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Feel free to read just the phrases in bold to get a glance of the main ideas!

-Find a valuable reason for why you want to wake up at a certain time- I’ve found that no matter how many alarms I’d set, or how far I’d place my phone so that I would have to stand up and reach for it, I would still go back to bed or even worse, not even stand up to turn the alarm off. By giving yourself a good solid reason to why you are “sacrificing” more hours of sleep, it may be easier for you to be more consistent with the sleeping patterns you want to follow. 

 -Sleep the amount of hours you need to function- no matter how many valuable reasons you have to wake up, if you don’t get a good night sleep, or sleep for just 4 hours, you may be able to wake up, but your brain will be in “zombie mode”. Try going to sleep preferably at around the same time at night, so that you get used to the fact that when that time comes around you should be in bed, doing something relaxing. 

-Have a set night routine- in conection with the previous tip, having a set night routine will set you in the right mood to rest better. Maybe take a bath, brush your teeth, apply moisturizer, have some tea, and do anything that you specially enjoy and relaxes you. This way you might fall asleep quicker, having a better quality rest. 

-Have a notebook near your bed- this tip has worked wonders for me when there are too many things crossing my mind which prevent me from sleeping. For instance, things that I have to do the next day, things I didn’t do that day, things I forgot and remembered just when I was about to fall asleep, etc. So having a notebook or piece of paper near you, will be beneficial for you as you’ll be able to write down all those thoughts (which could be any, such as fears, exciting upcomig events), pulling them out of your brain. This works for me also, because when I wake up in the morning I’m able to read what I’ve written the previous night and get excited (if I’ve written something I’m expecting), motivated (if I read the list if things I want to cross out), or willing to face my fears if it is something I’m dealing with.

-Enjoy your morning routine- have something special you can do every single day to make your mornings more enjoyable. Maybe have a warm shower, prepare a nice breakfast, watch an episode of your favourite show or do anything that will put a smile in your face. 

-Remind yourself that it will be worth it in the long run- if the first tip isn’t quite working, try thinking in the long run, and how eventually keeping a consistent early waking pattern will benefit you in terms of further productivity, better understanding of a certain topic, etc. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that not waking up early one, two, three days, does not mean you are a failure of will not prevent you from reaching your desired goal. 

-Sleep with your blinds open if the sun rises early in the morning- this is very helpful as your body may naturally get used to waking up earlier just by the sunlight coming through the window.

-Have a calming alarm which gradually starts to rise its volume- this will help you wake up in a better mood. Also, I’ve found that if I wake up with the sound of an anoying beeping alarm, my heart speeds up automatically, and that is something I don´t find very pleasant. The bedtime option in Iphones is really good, but there are plenty of apps in the AppStore and PlayStore as well.

-Find a buddy who is willing to wake up early with you- this is a very good one if you know of someone else who is trying to early rise like you. You can agree that both of you will check up on each other at a certain time and if one of you doesn’t reply, then that person owes the other one a breakfast or whatever they choose. Make it fun, kind of like a competition. Also, this will give you some sort of sense of achievement if you “win” at one point!

-Go gradual in terms of setting your alarm- if you are used to waking up at 8am, setting your alarm for the next day at 5am may not be a realistic expectation, or an easy one to be consistent with. So, try to go step by step, and in a lapse of maybe two weeks, create a schedule to try to wake up 15 or 20 minutes earlier every 2 or 3 days, and see how your body reacts to it, and how well it adapts. If you find that its not that hard to wake up 20 minutes earlier, maybe speed the process up until you reach your desired waking up time.

Hope you find some of these tips useful, have a wonderful week! 


Friday March 3rd

After day of being together and me lightly teasing him as I usually do by showing too much cleavage, bending over a lot, making sexual innuendos, and pointing out beautiful girls when he and I go to town saying, “There’s something for you”. So he’s always thinking about sex.

After a light dinner, we took showers separately and settled in for the night in our nightclothes, him in a tank top and basketball shorts, me in a loose sweat top and shorts. It’s a warm February here in Texas.

I chose an R rated movie called, “Body of Evidence” with Madonna and William Defoe. I knew it had a lot of sexual content and that it would get him going. I also made a pitcher of margaritas, mostly for me. I felt like a schoolgirl. I allowed him to have one reminding him that we allow one glass of wine during Holiday meals for the kids. I didn’t want him passed out, just buzzed.

