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Café au Lait, Latte I

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Shidge (Shiro/Pidge)
Rating: Teen and up: for language, future PTSD, things will get intense later
Summary: Pidge couldn’t describe exactly what it was about this new customer that was throwing her for a loop.

Maybe it was the way he walked. He carried himself straight, like a soldier, but there was a sort of grace to it that mesmerized her. He had a defined jaw and a prominent scar across his nose, but those features couldn’t hold her as much as the sharp, piercing gaze that spoke in a language infinitely more important than words.

Author’s Notes: Shout out to @miraculousandcute, @cursemyshortarms, and @stardusted for the help and support as I worked on it and struggled with finding a title! (Many thanks to Kate, who even said, “it even has AU in it. What a time to be alive”). I have created a metaphor with that title, and if you ask nicely I might tell you a little more in a few chapters.


This is both a coffee shop and a college AU, but Priya calls it “the most intense coffee shop AU I’ve ever read” so be warned!

Lost and Found (this is the AO3 link) is still my primary Shidge fic. I will prioritize updates for it over updates for this story, but I’ll still try to update on a monthly schedule if I can manage.

I use female pronouns for Pidge.


Also on AO3.

Latte I || Latte II || Latte III

Of all the things she had imagined doing with her life, working at a coffee shop to pay her rent while she attended Garrison University wasn’t exactly at the top of the list.

That said, working at Café Altea wasn’t particularly strenuous. It was a cozy little coffee shop, with a quiet ambience that resonated with people and set a relaxing mood. Tables near the windows were lit by the outside and by small, dim lights, while a few tables near the back were more brightly lit, for those who wanted to read or work while enjoying their order. Rush hours at Café Altea were usually manned by two people and handled with minimal difficulty, and the patrons were, for the most part, pleasant and patient when they came during heavy customer traffic.

Katie “Pidge” Holt had been working there for about six months, teaming up with either her friend Hunk or her friend Lance for the evening rush, when her schedule shifted. Several of her required courses for her upcoming second semester at Garrison University were in the afternoon and evening, so she had to bid farewell to her partners in crime in favor of taking up the morning shift.

It was going to be a lot different handling the morning rush, because it was the only one that didn’t have two baristas. She’d miss Lance’s lame jokes and Hunk’s babbling…but at least she’d still get to meet up with them in one of their classes.

They all had to take the same physical education course, since the university was directly tied to the military and they were in the same unit. That part of the Galaxy Garrison’s strict training regimen had been with the three friends since they had started the associated high school together all those years ago, and they had been forced together as what was notoriously deemed the worst team in the training program’s history.

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AU where Saiko tries to stealthily help Urie with his ghoulification by making him read vampire knight and pointing out how many people love Zero


This is perfect. Urie stressing himself over becoming a monster that is hated by society as well and worrying that this changes how people would see him as a person and Saiko comes in and goes like, “Look, read this shojou manga where this really hot bishie gets turned into a monster he hates so much and that is usually shunned by society just like you did but he still is one of the most loved characters around so you’ll be fine.” 

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Yes! We love getting fic recs! Actually, it’s encouraged because we want to know what you guys are reading! (So please feel free to send in as many rec’s as you’d like, it’s like Christmas <3)

I looked over the summary for this story and it looks really good! Royalty au’s are definitely a soft spot for us~!

Thank you so much for this rec!

Summary: Jeongguk is a prince. He is not the crown prince, no, that title is reserved for his elder brother. Jeongguk is merely a naive prince who lives in his brother’s shadow, never quite seeing the sun properly until he sees Jimin’s smile.

Genre: mxm, au, angst, smut, *violence, *attempted sexual assault, *various warnings

read “Castle of Glass” here

- admin paige

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Anything that you can just read again and again and still love or any of your faves like the one you posted about earlier loved that x

Ohhhhh yes! Okay! So there are the obvious group that I always rec and can reread over and over again (xx)

But for the sake of spicing it up a bit, I’m gonna link another 5 or 6 that I’ve read a bunch of times, warning these are mostly short and super fluffy. If you want longer ones just come back: 

One Day To Believe in You (8k) - mediaville

A mysterious force compels Louis to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Even when it’s really inconvenient. 

(Semi-canon. Super fun, I love the concept)

We Could Be Enough (5k) - suspendrs 

Harry runs an anonymous crush confession column in the school newspaper and Louis has quite the crush to write in about.

(AU. Cute, friends/loves, tooth rotting fluff)

A Whole New World (25k) - backonefish

Louis has moved into his new apartment to start his new job as a teacher. Things would be great. If only his arsehole neighbour didn’t wake him up every morning by playing piano.
Shenanigans ensue. Like a very inadvisable kissing bet.

