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Daryl Dixon x Reader

Summary: The reader is Daryls girlfriend they were together before the apocalypse and they have a four year old daughter; and they see eachother again when Negan takes him to Alexandria.


I wasn’t at the lineup when Glenn and Abraham were killed. Instead I was at Alexandria, looking after my daughter, Y/D/N  Dixon. It broke my heart  to hear about what Negan had done to  a my friends, but what made me angry was the fact that he had my boyfriend. Rick told me that Negan had taken Daryl because he ‘likes him’. I had no idea what he was going to do to Daryl….I didn’t know if I was ever going to see him again…the worst part of it all was the fact that my daughter was constantly questioning where Daryl was and if I’m honest I had no idea what to say to her; I mean how can you tell a five year old that he father has been taken by a psychopath?

Time skip-a few days after the lineup

“How are you doing, Y/N?” Rick asked,he came round to check up on my daughter and I and make sure we were okay.

“Fine.. Considering what’s going on.” I said taking a smile.

“How’s Y/D/N?” He questioned, and that’s when my smile faltered and I let out a sigh.

“She doesn’t understand what’s going on, Rick, she’s too young to, all she knows is that Daryls not here.” I said as I ran a hand through my hair.

“We’ll get him back,Y/N, I promise” he said looking straight into my eyes, I just nodded, knowing that this was hard for him too, him and Daryl were like brothers.

“Morning mummy, morning Uncle Rick” Y/D/N chirped as she ran down​the stairs and into the living room to sit next to the window.

“Morning” Rick and I replied in unison. Rick shot me a questioning​ look at my daughter’s actions.

“She keeps sitting there waiting for Daryl…” I whispered

“Maybe daddy will come back today, mummy” she said not taking her eyes away from the widow. I let out a sigh and Rick put his hand on my shoulder giving it a light squeeze and giving me a reassuring smile, before leaving the house so I could explain to my daughter what was going on…

“Honey can you come here for a minute” I asked patting next tongue empty space on the sofa.

“But I don’t wanna miss daddy, he’ll be home soon” she argued.

“Y/D/N, please” I asked again, my voice a little sterner than before. She slowly moved away from window to sit next to me on the sofa.

“Right, sweetheart, I don’t know when daddy is gonna be coming back” I started, I saw the  smile that was once on her face morph into a confused expression “When daddy went away with Uncle Rick and the others, they came across some mean men” I took a deep breath trying to keep myself calm, thoughts about Glenn and Abraham popping into my head. “They took daddy away, to do some work for them.” I finished, a single tear falling down my cheek. Which is when Y/D/N wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me.

“Daddy will come back, he always does,” she whispered in my ear. I hugged her back kissing the side of her head, she was right, we’ve been separated from each other before and every single time we’ve found each other again, Daryls​ the strongest person I know….he could make it through this…He’d come back to us.

Time skip-a few days after that

Y/D/N was still sitting next to the window, waiting for Daryl to come home; after everything that has happened, she still has hope in her eyes, and that’s what keeps me hanging on to the slither of hope that he’ll be home soon. I was in the kitchen when I heard Y/D/N run from her seat on the window.

“Mummy! Mummy!!” She called as she ran into the kitchen a huge smile on her face as she did so, I knew only one thing could make her smile like that. Daryl, he was home. Before I could even stop her she ran from the kitchen and outside to see her father, I quickly followed behind her, grabbing her arm to stop her from running any further; and that’s when I saw them-the people who were the Saviours, standing at the gate; but I paid none of them any attention, my focus was on Daryl; he had bruises all over his face, and he looked so tired-what had they done to him… I watched as the guy with a black leather jacket and slick black hair handed a baseball bat covered in barbed wire to Rick; I knew in that moment who this guy was-he was Negan, he was the guy that had killed my friends…I stood there getting lost in my thoughts, when I suddenly was dragged back to reality when I saw Y/D/N running over to Daryl. I bolted after her, but luckily Rick had caught her before she could get to Daryl.

“But Uncle Rick, I wanna say hi to daddy,” she said, pouting a little. As I got to the two of them I saw Negan walk over to us.

“Well, hello there,” he said. I saw Rick’s face change and I could see the same expression on Daryl’s face, they were worried; and them being worried made me worried. Negan knelt down so that he was at my daughter’s height, looking at her straight in the eyes.

“Now, sweetheart what’s with that pouty little face?” He asked her.

“I wanna say hi to my daddy,” she stated simply. And that’s when Negan obviously caught on to who she was talking about, because his eyes looked over at Daryl, and then they looked up at me and then they looked back at my daughter.

“Well, I’m not going to stop you sweetheart, go say hi,” he said, standing up; and as soon as he said those words Y/D/N ran over to Daryl and he enveloped her in a hug.

“See Rick, I’m not a fucking unreasonable man,” he chuckled, turning his attention to me.

“So, I take it you’re that little angel’s mother?” he asked, his eyes scanning me up and down. I didn’t say anything, I just kept my eyes on Daryl and my daughter.

