i read this in his irish accent too. it was wonderful

Not Your Enemy

Pairing: Finn Bálor x Reader

Warnings: Arranged marriage, angst, language, brief graphic death (nightmare), emotional hurt/comfort, very lightly implied smut.

Word Count: 1317

Prompts: This one and this one

Song Inspiration: Not Your Enemy by Jesse McCartney (don’t judge - it just seemed fitting)

A/N: Hello hello! So yesterday, the amazing @deseraysmiththings posted these great writing prompts involving arranged marriage with the Demon King. I wrote a drabble for one that ultimately inspired this one-shot. I really hope you all like it.

Quick reminder for new readers just joining in (hi new readers!): normally, I write fics for Supernatural. However, I’m also a huge fan of WWE and love reading the works of that community as well. After reading some brilliant pieces from - and chatting with - the amazing @devitt-club, I got inspired to write a fic featuring one of my current favorites: Finn Bálor. So I’m new to the WWE fanfic crowd and couldn’t be more thankful for the love I’ve received so far.

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Castle on the Hill

English Literature PhD student Emma Swan just needs money to pay for her last semester of grad school tuition. Killian Jones has always dreamed of opening a bookshop but has never been able to afford it. So when the small principality of Misthaven is looking for their lost princess, the pair decide that this might just be the perfect money making scheme.

A Multi-chapter Modern Day + Lost Princess (think Rapunzel/Anastasia-esque) + Book Lovers in a Coffee Shop AU

Rating: T

Word Count: 30905/ ?

Prologue (Part 1 + 2) // Ch 1 // Ch 2 // Ch 3 // Ch 4

Read on: Ao3

They wander out of Mamie’s just as the sun is beginning to set. Golden hour, Emma thinks it is called.

“So, how much have you seen of Misthaven?” Asks Killian.

Emma frowns, thinking of the Misthaven University library and the endless bowls of cappuccinos at Mamies.

“Hah,” Killian laughs, “That’s what I thought. Too much time with our darling friend Blanche Neige, and hardly any time spent exploring the thriving metropolis of Misthaven.”

Emma chuckles. She thinks of the past few hours she’s spent with Killian in Mamie’s. They’d exchanged favorite quotations, scenes, and characters from Blanche Neige. They discussed all of their other favorite reads. It seems that Killian is quite well read, his favorite books spanning from Dickens to Rushdie. She’s discovered that he’s not just ridiculously good looking, he’s also thoughtful and has a soft spot for literature.

“Hey,” Emma protests, “I have a lot riding on Blanche Neige right now.”

“Yeah, right, your whole future, I know,” Killian snorts, “But you can take one night off from books.”

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The Kitten and the Lion

((A/N: A beginning. No love story immediately… but no love story worth reading ever starts that way. No, we begin with you, dear reader, as a licensed psychologist. Working for the Avengers. Very Harleen Quinzel, if you catch my drift. That’s all the backstory you need, so sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Pairing: Stark x Reader x Loki (triangle, eventual).

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: Language. Nerves.))

Entering the Avengers Tower was always such an arduous process. Sure, they had most of your records already given you’d already spent some time helping SHIELD, but to get to the top floor was a pain. Palm scan when you first entered along with the badge. Facial recognition before the elevator, and a retinal scan once you entered for the top floor.

When Tony Stark had called you a few weeks back it was hard not to be surprised at his request. But he trusted you, so he had said. You’d done some invaluable work deciphering personality profiles for a few of the harder targets but it had proved effective. Within a month they had managed to get their hands on hostile targets that had eluded them for a while. Psychology was your forte, despite the skepticism you’d come in with from others. It was such a questioned science.

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Give Me Some Sugar

This is my CSSV gift for the lovely @hopeandbeans. I hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day!

During our conversations over the weeks, you mentioned baking and fluff, so here is a light-hearted, baking-themed AU I wrote for you. It was a pleasure getting to know you and I truly hope you enjoy your gift. 

Your CS Secret Valentine,


Summary: Owning a cupcake and candy shop has always been Killian’s dream and managing a Hallmark Store was far from a fairytale for Emma. But when piercing blue-eyed Irish man meets green-eyed, sassy blonde, it just might be a match made in heaven. Every holiday and special occasion, they both buy product from each other for their family and significant others, until one year when they both end up single on Valentine’s Day and exchange more than just cards and sweets. 

Rating: F for friendship and fluffiness

Word count: 5,275

Also on AO3 and FF.N

It was Emma’s first week as store manager and she was pulling her hair out trying to learn the register and figure out where everything went while restocking and setting up displays. She had experience with managing convenience stores and gift shops back in Boston but Storybrooke was something quite different.

Nestled in Northern Maine, the citizens of the quiet town all seemed to migrate to this one shopping center - the Storybrooke Mall. Which Emma guessed was understandable considering that it took up almost half of Storybrooke - okay, that might be exaggerating a bit. But still, she couldn’t fathom where all of these people could be coming from. And she was pretty sure the water was contaminated with some kind of happy potion because they were all super exuberant and enthusiastic and just overall way too giddy like they were all hopped up on caffeine and sugar. And for some reason they all decided to do their shopping at the Hallmark Store. It wasn’t even a holiday.

Emma had finished up most of her final tasks of the day and was anchored behind the front counter after she had sent the last employee home. Being on her feet for a little over twelve hours and taking in everything that was thrown at her during her training that week was enough to make her want to go home, crawl into her comfortably warm bed and sleep for a month.

She was already regretting her decision to come here. To leave Boston with the hopes of starting fresh seemed a little ridiculous now. Nevertheless, she promised her best friend, Mary Margaret, that she would give the place a chance. She exhaled a heavy sigh. Why did she always make promises she knew she couldn’t keep?

The customers dwindled down to none and it was nearing nine o’clock. Emma was literally counting down the seconds when she looked over the counter displays and caught a glimpse of someone entering the store. Emma was cursing under her breath and praying that the last-minute customer would just make their purchases and leave, when a pair of blue eyes came into her line of sight. Emma was not the type of girl to get flustered or all googly-eyed over a man. She didn’t easily get swept off of her feet and she certainly didn’t swoon. Real life was not a freaking hallmark card for crying out loud.

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last christmas party

after nearly a year together, you find yourself jealous because harry never informed you of his history with a certain someone.

warning: there’s the tiniest bit of smut at the end.

“Love? You ready to go?” Harry walked into the threshold of our bedroom just as I was finishing applying my lipstick and then I turned to look at him. He whistled and blood rushed to my cheeks, “Look at you.” He said, his voice low as he walked towards me.

I smiled, “Me? Please, look at you.” I teased, pulling him by the lapels as he got closer.

His hands ran up and down my bare arms, “Don’t you have a sweater? S'gonna be cold tonight.”

“Who needs a sweater when I have you?” I teased and bopped his nose with my finger and he scrunched up his face in protest.

“Seriously, love, you’re going to get sick if you don’t put something on.” He said as I walked past him to get my shoes.

“I have a coat.” I saw him notice my bare legs under my dress as I put on my ankle boots. “Harry, I’m fine. Promise. The alcohol will keep me warm when you’re unavailable.” I smiled at him and he smiled back uneasily but stayed quiet, knowing I would kick him out of our flat before letting him tell me how to dress. “Besides, if I get sick that’s just an excuse to have you wait on my every beck and call as I stay in bed.”

That got him really smiling, his dimples showing, “Ah, so the masterplan is revealed.”

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[[ Request: jealous jax imagine ]] - I’ve already done an imagine where Jax was jealous (click here to read it), so I thought I would make this one a bit different and go for a more protective side of things, just so the writing isn’t so monotonous. Hope you enjoy!

You stood by the bar, waiting on Chucky to bring back the drink you had asked for ten minutes ago. You rolled your eyes, wondering where nub-fingers had wandered off to now. You plopped down in a barstool and glanced around the room. The place was a mess. There were bikers, businessmen, crow eaters, and CaraCara girls scattered everywhere. The club was trying to secure some potential business partners, a bunch of gun-dealing lunatics, and they were throwing a big rager at the clubhouse to impress their potential partners. Clay wanted to have the deal secured before the night was over. Nobody really seemed to care for these businessmen too much - there was something a little off about them - but desperate times called for desperate measures. With the Irish temporarily out of the gun trade, SAMCRO was forced to buy elsewhere. And these guys just happened to be the next best thing. 