(AU. Listen? I just started smiling? It’s just so cute and fun. And I love this Louis and Harry so much. And the other aspect in it, just makes me smile so much. So cute)

Hey (13k) - rockinaintnowalkinthepark

A oneshot fic where Harry sneaks into Louis’s room to talk the first night after purchasing the shared flat. Harry thinks Lou’s sleeping, but Louis hears every word. The midnight confessions alternate and continue between them for almost a month afterwards up until they decide to share the bed one night.

(Canon. Just a bunch of fluff. I have read this so many times… it’s just really cute)

We’re Still Going, Eight in the Morning (32k) - nooelgallagher, yoursongonmyheart

The one where Harry owns a bakery, Louis is a radio DJ, and Niall and Liam roll their eyes at their incessant flirting.

(AU. I just really love this fic. I love this Louis and Harry so much. It’s just a cute, internet flirting fic. I don’t know how else to describe it, but I seriously love it so much.) 

Whether Clouds or Clear Skies (25k) - onwasturning

Or, Louis gets into the habit of stealing baked goods while Harry’s busy keeping tabs on the weather.

(AU. This one is just super cute. I feel like I keep saying it, but I love them so much. I just love their chemistry) 

If Tomorrow Never Comes (We Had Last Night) (15k) - FallingLikeThis, Rearviewdreamer

Based on this Tumblr prompt: “Accidentally called your number while drunk asking for a ride and you actually came au”

(AU. I literally have read this fic about 900 times. Drunk Harry is so freaking charming, and Louis is immediately endeared. It’s just so freaking cute. I’ve read this so many times)

Okay so, I’m going to cap this list now or else it’ll get really long. I read a lot of fics so when the asks are super vague it’s hard for me to know what you’re asking for. I don’t mind doing recs, just in the future please try to be a bit more specific! As you can see by this rec alone, I’m all over the place ficwise. 

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Hi :) I LOVE jealous/possessive!jensen with bottom!jared. Do you have any fics -non au or au- like that please? Thanks~

HI! Jealous/possessive!Jensen and bottom!Jared are my favorite things ever. (I only read bottom!Jared, so this works for me).

Okay, so, here goes.

Eyes on the Prize – by soulmatecest, which I’m pretty sure is possessivejensen on here. It was just posted yesterday, so I only read it today, but I love it.

The rest of these fics I have vague recollections of. I bookmarked them so I obviously liked them? But I read so many fics that I don’t even remember.

No Place Like Home Verse – werewolf au. has abuse, spanking, mpreg, knotting, and underage.

A Good Employee Knows What His Boss Wants – boss/employee relationship. semi-public sex.

Possessive Much? – Non-AU. Possessive!Jensen over Jared and Gen friendship, established relationship J2.

Write Out Loud – Non-AU. Jensen gets jealous over Jared’s attentiveness to the fans when signing autographs.

Love Does Not Claim Possession, But Gives Freedom – Non-AU. Possessive!Jensen just for the sake of possessive!Jensen.

They’re Killer – Uh, Jensen’s a serial killer. Falls for Jared. Jared’s parents don’t approve of homosexuality. Jared and Jensen kill Jared’s parents. violence, murder, uh yeah.

Back In Black – Non-AU. Jared+black v-neck = super possessive!Jensen.

Keep It Clean – Semi-AU, because wives didn’t happen.

It Isn’t Easy (But It’s Worth It) – College AU. Jealous!Jensen.

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favourite roadrat fics, of the last few you've read?

Oh my god what a question I’m screaming.

There’s so many that leave a lasting impression on me and I’m stupid and don’t bookmark them like I should. I guess these are the most recent, because geez there are a lot.

Fifty-Fifty by Unknownfate is my favorite at the moment. The characterization is just so on point I’m head over heels for it. It’s a great piece and I get so excited with every update.

Vitrify by @verulams really hit me in the gut. I am a sucker for PHANTOM PAIN COMFORT FICS…….It’s wonderful.

Let’s Bounce by @ehhhchimatsu is one of my favorite AUs right now. It’s Punk!Junkrat x Bouncer!Mako and I am planning on drawing fanart because god AUs get me good. It’s really sweet.

All For Myself by your_bro_joe is for all your smut needs like I swear to fucking god I’ve read this 30 times and it’s so damn good I could cry. Just fuck me up, fam. Fuck me up.

I have so many fic recs, but no one ever asks because I’m sure everyone’s already read them all, just like me hahaha.