“Speak when you’re spoken too,sweetheart,”he whispered as he came closer to me.

“Yes, I’m her mum and I’m Daryl’s girlfriend,” I stated.

“Well how did he manage to land a fine piece of ass like you?” I cringed at his words and I glared at him, I saw Rick’s reaction as I did so…he looked terrified.

“Now, I’m gonna let that slide mainly because Lucille isn’t that thirsty today,” he began pointing at the bat Rick was holding, “ but,” he continued, standing right infront of me and grabbing my chin lightly “Look at me like that again, and I won’t be so fucking lenient,” he whispered, letting go of my chin and walking away with Rick.

Without even thinking about it I ran over to Daryl and my daughter, hugging Daryl as tight as I could; tears slowly falling from my face.

“I’ve missed you so much,” I whispered to him.

“I’ve missed yer too, baby,” He whispered back, kissing  the side of my head.

“What’ve they done to you?” I asked slightly pulling out of the hug to look at his face, the bruises looked worse because I was closer, they were different shades of blue and purple, he had a split lip and a cut on his eyebrow; my heart broke seeing him hurt like this.

“It’s nothin’,” he stated, causing me to roll my eyes.

“Daryl…” I began but he interrupted me before I could finish

“It’s nothin I can’t handle, Y/N/N” he reassured me, pulling me into another hug.

“Mummy, is daddy staying now?” I heard my daughter ask, making both Daryl and I pull out of the hug to look at her. We both knew that he wouldn’t be able to stay…

“Sweetie, daddy still has some work to do for that man you were talking to earlier,” I explained as I knelt down infront of her.

“Is he one of the mean people that you were talking about?” She asked, and I nodded.

“Daddy, why do you work for the mean people? Why can’t you come home?” She asked confusion and sadness coming across her face.

“Because darlin’,” Daryl sighed, pausing for a minute “I have to keep you and mummy safe from those mean people, and that’s the only way to do it,” He explained.

“But it’s not fair!” She shouted as she stamped her feet, tears spilling from her eyes.

“Now what’s gotten the little cutie so fucking upset?” Negan asked as he sauntered over to us.

“I want daddy to come home!” Y/D/N shouted at Negan, causing him to chuckle.

“Well, maybe if your daddy can fucking behave,  and does all the work that I tell him too, he can come back and visit as many fucking times as you want, sweetie,” Negan remarked, causing Y/D/N to stop having a tantrum.

“Does that sound okay?” He asked, and Y/D/N nodded a huge smile on her face, as she hugged Daryl. I looked at Rick, he had the same look on my face as I imagine I did, we were both happy that Daryl would be able to visit…but we knew Negan was going to make his life hell whilst he was at the Sanctuary, and that worried us.

“Now, let’s move the fuck out.” Negan stated “See you soon darlin’” he said looking at me before  walking with Rick to the gate.

“Bye bye daddy, I’ll see you soon when you’ve done all of your jobs,” Y/D/N said kissing Daryls cheek as she pulled away from the hug. He smiled at her and kissed her on the forehead

“I love you darlin’” he whispered before he looked at me and pulled me into a tight hug-I knew he was worried about going back-Daryl didn’t scare easy but I could sense that he was slightly fearful about what was going to happen next.

“I love you, Daryl, just try to stay strong,” I whispered to him.

“I love you too, Y/N/N, I’ll be okay, I promise; I’m gonna come back to you for good,” he whispered back. I quickly pressed a delicate kiss to his swollen lips,before he walked to the gate and getting into the truck with the other Savours. A tear cascaded down my face as I watched the man I love leave again, not knowing what state he would be in the next time I saw him.  

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Headcanons for how Gaara would react if his s/o asked him "do you wanna see me hold the whole world in my hands?" and when he says yes, curious, his s/o cups his face in their hands. He asks what they're doing and they say "you are my whole world" (actually can I get this for Kankuro, Rock Lee, and Kiba too? If that's too much trouble, then just Gaara and Kank. I love too many of these boys lol)

tbh i should really start limiting it to three character’s per ask bc then it gets too long x’DDD i will do these four, just try to keep it to three from now on x’DD

also tfw when you crack your back and fingers after a long day

also x2, i only did gaara and kank. ran out of juice for lee and kiba D: i’m feeling mentally ill so i wanna stop and start a new one before i screw this one up

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- He’s curious, to say the least, when he hears them ask that question, and his face turns as red as his hair when they say that he’s their whole world. He stands there for a few seconds before he covers his face.

- It’s too late, however, since his s/o knows how red his face got. He’s embarrassed, but not at all in a bad way. He’s thrilled knowing that he’s someone’s whole world. He’s never been before, and he’s almost tearing up by this. Almost.

- There’s gonna be a lot of cuddling after this, and it’ll certainly happen when he’s working. He holds them close, hugging them, afraid to let go, as if they’ll vanish.

