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Iron's daughter Part 2

Iron’s daughter Part 1 

Summary:  So (Y/N) and Tony are really relatives. He’s trying to handle the situation as good as possible, but it’s a complete chaos. When does (Y/N) notice her father is Iron Man and how will Pepper react on her?

Warnings: none that I’m aware of

“Are you angry with me Tony?” “No, I’m confused…that’s all.” He answered under his breath and massaged his temples. I looked at my feet and couldn’t help but feeling a bit guilty. How could he not be confused? He had just found out that he is the father of an eight-year-old kid since half an hour now.

“C’mon.” Tony simply said and I jumped off my chair to follow him and quickly ran back to pick up Turtle.

“What are we doing?” I shouted after him and jumped down the stairs behind a stylish water wall. He ran so fast, I had to take two stairs at ones to catch up with him. With shaky hands he tapped in a code at the electronic device. “A paternity test, just to be sure.” The door opened with a silent beep and my jaw dropped the moment I saw what was right in front of me.

“Wooow!” Was the only thing I could say when my eyes hit all the fantastic stuff in this high tech room. Tony clapped his hands two times and suddenly everything awoke to life. There were screens full of scientific researches, complicated equations that he must have been working on and the hologram of a building with a big ‘A’ on it. I turned around to see the spot lights hitting several awkward robotic suits.

I gasped sharply.

“Is this…is that- no it can’t be. IS THIS IRON MAN?” I stuttered and looked up to the heroic armour and stretched out one finger.  “Actually I am. And don’t touch anything, would you?” he said and I hesitated, but finally couldn’t hold back from touching it nevertheless. Unbelievable.

“My dad is Iron Man.” I whispered as my finger made contact with the cold metal and I heard Tony making a hollow noise behind me as soon as the word ‘dad’ had escaped my lips. He turned around with a determined expression on his face and I noticed a little white thing between his fingers as he reached out for me. I recognized it as a tweezers with a piece of cotton. He first put one in his mouth himself to put it in a shiny box afterwards. Everything was shiny somehow in here. Like a funfair, but with more science. I love technology.

“I need FRIDAY to compare our DNA. Maybe this is all a horrible mistake.” “This is awkward for me too, believe me” I wasn’t able to speak properly with the cotton in my mouth. “Aren’t you sure you and my Mum, uhm…you know-” I didn’t want to say it out loud.

“She and I met at a conference about global energy resources in Dublin years ago.” Tony sighed heavily. I looked at him from the corner of my eye. “She never told me.” “Maybe because we both were too drunk to remember the morning after.” I made a disgusted face. "Eew, Tony. I’m eight!“  

“That’s the point, it was eight years ago.” He replied and continued plugging the cottons in the DNA-scan.

“Dummy no-“Tony said in an annoyed tone to the robot, that wanted to help him. It even seemed to be sad somehow being completely useless right now.

As soon as both cottons were in the machine, the system started to run a scan and made us both waiting impatiently for a result. But not very much later the outcome of our DNA popped up on the transparent screen.

“I confirm a relative of ninety-eight percent. Congratulations Mr. Stark, you indeed have a daughter.” FRIDAY said. Our jaws dropped at exactly the same time. “I have a daughter.” He repeated and was staring at the screen, as though he was expecting that it would change into negative somehow. “FRIDAY, c’mon. You must be out of your mind.” “I’m afraid not Sir, I’m perfectly alright.”

I grinned at him. “My dad is Iron Man.”


“Is this going to be my room?” I asked eyes wide open as I saw the amazing big bedroom with view at the ocean. I tossed down my bag on the floor, ran to the king sized bed and started jumping on it for no good reason. “It’s actually my room and you’re a real nuisance, you know that? Now come down there, get your dirty shoes off my bed.” Tony said irritated.

“Well you’re Iron Man, you c-“ I began, but was abruptly interrupted by a loud noise coming from downstairs. I stopped jumping. “Tony?” I heard a woman asking for the man who suddenly held his breath in pure panic. “Oh no. It’s Pepper” “Who’s Pepper?” I asked a bit too loud and he held my mouth shut with his hand. I immediately protested with a moan, but he refused to let go.

“Ssshh!” he hissed and pulled me down the bed, unsure where to leave me. “I didn’t expected her to be home this early.” He whispered. He didn’t know what to do and finally decided to hide me in here. How could he explain why there was a child in here? His child? “Tony, what was that noise?” The voice came closer and I looked around the corner to see who was coming, but he roughly pushed me back into his bedroom.

“Nothing” Tony answered and quickly shut the door behind him. He tried to look as calm and innocent as possible, but he knew Pepper wasn’t the one you could fool easily.

I pressed my ear against the door and watched the shadows of her feet appear underneath it. “You were talking to someone.” She said and stopped right in front of him.

“No, I wasn’t” Tony could see the distrust in her eyes. She looked like she wanted to say something, but her eyes were just flickering between him and the door. Not believing a single word he was saying.

I silently brought distance between me and the arguing persons and accidently kicked down that stupid plant which was standing right behind me. It fell down and I held my breath.

Pepper’s eyes became very narrow.   Again, she heard a noise coming out of the bedroom she and Tony had shared for years now and she wanted to know who it was. She felt the jealousy hitting her. All these years she had put love and trust in this relationship, just to see he hadn’t changed a bit.  “Pepper…wait- wait it’s not what you think it is.” Tony tried to explain and hold her back, but she already pushed him to the side furiously. She always knew the day would come Tony would cheat on her. But who she found was not the one she had expected.

I was still not breathing, that’s how scared I was as the door violently opened and I felt like I was the one who was busted. Seconds passed by and I just stared at the beautiful woman with strawberry blond hair and unfitting confused frown on her forehead.

