i reaaally like this

So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

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I, for one, love homosexual-scented candles.

but jeez I wanted to create a new sexualities post, bigger, better,  and more inclusive than the lizards sexuality one I did last year. I’m kind of proud of this! Have some informative pride candles, or something like that. A

Also huge props to @pride-flags-for-us because without them I’d be lost on a lot of these flags (and also wouldn’t have discovered a lot of sexualities). 

nnngngngngn i’m having a major internal crisis right now i CAN’T CHOOSE which Elsa’s dress i love the most between the ice dress and the winter dress

like, get it, Elsa’s ice dress is iconic so objectively i love it but subjectively i ADORE it. it’s gorgeous and SO BEAUTIFUL ON HER

but the winder dress

oooooh boys the new dress.


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also for some reason i find that diamond/lozenge shapes really fit her, like, it’s very snowflake-reminding so I love it on her



okay i’m having a crisis i can’t manage to choose which one is my favorite

and don’t ‘why not both’ me guys i’m a brat i want to choose ONE


BNHA aesthetics : Todoroki Shouto




my ass earlier ( this year) about ten minutes ago ,: tvd!? That shit! I’m absolutely done, like reaaally done with that show. I stil and will always love my girl bonnie and my baby stefan ,and yall know bonkai own my ass, But  l can’t stand julie poor writting skills so nah bro I’m good.

my ass, when l read chris’ interview:


Hello y'all u/

Well, this must be my thousandth submission here but still my brain panics whenever I have to give people a first impression of me haha, so I’ll just introduce myself in a normal way this time and hope you won’t find me a weirdo (ow well, at least not a bad kind of weirdo). 

I am Matheus (you can go with Matt in case Matheus is too difficult to pronounce), a 17 year old, 5ft.6in. tall, male ape descendant who knows  what I’m doing with my life as much as a tea-leaf knows the history of the East India Company. And well, I live in a mostly harmless country called Brazil, down here in South America.  

One fun fact about me is that I hate starting paragraphs with a word I already used to start a paragraph before, so I had to add this unnecessary sentence just to satisfy my weird self, yay. Right so, I have an infinite amount of interests - from stupid memes to financial economics-, so just start talking about anything you want with me and I promise I’ll hold a conversation 🙃 Some stuff I really reaaally like though are: 

  • Cinema. I LOVE HORROR & DRAMA, but will watch anything, really. I also have a passion for movie post-production & dream of producing my own movie one day *cough* any movie producer companies over here? *cough*
  •  Music. I mostly listen to alternative bands such as Radiohead (Faust Arp is my alarm 😆), Keane, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Arctic Monkeys, The Who, The Strokes, etc. & also I play the drums since I was 12 hehe
  • Writing. Not necessarily creative writing, just creating text out of anything. So hey, if you want someone to do your homework you can contact me too (neh jk, stop procrastinating on tumblr and go do your own homework ~ JKJK AGAIN, PROCRASTINATE JUST FOR A LITTLE LONGER AND GO EMAIL ME).
  • Reading. My favorite books are classic ones, specially Russian literature. But I read normal stuff too, like Percy Jackson, The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy, The Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter and such haha

Perfect pen pal: human being (actually not necessarily… aliens you can hmu too). I’m opened to snail mail (never did it but sounds REALLY awesome) or just exchanging long emails (my emails are INSANELY long, almost a novel, so don’t get scared), it’s all up to you, fellow :) 

Contact me via electronic mail: mtdhorahora@outlook.com.br


Have a nice life, keep safe & don’t drink and drive (you can drink and email me though, that would be fun).


P.S.: Couldn’t find a good picture, so I’ll just upload a random one from my instagram.

ichigo-ya  asked:

Hey ! I reaaally like your blog ! Could you do some headcanon about whatever character you want (I love them all and can't choose) meeting their s/o parent(s) or their s/o meeting the character's family ? Thx I hope my English is ok

Thank you, this is a nice one. I’ll go with my favorite characters, I hope you like it!

Meeting the parents: 


  • You were the one feeling anxious and nervous while he was relaxed as usual. 
  • What should you be afraid of? He’s so nice and charming, what could possibly go wrong? 
  • Well, let’s say your parents did not appreciate much finding a stranger napping on their sofa. 

Sir Crocodile

Dad: “So, you’re my daughter’s boyfriend, right?”

Croc: “mh.”

Dad: “And you’re around my age.”

Croc: “Correct.”

You could tell your dad would have punched him in the face and ordered you not to see him again, if only Croc wasn’t a scary, infamous criminal. Lucky you.


Mom: “He’s a nice guy but… what’s up with the clown thing? Does he always wear that make-up?”

You: “He’s not wearing any make up. That’s his nose.”

Mom: “Oh.”

Out of all the people in their niche little group, Inari was the easiest to get annoyed at. He was so stupid! He didn’t get things, or he made such– such aggravating remarks! Futaba seriously didn’t get how Akira could just sit there and talk to the stupid fox-face, have an actual conversation with him and enjoy it.

“It’s easy,” he’d said when she asked in so many words, the clacking of dishes their only company. “Yusuke’s not so bad, Futaba, just strange sometimes.” He grins a little, using the back of his hand to brush his bangs that really need a good cutting out of his eyes as he looks over at her. “Some people could say the same about you.”

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