Gemma had asked for your help getting everything ready for the party, and as the old lady of the mother charter’s VP, you couldn’t exactly say no. Besides, Gemma was sort of your almost-mother-in-law, a thought that mildly terrified you. So you had half-heartedly agreed to Gemma’s request, and you had been helping her and Chucky stock the bar nearly all day. Now that the party had actually started and the guests of honor had arrived, you were taking a break and getting yourself a much needed, much deserved drink. That is, if Chucky would ever bring it back. 

After another few minutes of waiting, you grew impatient. You walked around the bar, deciding you would get your own drink. You were in the middle of pouring your favorite Scotch whisky into your glass when the sound of a thick Midwestern accent filled your ears. 

You looked up to see a young, fairly attractive man sitting at the bar in front of you. You knew he was a little too young to be one of the men in charge. He didn’t wear a suit like the other men either, and you wondered if he was some sort of security. You couldn’t help but notice the large muscles hidden just underneath the sleeves of his t-shirt. 

“Mind making me one of those?” he asked, flashing you a flirtatious smile.

You nodded your head and smiled politely, removing a second glass from the shelf and filling it with whisky, all the while, silently cursing Chucky for deserting the bar and inadvertently leaving you in charge. 

“So, uh,” the man bit his lip suggestively. “After I have that drink,” he cocked his head to the side, “Maybe we could go somewhere a little more private.” 

You slammed the glass down on the bar and let out an annoyed scoff. “I don’t know what kind of idea you’ve got in your head,” you shook your head, eyebrows raised in disbelief. “But I am not one of them,” you stated, pointing in the general direction of Ima and the rest of the CaraCara girls who were currently half-naked and giving lap dances to the rest of the businessmen. 

The man flashed you a confident grin. “That don’t matter much to me, babe.” 

You tightened your jaw, trying to refrain from burying your fist in this arrogant asshole’s face. “Well, how about just a simple ‘no’, then?” you quipped, pushing the glass of whisky towards him just hard enough so some splashed out onto his shirt. “Also, I’m not your babe.” You flashed him a painfully fake smile. “Have a nice night,” you snapped, walking angrily away from the bar.


You sat at the table outside of the clubhouse, staring at the reaper on the wall in front of you and smoking a cigarette. You had to get out of the clubhouse for a little while. The smell of alcohol, cheap perfume, and even cheaper business suits was beginning to give you a headache, and you needed a break from it all. You took a long, slow drag of your cigarette and sighed. You swore if you had to look at another bare ass or cheap polyester suit, your eyes would roll out of your head. 

You heard a smug laugh behind you. You didn’t even have to turn around to know who it was. You could smell his shitty cologne from a mile away. 

“We meet again,” the man said, probably thinking to himself that he was clever. But you already knew he had seen you walk out the door and followed you out after a few minutes, just long enough for him to be able to deny following you and insist it had been a coincidence.

You rolled your eyes and took another drag of your cigarette before tossing it to the ground and putting it out with the toe of your boot. You had to give it to him, if nothing else, he was persistent. “And now we say goodbye again,” you retorted, starting to walk back towards the door to the clubhouse. 

The man grabbed you by your arm suddenly, stopping you in your tracks. You felt his fingers dig into your arm, and he stared hard at you. 

You glared back at him, your face now rigid as stone. “Let go of me,” you snarled through gritted teeth, your voice calm and calculated. 

“I just wanna talk, baby,” the man responded, a disgustingly conceited smile spreading across his face. He shrugged and let out a short laugh. “That’s all.” 

You saw Jax walking up to you out of the corner of your eye. As soon as the man saw him, he quickly let your arm go.

“Hey, babe,” Jax said as he approached you. His eyes moved between you and the man standing in front of you. “What’s going on here?” Jax had a mischievous smirk on his face, and you knew that could only mean one thing. He had already seen the man talking to you at the bar earlier, and he didn’t quite like it. But now, seeing this man put his hands on you like that, how uncomfortable you clearly were, and the man’s inability to take no for an answer, Jax had to intervene. And he was going to have a little fun with it.

The man shook his head and flashed Jax a smug smile. “Just havin’ a friendly conversation.” 

“Is that right?” Jax asked, his smirk growing wider. He cocked his head to the side. “’Cause it looked to me like you were harassing my girlfriend here.” 

The man stood straight, realizing he was about to get himself into some trouble over you. He shook his head again, his jaw tightening. “Nah, man. We were just talking.” 

Jax nodded his head and raised his eyebrows, that famous smirk still present on his lips. “Good thing,” he told the guy, who was now clearly growing nervous. “’Cause if you were bothering her,” Jax shrugged nonchalantly and grinned. “I’d have to kill you.” 

The man’s eyes grew wide, much to Jax’s amusement. Jax slapped a hand on the man’s shoulder and let out a sadistic laugh. “And I just cleaned my knife, man.” 

Jax threw his arm protectively around your waist. “Don’t ever mess with another man’s girl, asshole.” He led you back towards the clubhouse, leaving the man standing there with a shocked expression on his face.


"Bye, Gem!” you called over your shoulder as Jax led you outside. The party was still raging inside, but Jax decided to call it a night. The deal had been closed, and Clay didn’t need him anymore. All Jax wanted to do was go home and get you in bed. “Call me tomorrow, and I’ll help clean up!” you called to Gemma, ignoring Jax as he continued to pull you towards the door.

“Bye, baby,” she told you. “Love you! You too, Jackson!” 

You smiled and turned back to your old man, who was shaking his head at both you and his mother.  

“She never stops talking when you’re around,” he joked, “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

You shrugged. “Gemma likes me.”

Jax shook his head and let out a laugh. “I never thought I’d see the day that Gemma actually liked someone.” He leaned down, placed a kiss on the top of your head, and threw his arm over your shoulder. He flashed you a wide smile. “But I’m glad it’s you.” 

You were making your way towards Jax’s bike when Jax caught sight of the man from earlier, now sitting behind the wheel of a very expensive, very new car. It was obvious that he was waiting on you to walk outside. Apparently he had made the mistake of thinking you would be alone. The devilish little smirk you loved and knew so well began to form on Jax’s face again, and you already knew what he was thinking. Before you could stop him, he had removed his Ka-Bar from its sheath on his belt and had stabbed it into the front grill of the man’s car. Jax pulled the knife back quickly, a wild and satisfied look in his eyes. Both of you looked up at the man. All he could do was stare, his eyes wide and his mouth agape. He didn’t dare move.

Jax put his knife into its sheath and threw his arm back around your shoulders. He turned, once again heading in the direction of his bike. He looked over his shoulder and called back to the man, “Told you not to mess with another man’s girl!” 

Risk For Reward (Finn Balor) Vol. 6

Prompt: You are the new make-up artist for WWE. You have no prior knowledge of Finn or the work that goes into creating the demon. With a whole new world to discover is there room to be anything but professional? Your biggest test will be fighting your new demon(s) and showing that’s this job was made for you. Even if resisting Finn will be harder than you first thought.

Pairing: Finn Balor & Reader

Word count: 1k

Warning: None..yet ;)

Those who wish to be tagged! @ambrosegirlforever, @valeonmars, @thebadchic, @nickysmum1909, @vsturgeon5489

Please let me know if you would like to be tagged! I’d be more than happy to add you! :)

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Chibs Telford - I Won't Give Up On You |1|

Basically just a smut filled angsty piece that has been brewing for a while.

I laid there on the table nervous. Today I was finding out the sex of the baby. Tara was suppose to have been the one to have done the procedure, but she herself was in the hospital over a broken hand and wrist. Apparently it had just happened yesterday on a trip with Jax.

“Well, Miss. Morrow, there’s the baby.”

The doctor said as he pointed out the baby. I couldn’t help but look at it, realizing for the first time through this whole thing that I was pregnant.

I was smiling as I entered the club with the envelope with the picture of the ultrasounds in them and the gender of the baby. Walking inside I was looking for Chibs. Chibs was sitting at the bar nursing a beer when you came in. He set it down and walked over wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing you softly.

“How was the appointment love, sorry I couldn’t make it.”

He said pulling away slightly. He had wanted to be there but Clay needed him on a job with Jax that ended up going all day.

“It’s okay.”

I told him with a small warm smile. I handed him the envelope for him to take as I looked up at him.

“Pictures and gender is inside.”

I said with a large smile on my lips now.

“Why don’t we take this to my dorm, have our moment in private.”

Chibs told you keeping his arm around your waist as he leads you up to his dorm. He loved his brothers and his family but this was a moment he wanted to himself. He was excited, the nursery was almost finished and now all that was needed was the baby’s gender.

I was still smiling as he lead me to his dorm. Once we were inside I looked up at him again.

“Open it and see.”

