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Request ⇾ Hi! Can I request something else? Can you do a losers club x female reader where the reader is fearless and when they enter the neibolt house the reader screams ‘hey there demons it’s me ya girl’.

Warnings ⇾ literally none

A/N ⇾ this is meant to be taken w a pinch of salt, it’s just a lighthearted fic! Also, shoutout to my fave Shane for birthing this iconic quote!


“Wait…” Stan started, “Shouldn’t we, maybe, have some people wait outside? Incase anything bad happens?”

Bill stood for a moment, processing the request before nodding affirmatively, “Okay. Who wants to wait outside?”

As if on cue, all six of the other losers raised their hands with great speed. All except Y/N.

“Alright, boys, looks like I’m going to have to do this one myself.” Y/N said as she stepped up onto the front porch, walking around Bill.

“Come on then, Billy, or are you too scared like those wimps?”

Bill shook his head and began walking towards the entrance, side by side with Y/N. He pushed open the door earning a loud creak in return. This only caused the remaining losers outside to fret and panic more. A wave of relief shot over them as they realised they would not have to enter that goddamn house.

Bill ushered forward, signalling that Y/N could enter first. Secretly he was scared, but he wasn’t about to let that show. She walked in and scanned the bottom floor. There were cobwebs hanging everywhere and every type of rodent imaginable was crawling somewhere in that house.

Still not phased, Y/N shrugged her shoulders and switched on her torch. “Hey demons, it’s me, 'ya girl.”

Bill couldn’t believe what he was hearing, how could she be so damn chill?

“Come on then, Bill. Let’s go kill us some clown demon.”

The day we shot the scene at Maz’s castle, with the rubble all around—the first day I got to hold the lightsaber and still one of my favorite moments ever—Finn had to face his former brothers in armor. It was such an impactful day for the character as well as myself. Finn had been betrayed by the lies he was raised to believe, but he knew he had to fight. He’s a character who is obviously trying to do what he thinks is right, to put himself on a purposeful path, which can become quite complicated. But that is what makes Finn’s journey his own.

—John Boyega (in Stormtroopers: Beyond the Armor)

anonymous asked:

Hi! So a question about the dragonpit: What was Dany's plan? How long did she intend to keep Jon's new allegiance a secret? For the whole war? Otherwise why would Cersei not break the truce the moment she realized that Jon was now pledged to her? Unless she never planned to reveal it at all (maybe even get Jon to reverse it and propose marriage or something), Jon's action actually seems logical.

OMG ANON I’M SO SORRY! How did I not see this?! I apologise profusely for the late reply!

You raise something very interesting that I wondered myself actually! In the Dragonpit, it appeared quite clear that everyone was taken aback by Jon’s declaration of allegiance, even her most trusted advisor in Tyrion. And whilst the show has made attempts to show a rift forming between Dany and Tyrion, this would seem like the kind of important information one would share with one’s hand, politically. 

I truly believe that Dany had hoped Jon would lie to Cersei or fob her off with a vague answer. We can see from her expression that she CLEARLY wasn’t expecting his public declaration. And we all know homegirl is turned on by loyalty.

I think Dany probably felt that Jon bent the knee during a moment of vulnerability. He had just escaped death, he was comforting her after the death of her own child, and then he bent the knee metaphorically. By this stage, it’s very clear that there’s a more than just lingering tenderness between the two. She is fully aware that he feels something for her as we saw in the penultimate episode of season 7. She may have been waiting for him to reference it himself, or mention it to others. It’s interesting isn’t it that they travelled by boat from Eastwatch to Dragonstone to King’s Landing without either of the two letting slip his allegiance. 

I don’t believe Dany wants Jon as her subordinate anymore anyway. She’s constantly turning to him for advice and in the same episode, she’s entrusting him to act as the general of her armies. Along with basically every other Jonerys fan, I would like to see Dany reference Jon as her King and a marriage would certainly satisfy that (as well as send me over the moon). I’m sure the thought would have crossed her mind. We have to remember that she came to Westeros under the impression that she would marry politically. And what could be a greater political marriage than aligning herself with the largest kingdom?!

As for Jon’s pledge, regardless of the fact that he HAD bent the knee to another already, it would have been easier for him to give a more non-committal response than “I have already pledged myself to Queen Daenerys of House Targaryen” I just wanted an excuse to say that. I mean, there was no way that wasn’t going to piss Cersei off. Even saying something vague like, “I understand your wishes, your Grace” would have been a better option for the truce. But then Jon wouldn’t be the man we all love. He is the most honourable character on the show, aside from Sam and fuck the undercover theory, so his actions were very logical for his character, but not necessarily for gaining Cersei’s input.

I’d love to see Jon and Dany rule side by side as the King and Queen that they are. Their character arcs have brought them to this stage and they have both developed as capable leaders of their people. They’re the Prince and Princess that was promised. And the rightful King and Queen of the 7 Kingdoms, as equals.