  • “Uh, Kazekage-sama, this is… highly confidential…”
  • *S/O sitting on Gaara’s lap, his arms are around their waist, his chin resting on their shoulder, glaring at the person.* “Go on…”

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Kankuro (gdi he’s so handsome ;D no wonder @sexti0n loves him ;))

- He’s curious, to say the least, when he heard them ask that question, and the curiosity turns to amusement when they place their hands on his cheeks, only for it to turn into complete adoration when they say, staring deep into his eyes “You are my whole world.”

- He’s shaking a bit, because he’s never heard it before, but damn isn’t he just the happiest man there is when he hears this. He can’t get over the fact that they consider him their whole world, their sun, moon, and stars. 

- Of course this leads into a heated make out session that ends up with his face paint smeared across his s/o’s face. He’s super elated, like, he cannot stop smiling. It’s like if a kid goes to their parents going, “I love you thiiiiiiis much!” Except in this case, Kank’s the kid and the “parent” is his s/o he’s holding close. May or may not be touching the butt.

Valentine’s Day Challenge: Day 2 - Sherlock x (y/n)

Prompt: “Why would you want to celebrate a holiday created specifically to boost sales in the greeting cards and candy industries?”

“…Because I love you?”

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Word Count: 1277

Warnings: Fluff? Is that even a warning?

You were walking along a pier, passing the time and enjoying the quiet, silent night. It was still and peaceful and- Riiinnnggg. You groaned and dug your hand into your pocket to retrieve your phone. “Yes?!” You said, irritated that someone was ruining your peaceful walk.

“(y/n), you’ll never guess what. I’ve just had a breakthrough in the case and I need you to come over right now.”

“Yeah? Well, Sherlock you’ll never guess what but my quiet evening was just ruined. I’m not coming.” You said angrily.

“What? Why? I had a breakthrough. You need to help me.” He said, almost whining like a child.

“I don’t need to help anyone. If you wanted my help you should have phrased your words better.”

“What do you mean?” He said, sounding quite confused.

“You said, I had a breakthrough. Not we had a breakthrough. There’s a difference. In all honesty Sherlock, you better be off solving this one on your own. I’ll do nothing but distract you.”

“You don’t distract me.” He said stubbornly.

“Well I’m not coming. End of conversation.” You said quickly, ending the call and shoving the phone back into your pocket. You walked along to the end of the pier and gradually and slowly made your way back to the other side. You got into your car and drove back to your flat.

Sherlock’s POV

“John, what do I do?” She refused to come over.” Sherlock whispered nervously.

“Why are we whispering?” John whispered back.

Sherlock looked around his living room. The ground was covered in rose petals. The tables were clean and the couch was removed. He had set out a dinner for two with only the candlelight lighting up the table. “John this whole operation was a mess.” Sherlock groaned, frustrated at his failure.

“No it wasn’t. Before she gets home we could move this whole operation to her flat.” John suggested.

Sherlock pondered on this for a moment. “Let’s do it. I can’t have her think that nobody loves her on Valentine’s Day. Then I will have missed the perfect opportunity to ask her out.”

“Good, now pick up all the rose petals and take the candles and I’ll bring the food to the car. It’s takeout so we can just heat it up when we get there.” John said.

“What if she gets there first?” Sherlock asked.

“Then just do everything I taught you. Except minus the surprise part.” John said, taking the food and packing it away.

Time Skip – Your Flat

(y/n)’s POV

You sighed in content, leaning your head against the back of your car. You’d get out at any moment now but you were just taking a quiet moment to yourself. You hardly noticed two dark shadows, one tall and one short, creeping up to your doorstep. You stepped out of your car. John turned around and caught sight of you.

“Jesus. It’s (y/n). Hurry up.” He whispered to Sherlock. You turned around and screamed. Sherlock turned around too. “Surprise!” He yelled.

“Bloody hell, I thought you two were robbers.” You said, breathing heavily, putting your hand on your chest to still your racing heart. “Sherlock, what did you mean by surprise?”

Sherlock was about to open his mouth when John whispered, “She doesn’t know yet. Don’t give it away just yet. Take the things and set up, I’ll stall her.” John pushed the food behind his back into Sherlock’s arms. Sherlock said nothing, just turned around, pushed open the door, and raced up the stairs of your flat. John chased after him, locking the door behind him.

“Hey! You two can’t just lock me out of my own flat. Unlock this door right now!” You said, pounding on the door. Inside the flat John and Sherlock were making a mess. John pushed aside the furniture and Sherlock spread the petals everywhere. They both pulled over a table and set the food down. Sherlock lit the candles and set them gently on the table. Sherlock sighed in relief. “I’ll get her.” He told John. “Just go escape outside the window or something.” Sherlock pushed John towards the nearest window. “Quick she mustn’t see you here.”

“She’s already seen me here and I haven’t got what I want yet.” He said giving Sherlock a pointed look.

“Right. Thank you for your tremendous help John.” He said adding extra emphasis.

