i realized that with each movie

maybe its because ive been watching a lot of disney movies recently but i just NEED finn and rey to have that “disney moment” where they look into each others eyes and realize they’re in love and meant to be together and they just slowly move towards each other to kiss while the music swells in the background. just give me a classic disney moment with finnrey please


My small wish: Benedict and Martin filming a cop movie.
I want Benedict as a new, enthusiastic stubborn cop and Martin as a bad dirty cop. They hate each other at first but soon realize they’re actually good partners.

lets continue making prequels that go directly into the original trilogy. i propose the next one being luke and leia strutting down a boulevard with coffee in hand, both of them wearing the latest givenchy attire, sunglasses worth a thousand credits. thats the whole movie until the last ten minutes where they both look at each other and realize they forgot about han. they then go buy new outfits to prepare for the fight. see its a good idea because it really adds to the emotional weight of lukes gay attire on tatooine in episode vi.

Ace Relationship Idea

a-poet-like-her submitted:

Hey okay so I’m not in a relationship but here’s an ideal for you - cuddling by the fire with hot chocolate and a movie playing in the background.

Hanging out with friends and just casually holding hands.

Giving them the keys to your house and having them realize what a big deal that is and smiling and hugging you.

Knowing each others’ favorite tea, and whoever wakes up first makes the tea.

Eating cake together and falling in love as you kiss away the excess icing.

Knowing each others’ secrets and refusing to judge.

Ahh I’m a sappy fluff, aren’t I? Anyway, hope this was okay.


rocky 1 end

My personal belief: Rocky has maybe the most romantic film ending of all time.

You know why? Because it turns the entire movie on its head.

You spend most of the time thinking you’re watching a sports film. Then, at the end, Rocky doesn’t care about the result of the match. He is utterly indifferent about whether he won or not.

He just cares about Adrian and the fact he’s proven himself to her.

Then you realize in that moment: “I wasn’t watching a film about boxing or sports, was I? I was watching a film about two sad, lonely dysfunctional people who loved each other.”


BTS Date Types

Seokjin - Picnic
Jin likes the girl that’s feminine, a girl who is sweet and caring, who can cook and clean, a girl who would make a good wife and mother. He also can cook. I think ideal date types for Jin would be something sweet and romantic, like a picnic date. You both could bring your home cooked food and also  would talk, get to know each other better, and soon realize just how much you liked one another.

Yoongi - Sleepover
He would like girls who were similar to him. He would want a super hardworking, but still lazy, passionate girls who were artistic and independent. I think Suga’s ideal date types would be simple and casual. He would invite you over to his house to watch a movie, write songs, listen musics, and also a lots of cuddles.

Hoseok - Night Club
J-Hope would want a fun, optimistic girlfriend with an amazing sense of humor, intelligence, bright, kind-hearted girl, always be smiling and cheerful, and one who shared his interests. I think because he is rapper and dancer, his girl would enjoy the music and dance like him. So, it’s ideal to have date in the night club.

Namjoon - Cinema
Rap Monster would like confident and intelligence girls, a girl who was super dedicated to her hobbies, and had a wide variety of interests, someone he can have an intellectual discussion with, someone he could cuddle with in bed as you debated philosophy, and would listen to him whenever he needed someone to talk to. A simple trip to the movies where he could finally talk some, get to know each other with popcorn and coffee would be perfect for his ideal date types.

Jimin - Dinner
Jimin would want to be with a girl who was very open and warm, very friendly and charismatic, a girl with a cuter personality, who despite all of her charisma would still be slightly awkward and clumsy. He often on diet, so a girl who could cook healthy food for him would be perfect. He spent so much time at practice room and would come home tired. I think Jimin would like date types that included candle light dinner, you would realize just how sweet Jimin really was.

Taehyung - Amusement Park
He would want to be able to see his partner as a best friend before a girlfriend, a girl he had fun with, someone who could make him smile no matter what, a dorky, awkward girlfriend who was goofy and charming, a super laid back girl, who can take care of him, someone who could get him to smarten up and act mature when he needed to be. An ideal date types with V would be a trip to something casual and fun, like Amusement Park.

