i rambled but it makes sense in my head

Ok I didn’t want to create a discussion but I feel like I really need to say this because it really makes my throat tie up. There have been a tendency to fling around the word “pedophile” towards people in fandom lately, and not in an appropriate way. Now pedophile is meant to mean a sexually developed person being attracted to someone that is not (prepubescent), but I’ve seen the word exclusively used at 20+ year olds people dating 17-18 year olds, or sometimes even teens at 18-19 for dating people two years their junior. These people claim they are trying to “protect the kids” by using this word like a slur, even though they’re often aware they are using it incorrectly.

Why do people use this word even though it’s fundamentally not at all what their cause is representing? For the same reason people bring up the holocaust or Hitler trying to win arguments - because it’s an incredibly negatively loaded word that just about everyone is sure to recognize as such, and they are trying to win points by pulling at the emotions associated with it rather than the actual facts of the situation.

Does it matter? YES. By misusing a word like this you trivialize VERY REAL child sexual abuse. An older teen is sexually mature and can initiate and even force these relationships of their own accord. A teen can be a sexual predator towards younger and older people. A child have not yet developed these urges or interests and would never ever take part of these activities willingly. While there can be a definite power imbalance at play with a late teen/adult turning it into an abusive relationship, it is not the same as the kind of fear that is used to keep a child silent about something they never wanted to be a part of. It is disgusting, is triggering, and it is disturbing to see these two being acknowledged as the same thing.

“So should you not use the word at all?” Uh, yes of course you can, in a situation where it’s actually applicable. You should however not use it in a way that makes is seem like any less than what it is, which is a blatant projection of power wherein one party is always forced into it with threats of hurt or rejection from their loved ones or something else fueled out of desperation.

Kara Supercorp ramble
  • Kara: I think Lena is kryptonite
  • Alex: you mean you think shes Kryptonian?
  • Kara: no like she is actually kryptonite, like made from kryptonite
  • Alex: Kara that doesn't make any sense
  • Kara: it makes perfect sense, her mother and brother hate aliens and Clark especially and me to now, Lena was 'adopted' into the Luthor family.
  • Alex: and you were adopted into ours
  • Kara: and I'm an alien! Not to mention her gorgeous green eyes that draw me into a trance every time I look into them. Think about it Alex, her family, her eyes, the fact that whenever I'm around her I feel weak in my knees and my heart pounds like crazy what other explanation is there?
  • Alex: well here's a crazy idea but maybe...

Okay, so I finally got my hands on the VLD comics, and I came across this part in the 4th issue. I’m sure this has been addressed before but…

(I took out the text cause it didn’t make sense out of context anyway…)

So now I know I have a really wild, like too wild imagination but this is just hit me, like… PINING RED???


1. There’s that HC that Red and Blue love each other too – which I like a lot – so I don’t really know how sentient robot lions do the thing, but just imagine them being cuddly and pressing their noses together and just be cute and affectionate (gay) robot lions, like awww :’) And now just imagine that they have to hide this because their current paladins are oblivious toddlers who can’t get past the flirting-with-teasing-and-childish-bickering level, cause you know, they’re just like a pair of kindergarteners.

Like seriously guys, grow up. And seriously, someone please draw Red and Blue snuggling up when they think no one sees them, but eventually Lance and Keef catch them, or maybe the others too, or whatever you can come up with, there’s so much that can be done with this, and I’m dead. (Also I hope someone has already done this before and I can find it.)

2. The lions are just like their paladins, so Red is actually pining after Blue, in which case my heart is aching for Red, and I like the first one much better. Like it’s enough to see Keef’s wtf tender faces when he looks at Lance sometimes or when he talks to him and no one sees he’s making that face… I can’t handle the same thing with Red too, it’s just too much for my heart. :’)

Now that I got this out of my system, I will go on reading the comics, and think of giant robot cats being in love with each other and I’ll die. Bye.

