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Omg you're killing me with all these cryptic answers I need the next chapters now cause the angst is killing me but I've never been so alive.

cryptic answers are my specialty! But I also say a lot more in replies than I think people realize. For example before obs&bh chapter 2 I said this 

I like to call my replies a game of spot the hidden spoiler. I give a lot away a lot of the time, you just have to keep an eye out for it ;)

Hey guys.  It’s uh… been awhile.

No, this blog isn’t dead.  I’ve been extremely busy with my last semester of college, far busier than I actually had expected and with being an art major, I can definitely say that schoolwork takes priority over for fun things.

Anyways, after working on something in school, I got really missing updating Pearl’s blog.  Except I realized I was no longer happy with where the story was going, and adventure isn’t really my forte to begin with.

So I decided to change up the blog! All the old posts will still be canon to the blog, but you’ll see what I mean when the new update comes forth and whatnot.  I need to work on references, a new icon… overall sprucing up the entire blog.  A lot of it is a bit out of date and whew, it needs a touch up with a little TLC.

LONG STORY SHORT.  It will be a bit longer until I start updating again.  I’m in the final stretch of my last semester!  School ends around mid May, but with all the extra work I’d like to have prepared for the blog, plus the update and finishing up some owed work, I’m thinking around June is when I’ll get the blog rolling again!

Guh, I hate giving exact dates since stuff comes up all the time, but I’ll definitely shoot to post the update on June 14, 2017.  Why June 14th? Well, that’s Pearl’s birthday, so I figured that’d be a nice gift <3

If you guys have any questions, feel free to shoot me an ask over on my modblog!  Heck, you could even ask about some ideas I had for the blog now that I’m not going in the direction ;3c

don't ask dumb questions if you are not ready for the response

whoever talked over lana after not being pleased by her opinion is a fool, whenever that woman speaks (I don’t care what you ship) you shut up and listen. People at cons sometimes need to realize what appropriate questions are. I heard 90% of her panel was about ships…ewww? Like come on…is that all the show really is now? Lana has the BEST character on all of the show…and you guys sit here and speak of ships her character isn’t even connected to? Just asking Lana shit about C$ knowing that puts her in an uncomfortable position? That’s fucked up. Lana has done a lot for swen. Remember she’s given us a microphone when no one heard our voices and she’s spoken to us when no one else did. Don’t forget that. Also to take note she deadass explained what happened with Leanne because she SAW all of the tweets towards her and she made sure she clarified what Leanne misquoted. Be fucking grateful because at the end of the day she’s given a list of things she can and cannot say. And she’s said A LOT.

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Lance being extremely flexible and Shiro cannot function. Shance.

Ooooohhh I do love a thirsty Shiro 👌🏻👌🏻👀
“Pidge, when I said I’d help you learn yoga, I didn’t realize how much help you actually needed.” “Fuck you. On so many goddamn levels, fuck you.” Shiro paused in his usual rounds through the Castle. It was late at night, everyone was usually in bed by now. Curious, he moved to the room the voices were coming from, wondering what exactly was going on.
The room was dimly lit by candles and the tiled floor had two mats, one blue and one green, laid out in the middle of the area. Pidge was currently struggling to do a certain pose on the green mat, Lance fluttering about her worriedly, carefully correcting her stance.
The young girl teetered to the side precariously, Lance gently adjusting her position. “No, you have to focus your weight to the center, not outwards.” The Cuban male corrected. Pidge huffed, straining as she balanced on one leg.
Shiro was more focused on the yoga pants Lance had on. Where did he even get those from anyway??? They, uh, certainly hugged his legs well… he swallowed at the sudden build up of saliva in his mouth. Do not think about those thighs, do not think about those thighs, do not think about those thighs…
Lance took up a position on the blue mat, easily stretching into the pose Pidge was struggling with. “Okay, so from the Tree, we go to the Ice Skater…” he proceeded to lean forward, extending a leg behind him with his arms out on either side.
“Now try the Pole Position…” Shiro’s jaw dropped as Lance straight up extended his leg up over his head, forming a perfect line with his legs. “Lance, I asked you to teach me this so I could maneuver better in small or tight spaces, not stretch me thin!” Pidge whined, breaking Shiro out of his trance.
Lance laughed, and proceeded to show her a lot more flexibility and stretches that before.
Shiro had to leave before they saw him. A cold shower was definitely needed after that display….
Cackles bc Thirsty Shiro and Oblivious Lance is my jam- the boy is lanky, and oooh boy is he flexible! Wonder what other positions Shiro imagines he can get into, eh? ;P

