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I got a "talking to" at the haunted house I work at because someone told my boss that I was going around saying I was raped when in reality some dickhole made a rape joke and I said that it wasn't fucking funny because so many people, including myself, have been through it, but ok I'm definitely just randomly talking about something that traumatized me and it's def ok that this dumb fuck made a rape joke


Lost in Marvel (Part 2/?) 

Avengers x Reader (Not decided on a pairing yet), Tony x Reader (Platonic)

Word count: +800

(Not my gif)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  

Part 7  Part 8 (Coming soon)

You slowly wake up from what felt like a dream well that’s till you opened your eyes to see you were still in the SHELD accommodation room, quickly sitting and rubbing the sleep from your eyes you look over the spectacular past events that recently occurred to try to fit together what has happened in the marvel universe.

“Judging by the fact S.H.E.L.D. is still up and running and Civil War hasn’t hap-“ You talk to yourself aloud until a certain Stark walks in.

“The Civil what?” He walks in and takes a seat on the edge of your bed.

“Ever heard of knocking?” you do your best to avoid eye contact hoping he hadn’t heard anything else you said.

“First of all I did knock, second of all I brought breakfast and third and finally I got you some clothes, figured you wouldn’t want keep wearing hospital clothes” he says placing a large bag onto the bed and a tray of warm food on the desk and making his way out.

“Tony!” You call out to him making him spin around to look back at you “Thank you” you say giving him a warm smile.

“Don’t mention it kiddo…Oh and in about an hour meet me in lab number three, I’m sure you’ll find your way” And with that he waves a goodbye and walks out closing the door behind.

After eating breakfast and getting changed into a (F/c) hoodie, jeans and (fav) shoes you made your way out of the room and head down the silent corridor, you looked around the different doors and hallways hoping you’d find some sort of sign pointing towards the labs.

After walking around for who knows how long you finally found a sign pointing to the right with ‘Labs 1-5’ written on it. Without wasting any time you take a sharp right and accidentally walk into a large man making both of you fall on the ground.

“Oh I’m so sorry, I wasn’t-” You quickly get up and offer your hand to the person only to realise you bumped into the one and only Steve Rogers! “Oh My God, I’m so sorry C-Captain Americ- I mean Mr Rogers- Sir!”

“Oh don’t worry about it I wasn’t looking where I was going either and call me Steve, Miss?” You internally scream at yourself as he talks.

“Oh I’m (Full Name)” his face lights up as you answer.

“Well (Name) I haven’t seen you here before are you new?”

“Yes and I’d love to stay and chat but I have to be somewhere”

“Oh of course, I’ll see you around (Name)” you give him a smile before making your way past him and down the hallway passing labs 1 and 2 and finally stopping in front of lab room 3.

You took a big breath and knocked on the door and in a matter of second it was opened by none other than Tony Stark.

“Hey, right on time ” he says opening the door gesturing you to come in.

“Hey, so why did you call me here?” You ask as you walk into the lab and taking a seat on a nearby stool.

“Well Nick suggested that you get some test done just in case HYDRA haven’t done anything with you.” He says while setting up his equipment.

“He’s got a point I mean I did wake up in what I think was an undercover hydra base”

“Well it’s good to know we’re on the same page” Tony says giving you a smile as he pats down on the seat next to him “Come on let’s get this over and done with”.

As you make your way towards him the door from behind opens up.

“Sorry I’m late” The man says and you look around to see Bruce fricking Banner, you were frozen, even after meeting so many others it’s still a shock seeing them in person not matter who it is.

“It’s cool we were just about to start anyway” Tony says whilst giggling about your expression “(Name) meet Dr. Bruce Banner aka Hulk but you already knew that”

“So your the (Name) everyone’s been talking about” he says holding a hand out towards you and you shake it in response

“Yes I’m (Nam-) wait people have been talking about me?” You were curious to what people have been saying about you, I mean come on its not like everyday someone randomly comes from a different universe.

“I’ll let you two girls gossip later right now we’ve got work do do” Tony interrupts and points at Nick’s email asking about you.

After what felt like hours of testing and needles they were finally done.

“Ok- wait what the heck is this?” Bruce says making Tony walk around the table to where bruce was analysing your results.

“Is it bad?” You ask a bit worried about what they had found.