Huh. That’s interesting. Makes sense. If the Bratva episode is in 5x12, then they must be just getting started digging into Susan’s investigation. I know some fans will be frustrated by this, but the more Susan sticks around the more confident I am that Tina, the new BC, isn’t a love interest. It’s just that the timing fits in the scenario in my head. Time for a Tina ramble…

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me: spent whole break sleeping till the afternoon and sitting around the house instead of actually taking action for once in my life and actually idk meeting up with people or getting ahead on homework or catching a frickin zuka stream for once in my goddamn life

I’m gonna be real for second. I’m not that excited for Andromeda, or at least not as excited as  I was for ME3.

It just… doesn’t feel the same as it did before.

Don’t get me wrong though, I want it to be good. I want it to be another memorable part of the Mass Effect experience, but I can’t get it out of my head that it won’t be.

I fully acknowledge that part of my skepticism comes from my refusal to let go of Shepard and the gang, but I don’t want it to color my perception of this entirely new game.

And hey, maybe this time next week or next month I’ll come back to this post, laugh and eat my words. But I’ll probably will be more critical of this game than I usually am with new releases.

Mass Effect means so much to me and has helped me through so much, and I don’t want this to be a pit stain on the franchise when ME3 ended so badly…

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>What she says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>What she means:</b> in "The World Was Wide Enough", when Alexander is moments away from death, he's talking a mile a minute, just trying to fit all the words in his head into his last moments on earth, and he's TERRIFIED, he's not making sense, he's rambling incoherently and nobody can understand what he's saying until he sees Eliza. And he quiets down. She calms him, and he realizes that what's going to happen is going to happen, and he can't stop it. So he just looks at his wife: "My love, take your time. I'll see you on the other side." He speaks slowly and coherently. Eliza is enough of a calming force on Alexander that she can help him accept his own death, when nothing else could<p/></p><p/></p>

Barret related things I’m looking forward to in the remake

  • Barret bonding with Marlene
  • Barret and Cloud’s interactions
  • How Barret met Tifa
  • Barret and Tifa interactions
  • More on his past and how he raised Marlene during the years
  • Barret in the sailor uniform
  • Barret flexing in the mirror at Costa Del Sol
  • Barret seeing Corel again after years
  • Barret helping to stop the train in Corel
  • Barret forgiving himself
  • Barret party banter
  • Barret’s interactions with all the party
  • Barret being even more badass in the remake
  • Barret remembering Avalanche at Cosmo Canyon
  • Barret just being great

Anyone wants to add more feel free!

my concept of thinking about people without bpd is so weird. like. in my head people without bpd have a “list” of who’s important to them and who isnt and it goes in this order

- Parents/family members

- Boyfriend/girlfriend/partner

- Best friend

- Friend(s)

- Acquaintances

- Strangers

Like the higher they are on the list, the more important they are to the person. for some reason the parents/family members part doesn’t bother me a lot because i dont feel insanely jealous or upset when my fp is hanging out with their family because it’s family and i cant really control that

however if my fp gets a partner, in my head, she will put them a step or two above me in how important i am to her, because in my head, society has taught me that your partner should be more important to you than a friend or a best friend.

im not upset that my fp has a crush because i dont want her to be happy. im upset because in my mind, if she gets a partner, i will be less important to her than i am now because there is somebody to bridge the gap between “best friend” and “family members” 

i want to be the next most important person in her life after family. 

About Spencer and Kurt and Gayness and Gender and History

Let’s talk about Spencer. Because I’m super fascinated by him as a character (which doesn’t contradict the fact that I don’t particularly like him as a person).

(Note: This is somewhat rambly and associative, because that’s how it looked in my head when I wrote it down. And it still looks that way because I decided to post this as it is instead of spending my night editing this to perfection (and potentially not publish it at all). That said, please do tell me if something doesn’t make sense.)

