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oh boy, PART 1 of the followup to last week’s hat angst comic (see..he’s wearin….The Hat). tbh this exists because I’m a massive baby who can’t draw angst without immediately being like How Can I Fix This

had to chop this thing into two parts bc it was getting way too long, which unfortunately kinda shoves all the parts I actually like into the next bit (I’ll post that later in the week) but hey we got Sad Dads in the same room, that’s..a start??

(originally the first three panels were supposed to have Jack’s internal monologue, which revealed that McCree told him he’d seen Reyes in Dorado. McCree likes to fuck with Jack by being like ‘HEY GRAMPS I JUST SEEN THE REAPER DOWN AT JAMBA JUICE,’ but this time Jack realized McCree was being serious when he said ‘I ain’t doin’ this for you, Morrison’)

Alec Lightwood / It's Over - Part 2

Hey! Part 2 is finally here. I am so sorry for updating this late. And also grammar mistakes. And sorry if it’s not so good.And i am going to write part 3.


You have not talking to Alec for almost three weeks. He was always avoiding from you. When you were around he wasn’t talking. He wasn’t looking at you when you were talking.

Seeing him like that , seeing him hating you was hurting you badly.

It was hurting when you realize you aren’t as important to as you thought you were. He didn’t even listen to you.

The most painful thing was that he thought you cheated on him. ‘How could he think that?’ You thought. When he was so important to you how could he believe that you can hurt him?


You came back to the institute from another mission. Bu you failed. You weren’t good at missions lately. Because you were always thinking about Alec. And you weren’t sleeping enough. Your eyes were puffy and red. You had purple circles under your eyes. You weren’t eating. You were a mess.

Everybody knew that . Everybody was seeing you hurting.

When you were in your room , tired of the mission , Isabelle came. She said that Mryse was waiting for you. It was strange because Mryse didn’t like you at all.

You went Mryse’s room. She told you that you are going to go to another institute because you failed last missions.

When she said that to you you didn’t feel upset , sad or fine. You didn’t feel anything. You just wanted to go to your room and sleep.

When you get out of her room you saw Alec and some other guys talking. But he saw you and started to walking towards you. But you turned your back and started to walking.

“Y/n! What happened?” He said. How could he ask that? You think. He wasn’t love you anymore and why he wondered what happened?

“Nothing.” You said shortly and keep walking.

He grabbed your wrist and turned you around .

“You look upset! What happened?!” He said.

You turned him and looked at Alec.

“Why are you wondering what happened , Alec? What changed? And i am going to the another institute. So you won’t see me here again. You can be relax.” You said.

“You what? No!. You can’t go. I won’t let you go! I am going to talk with my mum. You have to stay here!” He said.

You never saw him like this.

“Yes , Alec. I can go! And I will go. There is nothing connecting me here anymore.” You said and left Alec there.


You were in bed. You were thinking about Alec. He realised you were right. He realised you didn’t cheat on him. And he was trying to get you back now. But your trust and heart was broken.

You packed your stuffs and said goodbye to Isabelle. She didn’t want you to go. Because it was hurting her that seeing her parabatai and brother suffer.

But he chose that way. He chose ro loosing you. And you were going now.


When you arrived to your new institute everyone was nice to you. Especially a boy named Ronan was treating you so well .

And you guys became close friends in a short time . But he didn’t see you as just a friend.

But even another institute Alec was always in your thoughts. You couldn’t get out him from your head.

Sure you can delete his photos , his texts and his number. But how would you delete his face , his voice and million memories?


It was almost a month away from New York institute. Away from Alec.

You were missing him like crazy. But there was nothing to do. You were talking with Izzy all the time and she was always telling you about how upset Alec is without you. You were upset too. But he was the reason this breakup.

When you were talking with Izzy she said that Alec and she will visit your institute by Clave’s orders. You tried to refuse first but there were orders. You didn’t know what to do.


Drive Me Crazy

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Klance (Keith/Lance)
Rating: General Audiences. Warning for cussing and pick-up lines.
Summary: Keith stared blankly at the tollbooth operator for a moment before trying to stifle a groan. Somehow, he always managed to get the booth with the flirtatious attendant, a lanky brown-haired man with clear blue eyes and a confident grin. It didn’t matter that he changed what lane he went through—at least three times a week on his way home from work, Keith was forced to suffer through the horrendous flirts that this man tossed his way.

Author’s Notes: ((Yes, I realize that the summary is like the first full paragraph, but it sums everything up quite nicely.))

This fic, just like my first Klance Finish What You Started, has a really strange story as inspiration. The full details are in the AO3 post, but let’s just say that there was a cute guy in a tollbooth and I had a brainchild.

Also on AO3.

“Aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?”

Keith stared blankly at the tollbooth operator for a moment before trying to stifle a groan. Somehow, he always managed to get the booth with the flirtatious attendant, a lanky brown-haired man with clear blue eyes and a confident grin. It didn’t matter that he changed what lane he went through—at least three times a week on his way home from work, Keith was forced to suffer through the horrendous flirts that this man tossed his way.

Instead of deigning to reply, Keith handed over his ticket, resolutely pressing his lips together. He had learned that this man, this LANCE, as his nametag proclaimed, would use any excuse to try to converse with him. He’d held up the line more times than Keith cared to count, and finally he decided to bear with it in silence. It made things move more quickly.

“Aw, c’mon, don’t be coy,” Lance grinned, though he ran the ticket through so that Keith’s dues—$4.50—displayed on the little screen below the window. The same price as usual, which would explain why he was already offering exact change. Anything to get away from this window more quickly.

