i raised him since he was a baby


Jason raised an eyebrow as Alfred adjusted the hair clippers and chose a guard.

“Since when do butlers cut hair?” he asked warily, leaning his thin, 12 year old frame back in the kitchen chair. His hair hung in his eyes when he bent forward but that didn’t mean he was gonna let just anyone chop it off.

“Since Master Bruce developed a paranoid nature,” Alfred replied easily, plugging the clippers in. “Since I tried to take him to a barbershop at age fourteen and he said, and I quote, ‘If you think I’m going to let some stranger near my head with scissors, I’ll throw myself out of the car and shave my head myself.’”

“That sounds dramatic,” Jason said, feeling oddly reassured.

“As is our way of life in the Manor,” Alfred said, sounding a little forlorn. “Come. I won’t nick your ears.”

“What if you do?”

“I shall fling myself from the rooftop in recompense,” Alfred said, turning the clippers on.

“And you wonder where he gets it,” Jason muttered.

“What was that?”

“Oh, nothing.”

Being pregnant with Crowley’s child would include...

  • Crowley kissing your stomach and resting his head on it whenever your lying in bed together
  • not letting you do anything and practically locking you up in your room to keep you safe
  • forcing him to go shopping with you and Crowley grumpily tagging along even though he secretly enjoys it
  • telling you how much he loves you
  • not being able to agree on a baby name because you have very different ideas of what’s appropriate
  • Crowley constantly being worried about you
  • having demons follow you around all day to look after you
  • “I will not raise our child in hell, we need a house!”
  • getting a bit more clingy than usual but Crowley likes it since you’re normally not that affectionate
  • heated discussions because you don’t like to rely on others and someone constantly worrying about you gets on your nerves sometimes
  • hugging you from behind
  • no demon would even dare to look at you the wrong way
  • Crowley lovingly calling you his ‘queen of hell’
headcanon fic: luke kryze, prince of mandelore pt 3

[part one] [part two]

- Luke is distraught after the events of the Death Star. Obi-Wan does not think Luke has cried this much since he was a baby. It’s to be expected, Obi-Wan thinks. Satine raised him to be kind.

- “Do you think Mom will ever forgive me?” Luke asks, and Obi-Wan knows that if anyone else had done what Luke did, there would be no forgiveness from Satine: but Luke is her baby, her son, and for that Satine can forgive anything, even the murder of 200,000.

- (she, too, was a solider once. Obi-Wan remembers, even if Satine would rather forget)

- “When I was flying, Dad, I could have sworn,” Luke bites his lip, like he’s not sure he wants to confess or not. “I could have sworn I could hear you, Dad. You told me to shoot.”

And Obi-Wan knows now that he can’t pretend his past doesn’t exist. Not anymore. “That was the Force, Luke. You can feel it. Leia can too. It’s–it’s something I should have told years ago. Forgive me: I wanted to allow you both a childhood for as long as I could.”

- so he sets the twins down, and he tells the truth. About the Jedi and the Force and their mother and father. He tells them everything, except what happened to Anakin, in the end.

(How could he? They are just children. Better for them to think their father died a hero than know the truth. Besides, who but Obi-Wan would ever tell them?)

- he trains them as Jedi, or at least, he tries to. After the Death Star, Luke refuses to even touch a lightsaber. Oh, he’s interested in philosophy, and learning how to use the Force and meditating, but he doesn’t want a weapon, no matter how much Obi-Wan tries to convince him that he needs something to defend himself with. Never Again, Luke promises, like he can still see blood on his hands that was never there in the first place.

- Leia, however, takes her father’s lightsaber.  “Teach me,” she asks, and does not forget Alderaan.

- Meanwhile, Darth Vader hunts for Luke Kryze and the rebel alliance. Because the boy is a Jedi, and Vader has sworn to eliminate the Jedi, no matter what.

- so there is no grand trap to capture Luke Skywalker on Bespin, because there is no Luke Skywalker, at least to Vader’s knowledge. The trap instead intends to kill: Vader has Boba Fett capture Solo on Bespin, and uses Solo’s pain through the Force to lead the Jedi to him.