Jungkook - Park
He would prefer more shy girls, someone who like music, art, and reading, a girl who liked staying at home and rainstorms and cuddles with tea as you both talked, a smart girl, someone who would care about him, that would always be there for him, and someone with common sense with him. He likes games, dance, skateboard, and do anything adventurous. An ideal date types with Kookie would be a trip to the park. This way, he could talk to you, get to know you.

RebelCaptain (Spoilers)

I saw Rogue One again. It was just as amazing or even better, like, I can’t find the words to explain my feelings about this film.

When the elevator scene came, I just started crying and didn’t stop until the film was over. How long was that scene? A couple of seconds? And yet, they managed to convey so much emotion into it. It was true romance, the way Jyn and Cassian look at each other, probably knowing they’re going to die. Realizing they’ve given hope to the entire galaxy. Realizing that finally, they were not alone… softened by each other after years of solitude, of violence and brutality. 

It was so beautiful and jarring at the same time.

Valentines Day: Romantic Comedies

By Teilani (enfjs-r-us), ENFJ Mod.

Does any one remember that dog and his bone story from when we were kids? Years later and I realized the concept kinda stuck with me. Below is a list of a few movies with the common theme of realizing that special someone right under your nose (figuratively speaking).

You’ve Got Mail: ESTJ with ISFJ. What if you got to know a person, the way they really were, not projecting what you wanted others to see, but the real you instead? Kathleen and Joe couldn’t stand each other in real life, but online, fell in love with each others thoughts and company — separate from any personal details.

Clueless: ESFJ with INFP (I think). Consistent with the theme. Cher finally realizes she’s “butt-crazy” in love with Josh, but it takes one of her friends crushing on him to realize the source of her jealousy. How would you act, once you had such a far out realization? I love how awkward this realization made reigning socialite Cher act around Josh.

Only You: ENFP with INFP. Faith is set on finding her soul mate. The guy belonging to the name she got off a Ouija board when she was twelve. She finds him. But, what happens when Faith realizes he lied about his name? How far would you go to make destiny happen.

Laws of Attraction: ISTJ with INFJ. What if you realized you were actually in love with the person you accidentally married at an Irish festival? Might work. Two divorce lawyers get married while investigating opposing sides of the same divorce case. One believes in divorce law, the other doesn’t. I’m glad the ISTJ didn’t win this case.

Merry Valentines Day! :)

Sometimes, I stop and think-

I think about how Beauty and the Beast was probably Howard Ashman’s magnum opus, as both the lyricist and an executive producer, and how he never got to see it, because he was dying of AIDS and passed away before the film was finished. And how he, a gay man, is the one who basically gave that movie its soul, the idea of two outcasts of society finding solace and eventually love in each other. And how when he heard The Little Mermaid soundtrack playing at one of the Disney Parks, he cried because he knew that he was dying and he realized at that moment that he wasn’t going to just fade into obscurity, into nothing. And that what he created was going to live on.

And then I think about how over 25 years later people are emotional wrecks over just the trailer of live-action adaptation of that same movie, moved to tears as the music he helped write plays, and still singing and dancing, still emotionally connected to a story that he basically saved.

I just… I think about it sometimes.

seagifts  asked:

whats the best way to deal with art block?

personally, i try not to force it. i’m someone who sits and draws usually for at least 2+ hours each day, and sometimes it’s just not there. i actually just spent the past 5 days not drawing/art block lol

i felt guilty about not spending my free time drawing or animating, but i realized it’s okay to take a few days off and rest. i spent the time instead watching a lot of animated movies + animation tutorials on youtube, and when i sat down to draw again i was able to whip out some pretty good stuff. i find that if i break for a few days i can come back and put out better stuff than if i had sat and tried to work through it.

some artists find that the best way is to push through it, to keep drawing and drawing until you force yourself out of it, but seeing as how i usually don’t get a “day off” from drawing, i just take it as a break and roll with it. i’ve been in art blocks that have lasted months, and it’s just something that is a part of the creative process

also, find an artist who’s work inspires you and try and figure out how they do it. i recently discovered character designer Nico Marlet and have been studying his work

Love Knows No Bounds (pt. 2) [Edmund Pevensie]

Summary: The reader and Edmund have been friends for most of their time together in Narnia. They realize their true feelings for each other at the worst moment; just when they both leave for Earth. It doesn’t help that they live literally half a world apart.