And that’s why this is one of my favourite shots of the season. Apart from the fact that I like how the visuals actually inversely parallel the elements they’re closely associated with (Jon is with Targaryen fire and Dany is with the Stark grey), they are walking perfectly in sync with one another as equals. Clearly foreshadowing what’s to come. 

So yeah, I’m hoping that next season, Jon DOES give up the title of King in the North, for a more suitable title in King of the Seven Kingdoms alongside his Queen, Daenerys.

Lesbian Diary: Getting a raise

Lately I’ve been dealing with getting a raise. In the past I’ve never really cared much about money (other than liking it, we all like it) but now that im considering children (very expensive children), I have to care about money, I have to fight for it at work. Usually when I needed extra money before id do contract work on the side but it recently occurred to me I shouldnt have to do that, so im fighting to get paid well.

It is very much like me to simply be greatful for what im offered but I have to stick up for myself. The way to emotionally prepare myself for that was to very willing to walk away. If the market truly shows you deserve more money, do the research, present thr research, and be willing to walk away. Right now my boss is working to fight on my behalf to get the 25% raise im asking for. The market isn’t bad anymore and theres no reason to be complacent.

So do your research and stand up for yourself. If they dont offer me what I want here I guess its a new job for me.

and so
i’m letting you go
i’m erasing our conversations
and deleting our photos
and i’m going to stop making playlists for you
you became someone i would have died for
but it’s taken me 7 months to realize that
maybe i didn’t love you
maybe i wanted to
maybe i would have died for you but i would
not have lived for you
i think
when you’re in love
it makes you want to live forever
but i’ve only known love in the form
of slammed doors and raised voices
and shattered hearts and terrified apologies
so maybe the way i felt about you wasn’t love
maybe it was fear
fear of losing someone who made me feel like i could hold up the sky
even on my bad days
i never figured out that i could hold up the moon and the sun and the stars without you
and maybe that’s what love is
maybe love is realizing i didn’t need you
maybe it’s realizing i dont need anyone
understanding that i deserve it all
and maybe a little more

i’m living for myself now

Disrespect me? Get Shut Down and Blacklisted

So I used to work as a waiter at a fairly okay steakhouse around the US. Enjoyed my job, got great satisfaction from making people happy, had regulars who loved me and would only come in to see me (even long after the menu items they originally came for stopped being offered).

Well the company decides that this particular location needs a new General Manager. This is someone who was, as it turns out, fired from his last GM position for toxic behaviours including but not limited to sexual harassment of younger female staff.

A'ight, no big. I can roll with pretty much anything. Mostly because I’m very ‘out’ about being LGBT (specifically the T part) and surround myself with friends and family who are totally cool with that.

GM is an older gentleman, conservatively raised, and incredibly vocal about his personal politics (including, oddly enough, something about there being more trees in north america NOW than there has ever been, and how global warming is good because ‘all those trees need all that carbon dioxide anyway’). Odd fellow, not very well educated, but this is lower-end management at best anyway so what can you expect?

Well, as I’ve said, I was very much 'out’ at work, and so would, when appropriate, gently remind my coworkers that certain pronouns are maybe… not the best used when referring to me. In reference to the GM, though this fellow would go out of his way to refer to me using an incorrect honorific- american south… Maam and Sir are just things everyone says regardless. It happens, I get that. But twice in every sentence is not an accident.  Going out of his way to dig up my 'dead’ name (the name I used before transition)… also not an accident. 

Well, I’d been hearing from other staff that the new GM was being incredibly derogatory towards me when I wasn’t around as well, and decided that the mature thing to do would be to approach him in private and ask him about it. Maybe give him a chance to ask any questions he might have, or at least come to a mutual agreement (preferably one that doesn’t include deliberately-misgendering honorifics). 
Turns out he’d rather have that conversation at the front door, while guests of the restaurant are still entering and exiting, despite my repeated requests to talk to him in a more private place. 

I bring up my concerns.

Not only are they true, but he’s been frothing at the bit to have this conversation with me, and spends the next solid twenty minutes lecturing me (I barely got in three full sentences- this man also doesn’t know that interrupting is inappropriate in a discussion). He brings up the fact that he has 'a degree in biology’… yeah so do I, but mine is thirty years more recent than his, guaranteed. He brings up the fact that it’s 'rude’, 'childish’, and 'stupid’ for me to even ask him to consider NOT using the honorific he’s decided is appropriate. He even goes so far to try to explain how chromosomes work to me. ….and.. clearly doesn’t understand at all how chromosomes work. In -any- species, H.sapiens included.

So here’s the revenge part.