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I plan on writing/drawing a SuFin comic in the future. Can you please tell me a little about Sweden and Finland in their relationship? Like, behaviour-wise. I don't want to misinterpret them, or make them flat characters

Their relationship is a little bit complicated for the fact that Finland is really, really oblivious about Sweden’s feelings. He just doesn’t realize it, even though it’s so obvious.

Sweden tends to be really there to whatever Finland’s need. Is Russia threatening via phone? He ends the call. Does Finland needs clothes? He gives Finland his most expensive clothes. Does Finland needs space? He puts himself in a corner so Finland can have a lot of space. Do you see where I’m getting at? 

Sweden would never say his feelings if that means his friendship with Finland could end. He values the relationship so much that he prefers to continue be in love with him and not doing anything about it, than saying it and scare Finland.

Finland also value their friendship a lot. He actually gets more talkative when Sweden is around. Don’t make him scare of Sweden, please. While he was when they escaped from Denmark’s house, that’s something that already is in the past.

There’s two mistakes that people tend to make:

1. Sweden being abusive to Finland. He is not a controlling ass towards Finland. He respects Finland. The thing is that Sweden is just too socially akward and doesn’t know how to act around him/other people. 

2. Finland being an insensitive towards Sweden. You got to realize that Finland is just a little bit air-headed. So he doesn’t realize it. What are you saying, Sve? is a question that Finland makes a lot. 

If you don’t want to make them flat characters, you got to remember that:

a) Sweden struggles to communicate to other people. He just sucks at socializating. But he is a really nice person. The only one who annoys him is Denmark and this doesn’t happen a lot. 

b) Finland is a cute character but he is not a crybaby. Finland is actually quite eccentric. He can be a badass, he is quite strong and he won’t hesitate to fight if needed. 

I hope this helps, but if you need more help, just send me another ask! :) 

Me Rewatching ML: Christmas Special

Yes, Alya and Marinette babysitting Manon together. This makes me happy. I wonder if we’ll ever get an ep of them babysitting Manon, Etta, and Ella together and realize that mistakes were made. Horrible mistakes were made. 


I love how Marinette just kinda hands Manon to her mom, along with the sweets. That’s so cute. 


GORILLA. I love you.

Where is Tikki’s solo?! 

Both Agrestes are sad. This is sad. 

ADRIEN’S AN ANGSTY KID. Still does dramatic transformation even while sad. 

It’s cute that he keeps the present with him. And visits the Dupain-Chengs first. 

Tail dramatically flows in the wind. 

Aaaaaw, Gabriel was excited to spend Christmas with Adrien. He was ready. He was SMILING. That is so rare. 


Can this Santa be Adrien’s adopted grandfather? And they just stay in contact? This guy is so sweet. 

HM spending Christmas in a dark room alone with only butterflies, waiting for someone to be upset. You have no life sir. Actually, that room is so dark you can barely see where you’re going. Has he ever walked into a wall? 

Gorilla’s scared of spiders. 


Yes, presents. You have your priorities straight, Chlo. 

Damn cat son, you are fast when dodging. Love his oh shit face. 

I got Kidnap Sandy Claws playing in my head. 

Yes, see cat son you are loved. Very much so. 

