure Mario anime:

Super Mario World: Mario & Yoshi’s Adventure Land :

An animated short meant for Bandai’s Terebikko system (an interactive telephone toy… thing) So there are moments Mario Dora the explore style pauses and talks into a telephone. There are also questions/ minigames that the player would have completed. Super cute animation! Subbed version here (x)

Amada Anime Series: Super Mario Bros. :

Mario mashed up with classic Japanese/ European fairy tales, such as Princess Peach in a Snow White situation, Mario as a tiny boy, Mario being born from a peach and being raised by some loving koopas, ect. Very surreal and great imagery. It has three episodes: (All can be found subbed here (X))

Mario Kirby Masterpiece Video:

A strange little Japanese educational video. Unfortunately not subbed of yet and is really text heavy. Can be found here (x)

Super Mario’s Fire Brigade:

Mario and Luigi scold and teach fire safety to some dumb kids lighting fire crackers, then save a woman and her baby from a burning house. They only show up for about a half of the short animation, but once is in some adorable firemen outfits. Currently i can’t find a sub of it (x)

And finally the most well known

Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach!:

God this movie is glorious! A Mario anime movie that was only realised in japan, this is slowly becoming well known to the western Mario fans. The mushroom people in this are adorable and the animations is amazing. Very cute and whimsical twist on the Mario lore. A subbed version can be found here (x)

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The Undertale Fandom has never failed to astound me, what, with the massive amount of talented artists, musicians, and animators that have come together in order to celebrate the franchise. 


Like any fandom, there are people in the community that often tend to step out of line whether they really mean to or not. That being said, the issue that this creates that I really wanted to talk about today is the harassment of artists

I get it - there are webcomics or animations you adore and look forward to seeing when they are updated, but people often hold their own selfish needs over the artists themselves.

Glitchtale is a good example of this.A while back, @camilaart combined her artistic talent and an idea for a story into an animated series. With its smooth animation and addicting storyline, a lot of people flocked towards her videos, eagerly awaiting what she had in store for the next episode.

Many of the people following her showed their support in the forms of positive comments and fanart, but there have been signs of negative attention as well, particularly people urging her to rush her work.

Let me remind you all that animation is incredibly difficult.

Simply animating short 2-5 minute long videos takes a LOT of work and dedication in order to ensure character movements are smooth and the images are clear and pleasing to the eye. 

So let’s put that into perspective when I remind you that for the most part, these episodes of hers are 20 minutes in length.

At the frequency in which she uploads videos, Camilla is spending hours on her work.

And let me assure you, the ‘agony’ of waiting for updates does not amount to the exhaustion and pressure some people put on artists like her. Some people treat these artists like robots who’s only purpose is to appease their fanbase when in fact they are real people with real lives. 


And yet I see people uploading comments like 

“WTF is wrong with you, you haven’t updated in a month”

“Hurry up already!”

They don't HAVE to be making videos. They don’t HAVE to be putting up with your mindless whining. But they do, and it hurts them.

So please, be more thoughtful

i’m in such a weird gorillaz kick rn,, saturnz barz gives me flashbacks to when i would listen to feel good inc and watch the video allll the time when it came out and adored the designs and concept of an animated band.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! :D

You don’t have to spend this day with your significant other, just take this time to appreciate and love the people whom are around you. Show to them that you care!

This video is totally inspired by @the-triangle-cat about their Frans comic, Stand In!
Totally should go check it out! Love how she depicts these two adorable cinnamon rolls :)

just in case, the video is totally out of the story’s context. I just felt it was necessary of me to actually give a shout out to my favorite Frans comic. Hence, y’all should toooootaaaaalllyyyyy reaaaaddd ittttttttttttt

foggydaysinboston  asked:

I really loved the new animation! it was really beautiful, I loved all the little details. I'm happy that everyone is basically themselves, and they seem to be getting along really well! I've watched the video so many times, I don't think I can watch it enough XD

Same here, Maya! I cried with tears of joy when I heard Murdoc, 2D, and Russel speak. I missed hearing their voices. And their new look is so cool! Murdoc looks a bit younger, 2D is still adorable, Russel is still a precious guy, and Noodle is so beautiful. They all look like a happy family! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen them together like this. I love it! <3

anonymous asked:

Hello there Bani! I watched your last video and piano cover from undertale and I have the need to tell you that I just love it! You are someone really admirable, and I adore your works a lot ;w; but I was wondering, how much time or days did you spend making your last short animation for your video "reunited"? I'd like to know!

