i realized i approach working out the same way white new yorkers do


the feysand modern au with more cliches than should be allowed

Feyre Archeron is pretty sure there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed when it comes to conduct with the authors whose books she edits. But when you take what should have been a normal flight to Paris and add a tuna sandwich, a red pen, and a smirking stranger, lines can get a little blurry. 


the one where feyre accidentally trash talks a novel to its author and then they kinda fall in love

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chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3

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Toy Soldiers

I know I really really shouldn’t be starting another fic thingy, but I got an idea and couldn’t resist! Sue me. 

Plot: Steve and Y/n are both part of Erskine’s serum program; they both become national heros; Y/n ends up falling for one James Barnes when she helps Steve rescue the captured 107th – the longest, most painful love story ever is born (I like being dramatic)

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