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So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

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I, for one, love homosexual-scented candles.

but jeez I wanted to create a new sexualities post, bigger, better,  and more inclusive than the lizards sexuality one I did last year. I’m kind of proud of this! Have some informative pride candles, or something like that. A

Also huge props to @pride-flags-for-us because without them I’d be lost on a lot of these flags (and also wouldn’t have discovered a lot of sexualities). 

my ass earlier ( this year) about ten minutes ago ,: tvd!? That shit! I’m absolutely done, like reaaally done with that show. I stil and will always love my girl bonnie and my baby stefan ,and yall know bonkai own my ass, But  l can’t stand julie poor writting skills so nah bro I’m good.

my ass, when l read chris’ interview:

Out of all the people in their niche little group, Inari was the easiest to get annoyed at. He was so stupid! He didn’t get things, or he made such– such aggravating remarks! Futaba seriously didn’t get how Akira could just sit there and talk to the stupid fox-face, have an actual conversation with him and enjoy it.

“It’s easy,” he’d said when she asked in so many words, the clacking of dishes their only company. “Yusuke’s not so bad, Futaba, just strange sometimes.” He grins a little, using the back of his hand to brush his bangs that really need a good cutting out of his eyes as he looks over at her. “Some people could say the same about you.”

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Hello y'all u/

Well, this must be my thousandth submission here but still my brain panics whenever I have to give people a first impression of me haha, so I’ll just introduce myself in a normal way this time and hope you won’t find me a weirdo (ow well, at least not a bad kind of weirdo). 

I am Matheus (you can go with Matt in case Matheus is too difficult to pronounce), a 17 year old, 5ft.6in. tall, male ape descendant who knows  what I’m doing with my life as much as a tea-leaf knows the history of the East India Company. And well, I live in a mostly harmless country called Brazil, down here in South America.  

One fun fact about me is that I hate starting paragraphs with a word I already used to start a paragraph before, so I had to add this unnecessary sentence just to satisfy my weird self, yay. Right so, I have an infinite amount of interests - from stupid memes to financial economics-, so just start talking about anything you want with me and I promise I’ll hold a conversation 🙃 Some stuff I really reaaally like though are: 

  • Cinema. I LOVE HORROR & DRAMA, but will watch anything, really. I also have a passion for movie post-production & dream of producing my own movie one day *cough* any movie producer companies over here? *cough*
  •  Music. I mostly listen to alternative bands such as Radiohead (Faust Arp is my alarm 😆), Keane, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Arctic Monkeys, The Who, The Strokes, etc. & also I play the drums since I was 12 hehe
  • Writing. Not necessarily creative writing, just creating text out of anything. So hey, if you want someone to do your homework you can contact me too (neh jk, stop procrastinating on tumblr and go do your own homework ~ JKJK AGAIN, PROCRASTINATE JUST FOR A LITTLE LONGER AND GO EMAIL ME).
  • Reading. My favorite books are classic ones, specially Russian literature. But I read normal stuff too, like Percy Jackson, The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy, The Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter and such haha

Perfect pen pal: human being (actually not necessarily… aliens you can hmu too). I’m opened to snail mail (never did it but sounds REALLY awesome) or just exchanging long emails (my emails are INSANELY long, almost a novel, so don’t get scared), it’s all up to you, fellow :) 

Contact me via electronic mail: mtdhorahora@outlook.com.br


Have a nice life, keep safe & don’t drink and drive (you can drink and email me though, that would be fun).


P.S.: Couldn’t find a good picture, so I’ll just upload a random one from my instagram.

ichigo-ya  asked:

Hey ! I reaaally like your blog ! Could you do some headcanon about whatever character you want (I love them all and can't choose) meeting their s/o parent(s) or their s/o meeting the character's family ? Thx I hope my English is ok

Thank you, this is a nice one. I’ll go with my favorite characters, I hope you like it!

Meeting the parents: 


  • You were the one feeling anxious and nervous while he was relaxed as usual. 
  • What should you be afraid of? He’s so nice and charming, what could possibly go wrong? 
  • Well, let’s say your parents did not appreciate much finding a stranger napping on their sofa. 