I said happily as I seen the excited expression that plaid on his face. Chibs sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled you onto his lap.  Keeping one arm wrapped around you he opened the envelope looking through the pictures first.

Seeing the baby, his baby actually brought tears to his eyes. It was getting closer and closer to being able to see it.  He came onto the paper that said the gender and was thoroughly reading it not wanting to miss any details.

I moved my hand across his face to clean up the tears that he started crying as he looked over the pictures. Leaning over I kissed his cheek and down to his neck while he read to find out the gender was a boy.

“A boy, I’m gonna have a son.”

Chibs whispered carefully setting the pictures down and pulling you into a kiss.
He held you as tightly as possible as he kissed you trying to pour whatever emotion and feeling he could into it.

“I love ya so much [Name], more than I could ever say.”

He told you pulling away and looking down at you with a tearful gaze. I looked up and him and brushed away more tears as I wore a heartfelt smile.

“Stop getting emotional on me, old man, that my job.”

I said chuckling a little as I felt my heart wrenching from how emotional this was all getting.

“I love ya too Filip.”

I said doing a shitty Scottish accent with a slight chuckle at the end.

“Woman we need to work on yer accent, sounds like shit.”

Chibs told you chuckling as he wiped the last of his tears away.  He picked up the pictures once more and gazed down at them with a small smile. He was looking at his baby, his son right now. He almost couldn’t believe it, he never thought he’d have the chance to have this opportunity.

“Hey! I can’t do Scottish, but I can do Irish.”

I said saying ‘Irish’ in the perfect tone with the roll of my tongue. I smiled largely as I watched him looking back down at the pictures.

“Well yer not with an Irish man luv, yer Ol'man is a Scot through and through.”

He told you in a proud and arrogant tone.
He set the pictures aside on the nightstand and pulled you back on the bed with him on the bed.

“Been talking with Jax about Juicey.”

He told you leaning in and kissing you a few times. I chuckled at the cocky comment of him being Scottish, only to stop when I looked at him wide-eyed when he brought up Juice.


I asked, holding onto his kutte as I sat there on his lap. I had found out the other day that Juice had been in tow against his will with Roosevelt. I had told Chibs and thing had gotten emotional. I loved Juice, deeply, he was my friend after all and I just wanted to make sure he was safe.

Telling Chibs I thought it could help Juice. I’d only hoped that I was right about my decisions that I made. He sighed running his hand along your back as he thought of what happened with Jax.

“What he did was bad luv, ya know that. It could potentially hurt the club on a big extent. Jax and I agreed that we’d keep Juice close and away from Roosevelt and the Feds. I offered to take responsibility for whatever else may happen.”

Chibs explained wanting to be as honest as possible with you.

“So for right now Juicey is fine.”

I felt the nervousness gone. I couldn’t help but smile as I pressed my lips down onto his. I knew that loyalty to the club was a big thing, so knowing that he was willing to do this was big. I kissed his lips again and again.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

I said through the kisses. Chibs couldn’t help but chuckle into the kisses as he returned them. You had to know by now that he’d do anything for you.  Absolutely anything.

“Your welcome darlin, just I need to know one thing.”

He said pulling away with a serious look coming to his face. I looked at him oddly.


I asked blinking slowly as I looked at him. I wondered what had happened to make him get so serious all of a sudden. I started to feel nervous.

“Should I be worried about ye and Juice?”

He asked being blunt about it, there was no point in dancing around the matter. He didn’t want to have to worry about you and Juice especially if a baby was being brought into  I looked at him oddly for a moment pulling back from him as I wondered what it was that he meant.

“What are you talking about?”

Looking at him questionably.

“Ya said ya loved him, Juice told me about the kiss. I need to know Nikki, I’m not gonna worry about ya getting tired of me and going to Juice.”

He told you inadvertently admitting something he had been scared of since the argument he had with you. I leaned back a bit looking at him. My mouth gaping slightly as I looked at him. It was true. I had kissed Juice but it was an emotional and in he heat of the moment type of thing. I was worried and scared for the man that it just… it just happened.

“What… what makes you think that I’d… I’d get tired of you?”

I asked looking at him shocked and heartbroken having heard him saying that.

“Juice is closer to yer age, ya have feelings fer him. It wouldn’t take much fer ya to get together.”

He said leaning back against the pillows on the bed sighing deeply. He knew you loved him and he knew damn well you loved him but the age gap only ever worried him in this aspect. When a younger man could take you from him.

I sat there on on his lap still. My legs on either side of his legs as I looked down at him. I blinked slowly as I watched him. My hands went to the first button on my shirt as I started undoing it. I didn’t say anything as I fully unbuttoned the shirt. Letting it fall off my shoulders.

Chibs watched you confused as you took your shirt off while sitting on his lap looking down at him. He didn’t know what you were doing and not only was he curious he wanted to understand what this had to do with the conversation he’d just had with you.

I reached back behind me and unhooked my bra allowing it to fall onto the bed, allowing the words “Filip” in cursive to be reviled around the inner left curve of my breast in black and grey cursive. The skin around it red from the fresh tattoo I got after finding out the sex of our son.

I had no intentions of leaving him.

The Consulting Artist

Paring: Sherlock Holmes/Reader

Tags: Shy Reader, Artist Reader, Artist Sherlock, Fluff, Alternate Universe - Painting, Sherlock is mean to Meena, Sherlock is mean to mostly everyone but this is no exception

Summary: Reader is signed up for art classes with a class-A asshole artist named Mr Sherlock Holmes.

Word Count: 910

Posting Date:  2016-05-19

Current Date: 2017-05-08

Originally posted by trechos-of-books

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The Beanie Boy (Septiplier AU) - Part 1

Yes! Tis I! Another person with MORE AU’s!! Anyways, lemme explain this, and warn you. 


So I wanted to share at least ONE of my AU’s, and if you guys like it I’ll TOTALLY write more. So comments always help!! The tag to find his story is “The Beanie Boy” or “Septiplickles AU”

Really hope you guys like!!!

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Model: Jack

Prompt: Technology

AU: ???

 This is so late! Sorry about that everyone, ya know how life can get. Anyway, this was inspired by a couple of animes I’ve watched. Not sure how well this one turned out, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless! 

 “Mark?” Mark stood up straight and turned to the general that had called his name. He saluted, the general mirroring his actions. Only after that was done did Mark answer.

 “Yes sir?” The general motioned toward his office and Mark followed him inside. They both took a seat and Mark began fidgeting with his hands. Nervous as to why he had been called in here. The general noticed.

 “You can calm down Mark, you’re not in any trouble. Quite the opposite in fact.” Mark stopped and laughed, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck.

 “Sorry general, just, uh, never been called to the office like this before, ya know?” The general chuckled lightly.

 “Yes, I understand. I remember a similar situation I had gotten into when I was your age and rank.” He shook his head. “But, we’re not talking about that right now. I called you in here today because we want you to test out a new piece of technology that our military has just finished creating.” Mark blinked before his eyes went wide.

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Originally posted by stylesly

Click on the underlined words to see their clothes. Read of how you and H met here.

Harry is nervous, there is no doubt about that. Nervous might be an understatement actually due to the mood changes, loss of appetite and enormous amount of butterflies traveling around his stomach. He finds you wonderful, and he’s never quite found anyone this incredible since well, his mother possibly. 

“Have I even got anything to wear?” He mutters to himself, examining his closet for the seventh time. He pulls out his yellow sheer shirt, the same one from the History music video. 

“Too much.” He sighs, placing it back in. All he wants is for you to like him as much as he’s grown to like you over the days of nonstop texting, with a few FaceTimes. 

Harry walks into his living room without sans a shirt, letting out an exasperated sigh.
“You don’t know what to wear?” Niall raises an eyebrow, “She must be one special girl then.” He concludes, sitting from H’s couch where he is beating Louis at FIFA in the process. 

“No fucking way,” Louis bitterly swears as he watches the replay of Niall’s winning goal. “there’s no fucking way you didn’t cheat there Niall!”

“Can’t even cheat ‘cause I don’t know how.” Niall replies back, his Irish accent thick as ever. Louis groans but Niall continues, “I’m an honest man Lou.”

“Could you be so honest enough to tell me if this date idea is a shit one?” Harry mumbles from the corner with his hands in his face.

Louis rolls his eyes, “Mate, you’re over thinking this! She clearly likes you and whatever idea you’ve put together, as sappy as this one is, I think we all know she’s gonna love.”

Niall’s phone rings from his pocket before Harry can respond. It’s Liam, over FaceTime. 