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Hiii Admins keke~ I love this blog so much like I go on it everyday and I feel like it completes my life *-* xD since I'm going back to school really soon, I want to ask what are your favourite kaisoo high school au's? PG or NC-17, it doesn't matter heh heh. Thank you so much~! <33

fall into place - nc17 - this is literally my favorite thing in the world! football player jongin vs soccer player kyungsoo, lots of angst, lot’s of nice making out YUS warning: bullying, homophobia

  • they were not friends - pg - ageswitch, angst, i lovely this mucheu
  • how to disappear completely - pg15 - very sad! very angst! very onesided! very jealousy!
  • summer boys - pg - very cute!!! newspaper and milk boys!!! VERY CUTE!!
  • if you call i’ll come to you - g - i realize this is college au but! too cute! puppy jongin! not literally u no
  • second confession - g - can it get more adorable jongin’s a loser!! in this!! which is y i like it so much u no
  • social experiment - pg13 - dancing! kyungsoo’s the master of disguise!
  • miscalculation - uhhh i don’t really remember i just know it’s pretty good! lots of angst and love/hate also warning: bullying, rape, psychological abuse, and more
  • i’ll never let you go - g - my fave?!!? i’ll never get over this just know that no matter what i will always rec this fic because i’ve read it more than i’ve done many things
  • don’t wake me up - pg15 - I’M A WRECK I LOVE THIS onesided kaisoo angst love i m dead 
  • babe-raham lincoln - pg13 - sO fuckING FUNNY because my sense of humor is abysmal
  • once upon a withered rose - pg13 - look i’m not saying i didn’t cry
  • rumors/gossip - g - my fave these literally de-age me i feel young when i read these

~ Admin G could keep going forever! But I won’t, because that’s impractical.

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I may have asked you before, but WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE ZIAM FICS?!?

Okay!! so i got this message when you sent it to me, but i was at school, and now that I’m on my laptop, here I am. 

I love too many fics, so this may get long, but eh who cares.

    • I feel like by now, everyone’s read this fic, but it’s my absolute favorite. I could read it over and over again and never get tired of it
  • Not Happening by scottmcniceass
    • Most of this list is just going to end up being scottmcniceass fics, just you watch. Roommates AU where they can’t stand eachother but they want eachother so bad. 
  • colour my senses cherry red by thilia
    • Zayn is a closeted gay porn star, and i can’t get enough of it.
  • So let’s say, I’ll come another day by sophieisgod
    • while some parts of this was very racy (and odd..), it was so good. beautifully written, and heartbreakingly wonderful.
  • Wrong Side of Love by scottmcniceass
  •   and you take my the way i am by jmcats
    • fake boyfriends AU AND a wedding fic??? two of my weaknesses in one glorious fic by jesse!!!
  • Don’t Go by scottmcniceass
    • if you want to cry, this is one you gotta read. Soldier Liam is too much.
  • the Domesticity series by supercalifragili
    • With a total of 11 fics and counting, they always find a way to tear my heart out. married life, kid fics, the whole sappy ordeal of future in love Ziam that I’m oh so addicted to.
  • Never the Same Tide Twice by sunfair
    • this one is amazingly good and had me just nonstop reading. it’s also based in Southern California, so it completely was in my interest and expertise lmao
  • Clarity by Comet
    • i can’t resist secret agent au’s, nonetheless if it’s a mr and mrs smith au. it’s just too much. can’t deal.
  • people fall in love in mysterious ways by vanessamary
    • a ziam weekend au– there are no words to express how much pain i felt after the first part was over. then months later, i found out there was a second part and i was addicted. 
  • this is interlude by xxcaribbean
    • gang au in which i dropped all my responsibilities to read!!!! i was honestly so hooked, and the action made it great, left me at my seat through the whole thing.
  • To warm the cool side of the pillow (I’m there for you) by Paynegerous
  • fooled around and fell in love by tachycardia
    • pretend fiancés, yes please. even better than pretend boyfriends. 
  • Nobody Knows You Baby (The Way I Do) by eroticziam
    • perfect. absolutely perfect. everyone thinks they’re dating and it’s fantastic!!!
  • The Underdogs by blackwayfarers
    • Fuck this one was so adorable. It’s an au set in Canada and I couldn’t stop smiling with how cute it was.
  • Be My King (I’ll Be Your Queen) by eroticziam
    • Royal Zayn and PR Liam affair like yes please
  • Bioluminescent Vampire Squid by Keep_Calm_And_Read_Fic 
    • I read this one twice. Geeky Liam talks about sea creatures as Comic Artist Zayn just spends his time on Liam’s dick– i mean ship….
  • The City Lights in the Snow by jmcats
    • this may be a holiday fic, but it never hurts to read any jmcats fic year round, does it?
  • But the sun comes up instead by blackwayfarers
    • Warning, Liam’s underage while Zayn’s a frat president. It’s still a fantastic fic.
  • i want to be a part of it all by shadesofmediocrity
    • Roadtrip AU with a tragic backstory, I loved it so much though. I think I’m going to read this again this week.
  • Burning Away From Inside by scottmcniceass
    • Superhero AU!!! Another one I’ve read more than once, and I could probably read it again.

That’s all I have for now, but there’s so many more good ones I’ve read here but I think that’s it for all my favorites. Is that too many favorites??? Oh well!!!!

Poltergeist!AU part 2, and… yeah, still not the ending part. Welp!

As always, what I write is older!Dipper. Nothing saucy in this part, though.

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