Still, he pressed his lips together. And finally, the blue-eyed tollbooth attendant sighed a little and opened the gate. Keith started to roll his window up, but he couldn’t block out the last line that Lance threw his way.

“You must be one hell of a thief, because you stole my heart through this window!”

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It's the first day in like... two weeks...

…that the temperature isn’t below zero and currently the sun is fighting it’s way through the slight morning fog and and few clouds. But here and there you can already see the milky blue sky. And this weather (when inside - outside its way too cold to compare still lol) and light just reminds me so much of the light in Rome. And now I have JIB feels! :’) And I realized to the day it’s exactly three months until I’ll travel to this beautiful city. :)

Third Time’s the Charm

Formally referred to as ‘Soulmates’

Requested: I would love to submit a Liam prompt 😁 Since I can’t think of a prompt, I’d like try something different by submitting a quote, which you can use and/or get an idea for a Liam imagine.   Quote: “He stole my heart, so now I’m going to steal his last name.”   Please and thank you 😘

I love your writing! Your Resilience story with Liam is so good😝 Can you do a Liam Dunbar imagine when they start to know each other and they realize they’re soul mates?

A/N: Hello Again! This is the first of a many things I shall be posting over the next few weeks. This could have been a three part series lol. It is roughly 6000 words and I worked extremely hard on it, and I am truly happy with the way it turned out. It is mostly inspired by the first request, however, fits the second one as well– to the person who requested the second one, if this isn’t want you were expecting please let me know and I will write something else! I hope you all enjoy, and like/reblog if you do, and feel free to send me feedback!

Ps. I kinda did I weird technique when it came to flashbacks, and changes in time. Hope it makes sense to all you you, and you don’t get confused!

Warnings: Mentions of Sex, some swearing, and feels lol


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The only sound to be heard in the living room of a small apartment was the footsteps of a very anxious young beta, pacing back and forth continuously. He had about twenty minutes until she came home, therefore, he had about twenty minutes left to panic.

He rehearsed in his head a hundred times what he wanted to say to her. Though he knew the words by heart, he was beyond petrified that they wouldn’t come out right.

He knew how he felt about her.

He also knew how she felt about him.

However, the unlimited number of possibilities that could result in a negative outcome made him believe in the probability of a very bad ending for the two of them.

He wasn’t ready to loose her yet, and to ensure that he wouldn’t, he needed it all to be perfect.

Perhaps third time’s the charm.

Attempt Number 1:

 He was staring at her smiling face from across the table; the only thing on his mind was how she undeniably lit up the room.

He was so soon brought back to the memories of the first time they had sat at this exact table, and the length Liam went to to get her here.

The little Italian restaurant is the first place that Y/N ever let Liam take her on a date. At that point in their relationship, Liam had known Y/N for about three months. They had met at Mason’s birthday party; she was a friend of one of Mason’s co-workers he had recently grown to like.

Being Mason’s best friend, Liam was there to help him set up, and party-proof the place. He was there to take Mason out to dinner, buy him some drinks at the restaurant. He was there to then proceed to travel back to Mason’s, and watch him take birthday shots. He was even there to try to convince drunk Mason to not sing Karaoke, however, he very much lost that argument.

Being very sober due to his inability to get drunk, Liam needed a breather from all of the rowdiness of Mason’s party, and locked himself in Mason’s ensuit.

However, he had not done a very good job with the locking part.

“Jesus Christ.” She cursed as she opened the bathroom door, clutching her chest. “Why the fuck are you sitting in the bath tub?”

Liam chuckled, and then shrugged. He wasn’t completely certain how he had convinced her to sit down with him, but the conversation started with: “why aren’t you sitting in the bath tub?”

The duo talked for three hours, learning each others names, their relationship to Mason, and why they were both avoiding all of the people down stairs. Y/N had lost her friend and felt awkward, as does not consider herself to be a great mingle-er, regardless of how much Liam begged to differ.

The discussed jobs, aspirations, secrets – Liam leaving out his biggest one of course – and even relationship status’. Similarly to Liam, Y/N being semi-recently single, was not looking for something overly serious.

Around three am, they stepped out from their hiding place and went downstairs to see the party vacated for the most part. Once Y/N realized her friend was no where to be found, Liam had offered her a ride home.

He was taken aback by her suggestiveness when she invited him in for a cup of coffee, but nonetheless was not about to deny himself the company of a beautiful girl.

After their first night together, Liam had expected that to be the end. That wasn’t his first hook-up, and he assumed it wouldn’t be his last, however, two days later he found himself texting her to see if she wanted to go get more coffee sometime.

The pair soon settled upon an unspoken agreement of a very casual relationship. Liam thought that he had it made for the two months this continued. Being a man in his early twenties, he thought he wanted to embrace being single.

Until that one night.

She had a bad day at work and had asked him to come over; so he did.

“How long are you planning on staying?” She had asked him, after the fact, when they were lying together in bed. “No rush or anything, I just work in the morning.”

Liam knew that he shouldn’t have taken that personally, but he couldn’t help but feel used. On the flip side though, wasn’t he kind of using her as well? It’s not like he usually stuck around for long after anyways.

That was the first red flag of him catching feelings in his brain. Though it was casual, Liam couldn’t help but realize that ever since their arrangement was made, he hadn’t been with anyone else.

To test his theory, he said yes to Mason who wanted to check out a new club down the road. Liam got hit on by both woman, and men, all night however politely declined everyone’s advances.

Why would he sleep with a complete stranger when he had Y/N?