Note: This is a multi-part fic. It is a collaboration between an amazing writer, @peterpevensje and myself. We are really excited to be working together on this series. I hope you enjoy the second chapter of Love Knows No Bounds!

Disclaimer: Part of this chapter is based off the movie and some quotes are from the movie. Those quotes are not mine.

Warnings: Slightly sad.

Previously: “I think- I think I —”

“You think what?” Susan and Lucy asked you at the same time.

“I think I love him”

“You what?!” Susan exclaimed.

You blushed, looking down at your lap. “Don’t make me say it again.”

Lucy squealed, threw her arms around you and hugged you tightly. To Susan, she said, “I told you!”

You looked at Susan, curious. “Told you what?”

Susan laughed a little and smiled. “Lucy told me that you love Edmund. I thought that the two of you were just close friends. It’s rare that Lucy beats me at matchmaking.” Susan’s voice turned serious as she took one of your hands in her own. “But why does loving Edmund make you upset?”

Tears pooled in your eyes again. Your chest constricted painfully as you forced yourself to speak. “I know that I- I have feelings for Edmund. I just… I just can’t act on them.”

Lucy hugged you again, gently stroking your hair. Sympathy shone in the young girl’s eyes.

“You can’t act on your feelings?” Susan asked softly. “If it’s because you’re afraid he doesn’t return your feelings—”

“No,” you said. Shaking your head, you repeated yourself. “No. It’s not because of that.”

“Than what is?” It was Lucy who asked the question.

She pulled away from you and stood next to her sister. The two of them led you over to the dusty bed and all three of you sat down, bed creaking. Dust drifted off the bed in small clouds, making you cough.

When you stopped coughing, you answered Lucy’s question, “We’re all leaving Narnia. Today. If I tell him how I feel… nothing could happen.”

“You don’t know that!” Lucy said. “You can’t just give up hope and not admit your feelings like that. For all you know, Edmund might feel the same way!”

You laughed bitterly. “I can’t hope like you can, Lucy. I know that when we go back, I’ll never see Edmund—I won’t see any of you ever again.”

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Lemme try something...

i have a paper due in an hour and 32 minutes and what do i do? 

write septiplier smut. that’s what… 

celebrating getting 1000 followers here’s a smutty septiplier with a fluffy ending just about 1000 words long… enjoy :)

They kissed fervently as their hands roamed each other’s body. It felt like forever since they last kiss, when really it was earlier today. Both young men were so busy that day with recording and editting they hardly saw each other.

They didn’t even realize how much they missed each other until they got to cuddle a little bit on the couch to watch a movie togethter. They hardly got through the first 15 minutes when they started making out, and then they started groping, and biting, and moaning.

Mark made a needy moan when Jack pulled away. Before he could pull him back in his arms the Irishman silenced him and said, “Let me try something.” and promptly got down on his knees between the American’s legs.

“Jack your gag reflex.” he reminded him.

“Just lemme try something.” he insisted.

How could Mark say no to that?

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I want a romance so grand that every atom of my body gives it a standing ovation whenever you enter my mind.

I want rose petals in the bathtub and lit candles by the bed. I want you reading me poetry as your fingers trace lazily down my spine.

I want hot-air ballon rides while we kiss in the clouds and horseback adventures along some foreign shore, as we reach for each others hands and laugh as we struggle not to slide off. 

But then I look to my left, and you are snoring loudly on my shoulder, in the middle of a movie you were excited to show me, and I realize I am in love, and every single cell in my being is a thunderous roar of applause.

—  K.P.K

How did you come to this show? Did you go through a whole audition process for this role? Yeah. Not that I’m in the stage of my career where they’re offering me parts in The Revenant, but I try very hard to go through the audition process because I feel like I learn quite a lot about the character and the people I’m going to work with. The last thing I want is to get there on day one and realize that Kat [McNamara] and I hate each other. So, I went through the entire audition process. I was actually doing a movie in L.A., at the time, so I missed the busy audition season. I finished filming and was freaking out going, “I’ve been unemployed for four days. What do I do? I’m going to die alone without a job, for the rest of my life.” My manager was like, “Just calm down. Stuff is coming.” And then, I got Shadowhunters and I was like, “Oh, I love this, and I’m sorry that I panicked.”