He is introduced to us through Rachel’s eyes, as your stereotypical jock
who has just called a team member a “whiny homo” because he said he needed a drink of water during football practice. Rachel (still in her oversized ‘I’m an incognito celebrity’ sunglasses and all offended diva) calls him out as a bully and expresses shock at how quickly McKinley apparently fell back into an anti-gay status quo.

But established-as-gay-friendly assistant coach Sam assures her that “it’s cool” because “Spencer is totally gay” as if that made the insult any less of an insult. Then again, it does, somehow, because it does make a difference if a gay or bi man uses an anti-gay slur or if a straight man does. Then again, this insult has never actually been about anyone’s sexual preference but has always meant “you’re not manly enough.” And that’s where it really doesn’t make much of a difference if the speaker is gay or straight or bi. Because, obviously, out gay men come in different shapes, and football player is one of them.

Now it’s Spencers’s time to introduce himself. According to his own words, he is “kind of a postmodern gay teen,” which, I’m fairly certain, is not a term any high school kid would use to refer to themselves, so we can safely assume that this is the writers talking and we’re basically getting the character description from the episode’s script. Spencer (still giving us the writers’ initial sketch of him) goes on to explain that “positive representations of gays in the mass media has given me the confidence I need to be myself, which, turns out, is kind of an arrogant jerk.” And that is where I fell in love with the existence of this character.

Because, yes, I’m actually happy that gay men on TV get to be arrogant, football-playing jerks. Because that is precisely what some real-life gay men are. And because I believe that the demand for “positive representation” (as in “normatively gendered, desexualized, and coupled monogamously, conflict-free and forever”) is a “stupid, shortsighted wish” (to quote The New Normal’s Brian), as understandable as it sometimes is.

And Spencer really _is a jerk, which he proves by chucking his half-empty cup of water-with-stuff-in-it at Sam (oh, look who apparently also needed some water but was too invested in his masculinity to get some first!) and telling Rachel that her TV show sucked.

Rachel is shocked that Sam allows such behavior, but Sam explains that he’s (just) the assistant coach and “can’t yell at them like Coach Beiste.” (He also very likely needs that job to pay for his entire living expenses, whereas Rachel not only stays with her dad but also has a large enough amount of money left from her TV gig that she can offer it to the school district’s superintendent and have that be a relevant argument. But that’s another story.)

Later, Kurt sits on a bench in the locker room, waiting for the football players to come in to change after practice. He tries to meet Spencer on his own territory, but he’s still terrible at being “one of the guys” (which is illustrated by him not catching the ball Spencer threw to him after Kurt signaled he was “open”), so Spencer is not impressed. Nevertheless, Kurt tries to bond with him over having been on the football team himself for a hot second, and then segues into how that has been “a transformational moment for the school” which “marked the beginning of a great synchronicity between Glee Club and football” (whatever that is supposed to mean, because a synchronicity is a “meaningful coincidence” - whereas a synergy is “the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts”). And then he offers “any of the football guys that are back for homecoming” as a reference to back up his claim.

Which prompts Spencer to ask why they aren’t the ones trying to recruit him and if Kurt is there for the sole reason that they both “like guys.” Which is where Kurt drops all pretense of having a football player identity himself and tries to bond with Spencer over being gay. He claims that “only a gay man knows what it’s like for us out there,” but Spencer remains unimpressed and basically rolls his eyes at Kurt’s naivety. Spencer mysteriously not only knows that Kurt is gay, but also that he “primarily identified [him]self” as being gay during his high school time (and I would like to see the fic that fills that particular hole in the story). A primary gay identity, however, is not Spencer’s “thing.”

Kurt responds to that by asking “But don’t you think it’s everyone else’s thing?” Remember, Kurt was called gay (and relentlessly bullied for his lack of conventional masculinity) before he ever came out as such to anyone, possibly including himself. So he never actually had the chance to be anything but primarily gay. Spencer, however, says that “when I told people I was gay, only two people had a problem with it. Coach Beiste kicked them off the team.”