The movie got started and the drinks were working. I allowed my loose stop to fall off my shoulders a couple of times. I adjusted things on the couch leaning over giving him a look down my top I was without my bra. That and the sexual content of the movie did their job he soon had a large, hard erection.

I was proud to see how he was tenting in his shorts, trying to hide it, being a little embarrassed. I leaned over him to reach a pillow, my top fell open, and my arm pressed his erection. I said,“I see you’re enjoying the movie and the view.”
He turned red.
I told him I was okay that it was perfectly natural. Then I leaned back and placed my hand underneath the throw that we keep on the couch, he could tell that I was reaching down between my own legs and touching myself.

So he reached inside his own shorts and begin stroking his hard-on. I leaned back and moaned a little and my top fell off my shoulder again exposing the top of my right breast. He started grunting and moving faster, I urged him to slow down and enjoy it.
He shifted so his hard-on came out of the leg his shorts and he began stroking it openly in front of me. This was my chance.

I gently reached over and placed my hand atop his as he stroked. Then ever so subtlety I began to tighten my grip, stroking my son’s raging hard on. After a short time he moved his hand away as I continued to firmly grip and stoke. With my left hand, I reached down and cupped his balls. I was thinking now I can lower my mouth down on his meaty goodness, but before I could lean forward he grunted, arched his back and shot his load over my hands.

I giggled and said, “What a surprise!” I think the talking startled him. He said he was sorry and got up and left the room to go to his room. I waited a reasonable amount of time and then I followed him.

To make a long story short and sweet. He was embarrassed, I told him it was okay, that I was not giggling at him, but that I enjoyed it. Then I slipped the panties I was wearing off and tossed them on his bed and walked out of the room. 

Rose Garden (Ruby X Oscar): Physique

There is an age-old question asked amongst huntsmen and huntresses for generations; which is sharper, the beowolf’s fang or its claw? As of late Ruby Rose can say with absolute certainty that it is its teeth.

True, Oscar Pine had only just recently joined in on the whole fighting grimm for the sake of humanity thing. And while he originally had taken to it like a pro, the strength of his aura left something to be desired. It was recently tapped, but by who or what no one was certain, but it certainly didn’t have the same amount of strength as the rest of the experience team RNJR and Qrow.

He had endured the first swipe of the beowolf’s claw just fine, but hadn’t reacted in time when the thing bit right through his aura shield and his shoulder, leaving the boy a bloodied mess. Ruby had made quick work of the beast after that. Thankfully however the wound itself wasn’t a deep one, and with an expert patch job done by Ren, Oscar was steadied and assisted back to his hotel room in Mistral.

Qrow carried him by his right shoulder, with Ruby carrying his stuff close behind despite the elder gentleman’s insistence that she didn’t have to.  

“No really. You really don’t have to.” Qrow reminded his niece, emphasizing every syllable of every word as the three approached the doorway to Oscar’s room.

“He’s right…” Oscar weakly muttered out “you don’t have to.”

“Your scar is still healing,” Ruby stated at her uncle, then turning to Oscar “and you can barely stand up straight.” She adjusted her hold on Oscar’s bag, gripping the hilt of his cane in her fist. The boy smiled thankfully as Qrow merely rolled his eyes, slamming the door open and tossing the boy onto his bed. He hissed upon impact, clutching his wounded shoulder.

“Uncle Qrow!” Ruby scolded, setting down the boy’s things and sitting him up slowly. Qrow couldn’t help but scowl at the fact that she cared so much about the hayseed. He was being a complete wimp. Ozpin would have shaken a wound like that right off. Some successor…

“You’ll need some medicine for those bite marks so they don’t get infected. I’ll go nab some from the inn keeper and some more bandages.” Qrow turned, about to make his way out the door. “Try to keep him conscious for me, kiddo.”

The door closes with a small click as Oscar sticks his tongue out at it, earning a small snort from Ruby.

“Come on, grumpy.” The hooded girl teased bouncing up to her feet “I’ll go get a washcloth and basin.”


