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Hello!! I took a trip to Walmart today and got distracted in the toy aisle when I saw they had a Spider-Man Super Car for kids to drive around. Do you think something like that would happen in the Voltron Family AU?

[The Voltron Family] Keith had to make a quick stop at Walmart since Shiro called him that they ran out of ingredients for dinner. The kids were with him after picking them up from their play date with the Patterson’s. 

“Don’t wander too far,” Keith started as he faced his three children.

“Stick with Daddy,” Hunk, Lance and Pidge finished in unison with bored voices, pretty much used to the grocery mantra.

“Oh, c’mon. Don’t give me those looks,” Keith mused. “Daddy Shiro’s cooking Spaghetti alla puttanesca. So that’s something to look forward to when we get home.” When the little ones groaned, he asked, “I thought you kids liked that?”

“Daddy Shiro sometimes overcooks the pasta,” Pidge whispered. “I don’t trust him. I love him lots but I don’t trust him.”

Keith laughed. “You’re being dramatic. He’ll do fine. In fact, if we do this quick, I can help him avoid overcooked pasta.”

The kids helped him get things from different aisles so they could go home soon. Pidge placed two bars of cheese while Hunk added a pack of sugar. Keith looked around and he was missing one.

“Where’s blue ranger?” Keith asked, looking back and forth. 

Hunk and Pidge shrugged.

“Where did your brother go?” Keith asked again. He moved out of the aisle and looked to his left. “Lance? Lance?”

“BEEP BEEP!” came a familiar voice that belonged to a five-year-old. 

Keith turned to his right and there appeared a Spider-Man toy car from the toys section, with a little Cuban boy as its driver.

“Oh god. Buddy, where did you get that?!” Keith asked him.

“I saw this car and the guy said it’s okay for me to ride! It’s Spider-Man, Daddy Keith!” Lance said in delight, still not pulling over. He turned to his right where his siblings were. The other two just widened in surprise and both ran towards him.

“This is so cool!” Hunk said in awe. “I wanna ride it too!”

“Hey! Ladies first!!” Pidge butted it.

“No, this is mine! Find your own cars!” Lance pouted.

Shiro opened the front door as soon as he heard the car parked outside. The kids ran quickly inside with bags of groceries heading to the kitchen, looking so excited. He didn’t expect them to have so much fun at the grocery store, but he guessed something must have happened there, but what?

His question was soon answered when Keith entered the house, struggling to carry two big boxes. Well, that didn’t look right. What he asked wasn’t much that required a box in the first place. After Keith placed them down on the floor, he got out once again and this time he was carrying one box of the same size.

Before he even had the chance to ask his husband a question, the three kids appeared again and jumped up and down beside Keith.

“Open it, open it!!” 

“Relax!” Keith laughed. “You’ll get to ride soon. Let me just get a—”

“What is going on?” Shiro finally asked, no longer liking being clueless.

“Daddy Keith bought us Spider-Man cars!!” His children said in unison, big smiles on their faces, hands balled up in excitement.

“He what?” Shiro asked in bewilderment and turned to Keith who was obviously trying to avoid looking at him. So, no one was going to talk. He looked at the boxes and turned it around to see the cover and the price tag.

Keith gulped loudly.

“You spent 700 dollars for three identical toy cars?!” Shiro gasped out loudly, looking pointedly at Keith. 

“They wanted to race! You can’t do that with one car! Plus, there are three of them,” Keith tried to explain, looking even more guilty than before. “Besides, who doesn’t love Spider-Man!? Right?”

“Unbelievable.” Shiro dragged a hand down his face.

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In my quest to write whatever I feel like, I eventually fell into the inevitable Hogwarts AU. This is horribly self-indulgent. I had a lot of fun. Yes, I will answer questions about this AU.

Elisha was not muggleborn. Not really. There was magic on both sides of her family, it could just be hard to tell sometimes.

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