I had taken about two weeks off, to be started the next day, in order to visit family in another part of the world for the first time in several years. So I simply went in the next day and told an office full of managers to.. not worry about putting me on the schedule come time. Two weeks off equals two weeks notice. No big. Got to fly the bird (In america, a rude gesture involving the middle finger alone) at GM who was in the office with other managers at the time. 

Now that I was no longer employed at company, I was free to speak of my experience without fear of consequence. So I spoke to friends. Spoke to allies. Spoke to legal teams. All about this obvious discrimination and attempted bullying by someone in a position of power, in a part of the United States with very, VERY defined fairness ordinances explicitly in place to prevent LGBT discrimination in a city that is known by the region as being a 'hub’ for LGBT treatment and opportunity and resources and community.

Friends called HR. Other co-workers contacted me about issues they’d had with the GM in the same vein. I included these (dates, times, names, witnesses, contact information for those who consented) in my own formal report. More friends called HR. And then MORE friends called HR.

So many people called to complain to the restaurants public resources team that they would no longer ever come to said restaurant if this was the kind of behaviour that was accepted as representing the company…. That the company closed the entire location with a week, and the GM has apparently been utterly blacklisted from the restaurant business in the city/county due to this scandal.

Apparently it was more money than it was worth to fight the scandal, and the restaurant chain decided to cut their losses and close the site entirely. 

(I would like to add that staff were heftily compensated/transferred/offered opportunities elsewhere and no one was 'kicked to the curb’ for being an innocent bystander)

But it feels so good to pass by the now derelict building and think to myself “I did that. Frick that guy. That guy was awful.”


magic, dick. magic happened.

for @dickdamiweek‘s day 6 prompt (DILF!Damian) which i turned into magical age swap. jason was such a fuckin’ sweetie, ok. a sweetie with a sailor mouth.

Initially they think it’s just a cosmetic change, and Jason complains very, very colorfully, which doesn’t quite hide his nervousness. But then Jason hugs Alfred and willingly holds Damian’s hand as long as Damian is telling him stories about League history. And when Tim tracks down the artifact despite minimal evidence, Damian opens his mouth and says, “Excellent, as usual.”

Damian doesn’t get why everyone stares.

And when they figure out the artifact really truly swapped their ages physically and mentally, Damian says quietly to himself, startled, “I am of age.” Slowly, he turns to Dick with an intense look.

“Uh?” Dick says, and tiny Jason forgets he’s freaked out long enough to start cackling.

The Giants of Earth

Aliens are too often depicted as very human-like. Bilateral symmetry, main sensory organs on the head, dexterous hands on arm-like appendages, etc. Even size is relatively close or averages to around human size. But when you look at our own world, humans are giants. Relatively few animals have mass comparable to or greater than humans. Our height is particularly astounding since we evolved bipedalism and adopted a vertical stance rather than one that’s more horizontal, which you see even in other bipedal animals like birds.

So what if the same holds true for humanity compared to aliens? There are many advantages to having a smaller body, after all: fewer necessary resources to live and grow, more stable stances if they walk on three or more legs, better adaptability to cataclysmic events, and many others. If the species comes from a world with higher gravity especially, being lower to the ground is far more preferable rather than spending a lot of energy fighting the higher gravity.

So when humanity arrives on the interstellar scene, how would a universe filled with (generally) smaller sentients react to the new giants?

-Story below the cut -

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I really can’t stand the message that people send to others - especially to disabled people - that ‘the real world is cruel and nobody’s going to help you’ in an attempt to foster complete self-sufficiency.

Because it’s not true. I honestly can’t do everything by myself, and neither can you or anyone else. Everyone needs help. Nobody can always be their own chef, doctor, mechanic, teacher, trainer, and counsellor all rolled into one infallible package of superhuman toughness.

It’s patently misleading to raise people to think that they have to learn to always fly solo. We’re a social species and we support and learn from each other. We shouldn’t be taught that it’s shameful or weak to ask for help.

Nobody can do everything alone and nobody should have to. Especially us disabled people.

Meeting the Family

Prompt: Batfam meets Batmom’s large extended family

AN: I interrupt our string of votes to bring you an actual story. Enjoy!

Words: 1490

          You’re more than a little surprised when your brother walks through your office door. Though not technically an employee of Wayne Enterprises, your office space is still in the building, just one of the perks of your husband owning the building. That also means your security is top notch, and well, you haven’t seen anyone from your family in about ten years.

          All of this is what’s running through your mind as your brother, your baby brother just stands there and fidgets. “You’re still drifting off I see.”

          You shrug and point to one of the chairs, on the opposite side of the room. There’s several minutes of silence, as you take in the changes on your brother, before you ask, “What are you doing here, Ricky?”

          “Mom’s in the hospital … It’s bad. She wants to see you.”

          That takes you by surprise. Your fight was never with your mother; it was just a side effect of the war with your father. “What’s wrong?”