“No wait I’ve seen this it’s similar to Wanda’s results, but (Name)’s look original as if she was born with this DNA” Tony answers.

“Wait wait what do you mean?” You ask tightening your grip around the armrest.


Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6   Part 7  Part 8 (Coming soon)

Dan Dan DAAAAAN! Hope you guys liked that! What do you guys think and who you think Reader should be paired with? And let me know if you want to get tagged in the upcoming parts!


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I am here to ask you about your latinx boxmore family hcs, give them all to me girl >:^)

thanks for saving my life you two

okay theyre spanish speaking i call it. portugese speaking boxmores is good too but im projecting so? um? leave me olone

its obvious boxman is latinx ok. the name of his first kids is ERNESTO and he has another kid name RAYMOND 

ernesto is the only one to be fully fluent in spanish, since it comes in handing in accounting or something. sometimes when boxman needs to have mature conversations with ernesto in front of the kids he’ll switch to spanish. 

shannon thinks spanish is boring, darrell want to know it SO BAD but he butchers it enough to make boxman embarrassed and ernesto laugh. raymond is really good at pronouncing the spanish he hears but he doesn’t actually know what it means. (he says hilarious phrases at rad in spanish but rad doesn’t know better so they work when it comes to flirting with him)

boxman is VERY superstitious. thats why darrell and ernesto have one eye. the evil eye. 

you will steal spicy food from boxman’s cold, dead, chicken hand

when boxman is really concentrated on engineering something you’ll hear him mutter spanish hear and there

everyone watches novelas. everyone. raymond is particularly fond of them.

shannon is afraid to ask for a quince. but….she wants a quince. shes not even sure how old shes supposed to be other than teenager but there you go 

the boxmore family…arguing…passionately….you hear gibberish and spanish

(i really like spanish headcanons)

boxman only eats mexican candy if he wants sweets. or like, pan dulce, shit like that lol. 

darrell has a marachi outfit somewhere. its right next to his cowboy and sailor outfit. 

the reason why boxman sounds so formal speaking english but will randomly sprinkle in english colloquialisms is because hes self taught english

to be quite honest i dont know how language works in the ok ko universe but im going with all of that

boxman grew up in a very traditional household. its only now that he’s far older than he understands a lot of the customs. like i dont think america exists but the show is clearly american and if rad can be an immigrant from another planet, i dont see why boxman can’t be too. seems reasonable enough anyway

ok thats it for now i have a lot more but i forgot lskfjdslkfd

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Ash, do you think Danai has ever stumbled across any Richonne fanfiction?. I'm pretty sure Gimps has but what about Danai? It's been proven that reads Richonne tweets, so fanfiction isn't too far off right? Either way, don't freak out but I tweeted her a link to Palm Trees and I am just hoping she randomly decides to read it 😂 it's so freaking good! (Just like all your work) ok bye.

Girl, I did an entire double take when I read the end of this, lmao. I mean, thank you! 😘I think? But I have to go hide now, because if she ever did read my work, I would die. 

To answer your question, though, she said a couple of years ago that she hadn’t. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s read a snippet here or there. Josh said he has, so it’s not far-fetched. And Danai’s sister (not sure which one) seems to keep her abreast of some fandom stuff, so it’s possible she’s told her about a story or two. But idk, maybe I’ll ask her when I (hopefully) see her in October. 👀 

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Hey friend I saw your post about memories and I went and read through a bunch of other ones and?? How do you?? Get memories? Mine just come to me randomly or stuff it's really hard for me to get anything

ooh I’ve been ready for the day I got an ask about this! 

Ok, so! Obviously, there’s general advice - going through the character’s canon in their media, looking at art or stories or videos or aesthetics made that relate to them, listening to music etc. etc.  and mostly I say this because these have worked for me too, though it’s pretty random.

But what I do specifically, that works for me pretty much on command (though I can’t do it all the time), is what I call the memory walk! It’s not my method really, it’s structured off of this method here. However, I’ve found that as I do it, it’s more successful when I personalize the process in a way that works for me, and pay attention to what works for me!!

So I’d advise reading through the original process to start with, but I can also tell you about my experience with it if that might help!!