“Right, good. I’ll be off then.” John slid out of the window and disappeared into the night.

Sherlock turned around and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. “I can do this.” He told himself quietly. He walked over to your door and swung it open. Unfortunately, you were in the middle of a desperate attempt to open your door and was currently charging right at the door. Instead of the door however you crashed right into Sherlock’s arms. Despite his desperate attempts at steadying you, you both fell, crashing onto the ground, you still in Sherlock’s embrace. You were on top of him, him smiling up at you with a fond gaze. You blushed profusely. “What?” you asked him.

“Nothing.” He responded.

I’m sorry.” You said, pushing yourself up and offering him a hand, which he took gratefully. As soon as he grasped your hand you pulled with all your might. Still despite your best efforts Sherlock’s weight still pulled you back down. You came crashing onto him again. You both smiled at each other. Soon enough you both burst into laughter. Laughter soon took over your entire being and you laughed uncontrollably. Sherlock took this opportunity to flip you over so that he was on top, hovering over you. He slowly leaned down to kiss you. You quickened the act by leaning up to meet his lips. You both fueled this kiss with passion and love so deep and so understanding. As you both pulled apart, gasping for air, you both smiled. “You, Sherlock Holmes, will we the end of me.” You said breathlessly, with a wide smile.

“And you the same for me, (y/n).” Sherlock replied. He stood up and took ahold of your hand, pulling you up effortlessly. You pecked his cheek, momentarily shocking him, before you dashed up the stairs and burst into your flat. Sherlock ran after you. He immediately stopped at the top of the stairs. You stood by the door shocked and, in all honesty, pleasantly surprised. “Surprise?” Sherlock offered.

You whirled around and flung yourself into Sherlock’s arms. This time he caught you and balanced the both of you out. You looked up at him. “Did you do all of this for me?” You asked, tears almost forming themselves in your eyes.

He nodded quickly, unable to answer. “Happy Valentine’s Day. D-do you like it?” He asked nervously.

“Yes, yes I do Sherlock. I have a question though. Why would you want to celebrate a holiday created specifically to boost sales in the greeting cards and candy industries?” You said. “Is this the real reason you wanted me to go to 221B? You didn’t have a breakthrough did you?” You said, smiling knowingly.

…Because I love you? I can’t have two reasons for wanting you over?” He responded with a cocky smile. You laughed. He took your hand and lead you into the candlelit room. He carefully sat you down on one side of the table. He then took his seat on the other side. You smiled. “I lied, you know?” Sherlock said suddenly.

“What?” you said, tilting your head to the side.

“You do distract me.” Sherlock replied confidently.

“How so?” you said with a grin making its way onto your features.

“By being you.” He said simply.

The End

Harringrove Mechanic (Part 2)

. (I don’t know how I want this to end and I want both fluff and smut, but which should come first?) btw i am not so good at writing so just bear with me

Part 1

The ride to the auto shop was stressful for Steve because his old rival sang along to loud metal songs, constantly distracting Steve from focusing straight ahead. Billy kept glancing over at Steve and eventually turned down the music. 

“You good princess?” 

Steve sighed at the new nickname and leaned back against the seat. 

“Why do you care?” Steve didn’t get a response, but he saw Billy clench his fingers on the wheel. He brought his eyebrows together in confusion and was about to say something when Billy suddenly stopped the car. Looking around, Steve realized they were at the auto shop. It was small, run down and only had one garage. 

Billy got out and started unhooking Steve’s car. Steve got out of the truck, well more like stumbled and fell onto his knees underestimating the drop from the truck. His knees sunk into the mud. 

“Great. Just…great.” He heard a loud bang, and looked up to see Billy staring at him with his tongue in the corner of his mouth.

“Smooth, King Steve…. ‘Ya know, kings aren’t usually the ones on their knees, but this position seems to suit you. Come on! I’m going to need some help rolling the car in the garage.” Billy gestured to Steve’s car with his eyebrows. 

“Would you stop calling me that?” Steve groaned as he got up off his knees. He trudged over practically moping like a child and met Billy at the back of his car. Billy looked surprised that Steve responded sounding so defeated. 

“We aren’t in high school anymore. So, no more princess, King Steve, pretty boy, or Harrington. My name is Steve and let’s leave it at that, alright!” Steve’s hands were at his hips and his nostrils were flaring, which made Billy’s eyebrows rise so high Steve thought they would disappear into his stupid mullet. 

“Fine with me…Steve.” Billy braced himself to start pushing and Steve watched his muscles move under his skin. Wow, he’s still in great shape. Steve wasn’t as muscular because he hadn’t had time or energy to exercise let alone play a pick up basketball game after work. Steve joined Billy behind the car. 

“Ok… Now… Push!” Both men pushed and, what seemed like hours to Steve but was only a few minutes, got the brown BMW into the garage. Steve wiped sweat from his brow and looked at the small garage. It was messy, but like there was some organization to it that only one person would be able to understand. Steve pushed his hair back and found Billy staring, but when their eyes met Billy coughed and looked away. The brunette’s eyebrows once again came together in confusion. 

