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The other day I was at the library researching Japanese folklore for something or another when I ran across a series of books on Russian folklore. My wonderful friends ( @linnorm and @sebuckwheat ) encouraged me to check them out and since I was curious and had already descended into research hell, why not? 

Anyway, I flipped through the introduction book and under marriage I found this:

And immediately thought of this:

And this:


Viktor, Viktor… You knew exactly what you were doing didn’t you? 😏


As a little expansion on my theory, there is also this:

Look at all those books! I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some Russian folklore on those shelves. 😉

(Also I would like to thank @lauravian for providing this screenshot.)


After further research into old Russian marriage rituals, I would like to clarify that in this headcanon Viktor understands the significance of his actions regardless of the content of the rituals themselves.


Please read the comments. There are some excellent points being made. 👀

I was at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, it was heartbreaking, we were leaving the block we were on when a massive explosion went of and I just grabbed my friend and ran like everyone else. When we got outside there was people on the floor bleeding and police everywhere. Managed to get out safe, never ran so fast in my life. My friends dad just grabbed us and we ran. There was screaming children!!! This was meant to be a fun friendly concert, I just can’t believe anyone would want to hurt children like that. The ringing of the explosions are still in my ears. My prayers go out to everyone who couldn’t get out safely and were hurt outside- paramedics were on there way!


Michel Mell, local soft gay and known video game enthusiast, has stolen my heart and it could happen to you, too

I know that

So this past Saturday I was playing a Pathfinder pseudo murder mystery. My friend ran it, with my father playing an Elvish Fighter, a friend playing a merfolk druid, and I playing a Half-Elf Investigator. The whole joke was when I rolled with inspiration (basically a pool of d6’s to add to any d20 roll) I said, in character, “I know that!” By using this, I never failed a single skill check that game.
The highlight of this was when I was taken to the court Wizard by the level 20 Cleric. The Wizard had been dying from poisoning for about 3 days, and had left the cleric confused on how to cure him. This is how the exchange went:
DM: “So the Wizard is lying in bed with a milky white film over his eyes, he seems to be muttering to himself in delirium”
Me: “Alright, so I’m gonna use poison lore to try and see what is killing him.”
DM: “…are you sure? This level 20 CLERIC has been unable to cure the wizard.”
Me, looking at my friend with a neutral expression: “I know that.”
I had absolutely no ranks in Nature knowledge, but thanks to my high intelligence and inspiration, I hit the poisons DC of 26 to identify it. Then, using my insanely high Craft(Alchemy) skill to cure the wizard in about an hour. Then the DM says this:
“As the wizard recovers, the cleric stares into the distance, rethinking his entire life.”
Being shown up by a level 3 character does thing to a man I suppose.

To whom it may concern:

(I know it looks long, but just read it okay?)
Today, I felt terrible. I felt like I wasn’t good enough. Like everyone who smiled at me was lying. lies, lies lies. Everywhere.
It was pretty hot out today, so instead of wearing a sweater, I wore 3 million bracelets to cover my self harm scars. Everybody. And I mean EVERYBODY I EVEN ran into made fun of them. Even my “friends.” My good friend Amanda:
“Haha what’s with all the bracelets?”
My friend Olivia:
“2012 called, they want their style back.”
My friend Nadyia:
“Why are you wearing all those bracelets ?”
I couldn’t tell you how many comments I got about my “2012 fashion”
It’s not my choice.
I HAVE to wear these.
All day I was tired. I was depressed again. I was yelled at by my “friends.” Yelled at by my teachers.
I got home and I was tired. I was achy and I wanted everything to just end.
I wanted the pain to stop.
Everyday this happens and I was tired of it.
But then, a notification.
“YuB uploaded a video: DON’T BEA MEAN! (Night in the woods playthrough.”
I had been waiting to watch some night in the woods.
So I watched it. I checked Dan and phil’s channel and watched some of their old videos. Next thing I new, another notification.
“StacyPlays uploaded a video: CAMOUFLAGE (Mystic Mesa)”
I watched that. By that time, about an hour had passed. A whole hour without thinking of hurting myself. I then finished watching Jackfilms’s hour long:
“Frame by frame review of the emoji movie trailer”
Of corse the video was a joke, so that was a whole ‘nother hour of laughing.
2 hours. 2 hours of not thinking about suicide. 2 hours of laughing.
Then, I watched a new game theory I’ve been meaning to watch.
Then, the “little nightmares” livestream from CrankGameplays.
Then, Markiplier TV bloopers
Then I re watched the “no more mama” musical from random encounters.
And, I didn’t feel depressed anymore. Basically, this is a PSA

YouTubers help depression
YouTube is a real job
And it’s an important one too.
YouTube saved me
From my wicked thoughts

Thank you….
@danielhowell @amazingphil @markiplier @therealjacksepticeye @crankgameplays @randomencounters7

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please do one with the Oncelers sunglasses

Your  awful wish is my command (Why must you bring this back??)