I am going to say, though, the most important thing to remember for this process is to listen to your instincts and pay attention to how it goes. if you can’t seem to get things to work, you may need to try something different. If you feel like you’re doing it right then you probably are, but if you feel like something’s not adding up then you may need to address whatever it is that feels off and try again. 

Don’t try to overthink or force it, you’re more likely to block things off and get frustrated. Go with the flow and learn the cues your brain gives you so that you know when you’re doing the right thing.

Keep reading

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Not to sound impatient! but will faithtale be updated like... once a week? month? or are u just doing it randomly ??? how often will u update it?

No is ok!!! and sorry.. its randomly XD, im still in school so it hard to do the comic and test in the same time, i even have hard time to reply to the asks XD so we will keep working more serious on the comic in summer vacances (in 2 month) i hope you undesthand..!

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It's fanfic author self-rec time! Recommend 3 of your favourite fics that you've written. Then ask at least 3 other writers to do the same! ( ◠‿◠ )~☆

Here I Come (Dynasty Warriors/Romance of the Three Kingdoms 三國演義 Zhou Yu/Xiao Qiao 周瑜x小橋) Rated M, complete, 16k words. “He had been so confident, so sanguine when he agreed to marry the younger Qiao sister. One or two years or so would pass like nothing, and then he would have a docile, well-mannered wife from a prominent family who would bear and raise his children, and another connection to the Sun clan to boot. What an idiot he was, making plans like that without ever having even met her. And he pretended to be a strategist. She would never be docile, not that he even wanted that anymore.” Eyyyy so welcome to rare fandom hell, this work currently has 163 hits, total, and I completed it over a year ago. 163 hits. 11 kudos. It is not my least popular work however; that would be another Three Kingdoms fanfic, which has 137 hits and 4 kudos. *coughs*

Heart Under a Blade (Naruto, KakaSaku) Rated M, in progress, 68k words. I’ll just share the tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics Alpha/Omega Mating Cycles/In Heat Knotting Alternate Universe Growing Up Crack Treated Seriously Taking Kink Too Seriously But Also Really Liking The Kink TBH Eventual Smut Eventual Relationships Eventual Happy Ending Female Friendship Canon-Typical Violence Worldbuilding Fix-It of Sorts Can an ABO Fic Treat Female Characters Better Than Canon? Let’s Give It a Try Slow Burn Slow Build This is my most popular work with over 10k hits and 670 kudos! And I love the comments, especially the ones that say “I clicked on this to laugh at it but holy shit this is actually good write more plz”

Eternal Rivals 2: Electric Boogaloo (Naruto, Rock Lee and Haruno Sakura BROTP) Rated T, complete two-shot so far, 821 words. (a randomly updated, non-narrative collection of Glorious Challenges between The Beautiful Green Beast and the Cherry Blossom Slugger)

@corgi-ears drew me some art for it! Check out all its majesty:

(ps corgi I hope it’s ok I put this here I will delete it asap if it’s not!)

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if u don't mind could u explain your fear of microwaves

dkfkdsflds gOD ok well

i hate being in front of/near a microwave when its on. i hate it. my older sister like, INSTILLED  a fear of them in me when i was little because she would always tell me and my younger sister that microwaves blow up when you leave the door of them open and that if you stand too close to them, you turn radioactive etc

and to top it off i had a microwave that would fizz out and stop working randomly and make weird noises so ever since then

i use them, but i dont like to be in the same room as a miccrowave when it’s on and cooking food. i gotta be away from it

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...How have you dealt with heart break? It sucks I was reading oneof your stories when my GF randomly broke up with me.

Time. And letting the person disapear from my life. While ive never been in a relationship, i have fallen in love (she was straight and even though i resisted it still happened. She was very actractive and became a close friend of mine, and since im demi, thats why i fell for her. Bad idea, it only ends in tears.). It took a good year and a half to be ok with not having any real connection with someone i had connected with on a deep emotional and mental level. It still stings when i think aboit it. But i always remind myself that its for the best (in my case). I pushed thoughts of her out of my mind by forming new friendships or strengthening other ones and staying busy with work or school or hobbies and a ton of watching anime/getting into steven universe.

As for heartbreak from a gf randomly breaking up with you, im sorry that must really hurt. Even as well as we think we know someone, we never know what is going on in their head. Take the time you need to heal. Focus on yourself, form new friendships or strengthen older ones, start a new hoby, learn something new like oragami. And when nothing else seems to be helping at the moment, drown out the pain with fiction. Either reading, watching or creating.

