i reach the next hundred followers

i know this is a bit of a stretch but i’m 33 away from my next hundred and 133 away from my first thousand and it’d be great if i could reach it!! i’ll definitely check out all the blogs that follow/reblog this! i had recently remade so hitting this milestone would be amazing!! thank you so much for helping ~~

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Draco malfoy fluff request please! Him and reader spending time doing bets/contests together and end up becoming very competitive and seriously about it Thanks♡


Loved this request, thank you love!! <3

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psince i’ve reached my next hundred (which is fucking amazing) i think i’ll do some blog recs! not only that but tomorrow i’ll be bringing out a cheeky fic i’ve been writing and i’ll post it! (it’ll be p late though, busy day tomorrow) 

anyways, here are some blog recs!

@summitseventing (horse and d+p blog, dj ur my life) 

@sinfullyphan, @imdeletingmyasks (they go hand in hand i love all the peeps that run the blogs they’re all amazing 

@miloisqueer (amazing bean, so sweet, im love)

@twink-dan, @twink-dan-answers (another hand in hand experience, go to griff and bk for all the sex ed) 

@ask-sadisticdark (scary but extremely inticing, also,,,, yeah.) 

@ask-psychoanti (smol bean, amazing bean, also can kill you if he wanted to) 

@darkiplier-support-group (im in love) 

@chocolatebirdgarden (an amazing sunshine, dare i say,,, *my little sunshine*) 

@fuckingskelly (laura I’m Still Petty™) 

@writerlester (TAWNIE TAWNIE TAWNIE) 

@thebootydiaries (if u haven’t heard about farha,,,, where have u been. truly iconic™) 

@little-kitten-dan (uncle trent, older sister, basically my entire family in one person) 

@danisnotonfire (do i need to say anything???) 


@kickthepj (an artist. an amazing person. a beautiful creative bean. needs more recognition) 

@dontcallmehelpless (ahhhhhhhhhhh) 

@incaseyouart (vic???? im love???) 

@philester (tanushka,,, the only ship that matters)

@everything-is-gay-and-beautiful (the most beautiful thing in this world is u :(( ) 

@wintermoonlights (beautiful bean who’s so frickin helpful) 

@climbed-a-tree (jen,,, a sweetheart,,, the nicest theatre nerd u’ll ever meet) 

@thatsthat24 (the brightest sunshine) 

@drawntoearth (amazing. beautiful, kind) 

@connortheflowerboy (sweetheart, the most kind person… im love) 


 @roughlester​ (the softest little loveliest little babe) 

@ohmygodsivan (im in love,,, with this amazing person,,,,, ahhhhhh) 

@princephil (ahhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)

@lesbeanflowers (cute beans warm beans amazing) 

@blackheartphan (LOVE) 

and everyone that follows me or that happens to see this post! i recommend all of your blogs because they’re as amazing as you! you’re all beautiful and wonderful and you make me happy! 



In a span of a week I have a hundred more followers. I still don’t know why you follow me (I hope you would talk to me more), but I’ll assume there’s something to gain. Doesn’t matter if you’re here for my shameless shipping, tacky jokes, not-very-discreet opinions, or poorly edited images. I’m grateful to you for sparing even a minute of your life to my blog.

I’m being greedy here and hope the next time I make a post like this, it’ll be for reaching 500 followers. Just like anyone else, I also seek some sort of approval & recognition from people who have the same tastes (cue Jikook + Jimin + BTS) as me. If you’ve contributed to this cause, know that you are much appreciated. ♡

Special mention to blogs I love to stalk admire and who have followed me back. Success! ~( ̄︶ ̄)~ 

@gayjikookadi @harunyany @wingstyles @mimibtsghost @gongjumin @bkayl @caughtinjimin @jikookdetails @jikookielove

And last but not least, my bright and badass friends: @37thknight @smolhandchim @jimineevevo


(i originally made that post with the intention of saying something else because i reached my next hundred, but i’ll just say it here)

i want to say thank you to anyone that’s ever told me that they like my writing, enjoy a story i’ve written, or just like my blog. it’s a small thing, but it’s usually the only bit of positivity i experience all day. it really brightens my mood and is very encouraging in terms of continuing my writing and in terms of just continuing with breathing. 

i really, really appreciate every single follower i have and every single comment i’ve received.it’s all gray for me, it’s always gray for me (i pray none of you know the feeling of perpetual grayness) and this positivity makes it pink and yellow for a little while.

i truthfully didn’t think i would make it this far in the year and every time i see something kind and remotely positive geared towards me i’m glad i stuck around. 

i am sorry if i ever come across as nonchalant and apathetic and totally indifferent. i truly appreciate everything and am doing my best to accept compliments i don’t think i deserve (which is, like, every compliment). ill also try a lil harder to not feel so… just inferior and excluded all the time– i know i shouldn’t, but it’s difficult. 

anyway. thank you all so much. i hope my erratic (nonexistent) posting schedule isn’t too annoying.