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A story of why you should ALWAYS pay your web designer...

So I have (had?) a client that decided he didn’t want to pay the full price for my web design services AFTER he signed the agreement. What happened was he paid my 50% deposit, and I sent him the beta version on my server. He took that link to other designers and asked them to build it for cheaper. When he found a designer who would, he told me he was no longer needing a website for his business and wanted to terminate. When I said he was on the hook for the amount, he ignored me for a week and then told me he hated the website. I sent collections after him and the agent found out he had another designer working for him. This new designer charges $350 for a complete website with a year of hosting and SEO.

What happened next is phenomenal.

New designer couldn’t copy my website, so he provided an HTML (non responsive, to boot) website instead. Collection agent gave me the new website and when I looked, it was okay looking. I checked the source and right in the header tag, it said, “mirrored from…”

His designer copied the code, pictures, slogan and favicon from this other company. Being the good little designer I am, I contacted the company and asked if they knew their website had been copied. Obviously, they did not. I sent a bunch of screen caps and information to him.

Owner of website contacted my (ex) client and ripped him a new one. Client threw the designer under the bus, so the company owner called the designer next. Owner of the company threatened corporate lawyers on him.

By 11pm last night, the website was offline. By 7am this morning, a new website was up… again mirrored from a hair & beauty salon in Las Vegas.

So I called the web designer of that website and let him know. His response, “of all the websites I’ve done, they copied that one?”. He called the designer and the designer responded by removing the “mirrored from” tags in the code. Original designer will be doing a little research and starting the process for theft of intellectual property tomorrow.

Because I’m a horrible person, I went through this designer’s profile and found a few more copied websites, and sent screen caps of pages and the code to each of the original owners, as well as information on what to do. If someone wants to copy code and learn from it, fine. But don’t sell someone’s hard work as your own.

At this point, I don’t even care if I get paid from my ex client, because I have been so amused by this entire saga. But I updated my collections agent and after he was done laughing, he was going to call my ex client back and recommend he pay me completely and get the original website I created for him, rather than the mirrored hack job(s) he also paid for.

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Hiii! Congrats on 6.4K followers:)!! If you have time could you maybe write a drabble about Draco running/working in a shop and Harry coming in to buy lots of things from him that he doesn't need because he has a huge crush? Thank youuu. Love your writing!:) 💜💜💜

Ah, thank you so much.  Sorry it took me a few days to get to this request.

When Draco hears the bell chime above the front door he doesn’t even need to look up to know who it is.  No one else comes into his shop this late.  Potter is the only person he knows who would have the audacity to come into a bookshop at half past ten.  Draco never mentions that before Potter started coming in he usually closed up shop by nine.  He doesn’t need to know that Draco stays open every day in the hopes that he might come in.

Draco purposely looks down at the ledger in front of him, dipping his quill into the ink bottle in front of him and doodling in the margins in an attempt to appear busier than he really is.

“Sorry to bother you so late,” Potter mumbles and Draco is glad he has plenty of experience hiding his emotions because the smile that threatens to break out across his face would be a bit embarrassing.

“Potter you always bother me this late and we both know you aren’t remotely sorry.”  When he looks up the other man is smiling at him.  There are few snowflakes still clinging to his hair and his face looks flushed as if he’s run from somewhere.  It’s only when Draco notices that Potter still has his Auror robes on that he realizes perhaps he has.  He looks exceedingly handsome and Draco is especially grateful that he’s standing behind the counter because every day that Potter comes into his shop tests his patience more and more.  He’s not sure how much longer he will be able to hold out before he does something that might be a bit foolish.

“I was…well that is…I was wondering if you might have a book for me.”

Draco snorts, setting the quill down and giving Potter a rather piercing look that makes Potter blush.  Draco likes when he does that, it makes him look younger, or perhaps more his age anyhow.  Draco thinks they probably both look a bit older than their twenty four years, but he likes the softness that crosses Potter’s face when he blushes or smiles.  He tries really hard not to think about it more than is appropriate.  “I always have what you’re looking for, Potter.”  

“Are you sure about that?” he asks, and if Draco didn’t know any better he would almost swear Potter’s tone was flirting.

“Potter, I managed to track down the original copy of The Tales of Beadle the Bard, the Egyptian manuscript on tomb enchments, that rare copy of of third century druid magic and spells, and even that out of print muggle cookbook you wanted.  Merlin only knows what you’re doing with such an odd collection of books but I have managed to find every single one you’ve asked for.  I’m quite positive I’ll be able to find this one, so go ahead, what is it.”

When Draco finally looks up from his rant he nearly jumps because Potter is standing directly in front of him.  He’s so surprised he wonders how he walked without meaning too until he realizes Potter must have climbed over the counter to get beside him.  The other man is so close Draco has to close his eyes, only opening them when Potter’s words ghost across his skin as visceral as if he’d actually touched him.

“I’m looking for this book you see, someone told me it was a good read.  It’s about this bloke who keeps going into this other blokes antique bookshop and buying books he doesn’t need to try and get his attention because he’s got an embarrassingly large crush on him and he isn’t sure how the other man feels.”

Draco wants to speak, really he does, but all that comes out is a squeak.

“Have you read it?” Potter asks, and Draco feels like his heart might actually explode out of his chest because Potter is so close he can see the smallest flecks of brown around the iris of Potter’s eyes, can see in excruciating detail the way it looks when Potter’s warm, pink tongue darts out to lick his lips.

“I..uh, I haven’t read that one.”

“Do you want to?”

It’s too much, Potter standing so close, looking at him with so much hope it nearly breaks him in half and Draco thinks fuck it, fuck self control and self preservation,fuck everything and especially fuck Harry fucking Potter.  And then its Potter who squeaks because Draco does what he’s wanted to do for months and slams him back against the wall, nearly devouring him, except Potter doesn’t seem to be complaining he just arches up against him, sliding his hands into Draco’s hair and making sounds that Draco quite honestly thinks should be illegal.

When they finally pull apart Draco is more than pleased to see that Potter looks utterly wrecked.  He coughs, rubbing his hand on his cheek and leaning forward until his forehead is pressed against Potter’s.

“On further reconsideration I think I might have that book you’re looking for…but it’s back at my flat.   You’d have to come home with me, if you want.”