Good luck

(And i hope she didnt break up with you because you were reading my stuff, if so im very sorry :( )


Can u do imagine with Sammy and y/n having a baby ? 😇


“Do you think he’ll be mad?” I asked nervously. “I don’t know if mad is the right word……” Delany’s voice fades out. “Fuck fuck fuck, what do I do? We are fucking 20. We can’t raise a kid. I’m still in school. He’s still picking up with his music career.” I held my face in my hands. “FUCK!” I muffled in my hands. “So are you going to get an abortion?” I sit back, head faced up to the ceiling and sighed, “I don’t know what I should do. I can’t deny this baby but I can’t have this baby.” “There’s adoption!” She started throwing ideas at me. “Or you can actually keep it and raise it yourself…. Are you going to tell Sammy?” I turned my head looking at her, “I don’t even know how he feels about kids right now.” “Let’s ask him!” 

She grabs my hand and starts pulling me out the door. We drove to the studio and walked in. “Oh look the sisters are here.” Nate joked, hugging us yelling, “Derek, your sister’s here. Sammy, your girl is here.” They both came out of the back room and hugged us. Sam kissed my cheek and I started becoming nervous and awkward. “What are you ladies doing here?” Sam asked, sitting down and pulling me onto his lap. “Just wanted to stop by, hang out for a little.” D said casually and I just smiled. 

We were all talking for a little and Delany actually got the subject to marriage and kids. “So Sammy, do you want kids? Anytime, you know, soon or anything?” She asked, obviously making me stiff. “Of course I want kids. I can’t wait to have kids, especially with her.” He squeezed the top of my thigh. “But any time soon? Definitely not! I’m too young for that kind of responsibility. I can barely take care of myself now.” He just chuckles. “What if, let’s just say, an ex-girlfriend or an ex-hook up randomly came to your door and handed you a baby and said it was yours. What would you do?” She asked seriously. “My last girlfriend was freshman year in high school. If she randomly came to me and said I have a baby with her, she a liar. I want the receipts! Haha.” He joked again. “Seriously, if a girl you hooked up with said you have a baby with her, what would you do? Would you man up? Leave her in the dust?” 

“You’re really serious… I mean, ok if that is actually true,” He knocks on wood, “Then of course, yeah, I would take care of that baby. I’m the father. I’ll own up to it. I’ll work harder to give it the life it deserves. I’m not going to fuck up its life because I wasn’t covered. I wouldn’t be too happy because having a baby at this age, that’s a tragedy! I’m always on the road, always doing work, in the studio, hanging out, doing business. I don’t know how I’d do it! Thank god that’s not happening right now. God, could you IMAGINE having a baby at this age? It would be a nightmare! It would ruin my youth and my life right now.” Sam looked at me laughing, as I awkwardly smiled, looking at Delany uncomfortably. We stayed an extra couple minutes so it wasn’t obvious she only asked him that question. 

We walked out the studio fast and sped walked to the car. Once we got inside, we sat there for 10 seconds, and I busted out screaming, “AGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” I got it out of my system. “He said it would be a NIGHTMARE! That it would ruin his YOUTH and his LIFE! I-I can’t do this! I can’t tell him! His life is just getting started! I can’t just do that to him. We might not even be together forever anyways! I should just break up with him. Yeah, that’s a good plan. I’ll keep the baby, break up with him, not tell him about it, have the baby, and boom, happily ever after.” I looked at her, scared to death about my plan. “That’s a good plan right?” I started to panic. “You’re panicking. You’re just saying things right now. Do not go straight to that plan, do you hear me?!” 

I sat back onto the chair, “He said it would ruin his life…” I sighed to myself. Delany started the car and drove to the store so we could buy more tests to make sure I am what I am. 

I threw all the sticks I peed on in front of Delany on the table. “All of them are positive?!!?!?” She yelled, looking at each test. “All. 8.” I plopped down next to her on the couch. “So what’s the plan?” She turns to me. 