“Who are you?” she finally asked. Tony stood behind her, wildly making me understand not to tell a single word. Pepper turned around and he stopped gesturing right away, so she wouldn’t notice. “I- I am (Y/N). Tony’s uhm…” I told her shyly and tried to read Tony’s lips. “niece?” I smiled and he did too. Pepper was still confused. “Niece?” she repeated not very convinced and Tony and I both nodded.

He jumped at my side and rubbed his hand through my hair. “She’s going to stay for a while isn’t that great?” He chuckled nervously. “Oh really?” Pepper looked less bewildered now, and I could see she was actually a very friendly person. “Tony can we talk for a second?” she asked sweetly.

“You know this isn’t the safest place for a kid, I stopped counting how many times you blew this place up, not even mentioning the Stark Tower in New York. Have you forgotten what you have been doing the last years?”

“I know Pep, but I wasn’t planning to get us into trouble soon…or to threaten someone…or go on missions.” Tony said and glanced at the girl who was playing with her turtle outside without listening to them. “I guess I don’t have a choice, (Y/N) just appeared out of nowhere this morning.”

Tony scratched his beard. Truth was that he felt guilty. Guilty, because he should have known (Y/N) mother was pregnant and he never wasted another thought about it. As always, he had been too selfish to care about anything else than his own business and not about a baby who would have deserved the love he could have given her. But he was a changed man now. Maybe he could get a second chance. “I hope you know what you’re doing.” Pepper said silently and seemed worried. She definitely found ninety percent of Tony’s ideas questionable and she really asked herself if he was ready for this much responsibility.

“A child is a lot different than a company.” “Nah, not really. You just have to feed it and watch out it doesn’t ruin everything.” He responded, but he smiled as he took a closer look at (Y/N), who was watching the clouds now and laughed at nothing special. “She’s cute.” Pepper mentioned. “I-hmm, maybe a bit. Somehow.” “And she has your smile Tony.” He looked at Pepper awkwardly; of course she didn’t believe this ‘niece thing’.

He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it again as he didn’t knew what to say. She crossed her arms and he watched her walking towards (Y/N), leaving him inside by his own.  She kneeled down to her and they started a conversation.


I stared into the fridge as I started to feel a bit hungry, but all I found were bottles of wine and a yellow rock, that must have been cheese some month ago. I turned up my nose at this thin choice of food. Tony wasn’t the one I expected being a great cook, neither was I and Pepper had left to work again. She had important things to do, but she’ll come back, she had said. I like her, she’s very nice.

“Is there anything else to eat?” I asked Tony, who made a silent grunt as he saw he had nothing to offer me. “Obviously no. At least not, if you don’t like Roquefort.” He held the cheese in front of my nose. “Aw, smells awful. Like old shoes.” “I know.” He laughed about the expression on my face and suddenly stopped as he saw I wasn’t pleased at all. “I’m sorry. You like pop tarts?” My eyes went wide. I love those. “Yeeees!” I cheered.

“Too bad I don’t have pop tarts.” He said and made my smile disappear as fast as it came. “Why don’t you just order pizza or something?”  He threw the cheese back into the fridge and closed it.  “Do you have eggs?” I shouted after him as he walked off again, but he wasn’t listening anymore.

“FRIDAY, where are the eggs?” I finally asked the computer assistant. “There are eggs in the refrigerator downstairs in Mr. Stark’s workshop.” She answered. So I decided to look for them, but unfortunately I was facing a problem. I could see the fridge behind the glass door next to all those cool stuff I didn’t take a closer look at yet, but it was secured. I tried to type in a random code on the electronic device and it made a beeping sound to signalize me I wasn’t allowed to go in there.

A moan escaped my lips. “How am I supposed to get in there?” I asked myself.

That’s when I saw the tiny box on the wall. So I opened it to see dozens of blinking lights showing up and I knew they must control the locking system somehow. I saw many fuse boxes so far, since Mum didn’t know how to handle a simple broken dishwasher. This one was different. Slightly more difficult, but far from impossible to hack. Everything has got a weak spot.  All I had to do was to make a short circuit to cut off the power. “Miss (Y/N), you cannot-” FRIDAY broke down in the middle of the sentence as I simply connected the blue wire with the red one. “Well, that was easy.” I smirked not much later after the door unlocked without FRIDAY noticing.

Only the robot Tony had called Dummy before, followed my actions.

Eggs, eggs, eggs…” I muttered under my breath and finally found them in the lowest shelf. Maybe I put a bit too much oil in the frying pan, but that couldn’t do any harm… I think? Also there was really much fire underneath it, so much, it couldn’t be normal anymore.

I screamed as the egg suddenly exploded as it made contact with the overheated oil and I jumped back frightened. “Oh shit.” I squeaked, because fire was catching the whole frying pan and everything that was near it. The kitchen was burning and even the floor wasn’t spared. I tried to stop it with a bowl of water.

Too bad it made it even worse.

“(Y/N), God dammit!” Tony yelled behind me and pulled me away from the fire.

“I just wanted to-“ “I left you alone for three seconds and you already set my house on fire, are you kidding me?”  “I WAS HUNGRY!” I couldn’t move or breathe. I panicked. Tony instead reacted fast; he ripped the closest fire extinguisher from the wall and made it stop burning until the fire was gone. He moaned in relive and so did I.

“Dummy, WAIT!” Right on time I ducked away, before Dummy’s fire extinguisher could hit me instead of the kitchen that was already out. I was lying on the floor, my heart slammed against my ribs and I tried to catch my breath, while Dummy tied to extinct a fire that wasn’t there anymore. Too late for Tony, Dummy covered him with a mass of white foam. I took a heavy gulp. Now he looked like an angry snowman.

Maybe it was better to order pizza. 

Iron’s daughter Part 3