          He shrugs. “Kidney failure, she wants to come off treatment. She won’t listen to anyone. The doctors say she still has a chance you know. If she continues her treatments, and waits for a transplant. Either way she wants to see you.” You open your mouth to say something but he stops you “This isn’t about dad, it’s about mom. The fight wasn’t with her, it wasn’t with any of us but dad. It was you who chose to leave. It was you who cut us off.”

          You nod. “You’re right, I did.”

          “She’s your mother, and she’s dying. You should see her.”

          “I won’t make any promises.”

          Your brother stares at you for a moment before laying an envelope on the table, and walking out.

          You debate on going for several days. Bruce is out of town on business for the week, and the boys are all gone as well. It’s just you and Alfred in the manor. And while the butler doesn’t pry he does acknowledge something is wrong.

          It all comes out two nights later about the fight that separated you from your family. The fight that ended up leading you to Bruce. The fight that led the two of you to each of the boys. “It’s weird how a fight that, at that time, nearly ended my world, led me to a brand new one. One I wouldn’t change for the world. “

          Alfred just smiles. “If you called Master Bruce he’d return home to go with you.”

          You shake your head. “No, I think this is something I need to do alone.”

          You’re packed and out the door several hours later. You catch a last minute flight, and you just go. It’s nearly midnight when you get to the hospital, suitcase in tow. You follow the nurse to her room. She leaves you at the door with instructions, to try and not wake her. You agree and slip into the room.

          Your eyes focus on the woman in the bed. She looks frail, and much too thin. Her hair though is still brushed, and delicately styled, your sister’s doing no doubt. And she’s dressed in nice looking pajamas.

          You prop your suitcase against the wall and move to the chair beside her bed. You just sit there staring at her. You study the changes and with a feeling of sadness you realize she’s actually gotten older, not old, just older. At the same time, it hits you. You’ve gotten older too. You have a husband, and kids now. You have a successful business. Things have changed not only for you, but for them as well.

At some point in the night, you turn to a book. You’re nearly halfway through when a voice whispers, “You always did have your nose in a book. Couldn’t get enough of them. You’d always beg her for one more chapter when she’d read to you before bed.”

You book mark your page and turn towards the voice. Your father is still very much like how you remembered him. He’s tall, and wide, but his hair has a lot more gray in it now, and there are more lines along his face.

He gestures with his head and you follow him out. “I didn’t expect you to come.”

You cross your arms. “I wasn’t completely sure I would myself.”

“She’ll be happy to see you.” You just acknowledge the statement with a nod. “I suppose we need to talk.”

You shrug, suddenly feeling like that twenty something again. “I don’t see why. We both said all we needed to all those years ago.”

He looks you in the eye and says, “I want to make things right.”

“I don’t know if I’m ready for that.”

“It’s been ten years.”

“And a lot has changed in those years. Right now, I’m here for Mom.”

“Which means you’re here for me. She wanted you here so we could settle things. She wanted to make sure that you had your family in case something went wrong, or something went right. She wanted you to have us around for when you got married, when you have kids. She’s terrified you’ll be alone.”

“And what do you want?” You ask. He just looks at you confused. You shrug and say, “So far everything has been about what Mom wants. What do you want?”

He stares at you for a minute before he says “I want my daughter back.”

You nod. “Small steps. This was a good first one.”

Without another word, you slip back into the room. Your father is right behind you and he takes the seat on the opposite side of the bed. Neither of you say anything, but you don’t go back to your book either.

          Your mother wakes up at about eight in the morning. She opens her eyes and she comes to life. There’s tears when she sees you, and a lot of saying sorry on both your parts. Your father just watches. You take her hand and don’t let go for several hours.

          Over the next several days you see a lot of family you haven’t seen in a long time. Some greet you with smiles, others with nods. Overall, you spend a lot of time with your mother and siblings. Things start looking up, and then suddenly something happens. No one’s quite sure what, but suddenly her blood pressure starts to drop, and you’re pushed out of the room, as she’s rushed back to emergency surgery.

          You’re a bit disoriented, as you watch the family surround each other. You consider joining in, but they’ve formed this little cocoon, and you can’t help but feel there isn’t a place for you there anymore.

          You watch from the outside, your arms wrapped around yourself. Till a noise you’d know anywhere hits your ears. A very tired looking Bruce rounds the corner, with the boys trailing after him. Dick and Jason are on the lookout for you while Tim and Damian bicker about something.

          You smile as Bruce’s eyes lock onto you. You meet him halfway, and he pulls you into an embrace. That feeling of safeness washes over you, and you allow the tears to come. Bruce guides you away from your family and suddenly the boys are all trying to reach you.

          They’ve never seen you cry, and you imagine it’s a bit unsettling for them. You hug and kiss each of them, before explaining the situation. Bruce disappears, and once you’ve collected yourself, they go with you back to the waiting room.

          You can see the curious looks on your family’s faces. And you do your best to smile and say, “Everyone, these are my sons. This is Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian. And my husband Bruce will be along any minute.”

