i rather have a hard copy

Just had the most awful Prompto headcanon

Ok so after seeing the extended version and reflecting on some of my prior thoughts I’ve come to a prediction about Episode Prompto……..

So before I get to my prediction one thing I firmly believe is that Prompto was not a naturally conceived child. Rather I really believe magitek soldiers are clones and thus Prompto is himself a clone. With that being said it is possible the same genetic info if proven to be viable would be used to make multiple clones using the same DNA. Honestly polymerizing new DNA is not very hard. All you need is a host egg to inject the desired DNA into (after removing what genetic information is already in the nucleus) and fertilize it. I think it’s possible for Prompto to have “twins” that will look identical to him….That is the definition of a clone, a direct genetic copy of the host source (*cough* Verstael *cough* - I’m sorry but “biological father” in my opinion is dna donor, just saying).

Now this leads me to the extended trailer just released. What if Prompto met on of these clones confirming that he is indeed a magitek experimental subject. So he executed a person (we know magitek are “soulless” people) that looks identical to him. It’s like killing himself, shattering once and for all his old reality of just being a normal guy, realizing that he’s anything but normal.

Ok, I’m gonna go cry now.

As a lot of you already know when I finish my fanfictions I always print them into hard copies for my book shelf. Well I usually end up with extra copies. (I have THREE copies of some boys are monsters I am a mess) I’ve been designing Oculus (for when its totally finished- which is sooner than u think) and I’m curious if anyone would wanna have a copy.

I’m gonna buy about 4 of them so some of my friends can read them. Perhaps I could do a give away for the extra copies, so they can have happy homes that love them rather than gathering dust on my shelf.

Tl;dr: I’m gonna end up with extra hard copies of oculus you guys interested in a giveaway?

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I've got a computing test on Tuesday and my teacher really wants me to get an A in it but I just can't remember any of the theory no matter how hard I try and I'm panicking. Also, I have a media test on Monday and my classmates have managed to get hold of a copy of my notes and are using those to revise from rather than doing it themselves and I'm so annoyed because no one has even said thank you ughhhhhh lifeeee

Once panic mode sets in it can be tough to get around! Have a read of this post about memorising. Maybe trying it in a different way will help. Have you ever taken a test about your learning type? If you now what it is, then you’ll be able to tailor your studying to suit yourself more! If you google ‘learning type quiz’ some should come up. My best memorisation method is talking to people. I usually will grab my sister and force her to sit through me talking about what it is I need to remember. Sometimes finding funny ways to remember can help! If you can get someone to ask you questions or teach them from the beginning you can find gaps in your knowledge and make time to fix it! For your notes getting past around, I know exactly how you feel. My legal teacher used to share all my assessments with the class. It frustrated the hell out of me because technically we were competing against each other (for rankings) and I didn’t think it was fair to do it without my permission. I don’t mind her sharing them with younger years since that didn’t impact my own mark but yeah, it was really annoying. Whilst they’re seemingly ungrateful, I’m sure they are. Even if they don’t show it, I’m assuming you’re saving them with your notes. It’s a tough situation that. I definitely never figured a way how to deal with it :-( xx

So I saw the trailer for Pixar’s new movie Coco but it seems there was another film literally just like it a couple years ago. If Pixar is blatantly ripping off Book of Life, it wouldn’t be the first time animation studios have pulled that. It’s happened a lot. XD

I mean, just look at last year. Zootopia comes out and then Sing immediately follows (plus one other animals in the city-type movie I think? If memory serves?). Shark Tale came out like right after Finding Nemo. Same for Antz and A Bug’s Life. Weren’t there a ton of animated movies copying each other in the 90s too? Feels like there were *shrugs* 

I doubt animation studios are gonna stop copying one another. It’s just how they do. Rather unabashedly sometimes.  I have a hard time seeing it as bad when there’ll be more family friendly films featuring people of color as main characters. Not to mention positively and [hopefully] accurately depicting their culture. Considering Pixar and Disney have the same parent company and that Moana seems to have been treated respectfully I imagine Coco has been given the same treatment. Hopefully. 

The Soldier and The Surgeon | pt. 1

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Genre: Fluff, Humor, Angst (not in this chapter yet tho)

Member: Jeon Jungkook

Words: 4451

You are one of the most prestigious and successful surgeons in South Korea, working at one of South Korea’s best hospitals. Your life as a surgeon was boring and tedious, but everything changes when you go to Syria as part of your hospital’s medical volunteering team, where you meet a certain captain of the Special Forces, named Jeon Jungkook.

(A/N: I will seperate this story in three or four parts. This story is based on the drama “Descendants Of The Sun”, but I gave my own twist to it rather than copying the whole story. If you haven’t watched the drama yet, I definitely recommend watching it! It’s so good omfg.)

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2.1 | Pt. 2.2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4

Being a surgeon was not an easy job.

Being a surgeon required having long shifts now and then. Standing in an operating-room, while performing surgery for eight hours straight was hard. There was nothing to exaggerate about that fact.

Seeing blood was particularly normal for a surgeon. Some people would get scared and all dizzy when seeing a little drop of blood coming out of a tiny wound. As a surgeon, seeing blood was part of the daily life, so when a huge amount of blood splattered on your face after accidentally cutting the wrong tissue, blacking out was not an option for you.

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The top 4 most popular children characters in Awakening just happen to have copy look-alikes that coincide EXACTLY with appearances, personalities, and even seiyuus! to me this doesnt look like a coincidence or even laziness, but rather having our fan favorites come back by popular demand. i like to think of Odin, Luna and Lazward as the AU counterparts to Owain, Severa and Inigo. Lucina’s reappearance is also self-explanatory, due to the creation of Amiibos.