“Hey lads!” Liam speaks to the phone, “I’m at Tesco’s right now, Harry what sort of chocolate did you want again? ‘Can’t really read your handwriting here.“ 

Harry rubs his eyes as he talks, “Just the regular Cadbury milk chocolate, incase she’s allergic to anything.” There is a pause before he continues maundering, “I know her favourite has got to be Kinder Bueno, but you can’t really melt that to dip things in. Can you? Dammit, do you think she’d prefer the Kinder Bueno? I-“ 

“You’re so nervous for a date that hasn’t even gone wrong yet, calm yourself for a moment. From the amount you’ve been going on about her in the last few days it doesn’t seem like it matters what sort of chocolate ‘cause she’ll be focused on you.” Liam consoles a very conflicted Harry. 

“Now go put on a shirt and tell the other two to get the things out to start preparing." 

"Liam!” Harry whines, “I can’t pick a shirt." 

"Right mate I’m going to text you the number of someone that I think’ll really help.” With that, Liam hangs up. Harry waits a moment to receive the same number of a Lou Teasdale. He frowns before pressing dial, realising she might be of help. 

“What can I do for you Harry?” She asks.

“Louise!” He can already feel Lou rolling her eyes, “I’ve got a date tonight and.." 

The discussion continues for another ten minutes after debate and process of elimination, he finally decides on one of his classic YSL button up’s, a simple black background with small white dots all over.

He fluffs and tucks his hair back in its usual place, sniffing once more in front of the mirror before texting you. 

Him to you: 

Hi darling, I’ll be there in ten minutes to pick you up. Can’t wait to see you. xx 


On your end, things are just as jittery. 

"FUCK.” You scream, seeing the text from Harry. Your best friend is over, trying to help you get ready.

“What?! Has he cancelled?” One looks over to see the text. Her eyes widen, “Ten minutes?!" 

"You’ve got to work a bit faster darling.” You urge as she tends to your hair. You tap your fingers while staring at the outfit in front of you. 

“Do you think he’ll like it?” You wonder out loud, biting your lip in displeasure. You’ve gone through about ten different ensembles and your entire wardrobe twice before narrowing it down to that one.  

“I mean he said casual, and I’m okay with that but do you know how many different forms of causal there could be?”

Your friend rolls her eyes, “How many?”

“There’s causal as in jeans and a t-shirt for a trip to Sainsbury’s but I mean then there’s street casual as in a music festival, then there’s formal casual for a dinner out with friends so do you think that it’ll suffice? He wouldn’t tell me anymore of what we were supposed to do so-”

“Hey,” You hear her cut in, “stop rambling first of all. And I don’t think your clothes will be the make or break of a date with him." 

She stops to set your hair down, turning you around on the chair to ruffle it up a bit.

"He likes you, okay? So don’t be so insecure about it because I’m sure if he didn’t he wouldn’t have asked you on a date.” She laughs. You breathe for a moment knowing she’s right. Harry’s the last judgmental person you know of.

“Now,” Your friend says finally, “get your clothes on because if I’m right you’ve got about two minutes to do so.”

She’s right about her timing, Harry’s finger presses against the doorbell in two minutes time. He’s holding a bouquet of flowers and messes with his hair once more before you open. 

Harry himself is a jumble of nerves, with excitement and anxiety raging in him. He only gets this before going on stage, but I guess him wanting you to have a great time and not fuck things up makes it all the same.

“H,” You speak with a tone that would match his feelings at the moment. Neither of you know that you both share the same feelings. 

His lips curve upwards as he sees you.  

“You look breathtaking.” He communicates in a small voice, not being able to comprehend your beauty to him. Your cheeks burn when you take the flowers reached out for you. 

“Thank you. These are gorgeous.” You respond with the utmost gratitude. He’s making you feel special and you’ve only been with him for thirty seconds. “and you look handsome yourself.”

“Come in.” You invite him into your flat which is much smaller than his home but nonetheless you still love.

“You’ve got a lovely flat.” He compliments sincerely and you smile again, “Thank you Harry.”

“Right,” You say after placing the vase full of his flowers onto your table, “I think we should get going, yeah? To wherever you won’t tell me, for some odd reason.”

He laughs, “It’s for a good reason. I think you’ll like it. I hope you do." 

You lock your door behind you as you fake gasp, "You aren’t taking me to the woods to murder me or anything right? I’ve just paid my Netflix bill for the month and I’d like to get my money’s worth before anything like that happens.” You joke. 

“No, not that extreme.” He rolls his eyes while opening the car door for you. “Stop asking questions! You’ll see when we’re there love.”


“Are we going to some house party?” You joke, pulling up to his home.   

He smiles, “No, but you aren’t allowed to look yet.” He pulls out one of us old rag scarves from his bandana days, gesturing for you to come over. You stand in front of him as he lays it over your eyes.

“I’m putting a lot of faith into you right now Styles.” You say menacingly. His hands fall to different places: one to your hand and one to the small of your back. 

“Careful there love, there’s a few steps up.” His deep voice booms into your ears. You hear both your shoes and his click against his hardwood floors. 

“Stand here for a moment.” He instructs. The sound of a latch opening a door fills your ears. Harry’s warm hands soon return back to where they were before to guide you.

“A couple more steps love.” You hear him say causing you to nod.

“Here we are.” He announces, a sense of pride at the sight before him. He undoes the bandana on front of your eyes and you’re speechless at the sight in front of you.

There is a blanket and a few pillows set up on the grass. Next to it is a small table with a couple bowls of pasta with some bread and some wine. To decorate the area itself, there are fairy lights strung around the trees with some more flowers and lanterns on the floor. Lastly, you see a projector on another table, facing the white screen that is in front of everything else.

Harry studies your face as you take in the scene before you. He admires the light in your eyes, proud that he is able to do it.

“Oh my god,” You utter out, “it’s amazing, Harry.” You cannot find the right words to describe all that is going on. No one has ever gone through that much trouble for a first date for you. 

He laces your fingers with his as you two step forward to it. 

“I got the help of a few friends, can’t let that go by. But I do hope you like it.” He tells you shyly, “Since I can’t really take you out on a picnic in elsewhere without being followed by those damn paps, I decided to make one here.”

You grin widely whilst squeezing his hand once, “It’s perfect, H.”

Sitting at the table, you inhale the delicious smelling food before you.

“I um, I hope you like pasta. I cooked it myself today.” He admits softly. 

“It’s my favourite.”

The next few moments are spent with laughter,  making the insecurity he held about the plans vanish. That’s what you do to him, make any negativity vanish. You admire the way he throws his head back laughing and the sound he makes while doing so.

“You have a lovely backyard.” You compliment, this time making his cheeks turn pink.

“Thank you, though I still wish I could’ve taken you to a place a bit more public, I had this idea at Holland Park-” “No, no.” You stop him, twisting your fork into food, “There couldn’t be anything better than this.”

“And I don’t think I would miss trying your cooking, it’s delicious.” 

He laughs, “Why thank you. I try.” He raises his hands as if there’s an applaud around him. He then stops eating for a moment, just looking straight at you.

“What?” You blush at his intense gaze, feeling yourself melt just a bit.

"Nothing.” He smirks, picking at his food.

“No no! Say it H.” You urge.

Harry reaches over to tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear, just as he did before. You feel yourself turn vermillion at the gesture.

“You’re beautiful.” He speaks lowly, voice grazing your eardrums with pleasure.

You set down your fork and blink at him, a smile slowly reaching your face. You swallow as you breathe, “Why me?”

You add, “What makes me so special compared to anyone else?” In the many times you’ve spoken to him, you think back to all the beautiful women he is surrounded with as part of his role in the music industry. 

He smiles, having wanted to talk about you for a while now. 

“There is no comparison. You’re intelligent and breathtaking and so wonderful to be around. You’ve made me feel the best I’ve ever felt, and that I can’t ever get from anyone else. You make me feel something I can’t even describe, and I think the best things don’t need an explanation.”

You don’t even notice that he’s locked your hands together. He pauses for a second to admire the blush on your cheeks, “You’re beautiful Y/N, that’s why.”

For a moment you think you’re going to cry, and you might just at his words. Out of all the people, he’s chosen to have you for a date. And it’s in something indescribable that he’s found a quality so dazzling, but he dares not question what. You’re growing into him faster than the speed of sound, and he’s okay with that.

You drop your jaw in shock, believing right then and there that you’ve never heard anything more marvelous. Harry has broken more barriers with you in the past few days than any other man ever. 

“I-I.. Harry, I.. thank you.” You simply voice, not trusting yourself with proper wording. 

“You’ve erm.. I think you’ve made me feel how you’re describing and yes I don’t think I could put it into words.” 