          Almost if by magic, Bruce appears and says, “I’ve got her moved to a better hospital room, a private room. Not a private room, that can be turned into a semi private hospital. I’ve also called Lee, she’s flying in to take a look, and she has some recommendations for doctors that might be able to help her a bit more until she comes up on the transplant list.”

          Before you can even say ‘thank you’, your brother says, “And where the hell is all that money coming from?”

          Bruce just raises an eyebrow and says, “Me. I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Y/N’s husband, Bruce Wayne. I’ve take care of her medical bills, everything is settled. And my company donates quite a bit of money to this hospital every year, so they’ve comped the private room. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get my wife something to eat.”

          Without another word he begins guiding you down the hallway, the boys following behind, with smiles on their faces; and you can’t help but smile, because your family is right here with you.

i forgot for a while there that you weren’t the moon, that i was, that i have held her on my tongue in wafers before even i came undone, that i called her “my moon” until the name stuck, that my cupped hands only raise in praying for her love - i forgot what i loved was that you brought her out of me, that you amplified the wild of me, that the whole time i was seeing myself, a better version, glowing and black and sleek. don’t worry. it’s all coming back to me.

Curvy Hips and Pretty Lips - Loki

Curvy Hips and Pretty Lips Masterlist

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson X Reader

Words: 1189

Warnings: it’s Loki the god of Mischief. You bet your sexy ass it’ll be the most NSFW of all of them

@dark-night-sky-99 requested: Hey!! I love your writing, and absolutely love how you take conscious of us curvy girls, not many care so thank you!!, I was recently reading your Curvy hips and pretty lips series and I know it’s closed but I was wondering if you could do something similar with Loki since he’s my favorite character and I’ve never read about him and a curvy reader before.

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged HERE. Comments appreciated and welcomed. This is the first time I write for Loki so be kind :)

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1. Princes of the Universe – Queen
2. Emperor – PL4YFIELDS, Cryjaxx, Anxious, Rosendale
3. Castle – Halsey
4. Underdog – Imagine Dragons
5. Runnin’ – Adam Lambert
6. Donatella – Lady Gaga
7. I’m A Wanted Man – Royal Deluxe
8. Exile – Slayer
9. Million Dollar Man – Lana Del Rey
10. Call Me Devil – Friends In Tokyo
11. Mama – My Chemical Romance
12. Renegade – Styx
13. Kill The King – Megadeth
14. Emperor’s New Clothes – Panic! at the Disco
15. Centuries – Fall Out Boy
16. Kill All Your Friends – My Chemical Romance
17. A Prince – Jorja Smith
18. Evil Ways (Justice Mix) – Blues Saraceno
19. Glory And Gore – Lorde
20. Exiled – Judas Priest
21. Icarus – Bastille
22. Save Me – Globus

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The List - Bruce Wayne x Reader (Quite NSFW)

Summary : You and Bruce, are making a list of all the people you slept with…Because why not ?

I just had this stupid idea when I was at work and sorry for it…hope you’ll still kinda like it and boom, here :

Do NOT read if NSFW/smutty things make you feel uncomfortable, you can go check my other fluffy and angsty stories instead, over there ;-) : 

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


You don’t even remember who started it.

You don’t remember if it’s you who made a snarky comment first, or him.

You both were equally gifted in the sarcasm area, so it really could be any of you. And none of you could actually remember the instigator of it all…

But oh someone definitely started it, and now, you were both sitting on the floor around the coffee table of the living room, a pen in hand, a blank sheet of paper in front of you, thinking about all the people you had sex with. 

Or rather, about the people you had sex with and that you both knew. 

Who cared about some unknown guy from a bar, or a girl from a gala ? 

They meant nothing. They were just pleasure on the spot, something that didn’t matter at all and…to be honest, both you and Bruce didn’t care about those one night stands with people you didn’t give a damn about…You both knew you weren’t each other’s first time after all, and one night stands ? They were long over and there were not nearly as much as everyone thought…Bruce had only a few, and you too. And again, it was such a long time ago, and so meaningless (definitely not your favorite kind of sex, and Bruce would agree with that). 

This list was about the people you had sex with, with whom you shared part of your life, and/or someone you both knew. 

You knew almost everything about each others, but your past relationships ? You rarely talked about it. You never felt the need to, as you were too in love with each others for anyone else to really matter…

Both of you already stated multiple times, in your long years of marriage, that you never loved anyone like you loved each other. That all those past relationships were nothing compared to what you felt to each others. 

But…Curiosity always got the better of the two of you. 

And besides, when Bruce learnt that you used to date his best friend, Clark, he started to wonder if you slept with anyone else he knew, after all, you knew lots of Justice League members before knowing him so…He just wanted to know (he would never admit it, but he was quite jealous really. Grumpy Broosh). 