Billy seemed to start searching for something and Steve went to go look around. Seeing Steve looking lost, Billy commented or more like yelled from across the garage. 

“This might take awhile, go ahead and sit down!” Steve turned around and nodded. There weren’t actual seats, but he quickly found a stool near the workbench and sat. He watched Billy carry multiple tools and parts to the workbench and lay them out. 

“So…I found all the parts that I need to attach a new battery. But we don’t have the exact battery, so I will configure a different one to fit just as good.” Billy was cleaning a wrench with a towel and looked at Steve expectantly. 

“Oh… is that good?” 

“Yes, I will have you ready to go in about an hour or so.” Steve’s lips broke out into a relieved smile as he stared at Billy and a flush spread over Billy’s face. 

“Thanks, Billy.” Billy smiled shyly in return and turned back around to start working on the car. He bent over, sticking his butt in the air, which immediately drew Steve’s attention and he felt his pants tighten again. 


“You say something?” Billy called from under the hood. Steve coughed and shook his head, even though he knew Billy couldn’t see. Suddenly feeling stuffy, Steve took off his jacket to reveal a crisp white long sleeve button down shirt. Billy stood up to exchange parts from the workbench and stopped himself when he saw Steve rolling up his sleeves to reveal lean, forearms. Wow, he looks really sexy wearing business clothes. This look reminded Billy of how Steve used to wear preppy sweaters and khakis, greatly contrasting with Billy’s attire of leather jackets and ripped jeans. Billy looked down at his oil-stained wife beater. Things never really change, do they?  

Steve looked up at Billy with big doe eyes, a piece of hair falling onto his forehead. The tips of Billy’s fingers tingled with the urge to move the piece of hair out of the way. 

“Anything wrong?” Steve’s forehead creased with worry. Billy shook his head and gave a reassuring smile. He returned to what he was doing. 

“So…how long have you been working here?” Steve tried to strike up a conversation. 

“Uhhh… about two months after graduation I…moved out and got a job here.” The tension in the air could be cut with a knife. Steve regretted asking that question, knowing Billy’s relationship with his dad was… complicated. Max let it slip one day to Steve that she was worried about Billy after an argument with his dad. Steve questioned, but she simply shook her head and ran back downstairs to the basement where the kids spent many nights playing D & D. 

“Ahem… well you seem to really know what you’re doing.” Steve said watching Billy’s tense shoulders work on his car. 

“What are you doing…exactly?” Steve asked, trying to change the topic and genuinely curious about what Billy was doing. Billy looked over at Steve from his bent over position and waved Steve over. Steve hopped off the stool and leaned over Billy’s shoulder, trying to catch a glimpse of what he was doing. Billy turned his head, but didn’t judge how close Steve was and found himself frozen inches away from Steve’s face. Their noses practically touched and Steve gulped. Billy watched Steve’s adams apple bob and a smirk slowly grew on his face. Steve watched Billy lick his bottom lip and suddenly felt the urge to kiss his former rival, but then Billy broke eye contact and returned his attention to the car. Steve felt relief and something else bloom in his chest. The other feeling, he couldn’t quite pin down. It felt like something close to…disappointment.

“So…here I am detaching the battery, which will…” Billy rambled on, but Steve didn’t understand anything he said. He had never been good with cars because his dad just always sent it to the mechanics whenever something was wrong. However, as Billy continued to explain what he was doing, Steve noticed a small smile appear on Billy’s face. He enjoyed this…whatever it was that he was talking about. This thought made Steve happy as well. He was smiling like a dork, when Billy snapped in his face.

“Hey, Steve. You still listening?” Steve blinked a few times and nodded. Billy rolled his eyes and stood up, causing Steve to stand up so they wouldn’t bump heads.

“Well, I am practically done.”

“Wow, that was fast.” Steve stared at Billy in astonishment, which caused a blush to spread over Billy’s cheeks. “Do you enjoy the work?”

“Yeah, I mean if I didn’t why would I still be here. Max told me, before I…left, that if I wanted to be happy then I needed to do something about it.” Steve thought about his dad’s firm. Did he even enjoy working there? He frowned, knowing the answer.

“Um, Steve…” Steve looked up when Billy called his name. “I’m sorry for everything I did to you in high school. I wasn’t…I’m not that guy anymore. I was angry all the time and I took it out on the people around me…and I-”

“You felt like you had no control over your life, so you felt the need to control others.” Billy’s eyes widened.

“How did you-?”

“I used to feel that way…when I was ‘King Steve’.” Steve snorted as he put air quotes around ‘King Steve.’ He walked over to put on his jacket. Turning around, Steve found Billy with his mouth comically agape. Steve couldn’t stop himself from letting out a loud snort at Billy’s expression, but quickly covered his mouth when he saw Billy scowl. Waiting for a punch, Steve was surprised when Billy started laughing out loud. More like cackling. He couldn’t prevent it any longer and  joined in with the blonde.