And this is where Kurt gets angry. Because he himself drew a lot of strength from gay history and gay (and gay-associated) culture and has tremendous respect for his forbears (remember his bucket list item “Lay a rose on the birthplace of Noël Coward” [3x05]?) and icons and is very conscious of the cultural impact of gay people (“Mercedes is black. I’m gay. We make culture.” [1x15]). In other words, he is very aware of whose shoulders he himself is standing on. And of what he and his friends and supporters achieved, so that other, younger LGBTQ people can have better lives (“When I first got to McKinley, I was afraid to make eye contact. I didn’t talk about my politics, I didn’t share what was in my heart. […] I was in the closet. And most days, I was also in the Dumpster. […] And perhaps I played some small part in making it possible for tadpole gays all over Lima to be themselves in public. Not a bad legacy for someone who once pretended to be in lust with Rachel Berry so I wouldn’t have to date Mercedes Jones.” [3x22]). And that is why he snaps at Spencer and demands that he pays his historical debt. “Look, you’re… you’re naive if you don’t think you’re standing on our shoulders. Okay, you owe glee club.”

Spencer, however, is having none of that and credits the ease of his life to the aforementioned “positive representations of gays in the mass media” (which, ironically, can’t be Glee because that show doesn’t exist in its own universe). “Please. I owe Modern Family.”

He also believes that he himself took care of anyone intending to bully him. “Listen, when Coach Beiste kicked those guys off the team, they cornered me in the parking lot when I was getting into my car. Got all up in my face. One of them ended the day with his jaw wired shut, and the other, I don’t think he ever stopped running.” The story he tells himself is that of a manly guy who can take care of himself with manly methods and who is in no way different from any other manly man, except for the fact that he “happened to be born in the […] ten percent of the population that would choose Andrew Garfield over Emma Stone.” Glee club (and Lady Gaga and Broadway) sucks, and that’s that. (If only it wasn’t for the oddly specific denial of writing “Archie fan fiction where Archie and Jughead are hot for each other” because that sounds exactly like what a conventionally masculine boy who has just realized he’s into other boys would do… [unless I’m misdating Archie comics here?])

But it has actually always been irrelevant if the glee club is “gay or straight,” no matter how often everyone associated with glee club has been called “gay” (or a variant thereof). Let me explain. According to the logic of sexism and heteronormativity, men have a higher social status than women, and real men are into women and women get fucked by real men. So if there’s no woman to get fucked because both people in a couple are men, one of the guys must get fucked, which means he’s not really a man anymore. And that means he also lost the status associated with masculinity. In short, since male homosexuality is equated with femininity, we can translate “gay” (as an insult) as “too feminine” or “not masculine enough” (which are the same thing in a binary gender system). So the issue with glee club from the very beginning of Glee has always been that the jocks considered it not masculine enough. And being a jock is all about masculinity.

And this is where we come back to Spencer, who primarily identifies as a manly man who just happens to prefer dudes over women for sex. He wants to have nothing to do with gay culture or gay communities or gay politics. He believes he is equal to his straight teammates, and if people disagree, he will beat them up because he can (and because Coach Beiste protects him, but he doesn’t really give her any credit for that).

Coach Beiste, by the way, has also had to fight hard to be accepted as a masculine heterosexual woman (because heteronormativity also works the other way round and deducts homosexuality from gender-nonconformity). She has earned the respect of the football team (and, apparently, from Sue, because she seems to have survived the general school overhaul with her job intact), but there has been no indication that her romantic life has changed for the better (then again, who knows what developments the next episodes reveal). And she doesn’t allow anti-gay bullies on her team because now she can - and, ironically, that is at least in part also thanks to Sue, who has “spent the off-season recruiting [really good] players from all over the state.” Which means there are enough players to choose from so she can exchange the anti-gay ones for less (openly) prejudiced ones.