That’s when it truly hit him.

Dropping Mason off, Liam then found himself once again parked outside her house in the middle of the night. He knew that knocking on her door at two am was a bad call, but he also knew that if he didn’t do it now then he probably never would.

“Can I come in?”

Y/N looked at him with wide eyes, and hesitantly opened the door.

Liam had barely taken one step into her house before he started rambling: “Just the other night, you made me feel like I was just a hook up to you. And I guess that is what I am, but I really just wanted to apologize if I ever made you feel that you were just a one night stand to me, because I really thought that we clicked that night at Mason’s party. Just sleeping with you was never my intention and I don’t want to ruin whatever we could be by not even trying. So I guess what I’m trying to say is, can I like, take you on a date?”

Liam pulled out all his tricks in an attempt to make their first date special. He called up one of Mason’s old boyfriends, who owed Liam a favor, to get him this really good table with a nice view on the rooftop of the restaurant.

Four years later, as he stared at her from across the same table, he realized she deserved so much more than this. This worked well for their first date—so well that he even got a second. His original mind set was that his was the first place she looked at him as boyfriend material, so maybe it could be the first place she could look at him as husband material.

Dumb, he knows.

But he wanted to give them a different story.

 Attempt Number 2:

 He had finally thought he nailed it.

After lots of input from friends, and lots of looking on Pinterest, Liam decided that he had finally found the perfect story for them.

 Y/N had grown up near the marina, and on the boat that her dad owned whilst she was a child. She used to spend days at a time during the school year, and weeks during the summer with him on the boat. It was something very close to her heart, and something her and her father shared deeply.

It crushed her when he decided to sell the boat.

Even more so when her father passed away.

Y/N and Liam had only been official for about six months when Y/N got the phone call. They were still in the trial and error stage of their relationship, and they were trying to be serious, while not being too serious. She debated not going to his house that night. But after taking a midnight walk by herself, she had ended up there anyways.

It was her turn to come to his house at 2 am.

Liam had smelt her sadness long before he opened the door. His heart broke at the sight of her. Y/N’s cheeks her red, and puffy and she still had tears steaming down her face.

She had barely made it through her sentence before Liam pulled her into a bear hug, and she sobbed in his chest.

He wasn’t sure how he knew, he just knew.

He didn’t say anything.

They didn’t talk.

He just held her all night.

And then he held her hand while she packed to go home, and then held her hand all through the funeral process.

Y/N took his death the hardest. Her parents had been divorced for twelve years, and her mother was happily re-married for six. She had no siblings to help share the burden, so the funeral planning, and decision making mostly feel on her; his next of kin.

Luckily, he had everything set up for the most part, and her mother was there for emotional support, as her and Y/N’s dad had still remained close friends.

Liam was a god sent through the whole thing as well.

She wasn’t completely sure what she needed, but Liam did a great job at figuring it out. He was there to listen to her rants, he didn’t argue when she got mad at him for something silly. He told her she looked beautiful in all the black dresses he watched her try on. He let her cry for a week straight without making her feel bad about it, and he was right beside her during the funeral itself, which meant more to her then he could ever understand.

When everyone else had gone, Y/N was the last one left standing where they had buried him. Her eyes were dry; she was pretty sure she had run out of tears. She didn’t want to leave though, because once she did she had to actually accept that he was gone and start the process of moving on, and she didn’t want to just yet.

Suddenly, she felt arms wrap themselves around her torso, and her back was placed against a chest. She felt Liam kiss her forehead, and hug her tightly from behind. She let her head rest against the croak of his neck.

“I’m here.” He told her.

She almost laughed. Everyone had been asking her how she was doing, or if she was alright, all day. It was nice to be reminded people were still here. “I know.”

“Your Mom is waiting for us.”


Liam made no attempt to move her, and instead kissed her temple again.

“He really liked you, you know.”

Liam cracked a smile. “He really liked you too.”

Y/N reached back and hit him on the arm, causing him to laugh again. It was silent for a moment, before Y/N sighed. “You stole my heart; you know that?”

“So I’ve been told.” He replied cheekily.

“I love you Liam.”

Liam’s ear’s perked, and eyes went wide only for a second, until he realized he hadn’t misheard what she just said. He smiled again. Liam moved his hand from her waist, to lightly grab her chin and tilt her head to the side so was looking at him. “I love you too.” He stated simply, before leaning in and kissing her softly. He kissed her forehead again, and the swung her arm around her shoulder, and gestured towards the car.

Y/N took a last look at her dad’s grave, and then cuddled close into Liam’s side, and walked with him back to the car.

Liam had been extremely cryptic when distributing the clues to where they were off to. All she was told was to wear something nice and tight. She scolded him for being perverted, but when he had held her hand and pulled her down the dock and towards the boat, she took it back. “I didn’t want the wind blowing up your dress.”

“Wait, this thing is actually going to sail?”

“Yes, that’s what boats do, Y/N.” He response sarcastically.

Liam had booked them a dinner through a catering company he found online, who provided dinner on a boat out on the lake.

It was private.

It was romantic.

And it had an important emotionally tether to Y/N.

Liam thought that he had really hit the jack-pot with this idea. Dinner was smooth sailing, Y/N looked stunning, and things were going perfectly and as planned. After the festivities, they stood at the stern, overlooking the water as the boat sailed back to the dock. Y/N had his suit jacket on because she got cold, his hand was around her waist and she was tucked into his side. “My dad would have loved this.”

Liam felt a pang in his chest.