Sir Crocodile

Dad: “So, you’re my daughter’s boyfriend, right?”

Croc: “mh.”

Dad: “And you’re around my age.”

Croc: “Correct.”

You could tell your dad would have punched him in the face and ordered you not to see him again, if only Croc wasn’t a scary, infamous criminal. Lucky you.


Mom: “He’s a nice guy but… what’s up with the clown thing? Does he always wear that make-up?”

You: “He’s not wearing any make up. That’s his nose.”

Mom: “Oh.”

anonymous asked:

I wanna watch a TV series that's reaaally interesting, but doesn't have like love triangles like Vampire Diaries and stuff? I wouldn't mind some action?? But I don't like the superhero stuff like Arrow and Supergirl or flash! And not too depressing? 😅 I didn't wanna watch Riverdale bc it felt too different from the comics

Heyyy! I’ll list a few that aren’t super lovey based and that I find funny or interesting. I do like Riverdale - even though I’ve not read the comics! Some suggestions:

  • Game of Thrones - so good, I’m obsessed!
  • The Office - absolutely hilarious, definitely a favourite.
  • Parks & Rec - same people who did The Office and yeah, another obsession!
  • 60 Days In - super an interesting real life experiment. I need to watch the second season though.
  • Desperate Housewives - this is like Pretty Little Liars for adults. I’ve seen it so many times, such a good show.
  • Pretty Little Liars - whilst there is a bit of complicated love stuff in this, it isn’t the focal point. It’s such a good mind show type show!
  • The OA - watched this a while ago and it was so weird, intriguing and I couldn’t stop watching.
  • Stranger Things - total fan favourite. I loved everything about it, especially the cinematography. 
  • American Horror Story - maybe a push if you’re not into horror type shows but an interesting mix of a TV show. I loved season 2, 3 and 5!
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine - just another funny, binge-watch style show!
  • Supernatural - currently watching this and I’m loving it. If you like paranormal films/shows it’s good. Plus I think Jensen Ackles is a cutie :’-)
  • Misfits - I loved this one too. Quality English TV!
  • Skins - I always thought this was big brother for teens until I started watching it hah! Quite party/drug related but if you don’t mind that, it’s quite a good series. I loved the final few episodes.
  • 13 Reasons Why - I recently read the book and am waiting for the show to come out. It was so good. Quite dark and deep themes but such an interesting and well-written book. Maybe skim a few reviews about it!
  • Other random shows that I enjoy are anything Gordan Ramsey (he is fantastic and hilarious), Geordie Shore, anything paranormal (Paranormal Witness, The Dead Files, Ghost Adventures), Catfish: The TV Show, The Inbetweeners, and Making a Murderer.

Hope this gives you a few things to check out!! xxx

Professor Park

» Part one  

Ok so here it is, my first and endless Jimin smut story. I reaaally hope y'all like it. Please don’t be to hard on me, as English isn’t my first language, i really tried to make it as read-able as possible. If it gets enough positive reactions i will think about writing a part 2.

Author: amsimaria

Word count:  4,4K

Feature: Jimin x Reader

Genre: SMUT/ANGST and a little bit of everything i guess 

“Wake up! (Y/N), we’re going to be fucking late again”
You hear your roommate’s voice coming from across the room. You look up, while rubbing your eyes to get a clear sight of the situation. “What time is it?” You ask while slowly sitting up and scratching your head out of confusion.
You see your roommate rushing into her favorite jeans.

“ It’s passed 9 already, we’ve got to leave in like 10 minutes if we still want to make it to Economics.”