Potter grins, looking like he’s caught the snitch, and slides his hand down Draco’s back to pull him closer.  “I definitely want.”

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Sorry to bother, but I'm an artist struggling with style, and I absolutely love yours. I was wondering, where do you get your inspiration? And what what would you suggest to an artist trying to find their own style?

Hi! I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with your style, that can be a great source of frustration. Know that many artists have or have had to deal with the same problem, so you’re not alone. <3

A lot of artists who are more intelligent and experienced than me have said that the ‘Ideal&Perfect&Smart™’ Way to find a unique style is to first dedicate your time to studying the fundamentals of art (meaning perspective, anatomy, composition, lighting, color, all that jazz). After all, the way I see it, a “style” is a design, a manipulated, usually simplified version of realism (which is a ‘style’ in itself… urgh I’m starting to overthink this). If you have a basic understanding of how to create realistic artworks, and then figure out how to manipulate them, basically you’ll be able to create as many art styles as you please.

That being said, the ‘Time-Consuming Copycat™’ Way, a.k.a. the ‘Bang Your Head Against a Brick Wall Until You Get Through’ Way, has been the road I’ve traveled. I believe this technique is common for artists who have been drawing ever since they were children. If you look at an image drawn by a 8-14 y/o kid, changes are you’ll notice that their style is likely inspired by cartoons and comics and such (ofc there are children who prefer life drawing over copying other people’s styles, but as far as I know they’re more uncommon than ‘copycats’). The drawing might have sort of a super hero comic or anime or Disney vibe to it. This “copycat” phase can last for years (for me it lasted over a decade), but those kids who just keep on drawing year after year get influenced by tons of different art styles and eventually end up with a mix of so many styles that nobody can really tell what it was inspired by in the first place. This is how I believe I ended up with my current style.

As I recall, my first two biggest inspirations style-wise were Disney’s Oliver & Company and an anime called Ginga Nagareboshi Gin. That was 16 years and about 200 sketchbooks worth of scribbles ago. I have always been a lousy student and so far I’ve survived with minimal amount of actual art studies, I’m planning on changing that but my point is, your style will get unique if you just keep drawing. That’s it. Just draw. It’ll take time but you can’t fail if you just keep it up and don’t copy just one particular, already-existing style on purpose. Just please do yourself a favor and rather than copying other people’s stuff only, practice the fundamentals and life drawing. You’ll get better faster and avoid many mistakes I’ve done in the past (though don’t study so hard that you lose your passion and interest in art). 

For further info, check these out:

- Understanding Your Style Part 1 / Part 2 (DeviantArt)
- FIND YOUR ART STYLE (And How I Found Mine) by LavenderTowne (YouTube)

There are many interesting opinions on how to find/create your style, and many seem to passionately hate the Copycat™ way of learning (for good reasons I suppose), but these are my honest thoughts and my experiences. Everyone pls feel free to disagree and/or share your own point of view on this if you’d like!

Standing In The Outfield (2/2) + A CS Fanfic

A two part fic about baseball, the friend zone, and what happens when your unresolved feelings bring you home after five years away. Inspired by the song ‘The Outfield’ by The Night Game.

Okay, here’s part 2!  Sorry for the delay, but I decided to finish this and then do a third part that will be like a smutty outtake of sorts. Thanks for your patience, friends! Hopefully the next one won’t take as long. Enjoy! :) [Read Part 1 Here]

Word Count: 4.8K
Rating: Still T for now


It was almost like the world stopped spinning as Killian braced himself in the swiveling desk chair. He silently willed his legs or mouth to move, but both were definitely far too difficult with the way she was standing so nonchalantly in the small office’s doorway. He’d allowed himself to dream of this moment once or twice since they exchanged conflicted goodbyes all those years ago, but his imagination had clearly fallen short.

Seeing Emma again wasn’t something he could have ever prepared for - and his wide eyes and timid smile gave him away in an instant. Then again, maybe she’d always noticed how he looked at her. It’s not like that had changed in the time they spent apart.

“Hey, I….didn’t mean to interrupt, but I heard you were back,” she said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “I guess I had to see for myself.”

She hadn’t changed much since they’d last seen each other, but Killian allowed himself to take in the beautiful details that made up this woman like it was the first time. Her hair was slightly shorter, but still hung in loose waves over her shoulders. She was dressed a bit beyond casual - jeans that were more tailored than the ones she used to wear and a detailed white top paired with a gray jacket - which made him feel a bit self conscious about his worn out denim and zip up hoodie. Her suede flat shoes certainly rivaled his laced up Nikes and he wondered briefly just what was causing her to dress so differently these days.

People change, he silently reminded himself - and while the idea tugged at his heartstrings, he couldn’t help how he felt so elated to see her. He hoped desperately that she felt that way too, but the anxiousness written all over her face was definitely giving him pause.

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Thank you guys so much for your patience! Got stuck at work longer than expected, but I’m here and I’ve got the results of the contest for ya. Before we jump into it, I wanna say I loved each and every one of the entries I received, and it wasn’t easy at all to pick — I’m gonna have a little blurb on each, and everyone reading, please, please be sure to follow them and shoot them some love for their work! Everyone did fantastic and I love the results.

Firstly, anyone not selected in the winner results below, please still e-mail me at ashtraydentist@aol.com — you will be receiving a notecard drawing of Sam and some stickers for your participation in the contest! Just let me know who you are, your entry, and your address, if you’re comfortable with that. 

The winner of the contest for the prize of the comic prompt is @withthedemonblood! Please e-mail me and we can get your unique Sam-centric comic started for you, your eyes only! Unless you wanna post it when you get it. Y’know. Whatevs.

The two winners for the fanfiction category is @brothersapart and @womanoflettersinthebunker ! The two winners for fan art is @sketchydean and @fioreitaliano (which is not letting me ping you, what a butthead tumblr is). The two winners for fan edits are @samprincesschester and @jaredbottoms!  Let me know if you would like The Little Golden Hunter’s Book or a grayscale copy of Ask Sam Stuff Volumes 1 or 2. If you would like to wait, you can request to have grayscale Volume 3 when it is completed! If you would rather have a drawn piece that is SPN-related, let me know, we can work something out that is non-book-related.  

(IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE LIST BELOW, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I will add you and you will still be able to get a gift for partaking for your hard work — a Sam notecard of thanks and stickers! Apologies to the helpful notes left on the previous post before this one; I was at work so I couldn’t respond. :’))


Metal by @waytoomuchanalysis : A fantastic continuation of the bend the spoon entry, it dives into the potential of Sam stil having his powers! Look out for the warnings, and enjoy a dose of hurt!Sam, too! I love me some hurt!Sam.

The Long Road Home by @brothersapart : A wonderfully well-written ‘novelization’ of here and here, where Dean died as a child in the fire with their mother. Really awesome to tackle this one, and you did a great job conveying additional things in the narrative!

I’m Okay by @ultimatefandomtrash61 : A gritty and heavy covering of the entry involving Sam’s feelings after Toni’s deceit in 12x02; heed the warnings at the start! It’s a tough subject for sure, but it’s done very well!

As Dreamer’s Do by @withthedemonblood : Really wonderful descriptions and details as this goes, this takes what is a pretty silly entry and adds a lot of personality and weight to it; I love me some weechester stuff, and there’s even a little hurt!Dean in there for you guys who like fairness in torment, haha.

Manoir de Mes Reves by @captain-sodapop : I gotta say, I didn’t even remotely consider the http://asksamstuff.tumblr.com/post/118043076689/an-interesting-afternoon-at-the-mills-residence twister entry on Sam’s Birthday bash would end up as an entry! Great humor and a fun concept, check this one out.

I Love You, Too by @manuscript-or : Based on Sam's addiction to coffee (dude sometimes there’s such a thing as too much), this AU of the pilot episode is pretty cute and full of Jess and Sam goodness! And y'all know I’m a sucker for Jess and Sam. Check this out!

Happy Halloween by @womanoflettersinthebunker : Based on the halloween post about Abby the little sassy cowgirl with read hair and freckles! I really love the alternate route this took, and it gave Sam a fun little adventure to boot — love the details of Sam naming trick-or-treaters in this head! Fantastic work. ♥

Proud Defense by @my-pen-is-my-sword : Very, very neat — an expansion of this strange creature from a pre-series comic! I’m impressed with the attempt to tackle this one, since it was one of the more vague and mysterious comics I’ve thrown out there, but it ended up being a really great piece! Excellent job.

Scars by @samsexualdeancurious :  A short but sweet Jess/Sam entry, exploring a panel in this entry a bit more. Did I mention I’m a sucker for Jessica and Sam? Because I am. Great job on expanding on that entry, and great writing.

A Long Night (Part 1 | Part 2) by @borrowedtimeandspace : A lovely write-up of a section of the Ask Lil’ Sam Stuff plotline; I really loved doing that story, and I’m tickled to see that it was chosen to be done for the entry! They’ve done a really good job adding little narrative touches to this, and it’s a nice addition to the bitty!Sam collection!

Fan art:

BANANA SAM by @fioreitaliano : Based on this. I cannot believe my eyes. A+ banana!Sam. I’m so happy to have laid eyes on him in all his wonder.

No but Really, Call Me, Cont’d by @saintedsam : The cutest little continuation of Max Banes and Sam Winchester, from my entry of Max hitting on an oblivious Sam. And here he is, continuing to be oblivious! What a cute art style, I love it! (And that shirt, Max.)

The Purple Dog Shirt, Pt. II by @sketchydean : What a great follow-up to the purple dog shirt comic! It can be tough to whip up comics, but this is done extremely well and feels like such a solid continuation, I love it. Now - where the heck did that shirt go!!

Dean, I Made You More Pie by @h3dgehogjohn : Isn’t this so cute? A picture of little Sam from this entry making more 'pie’ for his brother! I love them in their little socks; great job, and a+ freckles. ;)

It was a long night by @dovesdanceatdusk  Banana!Sam strikes again!! This time with some backstory! I love the way Sam’s drawn in this, what an excellent style, and — yeah, it was a long night.

I’m Gonna Rip Your Lungs Out! by @nisaki-chan : Oh man, protective!Dean, weechesters, and the threat of lung-ripping. Our favorite! Great art style and an excellent choice in topic. I approve.

Take Care of Yourself! by @dozmuffinxc : Look at this cute entry! A Sam swathed in blankets! A really adorable art style, and a good point to keep in mind for everyone, especially over-working little Sam.

Samulet? … Deanmulet? by @sakurinn : Based on this post, sakurinn made an excellent video of Sam getting his own personal samulet! A Deanulet? A wonderful shout-out to you for making a video entry!! This is her first post on tumblr, so please be sure to send lovely wishes and a welcome to the community! ♥


Lack of Agency by @jaredbottoms : An excellent study in gif-form of some of the lack of agency in Sam’s life, based on this post — it’s crazy to see it all laid out, and important to remember. Great selections for a strong gifset.

Cute-o-Meter by @samprincesschester : Something a little less serious — a good ol’ cracky screencap comic, based on this cracky lovefest of a post! I love the humor in this, and I love the team effort going into reminding everyone what a cutie-patootie Sam is. Thanks a ton, Team Freely Loving Sam Winchester.

Once again, give everyone a hand and some reblogs/notes/follows, they’re all super awesome and I’m so happy to have seen their work! Again, if you have an entry that isn’t here because I’m a dipstick and missed it, or I lost it while pasting together this monstrosity (so much linking, so much writing, ieieeeiee), message me and let me know! You’ll certainly still get yourself some stickers. ;)

Until the next contest??? Maybe??? 

I’ll just see you next entry, haha.

— Ashlee

P.S. Happy birthday, Sam. Congrats on being alive somehow in your canon!

au where jimin is in love with the author JK’s works, he finds them to be extremely moving and he loves them. he dreams of one day being JK’s editor which is why he applied for an internship at the publishing company that works with JK in hopes that he would be able to make his dream come true. as an intern, he shadows yoongi and they become fast friends. two months into his internship, yoongi sends jimin on a mission: get difficult author jeongguk to hand in his manuscript. jimin is extremely nervous about that because he isn’t sure if he can deal with him if he is as difficult as what he has heard from fellow intern taehyung, but he is determined to succeed, he doesn’t want to let yoongi down! as warned, jeongguk is difficult but not in a mean way. he’s simply uncooperative. or rather, as he says “it’s not that i don’t want to cooperate, i can’t. i have no inspiration.” taking it upon himself, jimin tries hard to take the reclusive author out on little adventures to hopefully inspire him to write something. just like a cliche romance novel, they fall in love. (jimin finds out that jeongguk is actually JK of course. when jeongguk gifts him a copy of JK’s new book and he sees his own name in the thanks to.)