Part of it was sadness as he looked at her with tears swelling in her eyes. Though it had been a little over three and a half years since his passing, he knew it still hurt her.

Which was why he couldn’t do it now. If he did, it would be like re-taping over the history between her and her dad. He didn’t want to take away from the bond they shared, and something that was special between the two of them.

“Yeah he would have.” He answered simply, other had subconsciously tugging at the ring in his pocket.

He needed to give them their own story.

Attempt Number 3:

 The sound of a door slamming snapped Liam out of his thoughts. He stopped dead in his tracts and watched as Y/N walked in the house with a huff, throw her bag onto the counter.

Has it really been twenty minutes already?

“Hey…” She said cautiously, once she got a good look at Liam’s face. His eyes were wide, he looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a car.

“You’re home.” He stated dumbly.

“Should I not be?”

Liam shook his head and chuckled. He took a few steps forward, wrapping his arm around her placing a kiss on her lips. He pouted when she pulled away, causing her to laugh.

Y/N then placed both of her hands on the side of his head and kissed his again. She felt his hands around her waist tighten, and squeeze her hips, keeping her close to him for longer than usual. Her eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. “Are you feeling ok?”

“Yeah?” He questioned. “Am I not allowed to kiss you?” He teased, pecking her lips again.

“You are,” she started, “but you normally don’t kiss me like that this early in the day.”

Liam snorted, and rolled his eyes. “Then maybe I should more often.” He stated, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Y/N then rolled her eyes, but nonetheless kissed him again. Her arms snaked completely around his neck as he held her tightly against him. They stood in their shared living room, lips moving in sync for a few moments before Liam pulled away slightly, brushing his nose against hers, and lips still ghosting over her hips. “Let’s go for a walk.”

“Right now?”


“Liam I’m hungover, with no make-up on and in your hoodie— “

“And you look beautiful.” He said simply, leaning in to kiss her again, but she laughed and turned her head to the side, so he kissed her cheek. He then pulled back and shot her a confused look. “You went to a baby shower; why are you hungover?” He asked. He watched as her eyes went wide, and the anger began to radiate off her. He blinked at her a few times, trying to suppress his laughter.

“You try dealing with a pregnant Y/F/N. Trust me, you would have started drinking too. Apparently, being her former Maid of honor, means I get all of the duties of helping her plan for her kid.”

This time, Liam didn’t bother to hide his laughter. He pulled her into his chest and hugged her tightly. “Awh.” He cooed.

“I was gonna kill them all.”

“Come on.” He said, tugging her in his arms towards the door.

“But can I just like— “


“I just want to fix my— “


She spun in his arms so his arms were around her from behind. She was laughing, and trying to go to into their shared bedroom, instead on the front door, but Liam wasn’t having any of it.

“You look great.” He reassured, picking her up from behind and carrying her out the front door. Y/N was giggling, hitting his hands, trying to get him to let her go, but he didn’t. He placed her in the hallway of the building, and locked their condo door.

Y/N rolled her eyes as Liam grabbed her hand tightly in his, and tugged her towards the elevator.

She wasn’t sure where they were going once they were outside, but she stopped asking questions. It wasn’t like Liam was going to answer them anyways. She placed her head against his arm as they walked down the street, her hand still tightly placed in his.

The familiarity of the trail hit her in the face the second Liam turned the corner. They were soon on the path of a small park down the street. It was one of the only green spaces near their house; it had large trees, and tall grass and flowers. It reminded Y/N more like a small jungle, than a park.

Liam stopped once they reached the gazebo in the center. “Do you remember this place?”

“How could I forget.”

 About two years into their relationship Y/N had given Liam an ultimatum: she either met his family, or she was going to leave him.

After two whole years, the only contact with anyone from Liam’s past was Mason, and the hour she met his mother, on accident, when his mom stopped in for a surprise visit, without telling Liam.

He had assured her that it had nothing to do with her; he just really wasn’t a fan of the town he grew up in and didn’t want to go back. But Y/N insisted.

Hesitantly, Liam tried to get his parents to come up to his place, but with his step-dads tight schedule at the hospital, they had asked Liam to come down and visit instead.

The second his car pulled into the driveway of his old house, Y/N almost felt bad for forcing him to come down. She just wanted to be apart of Liam’s family, like he was hers. He had claimed he was alright, but she could feel the change in his mood.

Not a lot happened the first night; his mother made dinner, and they all chatted, getting to know one another.

Liam and Y/N had stayed in Liam’s old bedroom, which his mother converted into a spare. However, she still kept his old lacrosse trophies in the cabinets, and the same colour blue on the walls.

The next day Y/N and Liam’s mom went out, while Liam and his father watched the game. Around half-time, there was a knocking on the door. Liam’s dad sent him to answer it, and to his surprise, Scott stood there with a smile on his face. Liam’s face lit up, pulling Scott into a hug. “It’s been a while.” Liam said.

“Yeah it has.”

Scott came in and sat with Liam and his dad, and they watched the game together. Until Liam’s dad went to the bathroom, and a different topic briefly came up. “Have you still not told her?” Scott asked.

Liam shook his head. “No, and I’m not going to.”

Scott lectured him, and told him that no matter how hard he tried he could never keep that part of him from her forever, and that it was always better when they knew. Liam insisted that he buried that part of him; he was under control, went to Mason’s house on full moons just in case, and only ever wolf-ed out when he was with Scott.

He knew that it was something he should have told her a long time ago, but he didn’t know how to.

When Y/N and his mom came home, he introduced her to Scott. “Oh, so you’re the one he runs away with on his boy’s weekends?” She asked.

