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Oooh I can’t believe that my blog got this far! But here I am! 1000 followers milestone!

I never imagined that I would get this far with this simple blog! I never even thought I could get past 10 followers when I started this! But still, here I am, after almost 2 years of work, over 400 posts, with awesome, amazing friends who have been supporting me through this time. Thank you everyone! I couldn’t have made this without you!

So as a thank you gift, I decided to draw you guys! This was a really funny project that I have been doing ever since the first participant and I really hope you like it too! This has also been my biggest project this far and I sure noticed that it took a lot of my time. It was really hard at the end to realise that I can’t draw all of you because of the lack of time.. I did my best and I really hope that I get to draw the rest of you in the future projects because you are as important to me as the ones tagged in this post. You are all very important to me! And for those I did draw: If you want, I can send your own character to you, just send me a message and it is all yours.

Here’s the list of all blogs included in this project! 

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Thank you guys once again! I could have never done this without you! It has been awesome working with you and it will be the same in the future! I have grown up as an artist thanks to this blog and without my dear followers, I would have never even tried to make my art better.  I promise to improve myself as an artist even more so that you could enjoy my simple blog little bit more and so that I could give you more art, more requests and more content! But until then please remember…


I keep seeing that post going around saying one piece of proof that backs the 4th episode theory is that they made tfp purposefully more about the case than the characters so “even the casuals” would see how bad it is except guys… people in my college keep saying its their favourite episode ever… my parents loved it… so many people i know are saying it was the perfect ending… i don’t wanna put a downer on things but other people seemed to have loved it..

The signs and crushes
  • Aries: Realises their developing a crush and then overthinks everything and how they'll never be together so it's not worth liking them
  • Taurus: Is super shy but devotes their time to their crush
  • Gemini: Attempts to make them laugh... but then again they try to make everyone laugh
  • Cancer: Decides they have a crush... but then again maybe they're just friends... nah i like them... but we're just friends
  • Leo: smiles and laughs at everything they say unless its REALLY stupid
  • Virgo: admires their body and makes many innuendos
  • Libra: Follows... Stalks... no personal space remains
  • Scorpio: Crushes on anything with a pulse
  • Sagittarius: Becomes shy which is weird until they unleash their full personality on their crush
  • Capricorn: Pretends they don't have a crush but makes it very obvious in their behaviour
  • Aquarius: doesn't need to have a crush, everyone crushes on them
  • Pisces: Twirls their hair and stares at their crush until they fall in love with them
Appreciation Post for Yuri Plisetsky’s Eyes

episodes 1-12

Yuri Katsuki
Viktor Nikiforov

In celebration of hitting 1k, I decided to make an eye appreciation post for everyone’s favourite angry kitten, Yurio!

Hey Mom. I’ve been with a boy. I know you believe in God and that it says in the Bible that it is a sin, but you need not be afraid because it says the well that God has created all in His image and that everyone is equal. I’m sorry if you are sad. Hugs from Isak

Isak to his mum 

This is so important! for so long he’s avoided talking to his mum completely but now he’s starting to realise he can’t run from his past forever, maybe they will learn to find common ground and they can both live a little more peacefully

When you’re trying to be positive

but tumblr can be one of the most negative places on earth

No I don’t read Hyrda!Cap

I don’t acknowlege Hydra!Cap

Until that storyline resolves to be something else….I won’t touch it with a 10ft pole.


Okay so y'all probably all heard about the season 3 bundle uploaded to the internet free right? well oops, that link was mine. 

 I honestly did it out of the kindness of my heart but i obviously didn’t think it through very well. I did not have the money to buy the bundle and someone kindly gifted it to me and because not everyone is that lucky i found (what i thought at the time) a way to help them out? and I guess i didn’t realise how much it would affect the amazing cast and crew behind Carmilla at the time but i have recently seen the error of my ways due to the many posts about it. As an apology for my disrespectful and dishonourable behaviour i have deleted the uploaded content, apologised to both @carmillaseries and @hotladypants and various Carmilla fan blogs and i will try to buy/gift as many  bundles when i can to help atone for my mistakes.

Once again my sincerest apologies.

p.s i am posting about this because after my behaviour anonymity should not be an option and i hope this will reach anyone who i have offended/disrespected/upset. So please spread this.

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly

Okay story time. High school was a breeze for me, i never tried super hard, i was ‘talented’ to some extent because i learn fast. Uni now is a whole different story. Everyone around you is smarter, harder working, more competitive. Failure is unavoidable. So i failed my expectations a few times, and i was disappointed. But the more i failed (my expectations), the more i realised i grew more. It made me better. It motivated me to work harder. It taught me to be humble. And it made me cherish and celebrate my successes even more because i knew i had worked hard for them. So somewhere along the line (i’m not sure when) I began embracing failure. I completely changed my attitude towards it. I realised that only through failure, can come worthy success. 

Failure is my friend now. I’m no longer scared of it. If i try my best and failure still visits me, i invite it in for a cup of tea and ask it how i could do better next time. I grow. Then i walk failure to the door, and wave it goodbye, anticipating its next visit. 