“If we’re changing your bandages we need to wash your shoulder first. Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

“Umm, sure.”

Admittedly, the rooms in the hotel weren’t nearly as nice as the dorms back at Beacon, the bathrooms even less so, but Ruby scavenged what items she could from the practically bare necessities of the room’s bathroom. A single cloth meant to provide as a hand towel, and a bowl found under the sink cabinet. Fill it up with water and, bingo! Nurse Rose was ready for action!

With the filled basin, Ruby gently bumped the bathroom door ajar with her hip, stepping carefully as not to spill any water as she carried both basin and towel through the door and into-


Tanned skin was the first thing Ruby noticed upon entering the bedroom again. Stout shoulders flexed as his stained shirt was pulled over head landing in his lap. Right next to the now resting fabric were toned abs heaving in pained breath along with a robust chest slightly bloodied from the left side…

Ruby snapped out of her trance when she felt the sprinkle of water on her tights, noticing she had tipped the basin just a bit.

“Oh hey.” Oscar greeted upon noticing her presence.

“Hi.” Ruby responded, dumbly. “Uuuhhh… oops.” She stated, also dumbly as she called attention to her little mishap.

“Mind helping me with these bandages? Ren kinda tied them pretty tight…”

“Of course, … I mean no. No! I mean yes! Yeah! No. Yeah! Not as in ‘Yes I mind’ but as in ‘Yes I will help’…with…that…”

She set down the basin on the night stand and began fiddling with the knot on Oscar’s bandage. She noticed his skin was incredibly warm, it just radiated heat it seemed. Was that from the battle? Was that his natural temperature? She hoped he wasn’t catching a fever too. The fabric came loose and fell from Oscars arm as Ruby undid the tie, gathering the soiled cloth in her hands and into the nearest waste bin.

The wound was still wet, though the flow had slowed significantly. The edges were swollen and red. A nasty gash to say the least… so why couldn’t Ruby focus on that instead of Oscars prominent pecs? With almost too much eagerness she fetched the basin and cloth, ringing out the extra water and began dabbing at the bite marks.

The boy hissed at the contact, squinting in pain as Ruby cleaned off the dried blood from his collar bone.

“Sorry…” she apologized.

“You’re fine” he replied, and for a split-second Ruby almost felt the need to reply with ‘So are you.’

It took all her composure to keep her hands from shaking as she worked at Oscar’s shoulder, all the while eyes wandering about his exposed torso. Her eyes traveled down to his abs again, and noticed he had the slightest hint of… a four pack? Okay, not a chiseled eight but damn did the subtlety suit him. And all from just farming?

“Sooooo you farmed and stuff, right?”

Oscar raised an eyebrow, surprised by Ruby’s topic choice.

“Yeah, I was a farm hand for my aunt.”

“So what kind of stuff did you do?”

He shrugged “The usual I guess. Plowing, planting, hauling water, chopping wood…”


“Pretty much.”

Wow. No wonder he was this well built. Oscar had begun rambling on about some story about feeding chickens which Ruby knew she should try to pay attention to. But… just… couldn’t… This was getting ridiculous, shirtless men were nothing new to her! Yang had pictures of shirtless guys hung up around their room all the time! But they were idols and celebrities. Blake’s books had illustrations of several shirtless men on the covers! But they weren’t real. Her dad would walk around the house shirtless all the time. But that was her dad. Jaune and Ren when RWBY and JNPR went to the pool together back at Beacon! But they’re her friends. Oscar’s also her friend, at least to her. But Oscar was also different…  she wasn’t entirely sure how but some way, somehow, he was different.

As Ruby had been running these thoughts in her head she had failed to even realize that in her deep thought her fingers had begun to trail along Oscars torso. Gently brushing the edge of the bandage around his neck and down his pectoral muscles like a feather. Upon reaching his abs she had begun to just mindlessly but gently poke at them. Solid. Perfectly solid…


Ruby snapped out of her daze immediately, looking up at Oscar who’s face showed a deep red. If he was at all sluggish before, he certainly wasn’t now, and neither was Ruby Rose. She felt her face also heat up as she quickly withdrew her wandering hand, tucking it between her legs.

“I-I-I-I’M SORRY!” She covered her mouth after realizing her apology may have been a bit too loud. Both teens looked down at the floor, an awkward silence falling between them, landing at their feet.