Whenever there was trouble, and Scott needed back-up he called Liam. Liam never lied where they were going, or who he was with, but he did lie about what they were doing.

Scott chuckled, and pulled her into a hug.

Liam finally started to relax, but that was short-lived.

The next morning, Liam and Y/N had the house to themselves. Both his parents had gone back to work, but wanted the pair to stick around and have them all go out to dinner one last time before they hit the road again to go home.

Liam placed a hand on Y/N’s stomach, pulling her closer against him in bed, as he placed a kiss under her ear. He felt her squirm beside him, as he continued to kiss down her neck. “Liam, I’m not sleeping with you in your parent’s house.”

“How do you know me that well?”

Y/N laughed, and rolled around to face him. “I’ve been with you too long.” She teased.

Liam rolled his eyes, and kissed her. “Please?”


“Please.” He kissed her again.

“No it’s inappropriate.”

“But teenaged Liam would have killed to have a goddess like you in his bed.”

Y/N scoffed.

Liam let a small grin form on his face as she swiftly moved on top of her. He found his spot between her legs, and her legs went around his waist. He placed his hand on her thigh, and trailed it down her leg, causing her to sigh.

Their lips moved in sync as her hand snaked its way up his bare chest and around his neck, pulling him close.

Liam let out a laugh, before kissing her again.

After they defiantly did not have sex in his childhood room, Liam and Y/N got dressed and went for a walk around town. Liam showed her all the places he used to hang out and told her stories of high school—leaving out all the werewolf parts. He showed her Beacon Hills High, and the field he used to play lacrosse on. They even ran into coach whom he talked to for a bit. They had a nice lunch, and went for a walk down town.

It was dusk, and they were on their way to home to meet with his parents.

“Hey kid.”

Liam stopped in his tracts. The hairs on his neck standing up, and his heartbeat rising.

He knew that voice. But how?

Y/N had kept walking, but was pulled back by Liam’s hand when he didn’t. She furrowed her brows in confusion, before making eye contact with the mysterious, and attractive, brown-haired stranger that stood behind them.

“How’ve you been?”

Liam’s body was hot in anger as he turned around, stepping in front of Y/N in the process. “Theo.” He seethed.

“Miss me?”

“Not really.”

Theo chuckled, taking a step forward.


“I was starting a rebellion and Satan felt threatened, so he sent me back.” Theo said in a joking sense. Y/N gave Theo a confused look, what an odd joke. “She doesn’t know, does she?”

“Don’t.” Liam started.

Theo laughed loudly, walking up to Liam so he was right in front of him. He had a look of amusement plastered on his face; a look Liam would like to punch off. “Give me one reason— “

“I’m not a kid anymore Theo. Instead on punching you in the ball’s, how about I rip them off?” He shot back.

“You guys took everything from me, I’m just returning the favor.”

“Maybe if you didn’t literally stab everyone who cared about you, you’d have a bigger welcoming committee.”

“You’re still funny kid.” Theo said, laughing once more. He flashed his yellow eyes at Liam, before turning and staring at Y/N. “Your boyfriend is keeping a very big secret from you sweetheart.”

Liam felt Y/N’s heartbeat pick up, and take a step backwards. Theo made a lunge towards her, but Liam grabbed him by the throat and shoved him towards the ground. Theo brought out his claws and slashed Liam across the chest, causing Y/N to scream. Liam climbed on top of him and brought his fist to Theo’s face, and kept punching, until he felt Theo’s claws at his neck. He quickly broke Theo’s wrist. Theo used the other hand to stab Liam in the stomach. Liam felt his body change quickly, and eyes turn yellow as he roared in Theo’s face.

“There he is! There’s the Beta with anger issues!”

Liam then took both his hands, and brought them to Theo’s head, swiftly snapping his neck. Liam let himself calm down for a moment, face, and eye colour returning to normal before he heard Theo laugh again. “Have fun explaining that.”

Liam carefully stood up, and looked at Y/N, who was petrified. “Y/N,” He started, but she gestured for him to stop, and turned around and walked away, running her hands stressfully through her hair.

Liam pulled out his phone and dialed Scott’s number. “Hey,” he began, “Turns out we’re not the only supernatural visitors in Beacon Hills, can you come get me? And can you bring me a shirt?”

By the time Scott dropped Liam off he had missed Y/N. She told his parents that she had a work emergency, packed her stuff and took the car.

Liam took the bus home, and was about two hours behind her by the time he arrived back at their house. He expected her to be long gone, but to his surprise, the house was ripped apart and her things were everywhere. Y/N sat in the living room crying. “You didn’t leave?” He asked softly.

“I tried to.”

He had then tried to explain everything to her, but Y/N got overwhelmed, and pushed past him crying and out the door. He ran after her this time, like he should have done in the first place, calling her name.

She ran to a park down the street that she had never been to before. She stopped running when her legs couldn’t carry her anymore and her chest burned from crying. She sat at a bench in a gazebo, whipping the tears from her eyes. Liam, who was on her heels, hesitantly sat down beside her. “I’m sorry.” He said quietly, as his own tears brimmed his eyes. He really didn’t know what else to say; what she wanted to hear. “I should have told you.” He started again.

Y/N scoffed at his words and stood up. She paced around the gazebo for a few moments, running her hand through her hair once more. “Tell me what exactly? Because you still haven’t told me anything.”

Liam stood up to face her. “I’m a werewolf.”