Edmund x Reader: You’re very comfortable

lovegood-magic asked:
Hi I love your blog so much, could you do an imagine where the reader and Edmund have a crush on each other but are too shy to admit it so then Edmund asks you out and your at his house watching a movie and fluff all that then you end up falling asleep and peter catches you guys. (thanks so much)

~Thanks love good-magic! Modern AU☺️~

It was finally the day. The day. The day Edmund had decided he would ask you out. Both of you were absolutely drooling over each other, but you were too oblivious to realize it. 

You, being the feminist and hopeless romantic you were, had actually thought about asking him out yourself. It seemed like a great plan in your head. You would stroll up to him, casual as can be, and just flat-out ask him, “Hey, are you up for lunch tomorrow?” But it was never as simple as that. Thankfully, Edmund was a little braver than you were when it came to these types of situations. 


 You looked up from your book, slightly annoyed, but smiled when you saw Edmund’s face. “Hey. What’s up?” A group of students passed you as you closed your book delicately. The air in the school courtyard was fresh and clean, and it smelled of crisp paper. 

“Um, well-” Edmund took a deep breath as he sat down on the steps beside you. “I’m just having a dilemma.” You nodded, urging him to continue. “I’m…I’m dying to ask this girl out, but I’m afraid that she doesn’t like me back.”

For a minute, your face fell as you pictured him with some other girl, kissing and frolicking through a random meadow. 

“Y/n, it’s you.” Edmund said quickly, laughing at the look on your face. You smiled. “Thank god.” You muttered, leaning over shyly to kiss him on the cheek. You drew back quickly. Edmund blushed a little, the color spreading across his face. 

“In that case, I have a solution to your little problem.” You slung your backpack off your shoulder, unzipping it to reveal loads of scratch paper and stray pencils. You scribbled your number on your old trigonometry homework. “Here.”

 Edmund grinned widely, taking the paper and brushing against your hand longer than necessary. “How does pizza and a movie sound? I can rent some 1940′s black and white films if you like.” He suggested, getting up and straightening his backpack. You nodded quickly. “Yeah. That sounds wonderful.” The bell rang for 4th period. “Then it’s a date.”

“You okay?” Edmund asked, looking down to see you staring up at him.

 The couch was comfy, the movies were great, the pizza was delicious, and Edmund was quite huggable. You were definitely okay, but having to sit there for 2 hours without admiring Edmund every time you got a chance just wasn’t possible. You smiled. 

“Yeah. Just tired.” You buried your face deeper into Ed’s oversized sweater. You and Ed had been very close before, so converting your friendly feelings to express your romantic ones was easy. To anyone who were to walk in and see the two of you, they would think you had been together for months.

 “You’re very comfortable.” 

 Edmund laughed, kissing you on the head as he turned off the TV. You looked up suddenly, noticing the change in lighting. “I just need a break from the screen for a minute.” He said, yawning. You remained silent, digging deeper into his sweater. Some say, if you nuzzle yourself into this sweater deep enough, it could take you all the way to China. 

“I should probably clean up our dishes.” Edmund said suddenly, moving to get up. You tugged him down again. You were small, but very strong. “Just one more minute. I like this.” He sighed, giving in and reverting back to his previous position. “One minute.” 

The next thing you knew, you were asleep.

“HELLO? ED? Y/N?” 

Your eyes shot open, looking Peter straight in the eye. You closed your eyes again. “Go away. I’m asleep.” 

Then, it occurred to you that you weren’t dreaming, and you were actually awake. And lying beside Edmund on the couch. Edmund jolted awake as Peter shook his shoulder frantically, grinning slyly. “Why didn’t you tell me you had a girl over? And Y/n at that?”

 Edmund groaned, wrapping his arms around you comfortingly and shutting his eyes again. He threw a throw pillow at his brother. “Piss off, Pete.”

 Peter smirked, holding his hands out defiantly and backing away. “Don’t be angry at me. I didn’t ask to walk into the living room for a blanket and have this be the first thing I see.” You grunted, scrunching Edmund’s sweater again. It was quite a fantastic pillow, especially when Edmund was the one wearing it.

“Wait until Susan and Lucy hear.” Peter said under his breath, dashing out of the room before Edmund could yell at him. “Is it illegal to kill your family members?” He asked, glaring in Peter’s direction. “Yes,” You said with a long stretch, “But sometimes necessary.”