The washcloth was sitting on Oscar’s shoulder now, the bite marks on his shoulder much cleaner and less swollen than before. The cloth itself had been dirtied however, giving Ruby the conclusion that she should leave this painfully awkward situation by cleaning it in the bathroom.

As she reached for the cloth however, Oscar’s hand latched onto hers, his eyes looking at her held hand but not at her.

“It’s… okay…” he let out. “You don’t have to feel weird about it… I don’t mind…”

There was a sincerity in his voice that somewhat put Ruby at ease. Their eyes finally met, silver orbs locked onto hazel ones, stares translating a message that said something along the lines of ‘We’re cool, but let’s not tell anyone about this.’ They both smiled.

Until Ruby noticed Oscar’s eyes averting, followed by a good amount of color draining from his face. The girl turned and found her uncle, returned with medicine and bandages in tow, and a fire of furry burning in his eyes.

“Ruby, I need you to go get a glass of milk for Oscar.”

“… Why…?”

“To hold his teeth in place until you get him to the dentist.”  

Note: It’s so late but I couldn’t not finish this, and now I’m gonna go to bed and never wake up again thanks.

toxic finnrey's at it again

alright hear me out.

first and foremost, there is nothing wrong with finnrey. its easy to fall in love with, and the characters have a healthy background with each other should they decide to follow a full-fledged romance.

with that being said, it strikes me as odd that toxic finnreys are willing to rope us good, well-meaning folk in with the racist trash bins. we outnumber the racists by an incredibly large amount after all, so generalizing us by saying we’re all racists is quite the reach but go off i guess.

plus, you have so many poc’s calling other poc’s out on “hiding behind their blackness” when in reality its really not that fucking deep. you’re all throwing stones in a glass house at this point because you’re insecure yourself.

like how can you feel so threatened over others not agreeing with you on a SHIP? at first, i tried not to think too much of it because it hadn’t progressed to this level, but my god, you guys need to get it together.

and why do they feel like Finn MUST be paired with Rey anyway? how does us shipping reylo equate to us hating Finn? none of these things add up. oh well, this is the internet, so im hardly surprised at this fuckery.

      i already said this on yuuta, but i’ve never been good when creating decent muses that aren’t canon. i always lean more for simplicity and let it develope on the road, for good or bad. so i’m amazed of reaching this amount of people in such a short time when i’m so lame. this is the second original character i’ve made in a while and lemme tell you that despite everything i’m having so much fun! only a few weeks of life and my fish-boy is already getting so much love and attention, it makes me tear up. 

      thanks to each of you for following me and bright my dash with your presence, for getting interested on hiro, giving me support or just admire from afar. you’re all beautiful, talented, and deserve the world. the next list has no particular oder, and is just a small show of love from your friendly neighbor tobes. hope you can accept it. ( if i forget someone, please forgive me. my memory isn’t what it used to be. also, some might be repeated from my previous ff since are cuties that always follow me where i go and i adore so. 

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Kylo Ren smut

Warnings: Dom Kylo ? , Dirty talk , spanking , teasing

A/N: This is the first time I wrote smut and I hope it turned out kinda readable.
I tried my best and I hope you guys like it.