I was wondering why I was like,, staying up so late, putting off going to bed,, I even started clearing up my bookmarks which have been piling up for 2 or 3 weeks;

For the first time after 12 weeks, I won’t be watching the new episode of yuri on ice tomorrow. Instead it’ll just be another day of the week.

I’ve been riding this shit the whole season and now it’s over and I’m just realising that mostly what I did before was read manga and scroll through my lifeless meme dash littered with fucking American politics.

When the pilot episode aired, my dash lit up with gifsets of Viktor’s ass. It was a beautiful sight. Everyone was on board The yoi train.

I remember seeing a text post that said “can their ship name please be victuri” and more “their ship name should be victuri!!!” “It sounds like victory!”.

The fanart after just the first episode was astounding.

And it kept getting better every week with new posts and theories (even the ones that claimed Viktor was evil, or that he had cancer, that he was dying etc).

I watched as the fanfiction on ao3 went from 17 to 73 and then someone wrote the 100th fic. Now there’s God knows how many.

This anime is a blessing and even though I’m not going to wake up excited for a new episode in the morning, or countdown to it’s release; everything that happened inbetween the releases of the episodes was like some thrill ride; and it’s not every day we get an anime as great as this.

So just hold on until season 2, my dudes.

And when that time comes we can start all over again. Gifsets of new scenes, thoeries based off new episode previews, fanfictions based at the end of a particularly romantic episode. New screenshot redraws, the whole kit and caboodle.

TL;DR: I’m actually so fucking sad that there’s no episode tomorrow. today, actually, it’s well past 2am. I’m feeling nostalgic as fuck and you gotta know that the story isn’t over. there’s more to come.

You know what I just realised…

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone:

Draco: You’ll soon find out that some wizarding families are much better than others, Potter. You don’t want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there

Harry: I think I can tell who the wrong sort are for myself thanks

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:

Rose: I’m a Granger-Weasley, you’re a Potter - everyone will want to be friends with us,we’ve got the pick of anyone we want


Rose: Yes, well we should probably sit somewhere else. Come on, Albus

Albus: No. I’m okay you go on

Rose: Albus, I won’t wait

Albus: And I wouldn’t expect you to. But i’m staying here

After talking about their family names - Rose Granger Weasley deems Scorpius the wrong sort of person to be hanging out with and leaves.

Albus chooses Scorpius despite him not being the likely choice. Even his dad doesn’t particularly like his association with a Malfoy but it’s not the family name Albus cares about, just like young Harry.

Its a direct parallel of Harry and Draco’s first meeting in reverse.

Albus can tell who the wrong sort are for himself thanks

What Cecil has failed to realise is how truly important his words really are. In the context of recent events, here is why the words coming out of his mouth were powerful words from a beautiful mouth;

-Thanks to Cecil’s reporting in the past, everyone in Night Vale was aware of Violet and how he differed from the other heads, setting him apart from them and surely making him the most likeable head.

- Thanks to Cecil’s reporting, everyone in Night Vale, no matter where they were and what they could personally see and hear, knew about Violet’s last moments. They heard his last words, they experienced his last moments through Cecil’s powerful gift of story telling.

- Thanks to Cecil’s reporting, a whole town is now able to grieve over the loss of a misunderstood but well meaning mind/personality. They will not forget Violet. He did not die alone, watched only by a few, many of which wanted the rest of his heads dead. He died being watched in the minds of every citizen, many of which feel for him and grieve for him. 

That is the power of Cecil’s words. Sometimes it can feel frustrating if we can’t do something physical to help those we love, but Cecil’s role is not useless. He cares and his care comes through in his reporting. He’s not just an emotionless disembodied voice. He is the disembodied voice that brings the whole town together, and made sure that this significant death did not go unheard of and will therefore surely not be forgotten. 


This is a post for everyone who has ever been involved in tjlc. After 3 and a half years of the Sherlock fandom, it’s encompassed a significant part of my life- and having found tjlc in 2014, the last 2.5 years could have been much worse. It’s partly due to tjlc that I had The Gay Realisation (who doesn’t in this community), I’ve made friends, it’s given me hope when I had none, and I’ve had experiences I will never forget. I know that without tjlc, I would be so less confident, and so much lonelier. I said all of this in Why TJLC Matters, but it needs to be said again, because it will always need to be said. I love each and every one of you. You’re all fantastic, and please take care of yourself in the next two weeks. We know it will all be ok in the end. 

 A few specific shoutouts to people:

@love-in-mind-palace / @atikiology@quietlyprim / @marcelock / @vanetti (thank you for being so nice to me at sherlocked!) / @insanewishfulfillment / @missartemisholmes / @57-circlesofhell / @skulls-and-tea / @tjlc (of course!) / @sapphicvelma / @johnlock-queen / @emilociraptor / @tykobrian / @waitingforgarridebs / @shitelock / @cupidford / @inevitably-johnlocked / @kinklock / @joolabee / @loudest-subtext-in-tv / @martinfreeman / @graceebooks / (and of course) @avocadonaomi

And theres so many more: thank you to everyone who’s ever done anything from written meta, to fanfic, to fanart, to a shitpost. I loved it all, and I love you. 