Economics was giving by Professor Park, the young handsome professor who you spend way too much time staring at during lectures. You quickly rush into the bathroom to brush your teeth and wash your face. You didn’t have enough time to pick out a trendy outfit, so you just chose a a baggy vest and summer dress with some ballerina’s to wear under it. You both rush into the halls of the campus on your way to the classroom the lecture is being held in.
Relieved to finally arrive, you stumble in loudly, still laughing about the joke Melanie made about Prof. Park’s nice round butt. You both swallow your laughter after looking into the very quiet, not so amused class and a serious looking Mr. Park.
“ You ladies decides to come early today? ”
“ Sorry professor, we keep getting lost in this gigaaantic place.” Melanie replied in a innocent and childish like tone while moving her hands apart to indicate how big she was talking about.
You could tell he hadn’t had much experience as a professor, as her reply made him act a little uncomfortable.
“ Alright girls, last time.” He said while turning his back towards both of you.
You quickly walk up to find a spot in the back of the room.
At the end of the lecture you grab your bag and make your way towards the door, when a sudden voice stops you from moving.
“ (Y/N) could you come here for a second? ”
You turn around to see Professor Park looking at you.
“ Uh yeah.. Sure professor.” You reply
You tell your friend to wait for you outside before turning around and walking towards the handsome professor.
“ I noticed you are having trouble following my lectures, is there maybe something i can help you with so that your thoughts don’t wander off as much as they do? ”
You felt your face turning red.
Could he have noticed your endless staring at him whenever his plump lips explained the hectic arts of Economics?
Of course he noticed, he’s a teacher. And besides, every time he asked you something you didn’t even know what the question was, let alone having an actual answer.
“ I uh.. I’m just not really into Economics professor.” You said while looking down at your blue and white dotted ballerina shoes.
“ Well, i could help you with learning a few basics maybe? So you could at least know where to get back to if you are completely lost ” He offered kindly.
You restlessly look behind you and back to the ground.
Is he serious? Like you could actually pay attention to stupid economics when you’re in a room with him alone.
You look back at him to find him staring at your chest. He quickly looks up and turns around to take some papers from his desk.

What the hell.. Did he just stare at your breasts?

You look down at your chest, finding your nipples to be pointing straight forward.
Fuck, you were in such a rush this morning that you forgot to put on a bra.
You awkwardly cross your arms against your chest.
He hands over a piece of paper with says “The fine lines of economics”
“ Maybe this can help you.” He says while returning to his desk and sitting down.
“ Thank you professor, i will read it through before coming to class next time ” you thank him before rushing out of the classroom.
You make your way to your second class when you spot Melanie a bit further making her way to the entrance. You take sprint, to get to her before she gets in.

‘’ MELLL!’’

‘’ MELL wait, why didn’t you wait for me asshole? I just went through the most awkward shit ever ’’
“ What? You mean when you were alone with Park? Couldn’t you just text me after? ’’
“ NO I COULDN’T. I had to tell you this in person. I forgot to put on a fucking bra Melanie! He was staring at my rock hard nips.”

“ NO. ”

“ YES! ”

‘’ NO WAY ’’ Melanie says before bursting out of laughter
‘’ YES WAY MEL! Caught him staring at them for like a full 2 seconds.’’
‘’ Fuck my life seriously. He probably thought they were hard because of him.’’ you said while baring your face in the palms of your hands out of shame.

‘’ HAHAHAHA you are such a slut, (Y/N). Hard nips are like a girl-boner. At least that’s what guys think.’’ she says before bursting out again.
“NO THEY’RE NOT. The damn room was cold okay? They weren’t hard because of him JESUS’’

You storm off into the classroom with a red face and your friend still screaming out of laughter and making fun of you.

You both arrive at your dorm room.

‘’ God, i feel so dirty. I haven’t showered this morning and my perverted professor stared at my tits.’’ You sigh while making a staring face with open mouth looking at Melanie’s breasts.
‘’ Yeah the guy’s probably thinking about your tiddies right now ’’ Melanie replies while making a jacking-off motion with her hands.
‘’ Isn’t he like married though?’’ Melanie said while letting herself fall into her bed.
‘’ Seriously? I didn’t even know that? ’’ You look up, shocked and kind of disappointed.
‘’ Yeah i think so, or engaged or something like that. I saw him kiss a woman once before class. It wasn’t french-ing or anything it was classy, like a mall kiss on the lips.’’
‘’Really? Was she pretty?’’ Escaping from your lips, sounding more desperate than you wanted it to sound.

“ Are you jealouuuus..’’ Melanie said while narrowing her eyes at you
‘’ NO, why would i be jealous? He stared at my boobs not the other way around. You snort, sounding overly cocky and headstrong.’’

