i rather be dead

I’ve had some revelations with my deadlift recently and am fairly certain I will start progressing rapidly again very soon.

I might make a video illustrating what I mean by this, but remember the DeNovo Nutrition video on building the squat from the bottom up? Basically showed how reversing the way you think about the execution of the movement can be helpful, since we want an identical bar path for the up and down potions of the lift.

I had a similar thought but with deads. Rather than starting from the bottom, start from the top. Fully locked out. Then slowly return the bar to floor as if you were performing the lift in reverse. If you are anything like me you will notice that the way you set the bar down is not the same way you pick it up, so when you go to pick it up again to lock it out you make some corrections and suddenly your technique is looking much better and more importantly feeling stronger.


Fire Alarm went off.

I started to head out the door and boss said “seriously, you are leaving? It’s probably a false alarm.” to which I responded “I’d rather be wrong and alive, then right and dead”.

Ran into the maintenance man in the stairwell and he said it was a false alarm, so I came back to the office.

Three minutes later, the fire truck arrived. Which in a weird way, comforts me. At least in the event of a real fire, they can get to my building, in Downtown Miami traffic, pretty quickly.

Upon our arrival back to the office, since most people left after me, Boss proceeded to tell everyone about the time when the fire alarm went off in our old building and before he could grab his computer, I had ran down 10 flights of stairs and was standing outside.

To which I retorted “I could have been outside today, I just didn’t know where the exit was.”

Now I know, so next time, I’ll be downstairs before you can say “Hey, where’s René?”

A Flair For the Dramatic-PTV sentence starters

“But I still hold your breath so you won’t leave” -Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides

“I’d rather see you dead than live without me” -Current Convulsive

“Do you want me? Do you want to let me know that you’re okay?” -Yeah Boy and Dollface

“The sun’s coming up and we’re still awake” -I’d Rather Die Than Be Famous

“But what’s the use if what you love is what you have?” -The Cheap Bouquet

“Come back to my heart” -Falling Asleep On A Stranger

“And I’ll sing along like a prayer for you” -She Sings In the Morning

“Have you ever really danced on the edge? Just hold my hand and jump” -The Balcony Scene

“You said you want someone who actually cares” -Drella

“Now you say that I never bother you the way he did” -Diamonds and Why Men Buy Them

“My mistakes I’ve made won’t leave me alone” -Wonderless

Wow really?

The haters just pledged to all delete their blogs if Beth is shown alive in the present day in season 6.

I will laugh when and if that happens.

A recent coming out story

When you finally come out to your religious mother and the first thing she says is
“You need help”
Not only did she say that but she compared me being gay saying it’s as bad as if I was a wife beater or child molester.
And now her and my father are making decisions about taking me out of my art school, the only place I feel like myself, the only place I can hang out with my real friends and I never feel out of place, just because it’s “surrounded by gays”
It’s not going to make a difference

All of my friends at my school is like my second family. I don’t want to leave just because of my family’s religion believes being gay is a sin. I don’t even want to be a part of the religion yet they still force me to.
I don’t know what to do anymore honestly. I rather run away and live my friends then listen to my mother go on about how being gay is wrong.

anonymous asked:

I think TG re whould be better without Sasaki, i mean i rather Kaneki dead, what do you think?

TG could have ended with Kaneki dying, but then that would cut his character development short. He only realized his mistakes at the very end, when it was too late to do anything about it. 

I think that by bringing him back as Sasaki into :re allows him to realize his mistakes before it’s too late while also understanding the human investigator side of this human-ghoul relationship and finding a way for them to coexist peacefully. Because isn’t that what Kaneki wanted in the first place?

I honestly haven’t felt this shitty in a long time. Recently everyone has been reminding me that i have no friends. like i didn’t know that already. I got home after having an okay day and i joined a call with some people and as soon as i started talking one person said “Why do you keep joining this call? Don’t you have your own friends?” The only way I could respond was with a no. Cause that’s the sad truth. I don't have any friends. Even the one person I can call a friend is not even that anymore. My mom even mentioned that i have no friends. I get it. 
I’m sick of people saying “well everyone else is just stupid if they don’t like you.” I would understand if its just a few people, but when everyone ignores you and chooses not to talk to you/acknowledge your existence then it just can’t be cause they’re stupid. I don’t think the whole world is fucking retarded. It must be me. I understand if they hate me. Cause I hate me too. Do you know how much it hurts to get up everyday and be ignored? The only time people acknowledge me is to make fun of me. I’m getting really tired of dealing with this everyday. I’m at the point where i can’t take it anymore.