“See!” He throws his arms out. “But it’s best that way, because then there’s other things you can do to show it.” You blush deeply as you have an idea of what.

Dinner is finished with and he brings out a couple bowls full of strawberries, bananas and the melted chocolate he had Liam bring.

“I’m allergic to fruit.” You say seriously and the colour drains from his face. He opens his mouth a few times to try to explain but after a few seconds you can’t take it and you cave. 

“I’m joking!” You chuckle and he breathes again. “Although I do know someone who is and it’s quite tragic they’ll never know the sweetness of an apple.”

Harry sets the bowls down as you two move to the blanket. You adore the way he looks in this light, with the sun having set but there’s still a few minutes before it turns completely dark outside. 

To set dessert off, Harry takes a strawberry, dips it in the chocolate then feeds you. You’re completely aware of how cheesy you two currently are and still are a hundred percent okay with it.

The stars finally come out a few minutes after the fruit is gone. You and Harry lie back down on the pillows, with his arms encompassing your body. You settle into his touch as if it’s been the one thing missing to your comfort- and in a way it sort of is.

Harry kisses the top of your head gently before tracing strands of your hair. He hums a tune you haven’t heard before and you wonder if it’s a new song.

“I wrote it with Niall yesterday, I could show you later if you’d like.” 

You nod softly, urging him to continue on.

His fingers play with yours as you listen to his heartbeat match the pace of yours. You blink at the perfection of the moment, never ever wanting it to end. You stare at the stars and ponder on how you’ve come to this. 

“It’s odd to think about,” Harry starts, causing you to raise an eyebrow.

“There are so many undiscovered worlds and planets out there that we might not ever get to to touch. I read online of how many there could be and I swear there has to be another Earth out there.”

You feel the rings around his finger as you chortle a reply, “I hope that Earth isn’t as screwed up as this one.”

He nods, “Everything from news around the world to a petty crime across the river is making this world so much colder than it should be. It’s a bit ironic though, because climate change is melting the ice caps.” 

You sigh at the truth, wanting world peace more than ever.

“The world is a crumpled mess of hypocrites and fools, broken down by what we always think the other can’t or won’t do. It happens anyways, making us doubt how everything is. But what’s ‘supposed’ to happen is far from what truly goes on, and even more surprising, the world still seems to go ‘round, despite the loss of hope.” You declare.

“Hope is weird isn’t it?” Harry states, “It’s difficult to know when to have it and when to forget about it, because first you’ve got to decide if you should still hold on, then you have to have faith that what you want will work.”

“Should we start the film now?” Harry asks after a pause of silence, “A bit too serious for what’s supposed to be a fun date.” You both laugh. He reaches over to switch on the film and you see that Notting Hill begins to play. 

“Oh my god I love this film.” You claim, making Harry mentally high-five himself in his head. “I hoped so. If you didn’t then I don’t think we should see each other anymore.” He jokes, though part of you wonders if he’s actually kidding.

The fairy lights are turned on and everything around you is absolutely magical. You see a few clouds in the sky but think nothing of it, however half of you knows how mental London weather can be. 

And as both you and Harry hoped it wouldn’t, it begins to rain.

“How many mistakes did I make?” 


“Damn it.”

Is the scene that goes on in Notting Hill when you begin to feel raindrops on your skin. You cross your fingers wishing it would stop at just that but as time progresses, the two of you have to move in.

“Dammit.” Harry repeats after Julia Roberts. “There goes another projector.” He says, staring out at the harsh rain. 

You giggle, “Another? What happened to the first?”

“I, er..” He smiles embarrassingly, “I had a barbeque with a bunch of friends and we were going to have a movie night as well, but Louis tripped Niall and in the process Niall spilt beer all over the last one.” You laugh at his story. “The teenager at the store was looking at me weird when I purchased a second one.” 

“Are you alright though?” He inquires. “I could give you a blanket or one of my sweatshirts? Whatever makes you more comfortable.”

“We could share a blanket on the couch.. if that’s what you want as well.” You offer and he nods as though it’s the best idea he’s heard all day.

Getting comfortable together again, you peer at the item on his table. It’s a leather bound journal with papers sticking out of it. You pick it up once he settles in with you.

“What’s this?” You share a small smile. He picks it from your hands to touch the material. 

“It’s sort of my everything journal. I’ve got a few entries from tour, drawings and written songs. Like the one I wrote with Niall yesterday, I can show you if you’d like.” You agree and he stands to get his guitar.

In your mind you’re screaming, as a fan you’ve seen photos of Harry playing guitar but never have you seen or heard him play it. You think of the millions of girls that would kill to have this and feel butterflies, he’s doing this for you.

“Okay, erm, so it sort of goes like this..” He commences a beautiful song, one you never want to stop hearing. He maintains eye contact with you as the song is a love song, and both your hearts are soon becoming for each other. You hum along to the beat of the song, an ache growing for him.

The song finishes minutes later and he sets his guitar down, his eyes not ever leaving yours. The room is quiet with only your guys’ steady breathing, smiles all around.

Subconsciously you’re both leaning closer to each other until his hands cup your cheeks, yours around his torso.

“Erm, can I-” “Kiss me you fool.” 

There are not enough words in the English language to describe what kissing the love of your life is like. Of course you both have not admitted it yet but you two are for each other. A kiss is what you do when there are no words to be able to convey how you feel. Sparks fly, there are fireworks, all that cheesy but could not be more true is how his lips feel on yours. 

They move in sync as he kisses you with a deep passion. His tongue meets yours in a battle whilst pleasure courses through both your veins. This kiss has needed to happen for a long time now.

Detaching your mouths for air, you have never looked more beautiful to him than at this angle. Your hair is slightly disheveled from the day’s events, lips reddening from the kiss. Your eyes are bright with a light that he’ll idolize for the rest of his life. 

Harry himself look breathtaking as always. His hair has managed to stay the mess it is, only a bit damp from the rain. You lick your lips while glancing at his ever-plump lips, his green iris’s dilated from seeing you. 

There’s the feeling again, only multiplied to an unfathomable number. Everything is beautiful, and that is admitted with sincerity. And in that moment you and Harry know that you’re the happiest you’ve ever been.

Oh how I wish, that was me. Yes I wrote that in Zayn’s voice.

So there you have it my loves, the first date :) I got a couple requests for it and decided to do it as now is my spring break. I hope it suffices for you all, I might make a few edits later on. But damn is that a cute date idea, now I have high expectations for a first date.

Apologies for the kissing scene, as much as I love reading and writing smut, I didn’t want to get too detailed as they still are just on their first date.

About to go eat a snack and watch How I Met Your Mother. Don’t forget to shoot me a request  if you’d like. Actually, PLEASE TALK TO ME IM A KIND PERSON I PROMISE. I swear I had a wittier authors note than this. Must be the hunger making me forgetful.

Love to you all, 

Iz xx

An Afternoon with Mark Gatiss & Friends notes

So, according to the ever-lovely Ian there will hopefully soon be a recording of this afternoon’s Q&A made available by LLGS, but this is a partially-typed-on-the-bus recollection of some of the particularly fun or memorable bits from An Afternoon With Mark Gatiss & Friends. In no particular order and with no promise of coherence.

Behind a cut because that turned out more rambling than I intended!

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Good Luck Charm - Finn Bálor One-Shot

Request: I’m really curious on how the reader and Finn first met, I know they met in NXT, but I would like to read on their first time meeting, and just thought it’ll be cute.

A/N: Indeed, they did meet in NXT! Reader and Finn had that, “Love-At-First-Sight” cheesy thing going on, but she was a fan of his when he had Prince Devitt going on. ;) Finn was the true reason she went chased after the dream in the first place… But I’ll give a bit of flashbacks on how I imagined it playing out inside my head. Enjoy! :)

Also, for anyone wondering about the age gap currently, since he’s 35, reader is 28. So 7 year age difference!

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

–Thursday, November 6th, 2014.

10:30 A.M.

You walked through the doors of NXT where the show would be taped, your heart racing. You were set to debut tonight and your nerves were about to eat you alive. Your stomach churned, your eyes kept twitching, your palms were sweaty. Behind you you pulled a suitcase that was reserved for your makeup and your outfit was already neatly placed inside your locker.

Everyone looked at you as you passed, warm smiles being offered to help soothe your tension. You rolled your neck, heaving a sigh. You had dreamt of this day for years since starting out and you were finally here. NXT was just the beginning. You tried not to think too far ahead, but the possibility of being on the main roster excited you beyond measures.