“wait. what?? i know JK??? wait wait. calm down park jimin there are so many other park jimins in this world it is definitely a coincidence.”
“what do you mean really?? thank you for giving me this by the way! although isn’t the release date like next week?”
“uh huh.”
“wait. oh my god. are you-”

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I was a little angry at Mary, but then he said "my boys" including Cas and I forgave her ❤ 12x12 has me with my heart in my throat

I think there are a lot of mixed feelings about Mary after this episode. I still love her, and the portrayal of her in the show, because I totally understand what the writers are trying to do with her character. I have decided to use your ask to voice my opinion on the current “Mary debate”. Hope you don’t mind. 12x12 also had me choking on my own heart nonny! I am with you there.

Before this season Mary has always been this fantasy figure of motherly perfection to the boys - specifically Dean. They put her high on a pedestal as a symbol of the life they were robbed of. Not to mention the fact that she was framed as “Mother Mary” the holy mother of Christ prior to this season. She was always this perfect “ideal mother” who could do no wrong. Yes we learned of her back story as a Hunter and how she met John but ultimately the “young Mary” story is still separate from the Mary of the pilot and the Mary in the photograph that pulled Dean back from the brink among other things. She was always framed from Dean’s POV as the perfect mother figure. 

So to bring her back to life, to give a life and story and personality to the original fridged woman who has been sat on a pedestal all these years? Its fucking amazing is what it is. You NEED to tear down that “holier than thou” image of her. Of course she isn’t gonna be what her sons expect. Of course she is gonna struggle to adjust. Of course she is gonna make dodgy choices (because she wouldn’t be a Winchester if she didn’t).  She is FINALLY being portrayed a a real person with flaws and problems and I am lapping it up. Women aren’t fucking perfect. They can be a million different things but never perfect. Perfect is boring. If you’re character is perfect, then they aren’t really a character at all. 

If I was writing the show, I would write her pretty much exactly how they are writing her. I would write her struggle to accept that her babies are grown up, that they are still hunters, that her perfect life that she desired from a young age was robbed from her by the same demon that killed her parents. The only thing that pisses me off about the shows version of Mary isn’t even Mary’s fault, its the stupid fucking format of having to make side characters disappear every couple of episodes because for some reason having them pottering around in the Bunker whilst Sam and Dean work a generic MOTW case isn’t a good enough excuse. 

At the same time I get that she has turned back to hunting for a distraction to her pain. Because she is still a woman mourning the loss of her children. She missed them grow up, she doesn’t get to hold baby Sammy in her arms and kiss Dean on the forehead goodnight anymore. (My mum tells me she misses me all the goddamn time. She misses her little girl like she is mourning me because I am a 30 year old woman living away from home and see her every couple of weeks. My mum still hasn’t quite accepted that I have grown up. But at least she got to experience it.) Mary has been robbed of that. Hell, Sammy was only just 6 months old. She was probably still breast feeding him when she died. Imagine having that ripped away from you?

I wish they explored her pain in more depth, but I get where they are going with it. She has turned to the BMOL because they have given her a promise, to rid the world of the monsters that stole her life from her. They have given her focus, because clearly the shoving your problems down and ignoring them and throwing yourself into work is a genetic Winchester/Campbell Gene. Could she have done more to save Cas? Yes. She could have given up the Colt if it would have saved Cas’s life. It was their only shot, and she chose wrong. I don’t quite forgive her for that but I wanna see where they take her story. She is traumatised by what has happened to her, and not thinking clearly. She is our season 6 Cas parallel as well lets not forget, and in her mind she is doing the right thing. That doesn’t excuse her, but then Cas actively put Sam’s life in danger too… and a lot of people hated him for it at the time (and still do sadly).

Mary did indeed call Cas one of her boys at the end there. I think perhaps by that point the whole situation had sunken in more. She knows how much her sons care for him, how they view him as a brother (and spouse) and after recent events I think she has realised just how important Cas is. She connected with Cas, and also there is probably some residual guilt there from not handing over the Colt at the time.

We just need to see where her story goes. Honestly I see it going the way of 6x20 and beyond. But then again this is supposed to be a re-write of season 6 rather than just a hard copy with different characters. I expect Mary to come to her senses and do what Cas never did in season 6, because I expect that Dean (and Sam) would have learned from that mistake and make an effort to resolve the situation. Communication is a key theme this season so hopefully this will come into play in later episodes. We can only wait and see.



right now i’m working on the high res pages! to give you guys an example, the left is the draft you’ve already seen, the right in the finished (or like, mostly finished) high res, redrawn page.

during a lot of these drafts, i was still working on design, so there will be a number of changes in the actual hard copy! i might sell digital versions of this one, simply for those dedicated swaingel fans who wanna see all the new work right away rather than wait for the book to come out :’D

but all-in-all, you guys’ve already seen pretty much all of the content it’ll have to offer. hopefully the middle of this month will be the last you have to hear me talk about it!!

• Note-taking is important, whether they’re pretty or not! Your notes are what you’ll be using to revise for your exams, and they’ll be the most effective resource when it comes to committing material to memory! So here’s my personal guide on how to take good ones.   ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶

1. Choosing your paper!

The paper you use is actually pretty important, and it all depends on how you like to visualise things. Remember - visualisation is a key tool when it comes to learning and memorising!

I personally prefer graph paper, particularly with small squares instead of large ones. With this, I can write neatly with even spaces, make to-do lists in regards to the lesson with the little squares, draw better diagrams and set it out the neatest.

Even so, some prefer regular lined paper for simplicity! Lined paper is really good for subjects that you don’t have to draw diagrams in, rather write lots and lots. I find that it’s best for English and Lit subjects!