- He expects Luke; he does not expect the Princess, armed with Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber and an anger that is painstakingly familiar.

- He fights them both. He cuts off Luke’s hand holding a stun blaster with barely a thought towards the now-unarmed boy, too distracted by the girl and the lightsaber she wields. He knows that blade: its twin is in his own arms, a violent red. By why would she have it–? Obi-Wan, of course, but why would Obi-Wan give her this blade and who is this boy she calls her brother, and–

- the girl is screaming her fury at him; perhaps he should listen. She trades blow by blow with him with barely any training, relying mostly on her rage to keep her going. She screams how he’s made her an orphan twice, now: once for Alderaan, and for when he killed her birth parents, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Am–

- his world stops and crashes around him. No. It can’t be true. The baby died with his wife, or so they told him. But here stands a girl (a girl he knew it was a girl he knew) who looks like Padme but wields his lightsaber and–

- Vader falls to his knees. Let her kill me, he thinks, his breathing harsh and heavy and broken inside let her kill me before you tell me I’ve hurt my children. He looks at the boy, and then the girl, and my children, there were twins all along and I never knew, and–

- Leia lifts the lightsaber over her head, ready to kill him, but Luke pushes out of the way with the Force, and down Cloud City Vader falls.


Some omegaverse kingdom plot bunny that came by to me..

Alfred is an alpha castle guard that falls in love with the omega prince Arthur. They’ve known each other since childhood and is in a secret relationship when they’re teenager.

Anyway, they did the do on Arthur’s heat and he ended up pregnant. They decided to elope to Alfred’s village and spent time as a happy couple until Arthur gave birth.

Suddenly, some people from the palace (maybe Arthur’s brothers?) shows up and threatened Alfred and the baby. Arthur begged them to let them go and in turn he’ll return to the castle silently. He made Alfred vows to never go after him and raise their baby.

Ten years later Alfred is telling this story to his kid (boy or girl not sure, maybe Peter?) he’d never seen Arthur ever since.

What’s gonna happen next? Will they ever be reunited? Have no idea 😅 maybe just maybe I’ll color the first picture if I have time. It looks super sappy shojo hahaha


“You never told me you had an imaginary friend” you said with a giggle as you followed Sam inside your shared bedroom.

“Shut up” he grumbled, though a smile was on his face.

“Oh come. It just shows how much of a softy you were, ever since you were a little kid” you teased even more.

“Excuse me? So you’re calling me a softy?” he turned to you, raising an eyebrow.

“Hey it’s not a bad thing… necessarily” you shrugged, teasing him even more.

“I’m not a softy and you know that” his gaze darkened as he got closer to you.

“Oh come on” you crossed your arms over your chest “You’re not Dean, there’s no need to deny it”

“Oh baby, I am not denying anything and you know it.” he neared you and you backed slightly away, trying to keep the smirk from spreading on your lips.

“Hm now, do I?” you raised an eyebrow and this seemed to be it because he took firm hold of your hips and pressed you tightly to him, your bodies flushed. A small growl almost leaving his lips.

A gasp left your lips and your eyes slightly widened, but s smile spread on your lips nonetheless “Wanna prove me wrong… Sammy?”

He slightly glared at you, though a smirk played on his lips but of course you did not have to say anythign as ina  swift movement he lifted you off the ground and wrapping your legs around his waist he pressed you to the wall and crashed his lips to yours.

His teeth grazed over yours and your lips, some occaional bites as well. Your breathing became deep and frantic as your hands moved upwards and you tangled your fingers with his hair. His tongue entered your mouth and and yours didn’t miss the chance to try and fight with his. Not that you were having much of a chance of winning, especially as he had you going all weak. His body was pressed to yours and he rubbed himself on you, making a moan leave your lips. You groaned and panted as his hands moved under your shirt, squeezing your flesh and making goosebumps create all over your skin.