You were only twenty-six years old and you felt like the five year old entering kindergarten for their first day of school. You were making your debut tonight. All of your training, hard work, dedication, sleepless nights spent at the gym shaping your body… It all led up to this very moment where you would prove yourself worthy enough to be with some of the best. People who had already made a name for themselves and could possible advance to the bigger picture.

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Person Of Interest “A More Perfect Union” Review

I adored this ep! I can rationally acknowledge that Harold’s exposition was even clunkier than usual and the writing definitely wasn’t top notch, but goddammit I was entertained during every second of this lighter episode. It was pure fan service and I thoroughly enjoyed being ridiculously pandered to. It was just so much fun (with some hugely emotional whammies thrown in)!   

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Rose requested Nerd Ren.

thirst-order-confessions said: Give mod Rose a library au or whatevs where Ben sits across the desk and sends notes and dirty glares to readerchan DEWIT



Readerchan gets to be studying what I’m studying rn, because why not.

University. Fuck that shit.

 Y/N slammed several heavy text books onto the table. Her laptop followed, placed down more reverently. It looked like, yet again, she would spend another several hours in the library, cramming as much information into her brain as she could before the next lecture.

The other occupant on the table glared at her, and she sneered at him before sitting down and returning to work.

“The guy who came up with having to study like an asshole to get anywhere in life can go fuck himself.” she muttered angrily, tapping away at her notes on the keyboard.

A snort from in front of her made her look up.

The other occupant of the table, a tall, dark haired man, had moved to the spot adjacent of her. His own text books looked as though they could be used as foundations, heavy and large and way too expensive to buy, even though he, like everyone else, did it anyway.

“Could you possibly record that and put it on repeat? Literally the best thing I have heard all day.” he rumbled.

Y/N laughed.

“No seriously, I already know half this stuff from my dad, I really do not even need to be here.” he grinned.

Three hours later, Y/N found herself and the man being kicked out of the library for “rowdy behaviour”, the behaviour having been that their discussion had gotten progressively more loud as they became more excited.

“Shit, uh, I’m Ben, by the way. Ben Solo.” Ben threw out a hand to shake.

“Y/N, nice to meet you, Ben.” she shook his hand, watching as his hand enveloped hers entirely. He grinned at her and let go of her hand.

“See you ‘round!” he waved, jogging away quickly on long legs and catching up to another tall, blonde woman, with a slightly shorted red haired man.


A week later, Y/N found herself at lunch with Hux, Phasma, and Ben, laughing as Ben imitated and irate Hux, copying all of his movements and enunciating his words with a shit British accent. Hux proceeded to pick up one of Phasma’s books and smack Ben’s arm repeatedly, but Ben later affirmed that it was all worth the look on Hux’s face.

Phasma shook her head. “At least I’m not the only female in the group anymore. Now I have someone I can actually without having to be asked to double check a ruler.”

Hux and Ben both spluttered, going red and immediately begin trying to defend themselves. Y/N laughed again.


For a law and economics student, Hux was very likely to take over the world. Perhaps the galaxy, if he could get Ben to stop “accidentally” spilling coffee all over his papers, and convince Phasma to be his primary military adviser.

She was adamant that she be called Captain and gain silver armour. Hux wanted her to wear black and red, but after being shown the chrome armour she would prefer, he was beginning to think that she may be right.

Ben decided that he would be head engineer to Y/N’s counter regime, that would at first look governmental, and then span to hostile take over after they’d amassed enough of a following.

“Hang on, when did we plan this?” Y/N asked.

“Just now, keep up.” Ben petted her hand.

“Dude, I’d totally bring Phasma onto our side though.” Y/N said.

Hux spluttered while Phasma leaned in close.

“What’s in it for me?”

“Silver armour, as many nerds as you need for whatever experiments, whole regiments of soldiers at your command, cookies-”

“Sold. You drive a heard bargain, but cookies solves all problems.” Phasma nodded. She turned to the other two. “I like her.”

Realising she didn’t have any one’s phone numbers, Y/N pulled out her phone and opened up the contacts, urging them each to put their own numbers and names in. Hux listed his name down as “Emperor Hux”, Ben as “Kylo Ren (better than Hux)” and Phasma down as “Phasmama”. They each got Y/N’s number into their own phones, trying to one up one another with the name they gave her.

Phasma won by calling Y/N her “Lil Nugget <3 <3 <3″


“So, who’s ‘Crylo Ren’, ‘Biggest Little Bitch’ and ‘Phasmama’?” Aina asked, staring at Y/N’s phone as it exploded with messages from the ‘Wonder Trio’.

“Some friends.” Y/N chuckled, reading Hux desperately try to defend himself as Ben sent photos of him, Phasma rapid-fire texting in all capitals about how he had just been “#REKTSON”, “FUCKING PWND”, all of which was followed by several baby emojis.

Ben had several photos, videos, and multiple snapchats sent her way.

Hux was not amused.


And suddenly three years had passed, Y/N remaining close to her friends, despite the fact that they were all in entirely different departments. By this stage, Phasma was refusing to let any of them go because they all owed her money from some of the various poker games they had drunkenly agreed to play with her. 

In said games, Y/N had found out that Hux was actually Irish, and he put on an English accent so that people could “understand him better”. She thinks he said that, but no one is sure because as he became more drunk, the Irish lilt became slurred and random syllables. 

Ben became extraordinarily clingy and, as he began to lose consciousness, was passed around the table. Y/N had found out the hard way what happened when he passed out on someone, the drool on her shoulder having been impossible to get off as the giant wookie of a man became part octopus and clung onto his new “bed”.

Phasma was a dirty fucking cheater, but no one knew how to point it out, let alone point it out without risking being murdered and never found.

Phasma also refused to accept any money from Y/N, her “smol child nugget” needed all the money she could get, according to Phasma.

Ben and Hux pleaded desperately to keep their money, but Phasma refused.

Ben’s parents only laughed whenever they were all around, Han and Leia both practically adopting Y/N into the fold and watching the quartet suffer the pain of university together.



Y/N sighed, standing up from her chair and stretching out, before gathering her things and trudging out the library door.


‘Where are you?’


Y/N sighed again, waiting for the onslaught of photos and private snapchat messages from Ben saying he was lost again. He literally had no sense of direction.

‘lol fuq you, scrub’ Phasma helpfully supplied. ‘im in memeology rn, so i cant’

Hux refused to answer, code black being the phrase to state that Ben was lost somewhere on or near the campus grounds again. At least, he thought he was on campus grounds. Sadly, Ben was useless with a map.

Omw. Calm down, dumbass. Send me some photos of the area.

Fortunately, Ben was close. 

“I gotta get to the labs.” he sighed in relief, grabbing Y/N’s hand in a death grip, following along as she guided him in the complete opposite direction to where he had thought they were.

“I tried to get lunch.” He supplied helpfully when she looked back at him, his eyes looking at the ground and not meeting hers.

“You should probably look up if you want to at least see where you are and maybe learn the layout of the place.” Y/N chuckled.

Ben muttered something under his breath, following along and grumbling about how the campus was too big, too disorganised, and too “full of assholes who won’t help find the right direction”.

Y/N did not mention the fact that she knew for certain he didn’t try to ask anyone for directions once.


The exams time rolled back in, and Y/N was in full study mode.

Apparently Phasma had deemed the medical section of the library a “No Fucklord Zone”, meaning Hux and Ben could not be within 3 meters of the area, or Phasma would kill them for attempting to distract her.

Hux stayed home, mostly, avoiding all of the outside world for studying. Ben adamantly swore that 80% of what Hux was actually doing was just wanking off at his mirror. 

Ben flopped dramatically into the chair next to Y/N.

“I’m so fucking bored. Oh my God, just kill me.” he whined, nudging her.

She growled, shifting back into The Study Position, and didn’t acknowledge him. This had been going on for the week that she had been studying, Ben would be annoying, she would ignore him. It would be a pretty good deal, except for the fact that Ben was an attention whore.

The first year and a half of their friendship had been proof, the fact that Ben had just about slept with every vagina bearing person in engineering, including the professors, and several males, along with multitudes from science, law, and IT. He often had bemoaned that he never asked for money, claiming his looks and skills would have gotten him “so many fuck tonnes of dosh. Get it? Fuck tonne. Because-” “Shut it, Crylo.”.

Part way through the second year, he’d suddenly become celibate. He’d had some sort of fight with Phasma, the kind that meant Hux and Y/N had to struggle to get them back together. Whatever Phasma had said to him had hurt, a lot, and he hadn’t slept around after that.

“Y/N,” Ben whined again. “Please look at me. Look at my pretty face. Talk to me, baby.” he chuckled.

