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Celebrating the goal vs. Sweden (28.03.17)

Autistic Life Hack:

Whenever someone says “That’s so autistic” in a negative way, offhandedly say: “I’m autistic and even I’M not that stupid” and watch the neurotypical slowly die on the inside.

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Kenma and Kuuro like each other. They flirt and others notice. Kuroken are too shy to say anything about their blossoming relationship.

It’s sweet, considerate Shibayama that finally speaks up. “Should we… say something?”

“No,” everyone else immediately replies. They’re done with practice for the day, taking their time cleaning up and changing. Their captain and setter is in the corner of the clubroom, pretty much lost in their own world as far as the rest of the Nekoma Volleyball Club can tell.

“It’s kind of cute they think we won’t notice,” Kai says in that mild way of his. 

“It’s kind of annoying how they fill the room with metaphoric cherry blossoms whenever they lock eyes,” mutters Yamamoto. He’s still upset over yet another failed confession last week.

“Ah, but it is sweet how they stare at each other when they think we’re not looking,” Inuoka says. 

“They’re doing it now,” Shibayama observes.

They all glance over with varying degrees of stealth, not that it mattered. Kuroo is resting his gaze upon Kenma, his observant eyes soft for once. Kenma is pretending to be busy with his phone, a small blush on his cheeks and glancing up every so often at his best friend. They don’t even seem to realize they have an audience. It’s painfully sweet to watch.

“I never thought I’d say this, but I agree with Yamamoto,” says Yaku. “The cherry blossoms. Are suffocating.”

Yamamoto shakes his head. “I’m gonna tell them,” he says, and Fukunaga nods at his shoulder.

“Tell them what?” Lev says, finally finding the right hole in his shirt to poke his head through. 

“That their flirting is way too obvious and they should just admit they’re together already.”

As soon as the words come out of Yamamoto’s mouth, Lev’s eyes widen comically. Kai closes his eyes with an air of sagely resignation, Fukunaga physically hides his face with his jacket, while Shibayama and Inuoka both wince. Yaku lunges forwards, but he’s too late.

Somehow managing to fill the clubroom with that innocently curious, unfortunately loud voice of his, Lev goes, “Kuroo-san and Kenma-san are dating?”

And the couple in the corner finally clues in that the whole team is still there, both of them turning red at an impressive speed. Nekoma Volleyball Club has never suffered a silence more awkward.

Lev runs extra laps in the next practice. 

You know what I just realized

Everyone who is going to see the Lego Batman movie is going to see a trailer for the Lego Ninjago movie.

That means that EVERYONE who sees the Lego Batman movie is going to be introduced to Ninjago.


I mean, like comic book nerds, families, kids, teens, adults, celebrities….

And only a really small percentage has seen Ninjago.

This is the first time a ton of people will be introduced to the world of Ninjago and the characters we hold dear to our heart.

Warner-you better not screw this up.

Watch on harryandmesohappily.tumblr.com

Also, posting this video I forgot that I made. But my mom found it on my phone and gave me a look, as if to say “why do you keep disappointing me?”


after the last thing i draw Jamie’s immediate response was “AU where instead of captain america for a retainer Elise has batman” 

so here’s five million doodles of Gerome doing very important retainer duties for the little Nohrian princess, he takes his job increDIBLY seriously, thank you. Unlike the other royal sibs and their Awakening!retainers he is definitely the babysitter here, I bet he’d probably be like Jakob except not a butler and five times more straight-faced. 

I’m a really good swimmer…

I just had a stray thought about this line today and it just made me laugh because I just realized that swimming for Garnet isn’t actually swimming? She just walks along the bottom of things: pools, the ocean, volcanoes, etc. and calls it swimming. So I ended up drawing this and going overboard bc I wanted to play with colors uvu;;

But it’s still a good way to kick off the first day of Spring Break at least!

I keep thinking how knowing Even had a crush on Isak the first day he saw him changes the whole dynamic of the story, or at least it does to me.

The first times we see Isak and Even sharing glances (first in the cafeteria, then outside, then at the kosegruppa meeting) I thought Even was this type of guy who looks at you in the coolest way ever just because he feels he is able to get your attention.

When they met in the bathroom and Even did the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen anyone do when they are flirting with someone, I thought he was just being a pain in the ass since he noticed Isak always looking at him and he wanted the attention I guessed he thought he deserved.

And then in the bench… Well, that scene kind of threw my theory out of the window, because Even totally lost his coolness: he was almost shy and nervous. But I guess I was too caught up by his looks and appearance I didn’t really pay attention.

But Even confessing Isak he saw him the very first day at school and that he went to the kosegruppa meeting just to meet Isak made me realize all those times weren’t about Even being cool, they were about Even trying to look cool. It was always about a boy doing embarrassing and not-so-slick things to get the other boy’s attention. When I thought Isak was getting caught by Even staring at him, it was actually Even trying to act laid back when he realized his crush was looking at him. When Even approached Isak on the hallway to ask him if he was going to the Halloween party, it wasn’t him being casual, it was him being hopeful. When Even suggested Isak going to the pool, it wasn’t him recreating his favorite movie scene just to be the coolest guy, it was him planning the whole thing to finally act on his feelings for his crush.

And you know why just a simple scene was able to threw away what I thought was real? Because Skam just doesn’t make seasons from one character’s perspective in order for us to get to really know them, Skam does it to show that not everything is what we think it is: we don’t see life at it is, we see it in our own way. And that’s as beautiful as it is scary, isn’t it?


Jojo, I love that girl, Yozakura, so much. She’s such a /mom/ and fite ready too. It kills me? Like after I won this fight, Katsuragi was saying how she enjoyed it [[she actually enjoys fighting, it’s not a perverse thing, from what I understand]] and Yozakura’s response was to say something like: “how much of a pleasure freak are you?” Then tell Katsu that their lessons aren’t over apparently, that they’re gonna come up with a long term plan so she’ll finally learn her lesson and no longer be a shameless pervert. Katsu was just stunned. lmao

Even when she was up against this super [sado]masochistic girl who called her “mommy” and asked for punishment…after being stunned she decided to play along? Like went all, “momma’s gonna punish you and bring you back to the side of good!!” 

I love her so much. lmao

Nothing’s more amusing to me than watching Barbie Swan Lake in the background while working bc it’s like

  • Every time I look over there’s some incredibly bad CG animation going on and I’m pretty sure that’s not how you animate any horse let alone a unicorn
  • Pretty terrible storyboarding that I never really thought about as a kid but looking at it now I’m just like “oh god… this could’ve at least been storyboarded and designed so much better”
  • It’s awkward as heck that the prince has the same name as my cousin
  • Kelsey Grammer making “KA-CAW!!” noises
  • True Love is described like a Two for One special
  • And also rare so of course these two strangers have it after one date
  • and