i ran into iran

“I’ve explored many cities in Iran but during my last trip I ran alone from Chogha Zanbil to Shushtar. I took risk and was afraid because a woman alone on a bicycle is still weird in many cultures but my intuition was positive and most of the time all I saw was kindness from people. It’s simply incredible to be fed, to get a bed and an overload of tea and good care by people you have never seen before.”

quotes from camp

i’ve been meaning to post this for a while but hey better late than never

“If we put subs in the sea Kim Jong will get super pissed and like light us on fire.”

“I got this card that says China’s gonna get pissed and bomb us… I don’t know why…”

“*pronounces Iran like eye-ran*”

“Lolz case outweighs.”

“If you ain’t a terrorist why you so scared about getting watched huh? HUH?”

“Yes sometimes your affirmative will die a horrible death.”

“I think T is a great argument!”

“Never ever ever say racism good in a debate ever.”

“That’s probably cheating but do what you gotta do.”

“Uh, it depends if your 2AC is straight fire we’ll kick it, but if not we’re keeping it.”

“This isn’t Tokyo Drift… just like steer.”

“Don’t be a stupid fuckwad about Muslims.”

“This is actually how the government works, sorry.”

“He was president before 9/11 believe it or not. It wasn’t great.”

“If you win debates that way, you suck.”

“The rez says we should talk about surveillance, well, no, I’m going to talk about ponies.”

“I don’t know who runs funding spec.” “Pena runs funding spec.”

“I don’t know the bible.”

“Actually you can probably get uranium on e-bay for fifty bucks.”

“I wouldn’t be a president, I would be a facist dictator.”

“I don’t mean to incite terror and panic, but you should be terrified and panicked.”

“Dude you epic failed at debate camp.”

“Just because I have the curtains drawn and the door locked doesn’t mean I’m doing autoerotic asphyxiation. I’m just… hanging out…”


Every morning I wake up to find messages like these sent to me…Why? Well simply because I run a blog online about Israel. Even if I ran a blog about Syria or Iran with the dictatorship and tyranny going on in those countries, I would never get messages like these.

These threats and comments don’t just attack my homeland and my people, but also me. “I hope you die tonight inshallah” and “dogs are better than Israelis” is just an example of the amount of hate that people have for Israel and the jewish people. No matter your views or opinions on the subject, no human being should be treated this way. By saying these things, only more hate and negative energy is spread into this world. Nothing good comes of it.

I write this today, so we may learn a lesson: to NEVER become one of these people, never let our hearts be filled with so much hatred so that we never treat people lesser than us. 
So if you are one of these people, please start spreading some much needed love instead of hate into this world, and maybe then can we start to live in peace.

As always, peace & love. 

“yes, our candidate is totally a weapons-grade warmongering killerbitch who has openly admitted she will lead us into a nuclear war with iran” ...

Ummm ….

Huh? Hillary has “admitted” … “she will lead us into a nuclear war with [I]ran.”

Just FYI, we can’t get into a nuclear “war” with Iran. We can nuke Iran: we have several thousand nuclear weapons. But they cannot nuke us, as they have 0. 

So it wouldn’t really be a nuclear war as a one-sided wiping out of an entire society for no reason whatsoever. Which isn’t going to happen.

You just can’t fix some forms of derangement.