If an onlooker had suddenly come across the pair, they would’ve thought that the two looked crazy, laughing uncontrollably at nothing. After a few minutes, the laughter died down and both wiped their eyes. Steve looked at Billy and found him looking the most carefree he had ever seen. Billy’s eyes focused on Steve, who was staring at him with those doe eyes and a small smile.

“Ahem…well you are good to go.” Billy broke their staring contest to go wash his hands.

“Oh…what do I owe you?” Steve reached into his pocket to take out his wallet, but stopped when Billy held up a hand.

“Please… It’s on the house.”

“No, I can-”

“Steve! Please…” Steve heard the pleading in Billy’s voice and looked into his blue eyes.  “Think of this as reparation for what I did to you.” The brunette’s eyebrows furrowed and he frowned. Billy shook his hands out in front of him.

“I’m not saying that this will make up for everything. I just-“ Steve smiled and Billy stopped.

“You’re messing with me, aren’t you?” Steve’s smile widened showing all his pearls (as Dustin used to say). Billy scoffed and ran a hand through his hair.

“Thank you, Billy.” Billy tucked his head into his chest and rubbed the back of his neck.

“It’s my pleasure.”

“Well, I guess I’ll… see you around, Billy.” 

Steve waved a hand out of the drivers side window as he drove away from the shop. Billy waved until he could no longer see the brown BMV. A familiar feeling overcame him. Once again, Billy felt alone.

(Don’t worry, it isn’t over yet)

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Prompt: the first time Ethan and mark met but Mark refuses to call him anything but blueberry which irritated Ethan to no end

A bit shorter and lighter. I really had fun with Ethan’s annoyance, though. Thank you! ♥

“…And this is Mark. Mark, this is Ethan.”

Everything was a blur. Ethan didn’t particularly hate parties, but he sort of lost track of himself when he barely knew anyone in the room. Especially when Tyler insisted on introducing Ethan to every single person in there. He understood the good intentions behind it, it wasn’t like Tyler would hang around Ethan’s side the whole time, but it was just… A lot at the same time.

“Hey, Mark, nice to meet you.”

Mark’s eyes shifted away from Ethan’s bright blue hair and he flashed a smile. “Pleasure’s all mine, Blueberry.”

“…It’s Ethan.”

“What’s wrong with Blueberry? I like blueberries.”

Oh good, this one was an idiot. And Ethan had been about ready to crown him the hot one at the party. He looked around and saw Tyler had already disappeared from his side. Great. Ethan sighed.

“Oh, come on, Ethan, there’s no need to be grumpy about it.”

Maybe not all was lost, after all. “I’m not grumpy, just trying to figure out how Tyler Houdini-d out of here.”

“No worries, Blueberry, you’re in good hands.” Mark placed a hand on Ethan’s shoulder.

This was going to be a long night.

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black pearl; kwon yu ri

» pairing: Yuri x Reader

» genre: Fluff

» author note: Finally, after ages of not updating I am back. One more scenario coming this week and I´ll retreat once more, as school is right around the corner. Anyway, enjoy this sweet scenario with Yuri, dear. Oh and by the way, happy birthday again!

» requested by: @katreal

BlackPearl [8:45pm] - So, would you like to meet up sometime?

Me [8:45pm] - Sure! When and where?

BlackPearl [8:47pm] - I´m still fairly new here. How about you pick a place?

Me [8:48pm] - I see… My cousin owns a summer home near the beach, he could give me the keys for a day or two if I asked him.

BlackPearl [8:48pm] - Sounds good! 

It felt unreal. After months of online chatting you were finally going to meet her; the girl who stole your heart without showing you her face - Yuri. You felt all kinds of emotions, but the one you felt the most was fear. Who knew if she was in fact a girl. There was no denying that the thought of her being a serial killer crossed your mind at least once. Of course, you pushed it to the very back of your head, chuckling at your own paranoid self. “Everything is going to be alright." 

A ring of a doorbell turned your attention to the front door, a loud sigh slipping past your lips. Telling yourself a few more words of encouragement, you swung it open. Your breath got hitched in your throat at the sight before you. 

"You´re drooling.” Your hand quickly shot to your chin, trying to wipe away the supposed saliva, only to realize there was none. Your eyes full of panic tore a loud laugh from the girl at your doorstep, causing you to laugh too. “You should´ve seen your face. Priceless.”

“I almost had a heart attack.” You exlaimed, still chuckling. “Oh, come in.” You stepped aside, allowing her to enter. Yuri looked around, impressed by her surroundings. “Nice place. Your cousin has a taste." 

"He´s actually an interior designer.” You clarified, to which she whistled.
“How about we go outside? The weather is nice.” Yuri followed you to the backyard, eyes widening in surprise. “I knew you told me about the pool, but I didn´t think it would be that big!" 