And so here you were, after one of you made a comment about it (wether it was you comparing Bruce to Clark or him saying something about Selina, you didn’t quite remember), writing a list. You were writing the last name on yours when Bruce raised his head and, very sternly said :

-I’m done.  

You smiled as you finished the last letter of the name you were writing and looked up, smiling at him. 

-Me too. 

Just another proof of how you were always so damn in sync, finished right at the same time. He doesn’t smile, and you smirk at him as you exchange papers. And…Exact same number than you. You quickly look over it and chuckle a bit, he detached his attention from your list (his frown getting bigger by the second as he was reading it), and, a bit suspicious, says : 

-What ? 

-Bruce, I think the two of us basically slept with the entire league. We’re super-sluts my heart. 

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BTS Reactions - Distracting you while you’re on the phone

Warning - Contains mature content

You smile at your boyfriend as he comes in, still focussing on the phone in your hand. Your best friend had a date last night and she’s currently telling you about how much it sucked. It’s not much of a conversation if you’re being honest - it’s more her talking and you saying ‘yeah’ in the right places, but you don’t really mind. Although, your boyfriend clearly hates the lack of attention as he start whining as he comes over to you.

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Characters:  Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language/Smut

Summary:  Shower sex.  It’s not mentioned in the fic, but this is MOC!Dean.

Word Count:  937

Originally posted by succinct-assbutt


The door is open. Not wide open, but open enough. Enough that I can hear, enough that I can imagine, enough.

It feels like an invitation.

He knew I would be here.  

He knew Sam wouldn’t be.  

Dean Winchester knew that I’d be able to hear what he’s doing in that shower right now. Dean knew that I would hear the small sighs and gasps and moans. He knew I would hear the unmistakable sound of his hand jerking his cock back and forth.

Did he know how wet it would make me to hear him? Did he know that I’d be standing here, shifting back and forth on the balls of my feet, trying to make a decision?

Did he know that I would slip my finger down the front of my jeans for some goddamn relief? Did he know that my skin would feel electric, the current of arousal thrumming beneath the surface of my skin?

Did he think that I would walk through that door?  

On shaking legs, I cross the room, my body deciding for me. I push the door open. He’s facing the door, he’s been waiting for me.The air is sucked out of my lungs when I see his perfectly carved body when I see the thickness in his hand.  Breathtaking, he’s simply breathtaking.  

His eyes lock onto mine, his expression sensual, his eyes lidded. He licks his pink lips as he continues to stroke himself.

“I - can I watch?” I ask, my voice ragged.

Dean moans a low, deep, throaty sound that runs from the top of my head, down my spine, to the tips of my toes.

“Take your clothes off,” he rasps out.

My fingers tremble as I lift the hem of my tank, pulling it over my head. Dean makes a strangled sound when my bra is discarded, my breasts hanging heavy and full. The air in this room, it feels like it’s static, like it’s alive. There’s a current running between us heavy with lust and yearning.

There’d always been a thread pulling us together, as we orbited around each other. We’ve never crossed the line. I’d always wondered when one of us would cave. It was almost like a game.  

And now here we are.

I step out of my jeans, standing only in my thong. Dean can see the moist spot dampening the fabric. He lets out another moan, watching intently as a slide them slowly down my thighs, baring myself before him.

Unsteady, I take a step toward the shower. He places the palm of his free hand against the glass, I raise mine to meet his.  

It’s an agreement of sorts, it’s a decision. It’s a choice. We choose this.  

I slide the glass door open and step into the shower. Dean is wrapped around me in an instant, his slick body molding to mine. He kisses me, a deep, scorching kiss. All the pent up frustration, all the passion between us, ignites and is poured into this kiss.

I can’t breathe, my head is spinning, my chest on fire. It’s a tempest, a savage storm raging inside my body.  

Dean lifts me, wrapping my legs around his waist, my back pressed to the shower tiles. He’s pushing into me, it’s frantic, the need, it’s like he can’t be inside of me fast enough, deep enough.

I cry out as he fills me, stretching me. I relish the feel, the fullness, the perfection of this union. We are raw, we are wild, we are hasty. My nipples press to his broad chest, it feels as if we are connected, our bodies sliding against one another, skin on skin.  

“Dean.” His name escapes my lips, rolling off my tongue, my voice ragged.

“Say it again,” he grunts, snapping his hips forward.

“De-Dean,” I gasp.

“Fuck,” he moans. “Wanted to fuck you for so long.” His breath is hot and tickles against my ear, sparking a fire low in my belly.

With those perfect, sinful lips, he whispers dirty things in my ear, his tongue darting out to trace the lobe, his lips sucking the delicate skin beneath. “Wanted to hear you scream my name,” he whispers. “Wanted to feel how wet and warm you are inside.”

I choke back a sob as the pressure builds, as my body begins to tense, preparing for release.

