i read this book like 5 times already

my adhd is wishing so so badly that i can do great things and accomplish my dreams, but i Just Simply Can’t™,because first i have to play stimulating games for 5 hours, pick my skin while daydreaming for one hour, and then take a long pointless nap because all that hyperfocusing on nothing wore me out

my adhd is wanting to read that book but i’ve already lost interest by the time i flipped to page 1. i haven’t read a single word of it yet but i already want to sidetrack. i come back to the book maybe 6 months later and i somehow magically read the entire thing in one sitting. i think “why can’t i be able to do that every day? if this is what it’s like to be neurotypical then sign me the fuck up”

my adhd is constantly wanting to write, but i have to be in a special state of mind and my mind has to NOT be craving short bursts of mindless stimulation. i can’t control my mind. i try so hard to get in the special state of mind, but it only comes maybe once an entire month if i’m lucky. i envy neurotypicals who constantly are motivated and pump out new work every day. it must be hella wicked and magical to not have adhd.

my adhd makes my life dull and meaningless.

15 Self-care ideas

Since I’m now on day 15/30 for the 30 day summer study challenge, I thought I’d make a list of 15 self-care things to do that (mostly) don’t cost money!

1. Take a cool shower. Not hot. Not cold. Cool. (Summer specific)
2. Put on relaxing music
3. Take a bath, complete with candles
4. Use lavender/ other calming scented lotions after a bath/shower
5. Read a book you haven’t already read
6. If it’s a good temperature outside, go for a walk/hike. (Night walks are fun too! And it’s cooler then)
7. Drink water (you probably need it)
8. Play with your pets!
9. Meditate
10. Bake something, then eat it
11. Spend some time with your family (if you get along with them)
12. Talk to a friend
13. Color
14. Sleep (you probably need this, too. Don’t stay up too late!
15. Have a cup of tea (herbal tea is great for relaxation since there is no caffeine )

Rules: Always post the rules. Answer the questions asked, then write 11 new ones. Tag 11 people to answer your questions, as well as the person who tagged you.

1. Collecting shells or nice stones?

I would prefer to collect nice stones

2. If you could enhance one sense, which one?

My already poor sight

3. Your favourite book?

I haven’t read books in such a long time, honestly I haven’t. I don’t know what to put here.

4. Favourite mystical creature?

The mermaid

5. Do you like calling people or texting them better?

Texting them I can get anxious with talking to people

6. Tea or hot chocolate?

Tea though I rarely drink hot beverages

7. A skill you would love to have?

Being more creatively productive

8. Your favourite soundtrack?

Final Fantasy XIII-2

9. What’s your favourite candy or snack?

Jaffa Cakes

10. If you just won 5 million dollars, what would you do with it?

Visit all of my online friends and pay off my families’ debt!

11. What makes you get angry really quickly?

Hanzo mains Anyone who discriminates against LGBTQIA people

Here are my questions, there are just going to be random:

1. Preferred time to wake up to?

2. Favourite cartoon?

3. Dream place to visit?

4. Cake or pie?

5. Favourite soundtrack?

6. What do you most love about yourself and most hate about yourself?

7. Describe your fashion style?

8. What is your idea of a ‘perfect’ date?

9. Sonic or Mario?

10. Favourite video game to play with friends?

11. Why do you follow me? (Don’t kill me for this it was the only thing I could think of)

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I can’t believe yet that at jibcon I saw a jm2 op where one girl showed them ‘’the treesome handbook’’, and jared suddenly took the book from her hand and said: I’ve already read it! LOL he was really enthusiastic about the whole thing, like a 5 years old :’D… meanwhile jensen and misha were trying to stay serious but failed, they kept to smiling and giggling at each other all the time,  jensen smirk at misha and then he turned away, he was trying to avoid the book’s argument…while jared was literally freaking out about it…. was pretty gross seriously. then the photo was taken and jared goes with his “omg I love it’’ face” jensen with his “wtf I’m reading’’ face and misha just looked away, was really awkward LOL

Editing struggles

1. How many times can I alternate between “she looked” and “she stared” before people start to notice?

2. Have I used this simile already? I feel like I’ve used this simile already.

3. Oh my god, like half of my internal dialogue is just similes.

4. Did I steal this line from another book?  That is totally a line from Harry Potter and I didn’t even realize it until just now. Can I rephrase it?

5. The slow realization that everything I first learned about writing I learned from reading Harry Potter as a child. 

6. *Reads through chapter* Looks good. *Posts chapter, immediately notices a typo* god damn it.