Her excitement brought a smile to your face, and you found yourself more at ease. Everything she did, everything she said made you realize what an amazing persons she was. You were afraid of meeting her in person, thinking it would differ from your lenghty conversations on the internet. However, you were wrong. There wasn´t a dull moment with her, and even when the conversation ceased, the silence was anything but uncomfortable. And even after hours of being together on the sunny yard of your cousin´s summer residence, there were still many topics waiting to be brought up by either of you. 

Yuri stood up abruptly, taking you by surprise. Your brows raised in realization when you saw her heading for the pool, streching before diving in. You sighed in content at the feeling of cool droplets of water hitting your heated skin. 

"Come join me!” Yuri shouted at you when she emerged from the crystalline water, pulling her dark hair out of her face. You shook your head, a blush creeping up on your cheeks, though it was hidden by the shadow casted by your hat. “Maybe a little later." 

"When the sun is already set and the water is cold? Don´t be ridiculous, Y/n. Come in!” She laughed, swimming to the edge. “I´ll join, just not now.” The thing was, you had no intentions of joining her in the water, and after more excuses being fired, Yuri caught up. Although you´d be happier if she didn´t. “You can´t swim.”

It was more of a statement than a question, and you ran out of things to say to protect your pride. So you sat there, with bright red cheeks as Yuri teased you. When her laughter ceased she looked at you with with a bright smile, waving at you. “Come on, I´ll teach you." Though you wanted to protest, you didn´t. Instead you stood up from your seat and walked towards the pool, hesitantly climbing in. You gripped the edge firmly, afraid to let go. You felt Yuri´s hands encirle your waist, and the redness of your cheeks only deepened. 

"Trust me on this, okay?” You nodded. 

God knows how many hours you spent in the pool, desperatly trying not to drown, but with Yuri´s help, you got the grip of it eventually. You let out an excited squeal, feeling of accomplishment coursing through you. “This is the first time I´m in the pool without fearing for my life,” you said, “and it´s all thanks to you!" 

You had no idea where your sudden bravery came from, but without any time to waste you leaped at her, enveloping her in a tight hug. Unfortunately, it didn´t last long as her phone began ringing. Yuri swiftly pulled herself out of the water, running to answer the call. You watched as her expression changed from curious to angry, and defeated right after. Yuri threw the phone in her bag, shooting you an apologetic look. 

"I´m so sorry, something urgent came up. I´ll make it up to you, I promise!” And with that, she disappeared. 


It was later that day, and you were peacefully laying in bed, your eyes focused on the ceiling above you. You were unable to fall asleep, despite the long and tiring day spent in the pool with Yuri. You smiled. Maybe she was the reason why you couldn´t find your rest. She was beautiful, far more beautiful than you thought she would be. She was hilarious, constantly making you laugh so hard your tummy hurt. And boy, did she make it hard not to fall for her. Although… You already did. Long, long time ago. 

Your phone lit up the dark room, catching your attention. You reached for it, smiling even wider when you saw a message from her. 

BlackPearl [1:57am] - I´m sorry I vanished just like that, I probably made you feel bad. Hope you can forgive me. 

Me [1:58am] - Don´t apologize, it´s okay. 

Me [1:58am] - I had a lot of fun today, thank you for coming.

BlackPearl [1:59am] - Me too… Y/n?

Me [1:59am] -  Yes?

BlackPearl [2:00am] -  I like you. I like you a lot, actually. You´re a really fun person to be around. You´re so laid back and I feel like I can talk to you about anything. Yes, I´ve been meaning to tell you in person but I had to leave so suddenly… I was wondering if you would like to meet up again? You know, to really get to know each other and everything…

Was it even possible for a person to smile so big? For you, it must´ve been. Black Pearl Yuri truly messed with your head, but you didn´t mind one bit. If anything, you wanted her to do it more. Without any hesitation you typed in your response, hitting send. 

Me [2:00am] - I´d love to.

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The entire cherub!cone au is amazing - and reading the scientific explanation for it was awesome. One thing flashed out at me though, higher metabolism and appetite. Imagine winged cone getting caught by Ran at the fridge and she's not sure whether to question to wings or the midnight snack. :D

He is a cherub- I mean,, a CHILD in development after all..

Request: Could you write an imagine about the reader and hopper? I can’t think of anything specific right now other than they’re together or something like that but I would love one. I’ve been looking for some lol thank you! :)

Officer hopper taking in child reader as in a fatherly way and just comforting moments, protectiveness, and all that good fatherly stuff :3

Hey pal, pretty rad blog you got here!! I love it v much, do you think you could do legit anything with Hopper¿?¿ Maybe some fluff or angst whatever you’re feeling up too, I’d appreciate it v much. *makes heart with hands*

Hope you guys don’t mind me combining your requests! Also, don’t worry, it’s not Hopper who the warnings are for. 