“I want to feel you come all over my cock. Then I want to lay you down on the bed and taste you. Then I’m going to fuck you again.”

I explode, my body engulfed in flames, burning from the inside out. I pulse and contract and vibrate, my vision darkening, the blood thundering in my ears.

“That’s it, fucking come for me,” Dean urges. “Oh, god…yes…shit…ah…ah…fuck!”

Dean lets out a guttural sound, his body shuddering, his hip bones pinning me to the wall as he comes. His shoulders tremble, his chest heaving with exertion.

With shaking hands, he lowers me so that I can stand again. For a moment, we are frozen. What now?  

He reaches out a hand and cups my cheek before leaning in to kiss me, more softly this time, almost reverently.

Turning off the shower, he steps out and hands me a towel. I’m in a daze, thoroughly fucked and partly uncertain. Will this change everything? Was it wrong?   

I’m startled when Dean scoops me up in his arms, bridal style.

“What?” I manage to ask.

“Told you I was going to take you over to the bed. I’m not done with you yet,” he replies with a wicked grin.

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Chapter 1: You’re going to wish we’d never been matched // Shawn Mendes


Warning: there is slight violence towards the end so if it makes you uncomfortable just skip the last paragraph (she just gets knocked out so you’re not missing much)

rECAP: For those last 6 minutes before my timer reached zero, I allowed my self to dream that I had been matched with the perfect guy. Someone who would complete me and know how to make me happy. I had never expected that person to be Shawn Mendes. Resident bad boy who couldn’t care less about anyone else besides himself, let alone a soulmate. Surely they had made a mistake. 

I knew I only had seconds before I would meet him. My whole stomach felt alive with butterflies and I clutch my shaking fingers tighter around my text books as I walk down the corridor. He’s here. Somewhere in this building, there’s someone perfect for me. I don’t look at the timer, my eyes avoiding the green numbers ticking away and instead look out the glass walls at the tall skyscrapers that surround our modernistic 4 story school.

There had been too many questions running through my head as I sat in my period 3 Math class. I felt suffocated, Mr Johnston’s monotone voice doing nothing to help the pounding of my heart and my sweating palms. I had asked to go to sickbay, my stomach twisting when I realized I had 6 minutes to go.

He couldn’t have been someone who went to my school, could he? I had been attending this prestigious school in the middle of the city for my whole educational life. If he went here, I would have met him already.

I take a risk, checking the numbers that now stare up at me reading 45 seconds. I take a deep breath, doing my best to calm myself before I start hyperventilating. I just needed to distract myself from my toxic thoughts.

The glass 2 feet ahead of me smashes and I scream, raising my arms to shield my face from the glass flying out at me. A figure clad in black crouches amongst the broken shards, and my eyes widen, flicking to check the time. 9 seconds.

He rises slowly, his tall frame and muscular build creating an intimidating appearance. He winces, checking his palm and I can’t move, staring as he rips out a shard of glass from his hand. The glass clangs to the ground, droplets of blood dripping off it and I take a sharp intake of breath.

It catches his attention and that’s when his eyes meet mine. My forearm burns, the prickling feeling intensifying and I drag my gaze off his dark hazel eyes to see my timer fading. Four zero’s stare up at me and the familiar green numbers that I had lived with my whole life disappear until there was nothing but skin.

I look back up at him. This was my soulmate. I felt like I was going to be sick. Instead I swallow the lump in my throat and straighten my posture. 

“How’d you even get in here? Its the third floor.” I blurt out before I can think about it. He doesn’t say anything, his alluring eyes pulling me in and I so badly wish he would remove the black cloth covering the rest of his face so I knew what he looked like. He chuckles.

“’Cos I could.” His words have a slight accent and I drink in every word he says.

“You go around busting into school’s for a living?” My eyes running over his figure. His dark skinny jeans hugged his long legs and the white symbol on his black hoodie flashed when the sun caught it. It cover’s his upper body and his hair, only a few brown curls peeking out. Other then that all I could see was his brown iris’s.  

“Always fun to cause a little trouble.” He winks at me, his voice muffled under the cloth. He steps over the glass on the floor and begins to walk down the hallway, away from me.

“Hey!” I call, rushing to catch up with him, ignoring my conscious telling me it was a bad idea to follow the man who broke into my school. The man who was my match. 

“What do you want?” he growls at me, turning his head slightly to look at me out of the corner of his eye.

“We’re soulmates.” I breathe, tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear.

He snorts, never slowing his pace.

“So you’re mine, huh?”

“Don’t you want to get to know me? If we’re going to be spending the rest of our life toget-”

“And that’s where I’m going to have to stop you.” He cuts me off, stopping to face me. I frown at him, biting my lip as I feel my stomach dip.