And then there’s always the option of lineless paper. I personally am not a fan of this as I find it hard to make my notes neat and tidy, but it does give more freedom in the way the pages are set out. If you don’t think this is a problem for you, then lineless paper might be a good option for highly visual learners! 

2. Your choice of words is pretty important as well! Copying down exactly what your teacher/professor says won’t exactly hinder you, but it won’t necessarily help you either! Studies show that it’s much better to put your notes into your own words - it makes you think about the content more and get a better understanding before writing down information. This will also help you to remember things - because you wrote it down and this is how you understand it.

With that in mind - do copy down important words and terms that are mentioned - you will get better marks if you use those! Just put them into your own sentences and make sure you fully understand the term.

3. Revising your notes is essential to learning and memorising the material! You want to ensure that your notes will be understandable to you and make the context clear when you go back and read over them for revision. Here are some ways to do that:

• Make sure to space everything out in a way that you can read your notes with flow and not get stressed out by clutter! You will memorise things better if they’re spaced out and you focus on them in little bits.

• Rewrite your notes! You don’t necessarily have to do this for neatness - rewriting your notes also helps you commit them to memory. If you find it difficult to take tidy notes in class and you feel that tidy notes will benefit you, rewriting them for the purpose of being neat may be good for you - you’re still memorising them after all!

• Trade your notes with those of your friends or classmates - they may have picked up on something you didn’t! Also, rereading notes in a different way and in different words will help you better understand the material and can be refreshing - especially if you’ve been pouring over only your notes. That can sometimes give you tunnel vision!

4. Lastly, choosing a notebook that suits your note-taking style will save you a lot of time and stress when it comes to organising your notes and your thoughts! I find that sometimes the material taught in class is easier to memorise in a different order than it was taught, so I buy notebooks that allow me to rearrange pages to my liking.

Display folders are good because you can put any type of paper in there and the sleeves protect them from spills. Say if you’re a biology student, you can have lined paper for writing, graph paper for graphing and lineless for diagrams - all in one book! Binders are also good for this.

But if that isn’t a problem for you and you think you would benefit from the simplicity of a regular notebook, there’s no need to make it fancy if it causes you too much trouble. 

You can always type up your notes in a program like OneNote or Word, but it’s a good idea to write them out at one point or another, just to make sure that you will remember them.

That’s my guide on note-taking! I hope you find it helpful!  (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

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Do you ever get to a point where you naturally sense what to include where in a book, rather than forgetting to add details (small to big) and having to go back and edit them in? Maybe it's just because I have ADHD, but even when I throughly plot things out I'm always forgetting something, if not multiple things, that I eventually have Ah ha moments about then have to go back and include and sometimes rework to make them fit. Do you ever get to a point where this at least happens less often? 😣

I do have a good natural “on the fly” sense for this kind of thing, but I tend to backstop it by making sure that all but the most casual details are slotted into the “step outline” for a book where I expect they’ll be needed. The motto is: if something gets forgotten, let it be something minor. (And the corollary, of course, is that Nothing Is Minor.)

I prefer to handle this kind of issue in hard copy, rather than just letting things float around in my head to deposit themselves where needed on demand, because let’s be frank here, I am nearly 65 and the brain chemistry operates in a more leisurely manner these days than it used to in the 30s and 40s. (I.e. my brain is still like a steel trap, but the jaws close more slowly.) :) Something once jotted down / slotted in can always be moved later.

When I get what seems to me a good idea about a piece of character business or a buried motivation or whatever, I pull out the project file immediately (this is one of the joys of Scrivener, in that I can now use it as an app on the iPad as well as on the big machine or the laptop) and put the thing in place. Barring that, at the very least I dictate a note into Evernote (or type one) and then set an alarm to remind myself to transfer it to the main project file when I get home. (This is one of the things IFTTT is good for: I have a “recipe” in there that, when I’ve been away from home, uses my phone’s GPS to (a) notice when I’m back and then (b) screams bloody murder at me to move any newly made notes into Scrivener and lock them into the structure where they belong. Yes, my life is a noisy place.) :)

As for the Ah Ha moment: we all live for these, I think… the times when it becomes plain that the unconscious mind / subconscious mind / Back Of The Shop has been quietly processing away on some issue for days or weeks or MONTHS… and then, suddenly, without warning, hands you a solution to something that’s been bugging you for days or weeks or months or YEARS. (I had one of these the other day and it blew me away. This particular thing had been bothering me on and off for FIFTY YEARS and suddenly the answer popped up. Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with it.) :) …Either way, all you can do when one of these happens is sit down with the Work At Hand and figure out where it belongs (assuming that’s not already blindingly obvious).

Do the go-back-and-fix-its happen *less* often as you work more? I think probably they do. But best practice is to always, always ALWAYS be prepared for something to appear out of sequence or at the worst possible time. Being prepared is best. :)

#70 - For placidus

Filling the prompt “taking photos of van while you have a bath together would be v cute”

“When we buy a house, it has to have a really good bath. Like, one of the free standing ones with the little claw feet,” you said. Van put too much of the mix in, and the bubbles were overflowing. You watched them slowly melt down the side of the tub and disappear into the drain in the middle of the bathroom floor.

“They’re kind of creepy though, you know what I mean?”

You were lying in the bath between Van’s legs. You were using them like armrests, as they rested on the edge behind you. Your legs were shorter, so your feet could sit flat against his chest. He was running his hands up and down your legs. In the water, covered in the soapy bubbles, skin was extra smooth. Some of Van’s hair was wet, some dry; it meant it stuck up all over the place. He closed his eyes and leant his head back on the wall. You slowly leant backwards to the little table next to the bath. It’s where candles, water bottles, and phones were kept. You flicked the switch on the side of your phone to make it silent, and started to take sneaky pictures of Van. His eyes didn’t open, but his mouth curled into a grin.