Originally posted by skylorennn

> requested by lovely nonnie <

You stepped out of the shower while you dried your face with a towel before you wrapped it around your body. You wanted to check your face in the mirror but it was all steamed up.
„You look good Y/N , just as beautiful as you did when I left the base,“ a well known voice said. Kylo stood in the door frame , visibly pleased to see you like this.
„Kylo , you‘re back ! Good to see you alive and healthy but I thought you‘ll be on the mission for much longer ?“
He walked over to you and stroked his fingers over your neck.
„We were able to end the negotiations a little earlier. Besides that‘s not the way how to welcome your Commander and boyfriend after such a long time.“
You shivered under his touch. „No , don‘t get me wrong here ! I‘m really happy to see you , I missed you so much you won‘t believe but I‘m surprised because I din‘t expect you until next week.“
He towered over your small frame as he pulled you closer to him to get a better view of your cleavage.
„I missed you too but I don‘t get rid of the feeling you forgot all our rules while I was gone ,“  he said while he laid his hands on your hips.
„Kylo I -“ before you were able to end your sentence he gave you a strong slap on the ass. You jumped up and a moan left your lips.
„You should know what I like to hear but it seems as if you don‘t even remember the simplest rules so I guess we have to catch up.“
„Forgive me Commander… I didn‘t but-“ he gave you another slap , stronger than the first one.
I don‘t want to hear any back talk ! If you address me wrong I‘ll spank you , understood ? Count them and if you tell me the right amount when I‘m done with you I‘ll reward you but before you get anything from me you have to beg.“
He threw you over his shoulder and walked out of the bathroom over to his bed.
„I yearned so long for your lovely scent and your body Y/N. Now beg for me like the good girl you are.“
He placed you gentle on his bed and you felt the desire to tease him. He deserved it because he left you for such a long time.
„If you want me so bad then why don‘t you beg for me instead ?“ you smiled while you spread your legs a bit.
Kylo felt his bulge grow in his pants and he wanted to fuck you immediately to show you where your place is. He flipped you over and pulled your hips up as he placed himself behind you. He tossed your towel aside with a loud growl.
„Don‘t you dare to think you‘re in charge because I left the base for a few
weeks ! I‘ll make you beg for me and my cock like never before. I think you don‘t even know how much you missed me.“
He gave you a few more spanks until your butt cheeks were covered in hand prints , you cried out with each slap in satisfacation and pain.
Kylo was really pleased with himself and the way he marked your butt. He loved to hear you whine and whimper in pain. He always felt more powerful to see you like this.
„Are you willing to beg now ?“
He rubbed your red cheeks with his gloved hands , the cold leather felt really soothing on your burning cheeks.
„Y-yes Commander … please…“ you whimpered.
„That‘s what I thought ,“ he pushed your head with his left hand into the mattress while he placed his other hand on your hips.
„sadly that‘s not enough if you want to get fucked. Try again , I know you can beg better for me and my cock.“
„Ahh… please Commander , I need you to fuck me now , I want to feel you inside me so bad , please , you feel so good and I need it so bad…“
„That‘s way better .“ He placed his right hand on your entrance and rubbed it gently with his palm before he plunged one finger into you.
„You‘re so wet already,“ he grinned victorious as he added another finger. His thrusts were gentle and careful at first but he got more rough when you started to buck your hips against his hand. He slowed his pace after a few more thrusts to take better care of your clit. He used his thumb to rub your nub in slow circles , your heart pounded faster and you felt a burning heat in your belly. Kylo felt how you tensed up around his fingers and your moans turned into panting. You were almost at your high when Kylo pulled his fingers out and stopped to rub you clit.
„Wha… C-commander go on , please !!“ you whined in protest. You tried to squirm out of his grip to reach your climax yourself but he gave you once again a spank and flipped you over. He spread your legs and leaned down to pull you into a rough kiss while he grinded with his bulge against your dripping wet cunt. He bit your lower lip and left some bruises there while he caressed the skin of your lower stomach with his fingertips to build up more tension. He wanted you to beg again for him. You squirmed and whined under him but he didn‘t care , he wanted to hear your voice.
„You don‘t look very happy Y/N. If you tell me what‘s wrong I could help you but only if you ask nicely.”
„C-commander please , I need you… I feel so empty , release me and fill me up already !“
„I don‘t like your commanding tone Y/N , who taught you to talk like this ?
I guess I have to fuck some manners into you then.“
He pulled down his trousers to reveal his throbbing cock.
„Look what you do to me Y/N. But which man could stand this beautiful view of you ? Legs wide spreaded and your cunt soaking wet , just for me while you beg and cry like you‘re going to die if I won‘t fuck you immediately.”
You bucked your hips , seeking for friction until he rubbed his aching cock a few times up and down your folds till he slowly pushed in. He started to thrust into you very slow to stretch you a bit before he gave you his full length while he bit and sucked at your neck , leaving some hickeys. You moaned in pleasure and your hands drifted down his back as Kylo left a rail of bite marks all over your neck and part of your collar bones. „Faster Commander !“
He finally sped up and pounded deeper into you. You couldn‘t help but claw your hands into his back , leaving some red scratches.
„Fuck Y/N ,“ he panted.
You felt a warm , tingling sensation forming in your stomach as you tensed up and clenched around his throbbing cock. Your breath became shallow and Kylo sensed you were close again. He thrusted into you as fast as he could until your orgasm washed over you.
„Thank you Commander … come for me too,“ you murmured.
His hips trembled and his thrusts became sloppier as he finally spurted into you. He rode his orgasm out with a few more thrusts. He pulled out and nuzzled his head into your neck. „I missed this so much Y/N.“
He stayed like this for a few seconds to catch his breath until he straightened up.
„And now… tell me the amount of spanks I gave you.“
It took you a short time to collect your thoughts. „Sixteen ? …“
„Good , good. As I said you‘ll get something for the correct answer.“
He left a trail of kisses all over your body until he reached your thighs.
„Spread your legs and lift them up a bit.“
You hesitated for a moment but then you followed his order. He took off his gloves and caressed your inner thighs with his hands.
You gasped in sensation when Kylos tongue met your hot , wet core. He licked a line from your cunt to your clit till the started to suck on it. You threw your head back in pleasure as his tongue got faster. When your hips started to tremble he knew you were close to reach your climax again so he kept his pace. Your orgasm came fast and Kylo did his best not to waste a single drop of you juices. Your whole body  shivered in sheer pleasure. Kylo crawled up to you and pulled you into his strong arms. „You did very well Y/N.“