“What?” She said in disbelief. He scanned her face, watching as confusion filled her eyes. Every story she heard as a young girl, the twilight saga, every other television adaption, probably filling her mind. “You’re a mythical creature?”

Supernatural, actually.”


“Scott; he did it to save my life.” He said. She stared at him with wide eyes. He took a step towards her. His heart broke as he heard her heart beat pick up, and a wave of fear wash over her. “You’re terrified of me.” He said softly. Tears now freely falling down his cheeks.

“Of the situation; this information yes.” She corrected. “But not of you, though I feel like I should be.” She continued. Y/N stared at him for a few moments. He looked wrecked. His hair was a mess; his eyes didn’t seem as blue as usually. His face was red and puffy, matching hers. She wanted to be mad, but at the same time all she wanted to do was hug him. “Two years Liam. You were my safe place for two years, how dare you lie to me for that long, and ruin it like that.” She told him, walking up and pushing him back.

Liam took a step back, but quickly recovered from the impact. Y/N saw the pain flash through his face though. She stayed close to him, placing her palm gently against his chest. “That guy— “

“It’ll heal.”

“Like his neck that you snapped?” She accused.


Her head looked up and stared at him. “Really?” She asked. Liam nodded. She watched as he shifted the weight on his feet. She was still close to him. All Y/N wanted to do was hold him; he was still her safe place, but how does he protect her from him? “How could you not tell me?”

“I didn’t know how. I didn’t want to—I don’t want to lose you.” He said, voice cracking in the process. He cautiously placed a hand on her cheek, and brought his forehead to rest against hers. “Please don’t leave me.”

“Liam— “

“I’d protect you with my life. I still want to be your safe place. You said I stole your heart, and I don’t want to give it back.”

Y/N squeezed her eyes shut when she felt Liam’s hand on her waist. They stood like that for a few moments, before Y/N took a step foreword, and buried her head in his chest. His arms went around her securely, as tears continued to flow from both their eyes. Though they still had a lot to talk about, and he had a lot to explain, Liam felt as if a weight had been lifted off his chest, for she was still in his arms.

Y/N flicked her eyes from the exterior of the gazebo, to Liam, who now stood in the center of it. “This is where you told me you where a dog.” She teased.

Liam pointed at her and raised his eyebrows. “Rude.”

Y/N chuckled, walking towards Liam so she stood in front of him. “Come here to tell me you’re actually wolverine?”

“Not exactly.”

Y/N’s ears perked at his words; he did have something to tell her.

“I’m going to ramble for a second, and I need you to just listen, can you do that?” He asked. Y/N blinked a few times and crossed her arms. She was getting very alarmed.

She watched as he wiped his hands on his jeans and paced back and fourth nervously, this must be serious.

Liam sighed loudly. If he didn’t do it now, he wasn’t sure he ever would. “This is where I told you the only thing that you didn’t know about me. It was here you officially knew everything there was to know about me, and you stuck around anyways. I can’t begin to explain to you the last time I was every truly honestly, and completely myself with someone new in my life.

“Y/N, ever since I met you I knew you were something special. You had me completely captivated from the moment I met you, even if I didn’t realize it. Though we didn’t become official right away, once you came into my life, it’s only ever been you. I’ve only ever wanted you. I’m only ever going to want you.” He told her. Liam took a moment to let out a sigh, and take a step closer to Y/N, who stood before him silent, but smiling like an idiot.

“You’re too good for me. I hope that you know that I know how lucky I am that you choose to be with someone like me, even after everything.” He continued. He stopped moving forward once he was right in front of her. “I am so absolutely, incredibly in love with you. You drive me crazy, you challenge me, you keep me on my toes, you support me, and you love me the way I never realized I deserved to be loved. I will spend the rest on my life, if you’ll let me, giving back to you everything you’ve given me.” He told her. Liam looked down for a second and bite his lip. “You’re my soul mate Y/N.  What I’m trying to say, is that you’ve always told me that I stole your heart, so I guess I’m asking you if you’ll steal my last name.”

Liam pulled the box out of his pocket and dropped on one knee. “Y/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?”

Her eyes went wide, and smile faded. She replayed his words in her head for a few moments, and then smiled again. “Yes.” She said, barely above a whisper.


“Yes.” She repeated sniffling slightly, a little louder, before nodding her head vigorously. “That. Mhmm. I’d really like that.”

Liam smiled brightly. He rose from his kneel on the ground and wrapped his arms tightly around her and kissed her passionately. He pulled away smiling, still resting his forehead against hers, and brought one of his hands up to wipe her tears. “Are those happy tears?”

“No,” she responded sarcastically. “They’re scared tears; what did I just agree to? I feel like I sold my soul.”

Liam laughed loudly, and slid the ring onto her finger, continuing to smile wide. “To bad, you already said yes. Can’t take it back now.”

Y/N admired the ring for a moment, before placing her hand on Liam’s cheek, kissing him again.

They broke apart by the sound of clapping. Instinctively, Liam quickly pulled Y/N into his side and turned to face the noise. At the entrance of the gazebo, and older man stood, with his dog sitting obediently off-leash by his feet. “Hello.” Liam greeted awkwardly.

“That was beautiful!” He told them happily. “Do one of you receive picture messages? I got some nice ones!”

Y/N sat on the kitchen floor in only Liam’s shirt, scrolling through the pictures the nice old man had sent her, and fiddled with the ring on her finger. It was three am—she had just gotten off the phone with her mother. After being yelled at for calling so late, Y/N explained what just happened to her, and all was forgiven. They fan-girled over Y/N’s engagement for twenty minutes, before they said their goodbyes.