I don’t think it’s the end of an era, I prefer to think of it as the beginning of a new chapter. 


hi everyone! i would firstly like to thank u all for the notes on my last post about learning anything in 3 steps! i am so grateful and happy that i can help people study and achieve what they want to achieve! 

today i decided to make a post about the night before the exam. for me, i get incredibly anxious at this time and i start doubting myself and all the hard work i have put in. however, i want everyone to know that these feelings are normal, and in order to deal with them, i have made a post to help u out!! no matter what happens in the exam, you will come out a better person for it, knowing more than u did when u went in. this can be difficult to realise the night before so i hope this post gives u some tips in dealing with those nasty feelings!

i’m so proud of you and what you will achieve, no matter what!

best luck and wishes to all,


asmr channels that are 10/10 (idrk how to explain what it actually is, but all these channels should have some info on it in the description bar if ur unsure!!):

albinwhisperland // whispersred // psychetruth // lauralemurex 

Despite all the fuckery Skam is putting us through right now, I’m just so happy about the way they portray an lgbt relationship. They treat them like they’re no different from straight couples, no hate from any friends, no nasty comments, no hiding. The fact that Even was so proud to say “My beautiful.” to a complete stranger and that Isak just posts the cutest pictures on his Instagram, it shows how proud they are to be with each other. How proud they are to be who they are. Like they should be. Like everyone should be. And I’m really thankful to Skam for making me realise that we must all be proud. Because love, is just love.

Yuri!!! On Ice HP AU

So my friend and I started thinking about in which house everyone would be so here ya go.
(While making this post both me and my best friend realised that our brains are linked since we kept saying the same things)

Yuri Katsuki
•patronus is a pig

Victor Nikiforov
•patronus is a dog (she insisted)

Yurio Plisetsky
•patronus is a kitten

Phichit Chulanont
•hufflepuff prefect
•patronus is a hamster

Kenjiro Minami
•patronus is a koala

Leo de la Iglesia
•patronus is a horse

Otabek Altín
•patronus is a bear

Guang-Hong Ji
•patronus is a panda

Jean-Jaques Leroy
•patronus is a lion

Emil Nekola
•patronus is a meerkat

Georgi Popovich
•patronus is a raven

Christophe Giacometti
•patronus is a snake

Seung-Gil Lee
•patronus is a weasel

Michele Crispino
•patronus is an european badger

Mila Babicheva
•patronus is a fox

Sara Crispino
•patronus is a pigeon

Yakov Feltsman
•patronus is an owl

Lilia Baranovskaya
•patronus is a swan

Bonus: We put Georgi in sly so he could take care of yurio. He’s the big bro figure.
Mickey screams ‘she’s a pureblood don’t touch her’ to everyone who gets close to Sara. Sara has a huge crush on Seung-Gil, Mickey is horriffied. He is in raven bc he begged the hat to be in the same house as his sister. JJ has a lion as a patronus and Yurio absolutely detests him for that.

“Makkachin didn’t makkachoke for this disrespect.”-my best friend

i just wanted to draw everyone’s attention to @mcspirkholidayfest , it’s a fantastic blog that has seasonally themed posts and collabs and it’s just so wonderful, people should get involved! It’s really low stress and the mods are wonderfully kind, I almost always forget I’ve agreed and they offer so much support and forgiveness and just love! Aah, I love these guys.

This is my entry for Christmas which I realised after submitting wasn’t very mcspirk-y so I’ve done a follow up picture of the boys loving each other!

The tag on Spock’s present is Spock - it’s a ball. xx Jim because Spock hates surprises (It’s actually a blanket) and Bones’ star says I’m a Christmas miracle and he’s drinking eggnog. Also Jim and Bones had a brief wrestle - which Jim won - which ended in Bones having a red nose just like Rudolf!

Months & Days of the Month

Hey guys, I’ve officially completed my second year at university! All of my exams are over and I’m really excited to be back at home with my family. I realised however, a while ago I made a post about the days of the week in Japanese and I forgot to make a follow-up post about the months in Japanese. So I’m sorry about the delay in this post~ I hope everyone is doing well with their studies, and good luck if it’s also your exam block time!

  1. 一月・いちがつ・January
  2. 二月・にがつ・February
  3. 三月・さんがつ・March
  4. 四月・しがつ・April
  5. 五月・ごがつ・May
  6. 六月・ろくがつ・June
  7. 七月・しちがつ・July
  8. 八月・はちがつ・August
  9. 九月・くがつ・September
  10. 十月・じゅうがつ・October
  11. 十一月・じゅういちがつ・November
  12. 十二月・じゅうにがつ・December

As you can tell the months are really easy to remember as long as you know how to count in Japanese, as it’s only “one month = January”, “second month = February”, etc.

However, days of the month are a bit trickier to remember and will require you to just memorise the days rather than following any patterns or rules.

I hope this helps you out and please feel free to send me lots of requests about anything you would like me to make a post on, or something you’re not sure about!