So Kurt is absolutely right when he says that Spencer is standing on their shoulders. And Spencer just takes these circumstances for granted because he was lucky enough to be born a few years after Kurt. It has gotten better for him before it got really bad, so now he’s free to be a person instead of a stereotype right from the start. Then again, he may be so busy NOT being a stereotype that he can’t afford to actually have an LGBTQ community, whether in glee club or elsewhere. And how will that impact him in the long run?

And I think that is the story we’ll get to see about Spencer.

There is more in this story about generations of LGBTQ people, and Kurt representing an older generation (like the one of the Glee writers, which is also mine) than the one he actually belongs to, but I can’t quite put that in words yet.

All I can say is that I totally identify with Kurt when it comes to an awareness of my LGBTQ forbears and an identification with LGBTQ culture(s). And I see that younger LGBTQ people have come out and come of age in a world that is very different than the one in which I was a teenager and young adult. And sometimes I worry about a loss of LGBTQ culture as I experienced it and about the lack of awareness for LGBTQ history I perceive in many younger LGBTQ people. And then I remember that there is Tumblr and Twitter and gazillions of websites and blogs and online resources and that people have camera phones now and can take photos of themselves and each other at practically no cost and spread them around the world within minutes and that there are completely new LGBTQ cultures and communities that didn’t exist when I was around 20. And then I don’t feel so bad. But I still want to talk about how things used to be and about what we lost, and I want to grieve for those losses, and I want to remember what my generation did (and still does) to change the world for today’s “tadpole gays” (and the rest of the acronym), and I want to remind/teach people where “we” come from and how we got to where we are now.

And I think that is a concern I share with the makers of Glee.

So I’m super curious what they will do with Spencer and Kurt and Beiste and gayness and gender in the episodes to come.

(Also connected to this train of thought: Warblers who may or may not be gay, Sue’s return to gendering Kurt as neither female nor male, sexist traditions at Dalton, traditions in general and whether to keep/honor them and in what way, messages about gender Kurt has internalized and how they affect how he thinks about his relationship to Blaine and the fact that Blaine is now dating Dave, the way gender plays out in Blaine’s relationships to Kurt and to Dave, the significance of Country Bear Night… - and I already regret that I won’t have the time to think through all these connections in words!)

There seem to be several moments throughout these first three episodes (at least Antipasto and now Secondo) where Hannibal looks directly at the camera.

He breaks the fourth wall and looks at us, the audience.

The show this season is a fairy tale and he is reminding us that he is the narrator, gently leading us down the path of the story.

what if Time Lords are only properly named after their deaths

like during their lives they have a name to be called by according to how they choose to live but their final name is their number of regenerations

which is why the Doctor doesn’t want to be named considering the implications

and then we find out that his name is Thirteen or a really low number considering his regenerations so far which is why it’s unlucky

because it represents the death of the Doctor himself

It’s all about the stories we tell ourselves…

This is mostly just me thinking out loud with my hands on the keyboard. So take it as stream of consciousness or something of that kind. It’s really nothing thoroughly thought through, but rather a collection of things that I keep mulling over in my head. So from here on out: I might not make a lot of sense, probably won’t answer a thing, but just pose tons more questions. You have been warned! :)

What I keep coming back to is how tightly the show has been structuring this season around stories and how slowly but surely every single story we get told gets proved not entirely true to completely false. In a way that has always been something SPN has dealt with since they always gave the lore and legends a few twists and turns along the way, but I feel like the second half of S9 and particularly this season it serves a broader narrative purpose and all of it centers around the myth arc.

To me the thread about stories has been made a big and important point in 9x11 “First Born” for the first time, which makes sense given it was the episode to launch us into the myth arc that centers around the Mark of Cain and how Cain tells Dean and Crowley the true story that the bible did not tell. The story of how he killed his brother not out of envy, but out of “love and care” and to prevent him from getting corrupted and a slave to Lucifer. In return he received a mark, became a “soldier of hell”, a bringer of “darkness and chaos” – which btw is one pretty awesome contrast to the one entity he owes the curse to: Lucifer – the light bringer.