Slowly, Y/N peeled herself off the floor, and walked back into their bedroom and crawled into bed with Liam. “Where’d you go?”



“Asshole.” She teased, swinging her leg over his, and cuddling herself into his side. “Why do you ask questions you know the answer to?”

“Because I want to see if you’ll tell the truth.” He responded.

Y/N scoffed. “So you heard all that then?”

Liam nodded. “I’m glad you’re excited.” He teased, kissing her on the forehead. “I don’t know why your mom acted so surprised.” Liam said, closing his eyes, but opened them once more when he felt Y/N stir in his arms.

She sat up slightly and looked at him for a moment. “What do you mean?”

“I asked her permission.”





“That was like 6 months ago.”

“Yeah.” Liam responded simply.

Y/N tilted her head and looked at him for a few moments. “When did you buy this ring, Liam?” She asked. “And don’t bother lying. Just because I’m not a werewolf doesn’t mean I don’t know when you’re not telling the truth.”

“About eight months ago.” He answered.

Y/N’s eyes went wide. “Really?!” She exclaimed. Liam shrugged, grabbing her left hand, and kissing her knuckle, just below the ring. “Why?”

Liam shrugged again. “I’m not sure. It was when Mason and I went to New York. He was getting a watch, and I saw the ring and I just needed it. Not like any ring; I needed this one. I’m glad it fits, because I totally don’t have the receipt.”

Y/N laughed, leaning down and kissing him tenderly. “I love you.”

“And I love you.”

She laid back on top of him, and snuggled back into his side comfortable. Liam fixed the duvet cover, wrapping an arm around her and turned off the light.

He closed his eyes, feelings relaxed, and overwhelmingly happy. He felt like for the past eight months he had had this secret, and it felt good to have everything out in the open. It felt even better that she said yes.

Perhaps third time was the charm.

thetimetravelingdiamond  asked:

C, I, O, X, Y 😘😘

C: What member do you identify with most?

There’s this one character in a fic I’m working on that I suddenly realized was almost exactly literally ME, like her character development was so eerily mirroring my own growth in the past two or three years, and I had absolutely no idea until maybe two weeks ago, though I’ve been working on the story for maybe a year.

I/O: Already answered!

X: A character you enjoy making suffer.

Allllllllllll of them! But I have one character named Siegfried who is a 7-year-old in post-war East Germany and I seem for some reason to go out of my way to make that poor, sad child’s life a living, breathing hellscape.

Like, as if probably having childhood-onset schizophrenia and maybe even dissociative identity disorder (all hereditary illness he got from his parents) wasn’t enough, the poor kid is raised by a alternately controlling and neglectful emotionally manipulative mother, whose current boyfriend is the commandant of a renovated labor-camp-now-gulag, and even WORSE he later finds out his biological father (who he was told was dead) was an SS officer and is very much alive.

Also he may be able to commune with the spirits of the dead. Maybe.

Y: A character you want to protect.

Well, that poor fairy boy I mentioned in my last ask, he probably suffers most out of ALL of my characters (which is a fucking claim let me tell you) but I find I’m always trying to find ways to give him a little bit of relief because even I am pained by the horror he experiences.

What she says: I’m fine.


Kiss It Better

As I went to schedule this fic last week I realized it would be posted on Christmas which is why I wrote the Christmas fluff but HOORAY CHRISTMAS have some extra fluff

For the anon who requested “kiss it better” which is 10000000% a thing Dean would do.

Cas surges to his feet when Dean opens the door and steps into the  hotel room the three of them are sharing. He has multiple scrapes and bruises across his face, plus a slight limp. Sam follows, in much the same shape. He closes the door behind them, first aid kit in hand.

“What happened?” Cas demands. “You should have called me if you were in trouble.”

“It’s fine, we’re fine,"Dean says, waving his hand vaguely. He winces as he sits on one of the beds. Sam tosses him an ice pack from the minifridge. Dean catches it and tucks it against his ribs with a grimace.

Cas steps closer, inspecting Dean’s face. "You’re clearly injured, Dean.”

Dean shrugs. “I’ll live.”

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Love in the Time of the Gods (1/?)

A/N: My muse decided to combine my favorite myth (Hades/Persephone) with my OTP. I realize that this myth has a trigger for some people, but just know that everything that happens in my fic is consensual. Hope you guys like it! Also, new chap of Permission was posted today, too (for those that have been tagged). 

ff.net / AO3

Eons ago, three brothers reigned over the cosmos.

Liam Jones was the god of the sky. He protected over Earth with an iron fist and bolt of lightning always by his side. Davey Jones was the protector of the seas. The ocean bowed to his every whim. It could be calm and serene, but it could also be dangerous and cruel at the snap of his fingers. Liam and Davey surveyed all that was above ground. The third brother, Killian, had no such luck. Killian Jones governed over the Underworld, where the souls of dead traveled once freed from individuals upon their deaths.

Ever since he was given this role at the age of eighteen, Killian had no contact with anyone living, including his brothers. The only connection he had to his brothers—to any of his siblings—was through a magical gazing pool that sat in front of his iron throne. Many a lonely day Killian would have, his only respite being the images that floated in the water of his brothers, sisters and their children. Liam had long ago taken a wife in Belle, the goddess of motherhood. Seeing them together—nay, just seeing his brother happy—left him not only lonely but insanely jealous. Who could ever love man whose sole purpose was to usher the souls of the deceased to his domain? He knew that he was destined to be forever alone.