hELLO THERE!! 🙋🏻 I just reached 500 followers a few days ago & exrtcgHIIvhj idek what to say 😭 💖 

I never thought anything like this would ever happen & I’m so appreciative of each & every one of you <3

I’ve had a good few months on this amazing community, made so many friends & gotten to know so many of y'all, not to mention the immense amount of help, motivation & inspiration you’ve given me ☺️ 

I though it’d be quite a cool idea to make a follow forever & a ‘thank you’ compilation for y'all. ^.^ Thank you for everything that you’ve done. You’re all amazing people & I know that y’all are going to do wonders for this world 💚

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Eat Your Sweets

short Undertum story, contains food stuffing & ectobelly weight gain, and light friendly tickling; takes place in the UnderSWAP universe. Mostly happy-go-lucky fluff! ♥ ~(ΘεΘ

don’t like don’t read, bro

Word Count: ~5200

(There’s a few points where it might get confusing, because I like to blur the borders of the universes. Feel free to ask me any questions in my ask box if you get confused!)

A happy “Mweh-heh-heh!” softly echoed as the short skeleton dressed in his cyan blue and grey ‘battle body’ trotted with his tiny legs down a snow-blanketed field, stubby arms full of different odd pieces for his newest puzzle. A can of spray paint, some springs, several gears, an old pocket watch, several tools for tinkering, and… a tutu? Oh, right. That was for something else.

NO. ONE. MUST. KNOW. Sans thought about the tutu.

It was after Sans had this thought that he heard a soft, strange sound, coming from the edge of the woods. It was barely audible, but Sans prided himself in his pristine sense of hearing which he accredited to his good hygiene of his External Acoustic Meatus. Or ‘ear hole,’ as his brother Papyrus would vulgarly call it.

The small sound squeaked again. It was like a short set of moans, or… a whimper? 

Sans gasped. WAIT! SOMEONE IS CRYING! he thought, and immediately dropped his clanking pile of gizmos and darted towards the woods. All the way, he narrated: “EGADS! A CRY FOR HELP! FEAR NOT, FEARFUL CITIZEN, FOR THE MAGNIFICENT SANS IS ON THE WAY! MWEH-HEH-HEH!” The heroic skeleton skidded to a stop and took a good listen again–the cry was much closer. He looked to the right and saw a bright color out of place of the white, blue, and brown of the snowy woods–orange. A flash of orange as orange as his orange brother. But Sans was positive that it wasn’t Papyrus.

No; Papyrus always cried silently, and never out in the open like this.

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Save me

okay, the house is on fire and y/n wants to get her engagement ring but it’s in the bedroom, justin is busy taking their son out and don’t see y/n getting out, he tries to get into the house but he can’t …….. and you continue pls? ily 💁🏽💘🌸


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It’s crazy how quickly something can change, something that could change your life forever.