‘’ She wasn’t ugly. She had a cute doll-like face and she seemed happy.’’ Melanie finally replied.
‘’Hmm.. Well maybe she just doesn’t have nice perky tits like meee’’ You proudly laughed while lifting up your dress and sticking out your tongue before making your way to the bathroom to take a shower.


‘’What??’’ You yell from out of the shower.

No sound.

‘’What????” You yell a bit louder this time
‘’Let’s go to a bar tonight’’ Melanie replies
‘’Uhh.. Ok but let’s not make it too late, i’ve got a lecture at 11.’’


‘’ Which bar are we going? ‘’ You ask while struggling to walk proper on the rough streets with your delicate pumps on.
‘’Uhm.. Let’s not go to that dumb place all the students go to, i’m kinda sick of their faces’’
‘’Ok, so where to then?’’
‘’Let’s go to somewhere more classy.’’ Melanie replied with a calculated grin on her face.

You arrive at this modern-styled bar with handsome looking bartenders wearing tight white blouses with black bowties.

‘’ I already like it here.’’ Melanie said sounding like a little kid in a candy-shop’’
‘’Let’s sit at the bar’’ She said while pointing at a particular spot.

You make your way to the spot Melanie referred to.

‘’ Aren’t you ladies a bit young to hang around a place like this? ’’ A bartender said, pouring a clear drink he’d just shaken up out of his cocktail-shaker into two martini glasses.’’
‘’ Well the bouncer sure as hell didn’t think so, he didn’t even ask us for ID. ’’ Melanie snorted flirty
‘’ Oh well, If i didn’t know any better i’d definitely think you two were early college students.’’ He said while putting the drinks in front of us without taking his eyes of off Melanie’s.
“ Maybe you should find out then.’’ Melanie replied playfully, bringing her glass to her lipstick-red lips and taking a sip, looking back into his eyes.

You start to look around to see if people were paying attention to the two of you.
If he noticed you were college students, wouldn’t the rest notice too?
You suddenly see a familiar face sitting a few tables further. You narrow your eyes to get a better view of the man.
You suddenly recognize him.
You recognize those unique beautiful brown eyes you spend so much time staring at during his lectures.

‘’FUCK. He’s here Mel, he’s here!!’’ You said while nervously yanking on her skirt. Not losing sight of Professor Park
‘’Who? ’’ She looks down at her skirt and then turns her head 180 degrees to see who you’re referring to.
“FUCKKK. Park is here!??’’ She said said while looking back at you and then back at him

He notices the commotion and sees you both looking at him. He looks shocked. You and Melanie put on an awkward smile and look back to each other.

‘’(Y/N) he is with his fucking wife’’ Melanie shouted quietly  

You were in such shock that you hadn’t even notice the woman sitting across to him.
Was he really with his wife?
You were so eager to see her face, you had become restless.

“ I want to see her face Mel ’’
‘’ No you don’t. Stop making it more awkward than it already is. ‘’ Melanie whispered in an angry tone.
‘’ He sees us as nothing more than dumb college girls who are seeking attention at a bar like this.’’ She continues.

She was right. You felt embarrassed by the thought of him seeing you act so childish like you just did.
So you decides to act like it was the most normal thing in the world and stood up to walk your way towards the bathroom of the bar.
You wore a little black dress and your legs still had that nice golden bronze color from that day at the beach a few weeks ago. You wore pumps which made your legs even more feminine and you walked passed the couple like your were attempting a Victoria’s Secret runway show.
You saw him looking at you from the corner of your eye, but you decided not to look back at him.
Once in the bathroom you grabbed some mascara and gave your eyes a nice touchup. A few minutes later you walked out and finally saw the woman’s face.
Melanie was right. She was pretty.
A little dull-looking, but she seemed confident enough to not pay you any attention, like you were no match to her.
As you sat back down at the bar chair you saw him looking at you again, as soon as he noticed you looking back, he looked back at the woman and started laughing at something she had just said.
He just had the most beautiful smile. He never really smiled like that when you say him during lectures, or even in or around the campus really.