She once again didn’t respond.

Spying a set of her post-it-notes, Ben took a pencil, the post-it-notes, and wrote on one, sticking it the the edge of her screen. If she noticed it, she said nothing.

“Come on. Really?” Ben huffed. Fine, he could play that game.

He continued writing notes, each one progressively sounding more whiney than the last, begging for her attention. Three of them had promises of cookies, nachoes, or some other sort of food.

He began sticking them to the books she had open.

After a long period of time with no response, he whined again.

“Baby, you’re holding out on me here.”

She remained in study mode.

“Fine. Okay. Fine then. Well… Don’t think about food.” he tried, getting close to the side of her face to whisper into her ear.

“C’mon baby.”

Y/N shuddered slightly.

“Oh. Oh, hello, she lives.” he chuckled. She shuddered again, cleared her throat, and continued her work.

“Oh, pretty baby, I think I know what’s up. You’re all riled up, aren’t you?” he grinned. “Sweetie, look at me. Look at me, c’mon.”

He moved a post-it-note, scrubbing off the message and re-writing, before placing it back on the screen edge.

I’ll give you a kiss if you look at me.

He wrote another.

Pretty girl like you can’t be left riled up too long. Not fair on you.

He wrote several more, becoming more and more provocative as he continued on.

Y/N snapped, pulling the post-it-notes off her screen and into the open book, slamming the book shut to hide everything he had written.

“What?!” she growled, cheeks warm with blood.

Ben grinned and leaned close. “Hey, you.”

His eyes made a bee-line to her mouth, and upon raising his eyes to look into her own, he leaned in to kiss her.

She shuddered again, lips parting to meet his, whimpering slightly when his tongue came out to caress her own. His hand reached her hair, cupping the back of her head as he kissed her, fingers playing with the thick locks he found there.

When he pulled back, he watched with glee as her eyes opened up to be blown almost black, chest heaving slightly.

“Okay. Thank you, now be a model student and study for your exam. Can’t have you failing, can we?” he smirked.

Pulling away, and leaning back, he watched her work for five minutes, letting her get back into the rhythm of studying again after his distraction.

A hand touched Y/N’s back, fingers ghosting over her spine, following it up and into her hair, moving to the side to expose her neck to the hand’s owner. 

Ben leaned in close, pressing his nose into the crook of her neck. He hummed, smelling her scent, nuzzling his nose against the soft skin he found there.

“Don’t get distracted.” he murmured, other hand snaking around her stomach to her waist, settling happily on her hip and stroking the bone their with his thumb.

With that, Ben’s lips descended lightly on her neck, pressing soft kisses against the skin, tongue flicking out occasionally to taste. Bit by bit, he sank lower, bending down more and more in order to follow the line of her neck down, reaching a shoulder and pulling her shirt to kiss along as much skin as he could reveal.

Y/N keened quietly and he stopped.

“Shh. We’re in a library. This is a place of learning and quiet study. You should focus on those things.” Ben tutted, his hand in her hair moving into his own lap.

His other hand began to go downwards, reaching the end of her skirt. Slowly, as though not to spook her, he pulled the skirt up towards her hips.

Y/N moved slightly, and he froze. She exhaled loudly, shifting so that she sat slightly further back in her chair, back extended and chest puffed out slightly.

Ben grinned. “Later, baby. I love them, but you have to study.”

His fingers slowly crept up her thigh, moving from outer to inner thigh over what felt like years. He reached the apex of her thighs, brushing the tip of his finger against her folds lightly through her panties. She whimpered.

“Shhh. Study time.” Ben chuckled.

His fingers pressed against her, her thighs opening more as his questing fingers explored more of her. They brushed the edge of her panties, pulling the edge slightly off of her skin, before letting the fabric go and the elastic snapped quietly back into place. 

He nibbled her ear lobe, fingers brushing against her clit as they followed the shape of her body to the uppermost part of the panties, and with a huff of laughter, he pushed his hand down to touch her skin.

She clenched her hands and held back a gasp, fingers trembling when she released them and tried to find her line on the notes she was re-writing.

“Good girl.” Ben kissed her cheek, adding the reward of his fingers swirling a circle against her clit with the praise.

With much difficulty, Y/N pretended to study, hands skittering random gibberish into the notes accidentally as he pressed against her clit, and sent his other fingers closer and closer to her entrance. As she backspaced her mistakes, he huffed more laughter into her ear, middle finger circling the tight, wet opening into her body.

“Mmm, you feel so tight, baby. Been this long?” he sighed into her ear. “Answer me, baby.”

Her hand flew to his forearm, gripping tight as she struggled to speak.

“N-No. Never… Umm.” 

Ben stopped. “Never been with anyone?” he whispered.

She nodded.

“Fuck.” he cursed, hand moving away from her nether region.

“N-No!” she pulled his arm back towards her, his hand returning to its post between her thighs. “Please, I wanna. I want you to keep going, please, Ben.”

He groaned. “You sure, sweetheart? I don’t want this to be some sort of fling, lemme tell you.”

With a whimper, and a nod, Y/N let go of his arm, spreading her thighs to show her readiness.

His hand entered her panties again, brushing carefully against her clit, circling her opening once more.

“’S gonna feel a bit strange, but it’ll feel good too.” he kissed below her ear, finger prodding her opening softly, getting firmer as the flesh began to yield and pull him in.

He grunted, murmuring something about how she felt around his finger, pushing in slowly and prodding her walls. His other hand came to her face, resting next to her mouth.


“Hang on. “

As his finger pushed further inside her, the sensations became stronger than she’d anticipated, sensitive body responding to his ministrations.

He brushed something inside her, and with a grin pressed his hand against her mouth, and finger against the spot in her pussy. Her reaction was instantaneous, thighs closing closer around his hand and a muffled noise came from her mouth.

He grinned, mouth at her jaw, pushing his finger slowly in and out of her.

“C’mon, baby. Study.” he teased.

His hand stopped, and only when she started to “study” again, did he return to his actions, slowly prepping her for a second finger. The second became the third, three fingers thrusting in and out of her, pressing against her sensitive walls while his thumb rubbed against her clit.

Y/N whined quietly.

Ben grinned, slowly pulling his fingers out. She gasped and looked at him, begging him to continue going with her eyes. 

With a huff, he lightly slapped her pussy with his slickened fingers, hiding the gasp he knew she’d make by clearing his throat.

“I felt you gush a little there, sweetie.” he murmured.

He pulled his hand out from between her thighs, bringing his juicy fingers to his mouth and sucking the juices off. His eyes rolled back and he groaned quietly. Once his hand was clean, he smirked at her.

Picking up one of her pens, he placed his hand below the table, and dropped it, watching it roll out of sight under the table.

“Oh no. I dropped a pen. Guess I’ll have to go get it.” and with that, Ben dropped down to the floor, getting underneath the table and pulling the chair he was in close to it to hide his presence.

“Oh God.” Y/N gasped, feeling Ben’s breath creep up her legs, is nose brush her inner thighs.

She felt his hands reach her panties, tugging at the fabric and coaxing her to lift her hips enough for him to pull them off. He then pulled her forwards, sitting on the edge of the seat so that he could access her more easily.

She felt the vibrations of his chuckle, and fought desperately against a gasp as his tongue brushed against her slit.

He groaned against her, tongue pressing further into her, following the path into her body his fingers had quested. His nose pressed against her clit, and he twitched his head slightly, nose brushing shapes against the sensitive flesh.

Y/N closed her eyes with a groan, feeling pleasure shoot across her body and up her spine.

“Y/N?” a voice called.

Y/N froze, trying desperately not to respond to the sensations of Ben’s tongue sliding through her pussy, his lips closing around her lower lips to draw her juices into his mouth.

“Ph-Phasma. Hey. How you doin’?” Y/N stuttered with a grin.

Phasma marched over to her, arriving at her side and pressing a hand to her forehead.

“Are you okay? You look feverish. Your temperature doesn’t feel high, but a bit higher than normal? Do you feel sick? You’re sweating bullets.” Phasma went into medical student mode, immediately caring for her favourite human, who seemed to be in distress.

“N-No, I’m fine.” Y/N felt Ben’s tongue prod a particularly tender spot inside of her, his flesh scraping against her walls. She hoped she imagined that squeak in her voice.

Phasma pulled her bag off her shoulder, rummaging through it to pull out different pharmaceuticals and a bottle of water.

“Here, read the backs of these, put everything you’re allergic to or sensitive to in one pile, everything else in the other. We’ll sort through the okay pile once we figure out what might be wrong. I’ll go get you a Coke so we can get some sugar into you, that’ll help, poor lil nugget.” Dropping a kiss on her forehead, Phasma was off, marching straight for the door.