I ran out of tampons so I had to borrow one from my friend Jade and she handed it to me during class and my (male) geometry teacher was all like WHAT’S THAT ARE YOU PASSING NOTES IS IT CANDY SEE ME AFTER CLASS and even tried to give us detention and by then all the other girls in the class had caught on and we were all just like staring at him and my friend July said “I THINK IT WAS A TAMPON” and my geometry teacher just stood there mortified and we all laughed and that’s the story of how I embarrassed my math teacher more than I thought possible :)

it’s legitimately kinda scary how fast I can go into “mom friend” mode when my friends do something potentially dangerous

My Jared photo op story!
This was my first ever convention. I am so so pleased with everything. Thank you Jared so much for this experience.
I was waiting in line, so super anxious and tearing up. It was like everything was hitting me at once. I was seeing Jared posing for all these cute pictures with fans and I was just so excited. I was about to meet my biggest inspiration and hope. I continued to repeat what I was going to say in my head to make sure I made this time worth while, because I was really scared it was going to be super rushed (but it actually wasn’t!). I’m also pretty sure Jared was looking at me through the line, probably because I looked like a wreck and wanted to make sure I was okay 😂. I was almost next and the staff took my ticket. She said “don’t cry yet! It’ll be great, you can cry after” so that made me laugh and feel a bit better. The girl in front of me got her picture taken and I was finally able to go up to him. I said hi and he goes “hi how are you!” He then realized me tearing up so he bent down gave me a hug and I was able to whisper in his ear. (Well I was more like screaming so he could hear me cause they had music playing so loud!). But I got to tell him some personal things, how much he has inspired me, and how I couldn’t do it without him. He immediately turns to me, face light up, gives me a high five, grabs my hand and says “wow! I’m so proud of you. So fucking proud.” I said thank you and started crying again. He gave me another really tight hug, looked at me with the most sincere eyes and said, “I know that’s not easy, I know. But that is so fucking awesome. I am so proud.” He would not let go of me, and we still haven’t even taken the picture yet! But he waited to make sure I was okay before rushing anything. I told him thank you and how much he has inspired me, he had the kindest smile the whole time and just kept repeating how proud he was. I handed him the flower crown and asked if he would wear it. He said of course and put it on. He looked at me for a little bit, raised his eyebrows and said, “look good?” And OH MY GOD HE LOOKED AMAZING. at this point I was finally able to stop the tears, and I had the biggest smile. He noticed, smiled back and asked what I would like for the pose. I asked if he could hug me from behind. He smiles, nods, and says, “of course!” He pulled me in closer and wrapped his arms around me. I smiled so big. I was so happy. After the picture was taken he gave me another tight hug, continued to say how proud he was, gave me another high five and held my hand to make sure I was okay. And he still had the flower crown on! I told him how thankful I was and also how proud I am of him. He gave me a very sincere smile. One of the staff members came and took the flower crown off his head, cause it was looking like he wasn’t going to! 😂 and she handed it back to me. As he gave me another hug goodbye, another staff member held my hand. As he let go and I walked off, she continued to talk with me and hold my hand. She said “I know it’s hard to let go of Jared’s hand and not have another hand to hold.” I told her how thankful I was and continued to tear up again. She told me the picture looks so cute and walked me out of the room to make sure I was okay and found my friend. As soon as I walked out I stopped and broke down. My friend ran to me and gave me a tight hug. I was able to tell her a little bit of what happened. A sweet couple behind me came over to me and told me how cute of picture it was and how Jared was smiling. That made me so happy! Another girl waiting in line saw me crying and said, “are you okay? It’s good, girl! You did it! You did it!” Everyone was so nice. It was an experience I will forever cherish and be thankful for, all because of Jared Padalecki.

my theory is dan was murdered at playlist and phil is MIA bc he’s mourning the loss of his bf (best friend) and he doesn’t want anyone to know rn bc he wants to mourn in peace so he hired a 12 year old to run dans twitter