“I know what you’re doing, Y/N,” he said in a tone that he’d probably use with his future children. “If you drop your phone in the bath, I’m not gonna feel sorry for you,”

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So coolest thing happened to me couple days ago and since no one in my life found it as cool as i did, i just had to bring it to tumblr! I was on a getaway with uni friends last week in Rosebud Vic and we decided to go to a street market for the day. As we’re walking down the street I noticed a book store and ever since I heard that still star crossed has been canceled I’ve been trying to see if I could find the book. I told my friends to go ahead while I quickly went in. While I was waiting in line to ask one of the store girls if they had the book another girl came up and served me. Since no one really knows about the show in Australia I didn’t really expect her to know what it was when I asked, but as soon as I did she replied with “Oh do you watch the show?’. I was just happy to meet someone that had actually heard of the show so I said ‘yeah I love it, do you watch it too?!’ and she goes ‘my brothers actually in it’ ………… my first thought was maybe he’s just an extra but then I remembered that the leading man of the show (and my heart) is Australian too! So I say ‘I’m sorry but is your brother Benvolio???????” AND SHE SAID YES! Of course I freaked out a bit and my cheeks were hurting from smiling so hard but omg she was so lovely and stood there chatting for like 15 minutes! I was telling her how upset I was about the show being canceled and how annoying that there was literally no publicity for it and of course she agreed and since I have no brain to mouth filter I blurted out ‘I’m sorry but your brother’s really hot!’ and she laughed and agreed that the whole cast is rather good looking! Anyway the shop was starting to get busy and sadly she couldn’t find a copy of the book, so I had to say goodbye but not before telling her to tell her brother that even though the show got canceled its got a big fanbase and he’s brilliant in it! A couple hours later when my friends and I were on our way back we were about to past the shop again and I realised that I hadn’t even had a proper look around before (clearly starstruck) so i went back in and after being there for five minutes looking around one of the other girls who had been listening to my fangirling before comes over to me and points to another lady and says ‘That’s Wades mother!’ I love that girl cause she was clearly looking out for me! So I got to meet his mum as well cause when the sister saw me again she brought her mother over and said ‘mum this is the sweet girl I was telling you about before that watches still star crossed!’ and they were both so lovely and I just kept thinking about how cool it’ll be that they’re probably going to be telling Wade about this fan that they met randomly and they’ll be talking about meeeee! And his sister said that the cast is actually really close and everyones so lovely and omg it was awesome! And of course we both bonded over Rosaline and Ben and I told her how I hope they get together before the show ends and she said she thinks that something’s going to happen before it ends! I’ve always been one to believe in fate but I’ve never experience it like this before! So many things could’ve stopped us from meeting (my friends taking forever to get ready that morning, almost going to another location, me walking on the other side of the road and completely missing the shop, me getting served by the other lady, etc) but I don’t know, I like to think this happened for a reason, not sure what that reason is, besides the fact that it was super cool, but I’m going to love having that memory with me. 

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Do you have any advice to pass onto beginning artists? Love your art !!

thank you so much!! ^^

well, I don’t think i have anything to say that others already haven’t but here are some things that i would tell my younger self and myself at the moment as an important reminder:

- don’t expect everything you draw to be astonishing - especially if you’re a beginner. Don’t push yourself to create finished masterpieces, your learning process should consist mainly of sketches, studies and doodles. It’s okay if they’re bad, it’s okay if they look nothing like what you had in mind. That’s normal and part of the whole process. It might sound a little discouraging but it will make you improve, I promise. Allow yourself to make mistakes!

- do studies and use references - at the beginning I considered references as cheating, I thought that artists were there to create whatever they wanted out of their minds. This is not true! You’re not a machine, you’re not supposed to know everything. References are here to help you, but you need to know how to use them. Here are two videos that teach you how to do it. Of course building your own visual library is incredibly important too and that’s why you should do studies! I think it would be better to focus on one element (form, anatomy - you can divide it into parts as well, lighting, perspective and so on…). If you want to study let’s say leg muscles, go and find a dozen of photos on the internet of different legs and analyse them. Break them down into simple shapes and draw these shapes, think how they’re connected together, take notes! This might be tiresome but I believe it’s worth it.

- practice the smart way! - please watch these videos, 

- don’t rely on talent - whether you’re considered as a “talented” person or not, talent won’t do your job, ever. It might make you learn a bit quicker, but hard work is the key here. I don’t believe in talents that much, tbh. 

- don’t compare your art to other’s people art - I know that it’s hard not to do that when we have so many incredible artists around, but try to treat their art more as a motivation, a goal to achieve, rather than something that discourages you.

- study other people’s art - again don’t try to compare yourself but analyse their works. What makes them so good? Is it the anatomy, the lighting? The atmosphere they created or the colors they chose? Study their art, but be careful - don’t copy them right away or you might find yourself copying their mistakes instead.

- listen to what others have to say - here is the list of my favourite youtube channels that focus mostly on digital art:

1. Ross Draws - one of my favourites, his videos are like a ray of sun, so funny and cheerful. He shows different approaches to illustrations, drops some very important tips and his art is goals.

2. Proko - well I think we all know this one, very useful and informative, perfect place for studying and learning fundamentals, especially anatomy. 

3. Istebrak - TONS of imporant informations, tutorials, paint overs and critique hours. Incredibly useful and the host’s attitude towards drawing is very down to earth. 

4. Kienan Lafferty - this is my recent discovery, so I haven’t watched that many videos, but you’ll find in-depth voice over processes, tutorials and tips. 

5. Sycra - again, very famous channel, tons of tutorials and speedpaintings, some very valuable advices and good attitude.

6. Ahmed Aldoori - beautiful, colorful art and amazing style. You’ll find tutorials, speedpaintings and a heathy attitude towards drawing. Plus the host’s voice is just made to be listened to. 

7. JJcanvas - one of my fave concept artists, you’ll find very atmospheric mostly landscape speedpaintings.

8. FZDSCHOOL - this is another super popular channel, over 80 videos of tutorials, advices and speedpaintings that are super useful. Focused on concept art.

9.  sakimichan - sakimichan’s paintings in time lapses

10. LevelUp - over 70 sessions with different, famous artists. Real time video processes and tutorials, paint overs and critique hours. 

whoa, I didn’t expect it to be this long, sorry! And please remember that I am not a professional, I’ve never even taken an art class, I just think that these things work for me. They might not work for you and that’s why you should find your own way of learning. I still hope you’ll find this helpful, though! ^^

Good luck! ⊂((・▽・))⊃

The Soldier and The Surgeon | pt. 1

Originally posted by jengkook

Genre: Fluff, Humor, Angst (not in this chapter yet tho)

Member: Jeon Jungkook

Words: 4451

You are one of the most prestigious and successful surgeons in South Korea, working at one of South Korea’s best hospitals. Your life as a surgeon was boring and tedious, but everything changes when you go to Syria as part of your hospital’s medical volunteering team, where you meet a certain captain of the Special Forces, named Jeon Jungkook.