That night you couldn’t stop thinking about him.
How handsome he looked in his casual clothing. Those light blue jeans which showed the lines of his strong muscular thighs so well. How sexy he looked when he pulled his hands through his thick, shiny black hair before bringing the beer-bottle to his plump pink lips and taking a sip.
And how intriguing his gaze was when he looked at you.
Would he fantasize about you when he is laying in bed is with his wife?
Such a naughty thought, but you couldn’t help yourself enjoying thinking about it.

2 Days later.

‘’Ow girl you look so fiiiiinee!!’’ Melanie said in a hoarse voice, looking at your extremely short pastel purple tennis skirt you bought from American Apparel.
“Going for it today huh?’’ She continued
‘’What’s wrong with your voice? Feeling sick’’?
‘’Yeah i’m staying home today, can’t even swallow my own saliva without being in pain, let alone boring lectures all day.

‘’ Is it not to much?’’ You asked completely ignoring what she just said
‘’ Well not if you want Mr. Park to get a boner during lecture.’’ She replied
‘’ Oh shut uppp. I think it looks cute’’ You said while looking at yourself in the mirror.
“He sure will too’’ Melanie said while rolling her eyes away from you and pushing her tongue against the inside of her cheek with a closed mouth.

You put on your low white Converses, give your friend a kiss on her cheek and promising her to bring home some fruit and Thai soup to ease her flu, before quickly leaving the room.

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Jimin Scenario: Drunk In Love.

Request: Jimin scenario where he finds his usually introverted/shy girlfriend accidentally got herself drunk and she turned super giggly, openly affectionate, and won’t stop talking while he takes care of her.

Genre: Fluff.

-Y/N? YN, are you listening?-

-Of course I a-am listening- you answered, your voice giving away your drunk state. 

-Stay there Y/N, I am on my way to get you, please don’t move-

You giggled and if Jimin’s ears were right you were even hiccuping. -Don’t you worrry Chimin I am hella fine-

Jimin breathed in deeply wondering how on earth a girl that didn’t even drink could end up so drunk. -Please stay put, I’m almost there, don’t hang up-

You started giggling madly and honestly the situation was so unbelievable he kind of wanted to giggle a little as well but right now the worry was stronger than his amusement  for your cute drunken giggles. 

Jimin had received a text message from you to go to pick you up from a party. He knew you were in said party to which he hadn’t gone to let you have some fun by yourself, but it appeared that you were having too much fun. 

Jimin knew something was amiss as soon as he read the text, it was so odd you had misspelled words and written so strange, it wasn’t like you who were always careful with everything you said. So Jimin being that good natured boyfriend that he was, got worried immediately. He called you to make sure you were ok and that’s when he found out you were totally drunk.

You kept babbling and blurting out giggles like crazy until Jimin arrived, he was glad that you at least could understand his request of not hanging up.

When he spotted you as soon as he stepped foot on the party he thought you were a completely different person. With your phone in hand you were talking loudly to a group of people, and for the looks of it Jimin guessed it was a funny story as everyone was laughing with you. Jimin walked, watching the scene impressed since you were a shy girl, you weren’t one to be sharing stories like you were doing at the moment, so as much as it could be entertaining Jimin’s instinct was to protect you from doing something of which you could be embarrassed later.

-Hello everyone, hello Y/N-

People greeted him and you looked at him like you were the one surprised with what was happening. -Jimin darling, what are you doing here?-

He lifted his phone and signaled yours. -You called me Y/N- he laughed a little when everyone else laughed too. You stared at your phone in awe before bursting out laughs too. 

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A list of things Raimundo would do on various dates with Mia:

  1. Wear a Tuxedo to an amusement park date because he’s so nervous
  2. ‘Bribe’ Jack into borrowing his limo to impress her (even though we all know where he got it)
  3. Flustered babbling
  4. “Should I kiss her? Or uh, is that going too far yet? Oh god…”
  5. Calls Lux on the phone really quickly: “GIVE ME A GOOD PICKUP LINE”
  6. Take her to the circus where he used to perform and do a special segment just for her!
  7. Glare at anyone who is looking at her with the Intensity of a God 
  8. A serenade. He would serenade her. I’m calling it. 
  9. Sneakily go on snapchat, tell Mia that he’s taking a regular pic of her, and use various filters whilst doing so