i rarely draw these guys having fun

Raaraa, a togrutan mercenary and “friend” of Silas. She and her two companions, the zygerrian Phas and the half diathim Neri, will soon join Mender and the family in my RP with @sweetfinjadrawings

She has purple markings (not shown) and tend to be very flirty and direct. She and Silas have history of a sort of intimate nature. Asher does not approve at all of their old relationship or how she treated Asher in the past. He actually hate her… which is rare for him.

More on her once I’ve developed her more.

And I’m back guys! My summer job was great fun but crazy stressful, so I’ve been to tired to draw. And my studio is boiling hot during summer.

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I was hit with some intense motivation (which is rare) and decided to have some fun while doing this! (and it’s been a while since I’ve drawn the guys.. well Sky. The others are new to me so… uh… yeah.)

The colors are kind of pastel, so it kind of fits the cute thing. 

original is here: [link] 

I don’t own the image that this is based on.