(A/N: I will seperate this story in three or four parts. This story is based on the drama “Descendants Of The Sun”, but I gave my own twist to it rather than copying the whole story. If you haven’t watched the drama yet, I definitely recommend watching it! It’s so good omfg.)

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2.1 | Pt. 2.2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4

Being a surgeon was not an easy job.

Being a surgeon required having long shifts now and then. Standing in an operating-room, while performing surgery for eight hours straight was hard. There was nothing to exaggerate about that fact.

Seeing blood was particularly normal for a surgeon. Some people would get scared and all dizzy when seeing a little drop of blood coming out of a tiny wound. As a surgeon, seeing blood was part of the daily life, so when a huge amount of blood splattered on your face after accidentally cutting the wrong tissue, blacking out was not an option for you.

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Marauders Headcanon #4

Remus and Lily were book buddies.
It started in first year, when Remus let Lily borrow his copy of The Phantom Tollbooth. Lily was intrigued to find that Remus had dogeared his favorite pages, underlined his favorite passages, and scribbled notes in the margins. She returned it have underlined her own favorite passages and responded to some of his rhetorical questions in the notes. When Remus discovered this, he decided that Lily was the type of person he’d like to be good friends with.

In second year, they passed a copy of A Wrinkle In Time back and forth over the span of months, having a written literary discussion on the pages of the book. There are sections of the book where it’s hard to read the actual text, they wrote so much on those pages. When A Wind in the Door came out, they played rock paper scissors to see who would get to read it first, because they decided that they’d rather share a copy then have two separate ones.

In fourth year, Remus fell in love with poetry. Lily didn’t, but she obliged him in reading I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings and his book of Robert Frost poetry. Likewise, Remus read 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 for her. He grudgingly admitted that he really did enjoy them, despite not being a fan of the futuristic genre.

In fifth year, they returned to more contemporary literature and read To Kill a Mockingbird. Their discussion of it lasted well into their seventh year, because they both felt that the themes were so relevant to their life building up to the war. Lily saw a lot of herself in Scout, and Remus told her that he felt more like Boo Radley. (When she later discovered that he was a werewolf, this made a lot more sense to her.)

Sixth year they read A Tale of Two Cities and Les Miserables. Remus hated the former and fell in love with the later. Lily was of the opposite opinion. Both of those books were covered in quite a few angry words by the time Lily and Remus stopped passing them back and forth.

Seventh year they read Of Mice and Men, the Island of Doctor Moreau, Animal Farm, Watership Down, and anything else they could get their hands on. Somehow, they both knew that that year would be the last year they could really read together like they did.

Bonus: Teddy Lupin finds these books in an old box in Harry’s attic years after the second war, and spends afternoon after afternoon reading and re-reading his father’s words, wishing he had gotten to hear him speak them himself.

Just had the most awful Prompto headcanon

Ok so after seeing the extended version and reflecting on some of my prior thoughts I’ve come to a prediction about Episode Prompto……..

So before I get to my prediction one thing I firmly believe is that Prompto was not a naturally conceived child. Rather I really believe magitek soldiers are clones and thus Prompto is himself a clone. With that being said it is possible the same genetic info if proven to be viable would be used to make multiple clones using the same DNA. Honestly polymerizing new DNA is not very hard. All you need is a host egg to inject the desired DNA into (after removing what genetic information is already in the nucleus) and fertilize it. I think it’s possible for Prompto to have “twins” that will look identical to him….That is the definition of a clone, a direct genetic copy of the host source (*cough* Verstael *cough* - I’m sorry but “biological father” in my opinion is dna donor, just saying).

Now this leads me to the extended trailer just released. What if Prompto met on of these clones confirming that he is indeed a magitek experimental subject. So he executed a person (we know magitek are “soulless” people) that looks identical to him. It’s like killing himself, shattering once and for all his old reality of just being a normal guy, realizing that he’s anything but normal.

Ok, I’m gonna go cry now.

mythinktankguys  asked:

Say, an emp bomb crashed the economy, by turning all those pretty ones and zeros into plain old zeros and every last shred of digital money was gone for good -- how would that go down? What would go down first? Would there be anyone to benefit from it (at least for a while)? How would the government possibly reestablish order? (They did with lots of police and districts within cities eventually, but like the first few weeks/months were everything is chaos and people go nuts.)

Okay, you guys are really into destroying the digital economy! Which –disclaimer– is something I’ve never studied. All those ones and zeroes, that binary code that binds the world together? I’ve no got a clue how it works. Nothing, nada. I can’t even code well enough to edit a tumblr theme, so the complexities of the computers that run the digital economy are a total mystery to me. Plus, the complete destruction of digital money? Not something I can research here, either.

But! This is where the magical, beautiful majesty that is the rest of the ScriptFam steps in to help out, in this case namely @scriptaccountant and @scripthacker.

Hacker says (paraphrased by Econ):

First off, it’s highly unlikely that an EMP could destroy every piece of digital information pertinent to the digital economy. EMP-shielded electronics are a thing, and while a lot of information that isn’t properly protected would be lost, big banks and corporations tend to invest a lot of money in protecting their data.

Likewise, most governments will have protected electronics, to prevent against an EMP-style attack from a foreign nation if nothing else. Remember, a lot of big banks, corporations and governments trade on the back of their credibility: would you give your money to a bank you thought might lose it? I certainly wouldn’t. So these big organisation likely have very well protected electronics, and paper back-ups to boot.

Accountant says (again paraphrased by yours truly):

As far as the disappearance of everyone’s money goes, that information (paychecks, bills etc.) should actually be covered by good accounting practices wherein the banks etc. should have hard copies of everything plus backups off-site for digital files.