In a way I had to think back on Cain’s whole story when mulling over “Hansel and Gretel” some more and how their story differs from the fairytale. Just like Cain didn’t kill Abel out of envy, maybe Hansel ate Gretel’s heart (there is something about this image that just kind of bugs me, but I cannot get to what it is about) thinking that way she’d be at peace (of course there is a long string of creepy problems to talk about here with the witches and Hansel’s relationship in relation to that – so I won’t), in heaven and for that willfully gave himself to the witch. One could even say he got a Mark of Cain of his own – a scarred face.

If you take these two stories as a mirror or parallel to the Winchester’s story, it poses some interesting, yet scary questions. Cain’s story was already “kind of repeated” (with some twists and turns) by Dean, question is, will we now see Sam take into account working with a witch believing it is the only way to save Dean? The signs of him possibly making a deal of some sort with Rowena or being vulnerable to a scenario of that kind have been there, so I wouldn’t be terribly surprised. But the question is: How would that break the toxic cycle of self sacrifice the Winchesters are caught in? Possibly not at all. Instead we know, the river ends at the source. I’m sure we all have our headcanons, I personally think if they are doing a really neat tie in it means Lucifer, in a broader sense I’d say it’s god it all ends with (especially now that we know god (Chuck) is alive and back), but given how this season has also highlighted fucked up family dynamics and crappy childhoods due to messed up parents it could also mean John Winchester – it’s highly unlikely though that will be the case.

Maybe it means going back to the start, for them to start over – like Tina was able to and like Dean wished he would have been able to – and do it all again, but different. “Alter the sigil, alter the spell”, alter the story you tell about yourself…

But it’s not just the stories of others that continuosly get rendered false, it’s the main characters addressing this very thing in relation to their own life stories as well. From Crowley telling Dean in 9x17 “Mother’s Little Helper” “Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep better at night” in relation to Dean’s growing dependence to the blade and the powers of the mark Dean was not ready to admit to struggle with to Dean telling Cole in 10x07 “Girl Girls Girls” that “This was his story” and that he’s got one of those, too, but that those stories sometimes blind them and take them to dark places (a freaking amazing contrast that is painted in this one sentence within the show *bows down in front of the writers*). Storytelling - It’s a tool of reflection and projection at the same time. And with 10x05 “Fan Fiction” as well as 9x18 “Meta Fiction” the show has been delving pretty deep in terms of meta and addressing the pushes and pulls of creating content and story. Metatron said he is an entity of his word. While he loves himself some big talk, I think with this line he might have given away more than he wanted, a plan to destroy him and “destiny” all over again.

In 6x20 “The Man Who Would Be King” Castiel monologues about how they “ripped up the ending and the rules” and with that already playing with the notion of stories. Maybe in order to find balance, I think, because even after their biggest obstacle – the apocalypse – was averted nothing truly changed for the better. Maybe that is due to the big story having been derailed, but our main characters being to pre-occupied with “thankfully”” saving the world, but not picking up the pen themselves and write their own story, how they intend it to be. They are the paper, they are the ink, they are the pen, but they seem to have no idea or seem to be too afraid to start writing. Hansel said something important in that regard imo: “It was based on a true story, they just gave it a happy ending.” Maybe that is exactly the Winchesters’ problem. They only know how to write a tragedy while all of them desperately long for a happy ending.

The theory going around that sometime between Last Christmas and The Magician’s Apprentice, Twelve and Clara’s timelines diverged and he saw her die in her future is starting to make entirely too much sense.