“I don’t want a soulmate. I never have and I never will. I don’t want to get to know you nor do I want to spend the rest of my life with you, okay?” He glares at me and I dig my nails into the palm of my hand to distract myself from crying in front of him. God forbid that to happen.

“Why not?” I snap, digging into the anger I felt.

“I don’t have to explain my self to you.” He seems unaffected by my frustration.

I open my mouth, about to talk when another voice cuts me off.

“Mendes, you coming? We got some things to break before these snobby douche’s realise we’re in the building.” Another man dressed exactly like my soulmate appears from around the corner.

“Just sorting out a witness, Jeremy.” My soulmate reply’s, sounding like it was the most tedious thing he’d ever done.

Jeremy’s gaze locks on me.

“Well what a pretty thing you are.” He says to me, flashing a pearly smile in my direction.

I keep my mouth shut, recognizing the symbol, that was in fact just one word, my soulmate was wearing on his jacket. It read libertas, which was Latin for freedom. Also the trademark sign for the rebellion growing on the west side of the city. 

Their goal was to stop the amount of control the Government Officials had over our lives and most importantly, destroy the soulmate program. They saw it as a useless waste of technology and just another way for the Officials to manipulate the way we live.

I try to back away from them, fear creeping up my spine.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Jeremy chuckles, the once almost friendly demeanor gone.

“None of your goddamn business.” I growl back, my heartbeat racing and my brain screaming at me to shut up.

“Mendes, take care of her attitude would you? I pity the match who has to deal with her feisty ass.” With that, he saunters off, leaving me alone with my soulmate.

“You really didn’t know who you were talking to, did you?” ‘Mendes’ asks me, turning his attention back to me.

“Like I give a damn.” I reply, my temper rising. He moves so fast that I don’t even process what he’s done until my back is against the wall and his hand is around my neck, my books falling to the floor.

“Don’t test me, princess. You may think you’re all high and mighty now but you have no idea who you’re talking to and what the libertas can do.” His eyes darken and I scratch at his grip to loosen as black dots flash across my vision.

“I don’t care if you’re my soulmate, next time you speak to Jeremy or myself like that, lets just say you’re going to get what’s coming for you.” I glare at him as he lets his arm fall, my chest heaving as I try to get air into my deprived lungs.

“Asshole.” I spit, my rage consuming any reasonable part of my body.

His head snaps to look at me, his eyes curiously analyzing me. He grabs my wrists, slamming them back against the wall and he leans closer until the cloth covering his face brushes my neck. 

“Just for that comment, I’m going to come back for you, but not for the reason’s you want. You may be deemed as my other half but you sure have plenty of other uses.” His eyes trail down my body, his gaze fixed on my chest. My face is stuck in a permanent scowl.

“You wouldn’t.” I try my best to sound strong but my voice is raspy after the hold he had on my neck.

“You don’t know what I’m capable of.” I’m sure that if he wasn’t wearing a mask his lips would have been curled up in a smirk. I fidget in his grip as he presses closer to me, stopping my movements.

“You’re going to wish we’d never been matched.” he purrs in my ear and I fight against him, trying to free myself.

“I already do.” I rasp, watching as amusement flickers across his eyes.

He raises his hand, shoving my head back against the wall hard. It all went dark.

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Patrice Evra’s beautiful message on Instagram

patrice.evra I would just like to say my opinion about what’s happening in this moment and about religion.

I speak 6 languages, I’ve been raised as a catholic but I also want to learn about every religion just as I want to learn many languages. I’m learning about Islam at the moment and I’m reading the Quran. The more I grow up the more I’m asking questions to myself, I believe in God I believe in Jesus, so why I shouldn’t believe in prophet Mohammed. Some people use religion to create war or to kill innocent people all over the world. Some people are manipulated with a distorted view of religion, some leaders, some media want to create hate around certain religions….so what I want to say is, before you judge somebody or judge a religion is learn about it. I say it again Islam is such a beautiful religion it’s about peace, it’s about helping each other.. We need to stop reading the media. God didn’t create us to kill innocent people. We all have a purpose and I want to bring more positivity and more happiness and we only live once and if we are here it’s because God wants us to do something. 

I play football and I have worked hard so I can help others, I have 400 kids in Senegal and I hope to open more things all around the world, I don’t want any compliment for that but I know what I have been put on this planet to do and that is to be the best human being I can. Whatever your situation, you can always be the best human being you can. For me that is the perfect religion… being a good human being. To be religious isn’t just to pray it’s in the way you act. I will pray with every religion …in church in a mosque, in a Synagogue, I will meditate, I’m not lost im just open, we all pray to the same God. I believe it teaches you to know about yourself better, about your spirit and you see the world in a different way. 

Stop the hate, stop being scared about things you don’t know. Stop the terrorism. Respect every religion and if you are scared of a certain religion… instead of being scared try to learn about it and listen before you make any judgement. I know this is just my opinion, and this world needs more act than wise words…