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You aren't part of any problem. Butch Pharah isn't racist, people are just pulling things out there ass or have internalized prejudice against butchness they have yet to realize. Her butchness isnt portrayed negatively/to dehumanize her. Besides, irl butch arabic women exist (like you) and deserve positive representation as well. And if peeps are like 'but what about feminine poc representation!!' Like symmetra, sombra, PHARAH'S OWN MOTHER ANA AMARI all exist, clear examples of more feminine poc

Thank you.

I understand where people are coming from. And I also understand the idea of white people portraying pharah as butch and mercy as this lil femme girl can be pretty gross. 

But like… I’m butch. Arabic women are often portrayed as weak, slaves or that they ‘need help from the White West to be Free!!!!’ or whatever and its pretty messed up. Show me where the butch representation for Arabic women is and I’ll stop. 

The thing is. People care about Arabic women, but they don’t care enough to listen to us when we talk about things that matter to us. They care more about shoving their own views over everything. It’s tiring. And I’m tired. 

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"When will you realize that I hate Charms?"

Draco Malfoy x Reader

“When will you realize that I hate Charms?” Draco asks, his chin digging lightly into Y/N’s right shoulder, his arms looped loosely around her torso. 

She can smell him, vividly, and it sends tiny jolts of energy through her veins.

“Well, when are you going to realize that I actually care about my grades and need to get this done?” she replies, gesturing toward the open notebook resting on her knee and twiddling the quill in between her fingers.

Draco groans into the bare skin of her shoulder, which causes chills to rush up and down Y/N’s spine.

And then Draco begins to run his lips across her skin.

Which sends her chills elsewhere.

Turning her head slightly to the right, eyes gently shut, Y/N murmurs Draco’s name. It rolls off her lips so quietly, that he wouldn’t be able to hear if he wasn’t so close to her.

“Draco,” she repeats, running her fingers over Draco’s hand, which is resting on her stomach, rising and falling with each of Y/N’s breaths.

“Hmm,” he mumbles, his mouth falling into the crook of her neck. 

“I need to focus,” Y/N whispers. But that’s getting more and more difficult with each second Draco’s lips are pressed against her skin.

Draco doesn’t reply, but he plants a kiss directly underneath her right earlobe.

“Okay, fuck this,” Y/N blurts, throwing her notebook and quill across the room. 

She turns around fully to face Draco, who is wearing a smug grin on his lips. The lips that were just tormenting her a moment ago.

Draco is always so damn good at getting what he wants.

~send me an opening line and i’ll write a short drabble~

I woke up happy. I’m going to bed happy. I’m also going to bed about 3 hours later than usual, which is a good thing, I think.

Edit:. Just realized I’m trying to stay awake in an attempt to hang on to the happiness I’ve felt today. Edit 2:. If you feel happiness regularly, don’t take it for granted. I never thought I’d be at a place in my life where I’d need to make a statement like that.
Shipping Reylo is NOT promoting abusive relationships

I have been seeing this idea floating around that people who ship reylo some how support abusive relationships. Let me tell you right now, as someone who was a first hand witness to one, that this notion is completely fucking absurd. All the keyboard warriors trying to belittle random people on the internet for shipping FICTIONAL characters need to cut the shit with their false sense of superiority and realize that they themselves are aggressive abusive people. I have seen what one looks like and it isn’t some BS Disney pairing between two soldiers (basically what they are) from opposing sides. If you don’t like the pairing THAT’S FINE. Don’t ship it, it’s that simple. But if for some reason you feel the urge to put another person down for doing so just remember that YOU are the angry abbusive person in that situation. YOU.

okay i love bts with all my heart and there are many, many others that do too but i think some people need to realize that they belong to no one but themselves!!! they don’t belong to their fans!!!! they don’t belong to anyone!!! it upsets me so much when the members are like “i wanna do this but you guys might not like it so i won’t” like??? who are we to dictate what they do and don’t with their bodies?? they’re still human beings with wants and desires so let them do whatever makes them happy and makes them feel good?? because yes, they are public idols but they’re still people who deserve happiness. none of us have any right to tell them what they should and shouldn’t wear/get/look like. stop treating them as your own personal idols who you can dress up specifically how you want. thx