It’s the way he looks at her when she turns up in TMA, the way “when do I not see you?” just sort of rushes out of him, the way he crushes her with a hug when she asks jokingly which one of them is dying.  It seemed really out of place, even in the context of a man who thinks he’s going to his death.  It puts his desperation and helplessness in The Girl Who Died into a horribly perfect place because of course, of course he can save her, he’s the Doctor, he can do absolutely anything…but he’s not supposed to.

I’m starting to think that my guess for this season’s finale might not be far off - the Doctor will reach a place where he is willing to do absolutely anything to save Clara, and Clara won’t let him cross that line.

When in the course of human events...

I know I don’t have many followers and that no one will probably read this, but I have to get this down before I frustrate myself any more with the ramblings in my head.

After the shitstorm that was this weekend, I’ve come to terms with a few things:

- None of this makes any flipping sense, and it hasn’t since PCAs  I smelled a VERY stinky rat at that point.

- Sam and Cait practically bookended any interview questions this weekend about fan interactions with a hesitant well there are problems, but FANS ARE GREAT comment.  Something regarding the fans happened.  They just didn’t want to admit it publicly.  Cait saved Sam a few times on this.

- Faces, words and actions don’t add up to the same story

- I know the difference between J/C and S/C.  That’s a hard line for me.  NO problems with distinction, and I’m insulted at the insinuation.

- Cait’s tweet of be kind to one another would have hit a chord with me if she and Sam had done the same with the video statement.

- Oh Sam.  Make up your mind.  Is it nice we feel that way or its odd?  Which is it?

- If we are delusional, so are Finn Den Hertog, make up guy, Luke, and many others.  This INCLUDES Sam and Cait.

- I’m mad, confused, hurt, and frustrated.

- Shipping is not bad!  Everything in moderation!

- My head says they aren’t together.  My heart and gut says otherwise.  

- TD.  Ugh.  

- Confession time.  I didn’t like Cait’s black GG dress.  I much preferred the white after party dress. She’s still drop dead gorgeous, regardless.

- Sam looked great, but Richard Rankin still gets my heart pumping more.  Sorry, not sorry.

- I’m giving up my stateroom on the ship, BUT I’m stringing a hammock on deck using my intuition, logic, @pufflander​’s Stella, and @intuitivetarotanon​ ‘s readings (crazy on the money, by the way!).  It’s all I’ve got, but it’s going to have to be enough for me.  At least up here I can watch for a storm.

- I would love nothing more than to sit down with the two of them and have an honest chat about what the ever loving fuck happened.  I know I can’t get everything, but in the spirit of Outlander, I wish I knew that what they gave me is the truth.  

I’m already 500 into the 10,000s and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact I’ve published over 10,000 of your confessions.

I mean, I’ve been doing this since 2011 so it makes sense that I’d hit that number after five years, but still. That’s a lot.

And that’s even taking into account the fact I don’t publish every single day. This blog has it’s inactive moments (a few days here, a week there.)

Anyway, I feel like I’m rambling. I hope you all have a good day :)

Rewatching RWBY (specifically the RWBY Recut)

“[Grimm] are the darkness… and we are the light”
“That’s why we fight them!”
“It’s not about why, it’s about knowing.
understanding both dark and light helps us manifest our aura.
Everyone has some of both

This has always been one of my favorite moments in Volume 1 of RWBY (despite my dislike for the exposition while Ren is fighting) but I’m still trying to wrap my head around why? I’m gonna be rambling a bit to see if I can make sense of my thoughts and feelings…

It’s very poignant how Pyrrha kind of makes Jaune rethink fighting Grimm with this statement. ESPECIALLY since earlier, Pyrrha explains that Grimm are the manifestation of anonymity.

We see in RWBY that characters have various reasons for doing things. But I interpret that to mean that there’s a bigger scheme than one’s own “reasons”- the “why” that Pyrrha dispels. And it’s something to bear in mind in order to manifest the very force within you that helps you fight.

And there’s so many cases in the show where they challenge the “why.” I think that’s pretty cool.

Optional, but more rambling under the read more

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