i rarely draw these guys having fun

WIP meme

I am so sorry I’m doing this after you guys tagged me ages ago, @silvervictory and @sympathykick (;o;)

I don’t have too many things I’m working on. Been on and off on things lately, so not much art at the moment. But whatever I got, guess it won’t hurt to show ^u^

(under the cut just in case it gets long haha)

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I was hit with some intense motivation (which is rare) and decided to have some fun while doing this! (and it’s been a while since I’ve drawn the guys.. well Sky. The others are new to me so… uh… yeah.)

The colors are kind of pastel, so it kind of fits the cute thing. 

original is here: [link] 

I don’t own the image that this is based on. 

Hey guys! Just recently started guild wars 2! Add me, Luxia.4356 or Kerpymon.

It’s been pretty fun lately but I can’t really get into map completion after around 4 maps completed (it feels so strenuous). Dungeons are funny sometimes and only rarely have I met someone exceedingly rude during dungeons (like trying to kick you out of the party at the last boss, etc.) The legendaries look AMAZING but I don’t think I’ll bother with them since they require so much $$$, but I’m sure they will be fun to draw. 

Due to the fact that someone I love very much, littlewadoo tagged me, I’m going to do the 15 things that make me happy meme. With some pictures!

1. Getting to see michellicopter tomorrow! I cannot wait for more ridiculous collaborations :)

2. Playing video games with darthtveitor every weekend. We have Enjolras and Grantaire Miis we use for MarioKart and Nintendoland so we can play as them and laugh.

3. The exciting and beautiful occasions when people leave comments on ao3.
4. And for that matter the people who take their time to leave lovely inbox messages here on tumblr, thank you. (If you’re ever wondering why I sometimes don’t answer it’s because I want to keep them forever.)
5. Making friends with amazing fandom artists who are wonderful and want to trade and collab and talk techniques.
6. Seeing improvement in my work. Like, a lot. Look how much better I am at sketching on a tablet, ah!!

7. Amazing messy fluffy hair. Thinking about it, drawing it, looking at pictures of it, whatever.
8. George Blagden.
9. The times that niarchery surprised me with amazing fanart for my fics.
10. Thinking up new silly amusing AUs.
11. My skype sessions with bootsssss. Wigs and Boots, what a pair.
12. The rare pair Montparnasse/Bahorel shipping fun I have with malfaux.
13. Drawing to showtunes and singing very loudly along with them.
14. Seeing a big project through to the very end, starting from such a simple doodle in my sketchbook.

15. My kind and loving followers who have encouraged me to keep drawing things even when I’ve felt down. <3 Thanks guys.

I tag bootsssss, nisiedrawsstuff, and caroll-in :)

i’ve been seeing a lot of vidcon on my dash today…. and i wanted to sketch some real life people… so have some youtubers