The image swirled to that of his sister, Mary Margaret, the goddess of the harvest. She kept the crops of the farmers plentiful and the fields well-tended. But this day she looked to be in some sort of frenzy, and Killian was concerned. With a snap of his fingers, he was able to hear what she was saying.

“Where could that daughter of mine be? I leave for one second and she’s disappears…”    

Of course, she is concerned over her daughter, Emma. Through the years looking through the pool, Emma had seemed to always give her mother trouble. High-spirited, she was. Now Killian was curious as to where Emma could be so he spoke to the pool, “Show me the goddess Emma.”

The water began to ripple and a new image formed. What he saw took his breathe away. A girl—a woman—of eighteen years appeared in the water. Her flaxen hair glowed in the sun; much like the wheat her mother made sure grew for the harvesters. Upon her head lay a crown of flowers, most appropriate as she was the goddess of spring. She wore a dress of the palest of pinks, which flowed in the breeze as it caught in the fabrics. Her skin was like porcelain—fair and soft; and her eyes were the brightest, most luminescent green he had ever seen. Her visage was a light in the eternal darkness of his kingdom. He knew at that moment that she must be his.

Gathering his dark armor forged in the pits of Scarlet, he marched toward his iron chariot. His Nether horses seemed to be eager to stretch their legs, their black coats shining even in the dim light of the cavernous expanse of his castle. Taking the reins after making sure the four horses were in place, he tugged on them. The signal to go had them running… then the running turned into flying. The rocks above him parted, and Killian was almost blinded by the brightness of the sun above. It had been centuries since he had been out of the Underworld, so his vision needed to adjust. Once he was finally able to see without squinting, he shouted to his horses, “Find Emma.”


She knew he mother was probably looking for her, but she could not help but come look at the flowers on this beautiful spring day—especially since it was her duty, after all. She put on her favorite dress to go flower picking in, and then set off in search of the best garden to peruse. She found one in a little meadow, filled with endless varieties of roses, lilies, and peonies. Finding the perfect spot, she began smelling the gorgeous red roses, pink peonies, and white lilies. Emma knew she shouldn’t, but she even picked some of the peonies and made a crown for her head. It really was the absolute perfect afternoon…then the rumbling began.

It came from underneath her; she noticed the ground starting to shake more and more. She thought someone must have upset Scarlet, but it was not the volcano that was causing the tremors. Suddenly, the ground split, and she was only just able to get to one side of the canyon before she fell; all she could see down there was darkness. She looked to the horizon and saw a dark figure coming her way. She wanted to run, but shock had her rooted in place. The figure came closer and closer, and she was able to make out that whatever it was, it was being drawn by horses—stark black horses. Moments later, the figure hovered above her shock-ridden form. Whoever it was, she was frightened.

As if they read her mind, a voice from behind the helmet spoke, “Fear not, my lady. I only come to gaze upon your beauty in the flesh.” The rider removed his mask, and her jaw dropped. The man was gorgeous. Dark brown hair that was flattened by the helmet was not freed and moved with the wind. Her body suddenly ached to run her fingers through his hair. She could not tell what shape his body might be in because of the bulk of the armor, but he carried it well. His eyes were bluer than any iris she had ever cared for, and there was a scar just under his right eye. Her brain started to function as she remembered something her mother told her about one of her uncle’s having a scar under his eye…


“Ah, so you’ve heard of me?” he answered.

“I have…uncle.”

“And what else has your mother told you about me?”

“That you were an ugly cripple that needed not be bothered or even thought of,” she replied.

“Well, as you can see, love, that is simply not true.” Killian stepped down from his chariot that hovered in the air and walked slowly toward her. As much as she told her body to step back to get away, she still wasn’t able to move. “Any other lies our family has told you about me?” he asked, whispering into her ear.

“Umm…uh…that you fornicate with the creatures of the Underworld…” she answered nervously.

Laughing wickedly, he said, “Now THAT is another lie. I have never and will never do such a thing. In fact I have never done that, period.”

Lifting her eyebrow, she inquired, “You’re serious? You? A virgin?”

“Why is that so surprising? Because I am the God of the Underworld, women find me repulsive.”

“Maybe that’s because they have only heard about you, they have never SEEN you.”

“Oh really, dear? Tell me, Emma: now that you have seen me, are you repulsed by me?”

She knew what she should say to get him to back up from her. But her mother had always taught her to tell the truth, and she just could not lie at this moment. “No.”

A sly smile crept over his face as he said, “Then what do you say to a little trip down to my realm?”

“I don’t think I should…”

“Nonsense, where is your sense of adventure?” he asked as he placed his hand in hers.

“My mother is looking for me. She is probably worried…” she said, looking around nervously.

“I know for a fact she is; I saw it in my gazing pool. But I don’t think you being gone a little while longer will hurt anyone…”

“I really must go…” but it was too late. He tugged at her arm and placed her right next to him in the chariot. As she went to scream, he covered her mouth his armored hand. “I really wouldn’t do that. It only scares the horses.” Keeping her mouth covered, he flicked the reins, and they were airborne. Seconds later, the horses shifted to the canyon, and they were falling, down into the darkness.

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PSA Reply Settings

Hey! Friendly follower just pointed out something I didn’t realize: Tumblr’s new reply feature has settings. Three of them specifically: 1. No one can reply to your posts; 2. People you follow or who have been following you for a week can reply to your posts; 3. Everyone can reply to your posts. If my blog is like everyone’s, I guess it’s set to 2 by default. So FYI! Choose which one makes sense. (I’m sure this was part of their announcement, but if I missed it, I’ll bet others did as well.)