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Rosy, 4.6 was a blessing! When Bellamy and Clarke are in the rover, he said something like "WE don't have much time now, do WE?" (which is a present word in their relationship), and then Bellamy literally loses his mind when she is kidnapped and saves her in an iconic and fantastic way. And then, later, after himself said they don't have time (foreshadowing, I guess), he realizes >he< doesn't have time and might not see her again, so he decides to put out all of his feelings towards her. Bless.

From “we don’t have time” to “if I don’t see you again.”  They’re not just a partnership but two people who need each other.


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Can you do a HC on dating YJ Wally West

- You either met through school or through the team

- If through school, you find out about his ability because he got too comfortable around you and just zoomed off to get something not realizing what he had done until he sees your face.

- Loves to tell you pickup lines in the hopes that you will laugh or blush or both.

- Preferably both

- Super sweet and caring

- Will get whatever you need, almost without you having to ask

- Despite running most of the time, loves lazy days just binge watching something and eating a fuckton of junk food.

That is all I got for now. I hope you like it, doll <3

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Mom/Oj - Who in Maelstrom Command do you feel you need to mom the most? The least?

“The most? Least?”

“I don’t think you understand what you’re really asking here. Because if you did- you’d realize that the answer to ‘who do I need to mom’ in Maelstrom Command was nothing but…”


“It’s a perpetual work in progress.”


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hello friend i have a need....... do you know any fics where someone (a random person) is pining after yuuri or victor?? Like they have a crush on them and then they realize they are taken and happily married! ?? are there even any fics like that??

I’m sure there are a few, but my fic rec list requests are closed, I’m so sorry! You can ask this again when they’re open, though!

I like this fic a lot! Not exactly what you’re asking for, but it’s pretty close!

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Hi. I'm FtM and would it be considered sexist if I don't really like being around women too much? It causes me a lot of dysphoria and I question myself, thinking I should have just tried to act like a cisgirl. I've been called out for being sexist for shutting down hanging out with a group of girls so I don't really know if that would be or not...

Kii says:

I don’t think it’s purposefully sexist, but I think you need to make sure that you realize that not every cis girl acts the same. There are cis girls that like cars and sports and dressing masculine and don’t act stereotypically feminine. This is also something you should work on, because there are plenty of people who would probably love to be friends with you who identify as women, so you could be missing out. There will also be times where you have to hang around women, whether it be for school, work, etc. I would recommend hanging out with groups of people that are all different genders and trying to get yourself comfortable with being around women.

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hey are you okay? 0: what's going on?

I am okay, or getting more okay.. the thing that happened was. so I don’t know if you have any personal frame of reference for this but there’s this Particular PTSD Feel where you realize that something that happened to you in the past was Actually Bad and places and locations associated with the thing that happened suddenly upset you and I had some of that today. (The details are perhaps a bit like.. not something I am going to describe in the interest of not being A Downer to the readership but basically I realized that a place I was spending a lot of time at earlier today was a place where somthing really bad had happened to me multiple times and I jsut wasn’t a fan of that)

I am however getting better and feeling more okay with things and i legitimately very much do appreciate you and others asking and being concerned with my wellbeing. You will be pleased to know that it’s ultiamtely just kind of a minor setback in the grand scheme of everything and I shall be okay in the end.

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Bughead lover here! I believe that Betty x Archie storyline will happen because it needs to happen. It is unresolved - Betty and Archie never tried their relationship out and it will always be a curiosity. But as Lili said, Betty will soon realize Archie is only a best friend. I think Jughead is endgame, but the story needs Betty to resolve that tension with Archie (think Xander & Willow from Buffy) just hope Jughead will forgive. I love bughead together - such a mature relationship. Thoughts?

i don’t think you have to date your friend in order to realize that you’re better off as friends