Ben chuckled again, and the moment he believed them both safe, began eating Y/N out with gusto, tongue making obscene noises against her pussy as he slurped at her juices happily.

Y/N came quickly, hands rushing to her face to block any sound coming from her mouth, suppressing a scream of pleasure from Ben’s work, especially as he licked her oversensitive flesh clean. After helping her put her panties back on, he picked up the pen, and returned back to the world above the table. He licked his lips and swiped at his lower face to clean the juices away.

He was slightly pink in the cheeks, and looking overly pleased with himself. 

“Found it.” he said, a little out of breath.

Phasma marched back immediately afterwards, stopping in front of the table and glaring at Ben.

“Where’d you come from, and why are you bugging her?”

“Hey!” Ben put a hand to his chest. “The ‘No Fucklord Zone’ doesn’t extend this far. And I came to make sure she’s okay. She told me earlier she had a headache and I was busy so I couldn’t check on her then.”

Ben used the lowest trick, making Phasma return to worrying immediately about her lil nugget.

“Isn’t that right, little ewok?” Ben petted her hair.

“Fuck off, hairless wookie.” Y/N sniped, grabbing the panadol and popping two of the pills, grabbing the water and swallowing the pills down in one go.


It took Phasma three hours to find out what happened, Ben having not been able to keep his big mouth shut about how he’d eaten Y/N out, and how potentially it was going to happen again. 

Hux, true to form of being the biggest little bitch, told Phasma immediately, rushing into one of her lectures, whispering into her ear what had happened, and moving out of the way immediately as she screeched “What?! I’ll fucking kill him!”

Ben had managed to see all of the campus that day, sprinting away from the blonde she-devil that was throwing threats his way.


Hux chased after them, tears of laughter streaming down his face as he recorded every second he could.

When Phasma finally caught Ben, she kicked him several times, punched him several more, and grabbed him by the collar.

“I have access to liquid nitrogen, I will literally snap your dick off, and beat you to death with it if you throw her away. You break her heart, I’ll break your fucking skull, are we clear?”

Ben nodded, gulping to keep the bile that had risen to his throat down.

“I’ve not been with anyone since our first discussion, Phas. I’ve no intention of hurting her, ever, I swear. I care, way more about her than anyone else. I swear to God this isn’t a fling.”

With a glare, Phasma let go of him, pulling Hux by the ear away from the terrified man-baby.

Later, when Ben finally managed to stumble back to the library, having found it by using “signs! How long have they even been there for? Like two minutes, I swear.” Phasma laid down the ground rules for Ben being able to be with Y/N. 

She apologised to Ben later, having seen that he was being genuine.

“Hang on. When was this, by the way?” she asked, petting her “poor, innocent lil nugget, drawn in by Ben’s disgusting charms”.

Ben snorted. “You walked over here asking her if she was sick when I was slurping the fuck out of-”



Today’s post is on Tim Doner’s TEDtalk.  Tim (I’m sorry… I’m 30 years old and he’s 10 years my junior so calling him Mr. Doner is just out of the question)… anyhow, Tim made quite a splash a few years back when THINKR did a short piece on him and video went viral. That’s at least how I came to know of him anyhow.  Here’s the link if you haven’t seen it.  Tim is possibly the youngest hyperpolyglot out there.  He’s definitely the most well-known one right now in the community.  He has taught himself over 20 languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Pashto, Urdu, and more.  This TEDtalk gives his views on language learning as well as insight into the last few years of sudden Polyglot fame.

I’ve gone back and forth on how to do this review.  I think I’m going to go with the basic “Good”, “Bad”, and “My Thoughts” approach.


I actually overall enjoyed the content of Tim’s talk.  What I perhaps didn’t like as much was the structure.  He couldn’t seem to decide WHAT to talk about.  He flits from his recent experiences, to his polyglot history, to some random techniques, with why embedded throughout and then closing with that.  I can’t think of anything he said that I didn’t at least somewhat agree with but I felt the talk would have been better if it had focused on one or two main ideas. Personally for this talk I would have focused on the why, especially as that seemed to be his biggest frustration with the interviewers, who just wanted to use him as a cheap parlor trick.  I give him somewhat of a pass as he is young and probably not super used to speaking in that kind of venue.  I’m curious to see his style if I end up going to the Polyglot Conference in New York this October.


1) Polyglot does not equal parlor trick.  Bless Tim’s performance there at the beginning.  Most of us have experienced this on some level in our polyglot lives.  You start learning a language or you say you know certain languages and everyone you know is like “OH! Say something in _____!”  To some degree, I understand that to them this is a way of connecting with you and/or something they find fascinating.  But like Tim, I’d rather discuss the how and the why or at least have some quality conversation around what I’m saying in another language, rather than just become a virtual talking dictionary.  

2) The concept of knowing a language is both more and less than what people think.  I enjoyed these points as well.  By having Tim say a variety of phrases, it can limit a viewer’s perspective as to what “knowing” a language actually means.  He’s right, some people start to think “oh I can just memorize words and know a language!”  At the same time, we have the opposite issue.  They were calling him fluent in X number of languages and he wasn’t comfortable with that.  He may know enough of a language to get by but not feel comfortable using that word fluent yet.  Most of us have our own markers for when we are willing to declare fluency and it is always measured in a definable moment. Most of us are in various degrees of knowing our languages and being asked to quantify our fluency isn’t always an easy task to achieve.

3) A gift for imitating accents helps. I used to imitate accents a lot as a kid.  In fact, it was a game with my dad and me.  He’d start talking in a proper British accent and I’d match it, then I’d switch to an Irish brogue and he’d match, and so on.  I do think this has helped me manipulate my mouth muscles more efficiently when learning a new language.  While I still think pronunciation gets too heavy a focus, I don’t deny that I seem to have a bit of a knack for picking it up over time.

4) The more interactive you can make it, the more fun it will usually be.  What I really liked about Tim’s talk was he looks at this from two lenses.  He doesn’t just talk about it in terms of going out and talking to people (though that is certainly valuable) but he also mentions that by making his memorization techniques more interactive, they were more effective AND more fun.  The interactionist model has gained a lot of traction in education theory and right now it seems to be taking the lead with good cause.  Don’t just hope to passively absorb the material, you need to work WITH it.

5) We can translate words, but not as easily meaning.  Love this quote at the end.  While our thoughts are not limited by our language, much of our culture is embedded in our speech.  His examples with Persian are fantastic for this.  In my classes, I hope my students walk away feeling they can speak some Spanish.  But if they walk away with a better understanding that not everyone in the world has the same view of certain events and that people approach basic daily tasks differently, I feel I’ve ultimately won.  A multicultural lens is a must in my book.

 My Thoughts

I’m interested to watch Tim find his voice as he is clearly becoming a major spokesperson in the Polyglot Community.  I think we share similar hearts- we both love that languages open us up to new people, new experiences, and new views.  I’m just curious what his overall message will start being.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  I’ve started to have a reasonable following (thank you all so much for that by the way) but I’m certainly not a lead voice in the Polyglot community like Benny Lewis or AJATT.  I’ve been wondering what it is I have to contribute that is different from these gentlemen and other great blogs.  What I’ve come up with is this: There is no ONE true way, but there IS a way for you.

Let me be clear- I really ENJOY Benny’s material and I think AJATT has some quality information to offer. But I also think that both operate under the mistaken and frankly dangerous perception that EVERYONE will be successful if they just DO what THEY did.  They mean it as a positive- look, I did it, you can too!  But by saying their method is THE way to learn a language, they actually hurt their own message.  Because for every person who finds success with their method, there will be at least 1 (and probably more like 3) who it doesn’t work for.  And unfortunately, now those people may think “well if that didn’t work, I’m just not suited to learn languages.”

Which just isn’t true. All that means is their methods aren’t the right fit for those individuals.   I truly believe that with the right CUSTOMIZED tools and sufficient motivation, one can achieve any language goal.  But what works for me may not be the key to your particular language lock.

So far, what I’ve seen from Tim hasn’t promoted a “one true way” approach.  I’m hoping this continues, though I know it is easier as a speaker to find a few quality go-to techniques to discuss.  I’m interested to watch how his voice grows in this community because I, for one, am interested in what Tim has to say.  And for now, I hope all of you are still interested in what I have to say as well.  As always I think you for taking your time to read my various language musings.  I hope they are at least occasionally useful to you.

For now, I’m off to bed. Keep Calm and Polyglot On!