“Well, I made a list.” I said, taking out a piece of paper from my pocket and reading it, “Plan A: I tell him and he’s ok with having a kid at this age and we raise the kid together. Plan B: I tell him and he doesn’t want the kid and doesn’t want anything to do with me and I just raise this kid by myself. Plan C: Tell him and give the baby up for adoption. Plan D: Don’t tell him and give the baby up for adoption. Plan E: I don’t tell him, break up with him, and raise this kid on my own. Plan F: I tell him and run away. Plan G: I don’t tell him and run away. Plan H: I don’t tell him and have an abortion. Plan I: I tell him and have an abortion.” 

“That’s a lot of letters…” “Which one you think he’ll go with?” “I’m hoping A.” “Really? I was hoping he’d go with plan G….” She just looks at me with a “are you fucking kidding me,” face. “Tomorrow, we are going to go to the doctors to get a final answer. And, if it is true, you’re going to tell him and see what happens from there..” I threw the paper at her and slowly made my way to the floor, lying down. “Don’t lie on your stomach.” I took in a deep breath and turned over on my back. 

“Well, Ms. Y/L/N, you are indeed pregnant.” My doctor confirmed, walking to me, handing me the results. “How far along is she?” Delany asked him. “10 weeks.” “10 WEEKS? THAT’S 2 AND A ½ MONTHS!” “Yes it is. I’m surprised you haven’t noticed. Did you not have any symptoms?” I shook my head no, “No morning sickness? No cravings? No sore breasts? Back pains? Your belly has gotten bigger. You didn’t think you were pregnant?” “I honestly thought I was getting fat.” “No no no, haha, you are pregnant is all. Would you like to get an ultrasound?” I nodded and a sonographer came in. She put gel on my belly and rubbed it, then scanning my stomach. She moved it around for a second, “There it is.” She said. “You hear that? That’s a heartbeat. A strong one too! Congratulations. You have a healthy baby.” She smiles at me, making me tear. She prints out a picture, “Congratulations mommy!” She hands it to me, making me cry. “There’s a baby in me.” I cried out to her, as pulled my head onto her shoulder, stroking my head. 

Later that night, “Hey have you guys seen Sam?” I walked into Jack and Jack’s house. “He’s in the back with his siblings.” Swazz pointed to the backyard. “Is everything okay? Your face looks like something bad happened.” “I-I just need to talk to Sam.” I stuffed my hands in my pockets and walked towards the back. I opened the sliding door and saw the Wilk siblings. Sam spotted me and smiled, making Annie, Em and Ben turn, smiling, waving me over. I walked to them, Ben and Emily hugging me and Sam kissing me. “What’s up babe?” “Nothing, just wanted to see where you were. Did i interrupt something?” “No, we were just talking about going back home and surprising mom and dad.” “Oh that sounds fun,” I tried sounding happy. “Yeah, actually we were also talking about you coming. It would be fun, all of us being there. My parents, you, me, Annie, Ben, Sam, Mac, it’ll be fun! Please!” Emily said enthusiastically. “Uh, sure. That sounds fun!” 

They all cheered, “Do you guys think I can talk to Sammy for a sec?” “Uh oh, sounds like someone’s in trouble..” Ben joked. They both walked away laughing, “Ok, what did I do?” Sam looked at me, smiling. I looked up at his face and my face softened, having an urge to cry. “Sam I have to tell you something.” I crossed my arms. “Uh oh, I must be really in trouble…” He joked but I didn’t laugh. “What’s going on? What’s wrong?” His face dropping. I started getting more nervous, looking around. “I, uh, I,” I stopped as I saw everyone at the windowa and back door, watching us. I looked at Delany, as she mouthed, “Tell him.” 

“You’re scaring me Y/N.” He said in a worried tone. “Sam, this isn’t exactly good news..” “What? What did you do? Are you breaking up with me? Are you cheating on me? Is there someone else? Are you in trouble? Am I in trouble? What Y/N, what?!” “I…. I’m, uh, I- I can’t,” “SPIT IT OUT Y/N!” 

