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if dc actually cared to give steph a fair chance at being robin, do you think she'd ever be part of the titans? considering they were tim's friends, im wondering if they'd ever accept her

You know, it’s terrible but while I can see Steph being on the Titans as the Robin and excelling in the right circumstances, one of the things you come to really hate about Volume 3′s Titans is they’re pretty hateful and unrelenting in their “club” mentality.

I mean, I’ll be the first to talk about how Damian was prickly and difficult to get along with when he joined them, but he was still a ten year old hanging out with kids who ranged between the ages of sixteen and nineteen and everyone save maybe Rose Wilson was awful to him, and they kind of made no bones about the fact that it was because Tim was their Robin and they weren’t going to give anyone else the time of day. Nevermind that Tim had quit and left the team a year beforehand. Nevermind that Tim had a completely different (…okay not completely different, but one word/syllable off) hero identity.

[Teen Titans (2003-2011) #92 – like, guys, could you not outright reject and show favoritism in front of a ten year old kid when you have no reason to limit your numbers to begin with and, oh yeah, he’s the brother of the friend you’re showing your favortism to?]

So the pieces are there for a not really welcoming experience for Steph wearing the Robin mantle. Which… in a roundabout way makes sense. I mean they were awful to Kara’s Supergirl not too long before this issue with Damian, too, and that’s just another thing that Kara and Steph would have had in common for their own friendship… unfortunately.

It’s also worth (or not worth?) noting that Steph’s previous encounter with this generation of heroes, back when they were Young Justice, wasn’t stellar either. She was Spoiler and dating Tim at the time, and it got her literally attacked by Greta (Secret). This was part of the UGH writing in handling Greta’s character arc, and one of the things I disagree with most astutely when it comes to Young Justice (1998-2003), but it reads a pretty unpleasant history.

Of course, everything depends on the writing and the management higher up when it comes to these things. If DC had really been backing Steph as Robin and had really wanted to promote her as a character and part of the legacy, they would have made it work, and I do wish I had a peering glance into that reality, because it could have been pretty awesome.

I mean, it’s even what Tim wanted. 

[Teen Titans (2003-2011) #14]

Anon 1: You’re definitely not the only one. I’ve seen many a Frozen fan admit that they can’t even take their movie seriously because of the ridiculous merch and the games. Those are nightmare-fuel.

Anon 2: I’ve never had it before, actually. I think it’s probably because it’s cheaply made, but also that it’s old because no one buys it.

Anon 3: I have noticed that. I mean, I love purple and blue, and I thought Anna’s dress nicely put the two colors together, but the merch tends to either have too dark of a purple and too light of a blue or the opposite.

I’m just glad I never bought anything related to Frozen except movie tickets (my sister made me to twice).

I usually hate those “you know you’re getting old when” posts but today one of the IT interns asked me to get coffee with him and on the walk we talked about our work and I made a ~hacking into the Matrix~ joke because his screen seems to always be black with those green symbols and he didn’t get it :(


Ah, what to do when boredom set in. Komaeda, a mere nine-year-old with a surprisingly perceptive mind fixed the taller boy with a piercing stare–one that could be likened to a hawk eying its hunter. A terse, tense silence became the routine transition, having undergone many stare-offs before. Komaeda, indeed, loathed his sitter, and made no attempt to mask the fact. Openly and brazenly, he defied the sitter with a swagger uncommonly mustered in children.

“Why do I have to sit in my room again?” he snapped. “You’re supposed to entertain me! And I HATE it when you say ‘because I said so’!” 

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AU where they're human?

Human AU!

I’ve already explained what Sar does here, so I’m just going to explain how he and Nyx know each other.

First of all, Nyx lives with her Aunt and sibling, seeing as her mother is always out of town for her job. She was born without arms, but was offered prosthetic ones by the hospital. She never could make many friends her age at her old public school because of her disability, but she’s made many older friends around the town. For example, Sarkis! 

Sarkis jogs to the town park and back every evening as a way to blow off extra steam at the end of a day. Every time he arrives, Nyx is somewhere in the area. When she notices her friend she’ll run up, offer him a flower from that day’s bunch, and strike up a conversation about the day’s events.

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Hey ; )

1. First impression: …let’s troll yung-asuka. 
3. How old do you look: …Gendo
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yes because honestly 100/10 trolling quality
5. Have you ever made me mad: with laughter. 
6. Best feature: GENDO POSE
7. Have I ever had a crush on you:  naaaaaah
8. You’re my: partner in crime. let’s go fuck some shit up
9. Name in my phone: NO ONE! IS IN! MY PHONE! AAAHAHHHHH-
10. Should you post this too? do you hate yourself? jk jk   

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About the message to your 13 year old self: Always remember that you're loved. You're so unhappy in your tags and I don't want that. I'm chubby, too, but all women have very different body types and still are beautiful. And I'm sure you are, too :)

I usually get anon hate or spam, so this, this made me so frickin’ happy and made me feel so much better about myself, you have no idea. Defintly boosted my confidence meter. Thank you so much, love. *hugs and cookies*

*sorry for the awkward gif, i had to* 

I'm really starting not to care anymore...

I don’t care for this job. I mean it’s money that really helps pay for the bills, but I’m going no where. It seriously is a dead end job. I hate the new management and the way they treat us and how fucken fake they are. I love the people I work with, they have become family. But ever since my old managers left, Henry and Tara, I’ve come to hate my job and I never look forward to coming in anymore. I miss Henry and Tara so much. They were another set of parent to me. They fed me and made sure I was comfortable but also made sure I got my shit done! These new people treat every one of us like their slaves and like we’re nothing’s because they have money. They’re so stuck up and show off every chance they get. I’m so tired of this and of them. I mean I know I don’t do much any way other than fold laundry and check guests in and out but the way they add on shit that doesn’t have to deal with our hotel is so annoying. Like I’m over it. And I know they talk shit behind my back cause my coworker always tells me, just like I tell her when they talk shit about her. Fucken over it!

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i forgot to send this to you earlier but you're a bundle of joy and seeing you push through all the anon hate has made me want to become strong like you! don't let others put you down because you really are great.

Ah, thank you very much for this dear. Today has been nothing but love towards me and it’s rather relieving to know that i can actually have one day where people just talk to me out of character. What makes this day even better is because my old best friend in high school started talking with me today and it feels really nice.