“Justin!” I whimpered as he looked around for a place to go, everything around us slowly bursting to flames.

One minute were a happy family, snuggled on the couch watching a movie.

“Don’t move!"Justin shouts as he rushes through a trail of flames, and I push our son to him, Justin grabbing him.

The next, something as small as our heater being too high, causing it to burst into flames, sets our entire house on fire.

The fire travels fast, surrounding us quickly and we don’t know what to do as everything around us burns.

"Stay with me Y/N” Justin shouts as he holds our baby boy tight, pushing through to the front door before were trapped in for good.

I move to follow him, but then I remember all the stuff that will be lost in this house. All our memories, happiness, fun.

My wedding dress, his clothes I love sleeping in, and my engagement ring.

I stop short, before turning around and running up the stairs, ignoring the amount of smoke coming from around me.

I cough as I reach my bedroom. The second floor isn’t as bad as the first, just a lot of smoke, but it won’t be long until it gets there.

I run to my side of the bed and grab my ring from my nightstand, before turning and dashing towards the door, only to realize that the fire has traveled, making the ceiling in front of me drop, blocking my path.

My body freezes with fear, and this is when I know, it’s the end.

“Y/S/N , Justin, I love you”


Justin’s POV

I cough repeatedly as I get Y/S/N out the house, ignoring the crowd of people forming to watch the scene unfold.

“Y/N are you okay?” I say before turning behind me, only to notice Y/N is no where in sight.

“No” I whisper as I give Y/S/N to a neighbor, before running towards the front doors of our burning home.

Before I could enter someone stops me, making me look up at them.

“Sir you can’t go in there.” He says, but im not listening. The only thought in my mind is that I need to get to her, I need to save her.

“M-my fiancé. She’s in there!” I shout, pushing at him to get off of me but he doesn’t budge.

My blood runs cold as I hear a piercing scream come from the second floor, and before I could think I punched the man holding me, before dashing into the house.

“Somebody help me please!” I hear Y/N cry, and as I move to run up the stairs I see the flames trailing up them.

I curse under my breath.

“Y/N , baby do you hear me? It’s Justin.” I shout as loud as I can before coughing, the smoke filling my lungs.

“Justin I-I can’t get out!” Y/N calls back, her voice frantic and my heart lurches in my chest.

“Okay baby listen to me okay? I need you to move fast. Has the fire reached our bedroom?” I shout, moving from the flames next to me.

“N-no!” She whimpers

“Okay, I know people say this is bad but I need you to open the window. Once you open it, jump alright? I’ll be there to catch you.” I say

“Don’t think about it okay? Just do it! Now!” I shout, before running out of the house and to the window of our bedroom.

“I need you to spray that hose around her, she’s coming out the window!” I say to the firemen trying desperately to kill the fire.

“You! Fill the air thing up!” I say to another firemen, and pulls a string, the bed coming up immediately.

I watch as she stumbles out of the window, her eyes wide and frantic as she looks around, before closing her eyes and jumping, a shrill scream leaving her lips as she falls.

I run to her and help her off the air bed, holding her into my arms as she crys and shakes.

“I got you baby.” I say, holding her tight and she wraps her arms around me.

“I-I ju-” she starts but I cut her off, grabbing her face in my hands.

Her face was covered in the ash of the smoke, lips trembling as she shook from head to toe.

“You’re okay.” I tell her, before kissing her forehead and hugging her once more.

“Oh god Y/S/N!” She panics, moving away from me and looking around for him.

“He’s safe, he’s being checked out by the doctor.” I say, before walking us to the ambulance truck where our kid sat.

“That was a bold move you did there kid, running back in a burning house.” The paramedic said.

I shrugged. “You do crazy things when you’re in love."I say, holding her in my arms.


P.s I tried to make this sad but I couldn’t sorry lol

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Hiiii i know you said you already made your decision about releasing a preview but i just wanna say i hope you dont stress yourself over this. Like if you're not ready, you're not ready and even if you reach your next follower milestone, i hope you take care of yourself first. Your well-being is the most important to me even as a reader than for you to feel pressured to release content quickly! Much love, and hope you can have a good upcoming week.