I’M PREGNANT….” I spat out, covering my mouth. His mouth popped open, frozen. I turned to everyone watching and their mouthes were popped open too in shock. “I.. am.. pregnant..” I said slower. I looked at him with discomfort. I dug through my bag and took out the zip block bags that had all the tests and gave it to him. He took it and looked at all of them, “8 positive tests… You’re reeeeaaaaally pregnant..” “I’m really pregnant.” I confirmed to him. “I-I need to catch a breath..” He walks away, hands on his head, walking further into the backyard, sitting on one of the chairs along the fence. I heard the sliding door open as they all ran to me, 

“ARE YOU REALLY? IS IT TRUE?!” They all talked at the same time. I got out my wallet, and handed Ben, Annie, Emily, and Mac the picture first, “AWWWWWW!!” They all yelled at the same time. “CONGRATS!” They said excitedly. I just smiled, glancing back at Sammy from time to time. They all talked about the baby coming and the things they are going to get, or teach it, or do with it. Delany motioned them to go inside, Emily and Ben stayed outside with me. 

“We are so happy for you. I know you’re young, but you’re going to be a great mom. You’re already like a mom to all of us. We know you can do it. And if you need anything, we’ll always be there for you..” Annie said and Ben and Emily agreeing. “Go talk to him.” They nodded towards where he was, handing me the ultrasound picture. I turned, and he was looking right at me with these eyes that looked like they were about to kill someone. They hug me and go inside. I walked to him and squatted in front of him, handing him the picture. “Here,” my voice cracked. He takes the picture and looks at it, “I c-can take care of it all on my own. I-I just needed to tell you because you deserve to know..” 

I just stare at him, staring at the picture. “I-if you don’t want the baby, you don’t have to be apart of its life,” he looks up and interrupts, “You think I don’t want it?” “I mean, from the way you walked away and been looking, it doesn’t look like you want it. I know you have a lot going on right now and I don’t want to ruin that. I don’t want you to have to settle down because you have a kid. I can take care of it. You can still do what you want to do. I am fine if you don’t-” “Of course I want the baby.” He caught me off guard. “But you said at the studio,” “That’s when I thought I wasn’t going to have a kid anytime soon. THIS. CHANGES. EVERYTHING.” “Sam,” I stood up, and he stands up quickly, 

“I. Want. This. Kid. I. Want. To. Take. Care. Of. This. Kid.” He cuffs my cheeks, “With you..” He looks deep into my eyes,  “I love you. And we are going to do this together. Ok?” I nod and he kisses me. He quickly pulls away,

“Oh my god you’re pregnant!” He yells excitedly. “I’m pregnant!” I yell back. “GUYS, WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!!!!” He runs toward the house, where everyone was yelling and cheering. “We’re having a baby…” I whispered. “I’m pregnant….” I said to myself scared.

Seventeen as types of customers

S.Coups: the type of customer who parks his cart on the most inappropriate places

Jeonghan: smells on every flower and fruit available

Joshua: “excuse me miss, could you please tell me where I could get holy water, the bible and fresh blood of sacrificed virgins? :)))”

Jun: the type of customer to secretly take stuff from other people’s carts

Hoshi: thr type of customer to ask you, if he could help you find the things you search for (eventhough you work there but ok)

Wonwoo: the type of customer who doesn’t say anything except a mumbled “bye”  (our cute emo boy)

Woozi: passive aggressive: “yes, I’m really 19. nO I’M NOT LYING LOOK AT MY FRICKIN ID 

DK: the type of customer who just can’t decide and leaves his stuff everywhere randomly, cause he changed his mind

Mingyu: “what do you mean I can’t buy all this food? I don’t have enough money? HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO SURVIVE THEN?

The8: the type of customer who returns randomly placed stuff to its place

Seungkwan: the type of customer who wants to talk to your boss, if something doesn’t suit him “excuse me, but could you please tell me wHY THE FUCK YOU WERE’NT ALREADY FIRED YET? bitch I want ma mango now

Vernon: “why the fuck is everything so pricey, god damit

Dino: the type of customer who enters a shop, but doesn’t buy anything 


For EVERY person that reblogs this post, i’ll sketch you some random thing.

YES i mean every. single. one of you.

lol cuz its not like i’m gonna have to make like a thousand sketches XD

afdgsgdbsgdheejfhfgda theres over a thousand notes on this…

hey guys i’m gonna pause this for awhile k? im working on the ones on the list right now


Ok guys since this post got over 1000 notes, i’m gonna have supernova-goddesses pick a bunch of you RANDOMLY, kinda like a raffle or something. ill try to do as many of you as i can but i really doubt i can do 1000. everyone who has the post reblogged has a chance at being picked.