I’m really happy you liked it… thank you so much!! (╥ ╥)
The (sketchy) animation itself took me only 23 days (2-8 working hours a day)

hutman50  asked:

Love the ghost video! it was really adorable, the animation was great, everything was good! (also the grandma with the watermarks is the scariest thing- digital designer's worst nightmare) love the music at the end and all the memes and stuff you throw in extra for people to pause and read. also, i'll reiterate that your accent is great

Thank you ! One of the best parts of making the video was thinking up and adding all those extra bits :’) 


So you all should watch this music video

  • fantastic, adorable animation (courtesy of JanAnimations)
  • incredibly catchy and fun song
  • impales, mauls, and cremates the friendzone delusion 
  • parodies nice guys
  • impales, mauls, and cremates the friendzone delusion 

*checks narumitsu tag and screams when one of the art goddesses/gods’ names pops up*

you know who I’m talking about: andrillian (actual royalty and inspiration to all aspiring artists) andrillian-nsfw ;) assquill (hella cool art style) anythingapollo (amazing anatomy and ideas) ask-the-edgewright-family (wright family dynamics!!) thebunnyartist (super clean and cute art) doritohair ingthing (a role model) ingthingart (the art of the future) objectionablygaylawyers (also legit royalty) peenixwright ;) nimpnawakproduction (the princess AND ZOMBIE AU + MORE QUALITY ART!!) prospectkiss (THE QUEEN OF FICS) phoenxwright (amazing art amazing blog amazing person) chiefprostitutor (SOUP’S AMAZING ART AND BLOG) phoenixbooty (perfect URL and art) phoenixpeenix ;) pheenixwright (ALL AROUND PERFECT) mustachossom (if you want quality look no further) princedotty (THE CUTEST COLORING STYLE I HAVE EVERY SEEN) askthewrightfamily (we miss you!!) uncoolly (REALLY COOL STYLE AND THAT ONE KISSING ANIMATION) rainebrown (clean, cute, stylish, and perFECT ART) hardcockatoo ;) xxcrossmaniac (EDGEY HUGS AND REALLY CUTE ART STYLE) fedoracat (THE MOST ADORABLE DRAWINGS OF PHOENIX AND EDGEWORTH I HAVE EVER SEEN) vivienedgeworth (oKAY THE COOLEST COMIC W/THE COUCH PLUS THE POEM VIDEO! YOU ARE ROYALTY) supnuu (HECKA COOL ART) alcieart (amazing art ideas and coloring methods!!) ultranol (reallllly sweet art here) lepiafbleu paperforbreakfast twinklepark (artists that not everybody knows but definitely deserve a follow bc they are goddesses/gods!) everyonelovesedgeworth (everything. every miles ship. hella cool art finds. amazing.) nickandedgeytexting (SELF EXPLANATORY AMAZINGNESS) narumitsu narumitsuficrecs narumitsuistheway narumitsu-crossing (you can tell why these are awesome) randamia101 (AMAZING AA ART!) ayumukunnn (OKAY REALLY REALLY SWEET ART HERE!!) tresbienscanlations (dedicated translating team ;))

(if I missed anyone feel free to edit this list!)

Try and hear me then I’m done

‘Cause I might just say this once.

Seen this played out in my dream,

It doesn’t matter.

Casually jumps of the cliff and into the fancasm into the the trash where I belong.

I really adore the video and the characters and the music and EVERYTHING about Ghost. Props to Mystery Skulls for their awesome music and Mystery Ben for his time and effort to put into that animation. As an Motion Graphics Major, I understand the amount of time it takes to go into something like that, and it was flawless. But here is a bit of fanart, just to show you how much I do appreciate it!

The file size is a bit wonky because I worked with such a giant picture and had to try to shrink it proper to fit for tumblr’s weird uploading situation. I might go back and fix it later, but I wanted to get it done ASAP since the idea has been in my head for too long!


Friday at D23 I went to a panel about “Inside Out,” where they talked about the inspiration behind the movie. It was hosted by Jonas Rivera (the producer), Pete Doctor (the director), and Phyllis Smith (the voice of Sadness). 

They showed some early storyboards of characters that never even made the film. They had originally considered emotions/characters like Pride and Hope. They went though the pictures really quickly, so I didn’t get everything and got confused on which characters were which, so I don’t know which characters were in these storyboards above. 

Then they showed some concept sketches of Sadness, before the final design (for all the characters) was decided on. 

They showed some really adorable animation tests with Sadness, where they like cycled through different motions and emotions

They did a practice voice-acting session with Phyllis. I took a little video of that and may upload it later. They ended by bringing up the whole lesson of the movie: that it’s important to “embrace sadness.”