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Awww thank you so much for worrying about me 😄😘 MY VOICE OF REASON 💖 I promise I won’t wear myself too thin~ I just want to make sure everyone knows how grateful I am. For some reason, the amount of people interested in my stories has like… grown exponentially over the past few weeks- probably due to Goldilocks- so the only thing I can logically think of to express my gratitude is: posting the thing they seem to like the most. 

I’ll admit, the past two weeks have kind of been wearing me down because of the “double posting,” but I really don’t mind! I love making people happy and I really do enjoy the feedback. Still, honestly I was completely caught off guard this time 😅 I didn’t expect to gain 200 followers in two weeks. It’s incredible.

If there’s anything else I can do to show you guys how much I love and appreciate you, I’d do it in a heartbeat. And on a more personal level, thank you again for worrying 😊 not many people take the time to consider my feelings as the author haha~~ 

Hope you’re having a wonderful day! Don’t be a stranger 😉

Much love right back at you ~🐰 xx

Thoughts about Lexa

So as a character exercise to further understand the thought process of certain individuals I would just lay down for a bit and go through scenarios in my head from that characters perspective. It definitely helps with the comic writing process.

This time around I was trying to get a better understanding of Lexa and what I found was unadulterated rage.

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AU in which Shiro's ENTIRE sports team gets held up for some reason and they will have to forfeit unless they can put 5 ppl on the field so Shiro frantically calls anyone he can think of who would still be on campus at 9pm and well what happens next might surprise you

Oh good gravy.

Disclaimer: I don’t play sports.
but I love mumble.
So I apologize for the zero amount of research I did for this, other than ‘what is the big foam finger thing called’. Don’t ask me what this sport is. I do not know. I do not and did not do the thing. 

(in celebration of 100+ followers, I’m answering AU prompts! Prompts are closed, but thanks for sending so many in!)

00. Tonight: SPORTSBALL, the Game of Legends, reaches its Final and Terrifying Conclusion!

Tonight at 9:00pm - Team Voltron versus Team Galra! Will Team Galra keep their claim on the SPORTSBALL TROPHY after winning last year’s terrible upset?! Or will Team Voltron rise from the ashes and reclaim the trophy and their title to be the SPORTSBALL CHAMPIONS?!!

Tune in tonight at 9:00pm - don’t miss the ultimate showdownnnnn!

01. Shiro’s arm in this universe is a plain old regular prosthetic. It doesn’t hurt, it fits well, but he still has to have it checked up fairly regularly especially since returning to such an active and intense sport as Sportsball. 

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“Truth or Truth?”

A one-shot davekat meteor fic where Dave is bored and lonely and Karkat is also bored and lonely. And also pining. ~5,000 words

Please like, comment, and reblog! But especially comment. I’m posting this here before it goes on AO3 so please tell me if you think something could be fixed, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Thank you and enjoy!


The meteor was not a place you could spend time alone. At least, not out in the open.

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Please please PLEASE do a face reveal. I must see your beautifulness

I have honestly gotten so many of these asks, and I’m considering doing it as a late milestone for 15k followers. Does anyone else want this? I’ll do it after I reach a certain amount of asks asking me to do so.

Because honestly, I’m ugly af. Just a warning. 

Oh also, for those who have followed from the very beginning, you know that my name is Seraphina. Well good for you all, you all now know my FORMER name.

I probably should tell you all, that about two years ago, I changed my name (although not legally because I’m not yet old enough) to Aiden.  Although I consider myself androgynous more than anything right now, yes, I do consider myself trans, as I am currently on testosterone. 

Anyways, that’s all :3

for those who believe dean is about as straight as Bert & Ernie 

what to do:
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Hi everyone! I recently reached 25,000 followers and wanted to do a huge tumblr awards to celebrate and thank you all :)


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Good luck and get reblogging :)

are you a fan of destiel who wants to talk about the show with other positive fans? join the destiel positivity network! (note: this is a network that fell into disuse over time. people became inactive and after weeding out those who no longer wanted to be in the network, it’s time to add new people and bring it back!)

note: i am looking for a few co-admins to help run the network with me once it gets up and running. if you want to be considered for the position, fill out this quick form and i’ll let you know if you’re picked! 

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and that’s it! go go go go go!