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I love your art! It's cute ;w; I am also part of the spanish speaking community. uwu I REALLY REALLY ADORE BLUEPRINT >:0

AWW! Thank you for liking my smoll baby! Y que bueno que te gustan mis garabatitos ;u;

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2 & 4 for the fic writer thing?

2. Is there any specific ritual you go through while/before/after your writing?

i have a couple different playlists (an angsty one, one for when i write smut, and one for when i write fluff) so i listen to those before writing if i need to get in the mood for whatever. i have to have like…complete silence to write otherwise i’m distracted as hell. when i’m writing in public (like in a starbucks or a library or something) i go on youtube and listen to rain on a tent with headphones in so loudly that it drowns everything else out.

4. Are there any other fic writers you admire? If so, who and why?

i admire all of my fic writing friends, but as far as people who’s work made me want to be a part of this community, @manuelmiranduh is a big one. i also really adore @imaginebeinghamiltrash @alexanderhamllton @ellzabethschuyler @gratitudejoyandsorrow and of course @diggs4life (i know we’re all shocked)

My Five Must-Have Apps for Studying

Since exam season is around the corner for lots of people, I thought I’d make a quick list of my favourite apps that I always need around when I study, and hopefully it helps someone!

(Note: these are all iOS apps so I’m not sure exactly which ones are available on Android - but if you like the sound of one then have a look for it on the Play store just in case!)

1. FocusNow - this is probably pretty well-known but it’s essentially a free version of the Forest app, where you set a time to study whilst a little plant grows, and if you quit the app to browse on your phone, you have to start over. I really like its flexibility and the fact that it keeps me so focused!

2. Checkmark - this app is really simple but so effective. It’s like a bullet journal on your phone, which is super useful if you’re like me and need to keep a list of things you need to do but aren’t dedicated enough to keep a journal everyday.

3. Gojimo. - this app contains little quizzes on topics which you are currently doing at school and can be used by students from lots of different countries. It’s great for journeys to school and back as you can refresh your memory and feel productive, knowing that you didn’t waste your commute time! Unlike other apps, it doesn’t need subscriptions or in-app purchases to use the quizzes.

4. 8tracks - again, this is really well-known but I adore it! There’s an amazing community on there who post a huge variety of playlists to listen to when studying, so you’re always engaged with new music but not distracted. I’d particularly recommend checking out @studyign‘s playlists; my favourites so far!

5. Plant Nanny - not strictly studying related but really useful nonetheless. You get to raise adorable little plants and record every time you have a glass of water - whenever you do, they do too! It’s a really cute take on water intake apps.

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Inkopolis metro exposed! We found that while there’s several places to access the different play modes, all of them connect to the Splat line, a metro system that carries all inkling teams across the country. Even if they’re not playing in the same match, inklings from all areas of inkopolis can make friends while waiting to reach their destination.  

My entry for the Splatoon art contest! It took a while but I’m super happy with it, and also this game ; 7 ; Like seriously the direct can not come soon enough. 
The sort of background story for this one is that I wanted to do a really big fun piece to really communicate how much I adore Splatoon and it’s crazy-colorful urban setting, and I kept on wandering back to my commutes over the LA metro. You see so many colorful characters on your way to your destination– it seemed like the perfect waiting lobby for online matches, so i took a few liberties. Hopefully it works!

#Splatoon #GetInked #NintendoContestEntry

Who are you for Laven Week 2016
- Mercury | Magician | Intellect, communication, understanding
Finally finished! I really adore these guys and the burden they share. They are precious, strong and deep down so very lonely.

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I identify very much with the bi comunity, even if it isn't the perfect fit. When I have to give a really short answer I'll say I'm Bi, but I'm grey-ace, really. I really love this community right here though, I adore it. And I hope one day bi won't be shunned and prosecuted and insulted like it usually is, and I can walk down the street proud and unafraid.

We are TOTALLY making amazing progress. It used to be that when celebrities came out as bi, they would be hammered and shamed until they went back into either the gay or straight closets. Now a Lady Gaga or Alan Cumming has to keep coming out over and over again, but at least they don’t have to declare THEMSELVES as something other than what they are. And we have an out bisexual in Congress, Kyrsten Synema, this Tumblr has 25,000 members, and many the other bi groups are steadily increasing in membership. Even though they still will not use the B word, positive bi characters are beginning to be shown in the media. The tide IS turning. And all this totally done by volunteers, as there is almost no funding for bi organizations.