So in summary, I’m afraid we’ve rather sat on your idea. I know it sucks when you come to an advice blog and they tear down your idea, but if you’re going for realism it looks like your situation is very unlikely. You could find some way to also destroy the digital backups if your villain is clever, or incorporate the backups as a way for the government to get everything rolling again after the crash. I’m sure if all credit cards stopped working and the banks had to manually sort out the hard copies of everyone’s finances there would be a lot of frustration and quite possibly riots etc. to provide the chaos you’re looking for, and it would probably take quite a while to sort out. As for people who would benefit, I suppose those with a lot of cash on hand or goods to trade and barter (if the situation gets that desperate) might be better off than your ordinary Joe, but off the top of my head I can’t think of many people who would benefit from the total collapse of the digital economy other than hedgefunds massively shorting on banks shares and government bonds (and if you want me to explain that concept, feel free to send a follow up ask but it’s currently a topic for another day). But if your villain wants to make money from this, betting against banks and other businesses with a lot to lose sounds like a good plan; I’d definitely suggest they sell any Bitcoins they might have!

So while I fear that this might not be what you wanted to hear, I hope that it helps you out somewhat. Good luck with your writing!

anonymous asked:

yikes i wanna be as good at art as you one day,, im working extremely hard to improve. do you have any tips?

Oh thank youuu ^u^

  • I find it really useful to have a place when you can save all the art, music, photos or anything that inspire you in any way. It helps when you don’t know what to draw or your art block hits. I usually look for certain techniques that I like, general ideas or just something that’s interesting and I work from that. Don’t copy other people’s work but rather take small ideas from them and then build something from that and your own imagination .^.
  • Most artist will tell you to draw everyday and it was really hard for me for a while but it really helps so much it’s unbelievable. If you don’t have enough time or energy try finishing at least one piece a week. That made it easier at least for me.
  • If you can’t draw something especially hands draw them anyway If you don’t draw the thing you’ll not get better at drawing it. Sometimes it’s better to make art that you don’t like so you will learn from it 
  • I guess be patient? Art is really hard and there are moments when you’ll feel like you’re stuck and you’re not improving but you can work through it and it’s the best feeling in the world when you finally do c:

That’s the most general tips that I thought of at the moment I hope it helps .^.

Book Asks!


1. Libraries or bookstores?

I like to have my own collection so definitely bookstores.

2. Hardcover or paperback?

Paperback, especially the floppy kind. 

3. Hard copies or ereaders?

I have an ereader that I sometimes use but I would rather have a hard copy.

4. Bookmarks or dogears?

I don’t judge but I would never dogear a book. I have a small bookmark collection or will use random pieces of paper. 

5. New books or worn books?

I would rather a new book but I also love used bookstores.


1. Genre?

Young adult fantasy

2. Author?

There are so many authors I love but right now it might be Rick Riordan.

3. Series?

I love the Sarah J. Maas books but I haven’t finished one of her series yet so probably The Mortal Instruments series.

4. Individual book?

Dragonfly by Julia Golding is still a favourite of mine.

5. Classic book?

It’s a tie between Macbeth or Hamlet by Shakespeare.


1. Favorite time of day to read?

If I can read from morning to night than I’ll be happy.

2. Favorite place to read?

I have a reading nook in my room and I love it.

3. Silence or background noise?

Silence but sometimes if I have a song stuck in my head I’ll put on some instrumental music to drown it out.

4. Preferred weather for reading?

Snow storm all the way.

5. Favorite reading-time snack?

Anything that I can eat without getting a stain on my book.


1. Favorite childhood book?

Amanda Greenleaf by Ed Kavangh

2. Currently reading?

Nothing right now but there are so many good new releases that come out in the beginning of May that I can’t wait for.

3. Book you want to read most?

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

4. Reading goals?

My goodreads goal is 100 books this year.

5. Book you could read forever?

Either A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas or The Host by Stephenie Meyer. I’ve read them both so many times and I love them.


1. Worst book you’ve read?

I know I’m repeating myself but Me and Earl and The Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews makes me angry it was so bad.

2. Book you couldn’t even finish?

I bought Betwixt by Tara Bray Smith recently and thought I was really going to like it but one of the pov’s was so bad that I didn’t even care what happened to the other characters.

3. Book you didn’t understand?

After I thought about it a little bit I vaguely got the ending but I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak was good but so confusing. 

4. Most overrated book?

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green was a good book but it was way over hyped, especially when the movie came out.

5. Problematic book?

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon kind of romanticized illness and the twist ending made it even more apparent.

AESTHETIC: (feel free to include pictures)

1. Prettiest cover?

It looks better in person and has gold edged pages.

2. Best illustrations?

An Illustrated History Of Shadowhunters and Denizens of Downworld illustrated by Cassandra Jean is so, so beautiful.

3. Favorite map in a book?

The map in the Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo is totally my favourite.

4. Best overall book aesthetic?

The Mortal Instruments series and The Infernal Devices series booth have these special edition spines that are amazingly illustrated.

5. Ugliest book?

The Daughter of Smoke and Bone series by Laini Taylor is a good series but the covers are just so bad. 


1. Scariest book?

In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters was super creepy and there was this one scene that haunted me for weeks afterwards.

2. Best fantasy world?

The Shadowhunter world made by Cassandra Clare has a couple great series in it that I love.

3. Funniest book?

The sarcastic humor in Rick Riordan’s books is so funny to me. 

4. Saddest book?

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins made me cry so hard with that heart wrenching ending.

5. Book you would never want to read?

I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson sounds like a good book but it is going to be at 2 different times and show how these twins relationship was damaged. I don’t like that writing style. 


1. Character you wish to be friends with?

I would love to be Rowan Whitethorn, first seen in Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas, is amazing and I love him and Celaena together. Even hanging out with him a day would be cool.

2. Favorite antagonist?

So even though he was literally the worst and such a bad guy, I thought Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments series was such a good bad guy. 

3. Favorite protag?

Katy Swartz from the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout is someone I relate to so much and I found her perspective refreshing.

4. Favorite supporting?

Nico di Angelo in The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan is a perfect little baby who I must protect at all costs. He is adorable! 

5. Most-hated character?

Maybe not the most hated but I found Colin Singleton, from An Abundance of Katherines by John Green, to be kind of a pretentious character.  

anonymous asked:

Where do you get your gifts from

I take it you mean gifs? Pip and I make them….? Where else would i get them lmao