Warning(s): A poor excuse for a father, mentions of alcoholism, implied child neglect, framing someone for theft, minor angst

Character(s): Hopper, Deputy Powell, Officer Callahan, mentions of Troy and James

“Acting Out”

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We are not so different, I can tell
Cause I’ve stood right where you’re standing
, battered, beaten, broken down
Wore the frown
But I’m here to tell you, that you are loved

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Just a little PSA for anyone wanting to go back to the City.

I’ve seen a lot of ‘joys considering it..and let me explain something. This is about reeducation, not even connected to the experiments I went through. 

This ‘reeducation’, consists of shoving pills down your throat to brainwash you  and shoving you into a Tube to stand and have ALL of your memories and emotions erased. That’s AFTER they torture you for information because you’re a rebel. And you see, I found out that that whenever they were asking me questions,  they’d shock you, whether or not they could see your face. They’d cut you up too. They’d break your bones, even after you told them everything you could… you could lie until you ran out of lies, then be honest until you’d ran out of truths, and then go back to lying again…all because you think you can give them what they want to hear in order to make them stop. But they don’t.  And the reason that they’d keep going, the ONLY reason, is because they could. Because SHE, the ‘Director’ could. It doesn’t stop until that bitch decides to make it.


“You cheated on me with my sister!!” (Scott McCall)

Imagine Prompt #2

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I never thought Scott was the type of boyfriend to cheat. Sadly, I was mistaken. I heard rumors that my twin sister Kira had a thing for my boyfriend Scott, I didn’t believe it until I saw those two kiss in the hallway.

I wanted to confront them, but I didn’t have then strength. It crushed me to see Scott kiss someone else. It crushed me even more when it was my own sister.

I didn’t know what to do so I just left. I got several texts from the pack asking where I was, but I ignored them. Since both of my parents worked during the day, I went home and laid in bed.

I cried for what seemed like hours, before I ran out of tears.Thinking over my situation, my sadness turned to anger. How could he? How could she do this to me?!

Feeling vengeful, I grabbed my Katana and walked out of the house. To my surprise the pack was outside. Kira got off the back of Scott’s Motorbike, and I unleashed all my anger.

I attacked her with everything I had. She dodged my sword, and pulled out hers.

“What’s wrong with you Y/N?” she asked.

“What’s wrong with me?” I yelled,”You made me this way!!” I attacked her again, this time my sword nearly cut her arm.

“Y/N stop,”Scott yelled. That fueled my rage even more and I continued to attack my sister. I could feel my River Kitsune spirit erupting. After nearly taking off Kira’s head, I stopped.

I turned toward Scott then realized that Kira is not all to blame. Scott kissed her back.

“How could you Scott?” I yelled, and attacked him. He barely dodged my sword, but he was saved by Stiles’s jeep, Roscoe.

“Watch my jeep,”Stiles whined. I attacked Scott again, but he grabbed my wrist.

“What are you talking about?” he asked. I kicked him in the leg, and he let go.

“You cheated on me with my own sister!!” I yelled, and attacked him again. Everyone froze when I said that. Scott hung his head low, and so did Kira.

“I was hoping that you wouldn’t have found out that way,”Scott whispered. I lowered my sword.

“Found out what?” I asked.

“Y/N,” he paused,”Kira and I we’re…….dating.” I had no heart anymore. Scott just ground the left over pieces of my heart, and threw them away.

“I’m sorry Y/N we were gonna tell you I swear,”Kira admitted.

“D-Did you all know about this?” I questioned, as tears fell down my cheeks.

Nobody replied.

“You all knew,” I cried. Scott and Kira stepped forward to wrap me in hug, but I pushed them away. “Leave me alone,” I cried, and walked away. Kira and Scott ran after me, and turned towards them.

“You don’t get it,”I yelled,”Leave me alone!!” With that, water came out of the nearest fire hydrant and washed the entire pack down the street. 

I will never forgive any of them. They broke me.

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And I will never ever forget that.

So, why was I on a high Monday night?

As anyone with half an eye can probably guess, I am loving The Gifted, and in particular Polaris, and the actress Emma Dumont.  She’s super sweet and goofy, almost the total opposite of her character, and she’s been a lot of fun to follow on social medias.

Well, Monday night I was curling up in bed, and decided to check a few things while the heat ran.  I opened Instagram, saw she was doing a livestream, and thought I’d check it out.  It would probably crash after five minutes like it always does.  Well, it didn’t, and I didn’t end up getting any sleep.

Topics just drifted all over the place as they do, I said a few things and got a few laughs out of her, but then people with hard to decipher screen names started asking questions, and there was some good natured teasing about what to call people.

I sent through, “I’m easy, you can just call me Jason or Foe”, and with my usual *terrible* joke I love that ‘I am both friend and Foe’.  And amidst the likely endless stream of stuff she has to read through, she finds my statement, reads it out, gets another laugh…

And needless to say I’m geeking out that she has even the barest inkling of my existence, and I mmmay have saved a clip of that. >.>