His lips moved from yours to below your jaw and to your neck were he nibbled. He licked and sucked, his teeth grazing over your sensitive flesh making you groan as you gripped at the back of his neck and hair, eliciting a a deep growl from him. His chest rumbled against yours and you bit your lip hard, your eyes closed, as he bit down you neck.

“J-Ja-” you panted, forgetting how you were supposed to either say Sam’s name or nothing at all.

His hands moved frantically as he got himself rid of his shirt and tried to remove yours as well, mainly trying to keep himself from tearing it apart. His hands moved over your waist to your sides, by your sides and at your back and quickly at the clip of your bra. You panted and groaned, your nails digging at the skin of his back scratching down.

“And cut!” a voice was heard and as hard as it seemed for both you and Jared you slowly pulled away-

Sort of.

A good few seconds after the director spoke.

“Guys- guys we said cut. Oh gosh. Cut guys- CUT!”

“Hey hey stop! We said stop, ok? Come on just step away from each other for a freaking second” Jensen had to keep himself from over-reacting.

“Oh dear” he groaned, making a realy disgusted face.

“You know you two can go get a room right? We are working here”

“Shut up” Jared rolled his eyes at him, handing you your own shirt that in the process had fallen along with his at the other side of the room. Not in the script.

He wore his and helped you clasp back your bra as you literally tried to keep it on- yes he had managed to unclasp it. He was that fast.

“You really can’t keep it in your pants even when we’re shooting man?” Jensen laughed at him and Jared only rolled his eyes.

“Just shut up” he groaned as you put on your shirt.

“Yeah yeah. Because it does not happen everu freaking time” Jensen rolled his eyes “Now come on, we have another scene”

“Yeah yeah” Jared said absent-minded.

“We’ll continue this later” he whispered to you, giving you a full kiss on the lips and running off behind Jensen.

“Oh hell yes we will” you whispered to yoruself with a giggle.

Imagine Dean officially adopting your daughter

“You’ve helped Mom raise me since I was a baby,” your daughter told Dean as the three of you were walking down the street.

“I know, kiddo,” he smiled, ruffling her hair in the affectionate way that she claimed to hate but secretly loved, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“I know,” she laughed, stopping and turning to him.

You bit your lip, knowing what she was going to say but worrying about his response.

“So, you and Uncle Sam have looked out for me all of my life,” she began, “And I was just wondering… Would you ever…. consider… maybe adopting me? For real?”

A huge smile spread on Dean’s face that he covered with his hand, “Are you serious?”

Your daughter nodded, “I’ve talked to Mom about it already. So, if you want, I’d love to be an official Winchester.”

Dean looked between you and your daughter with tears welling in his eyes.

“Yes,” he whispered, pulling you both into a tight hug, “It’d be my honour, kiddo.”

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I've been verbally, mentally, and emotionally abused since the age of ten by my father so as a coping mechanism I treat my cat as if he was my own child and I baby the fuck out of him, I don't even call him my cat I call him my son. I think he sees me as his mom too because I raised him since he was 8 weeks old and he stayed in my room for a long time. Is that weird?? People think I'm a crazy cat lady because of it. :/


some doodles of sammie’s parents when he was little… he was an unexpected “surprise” and they were still pretty young when he was born (like 18) so that, coupled with his erratic toon abilities proved to be quite a challenge when raising him as a baby.

(his mom’s name is Lillie by the way since i’ve already introduced his dad)

Matt Espinosa - Problematic


“Babe, I’m bored,” Matt whined for about the hundredth time since he arrived to my place. I glanced up to him from my textbook and just raised my eyebrows at him. “What?”

“Matt, I literally told you that I have to study and that you would get bored if you came over, but you insisted on seeing me. Now, why are you acting like a child?”

“Because I’m a big baby and I need attention,” he replied pouting his lips at me and even though he was freaking adorable I couldn’t deal with him. I was having a huge test the next day that I needed to pass.

“Well, too bad, call one of the boys and meet them!” I suggested turning back to my book. I heard him groan as he changed his position and took his phone out of his pocket. I focused on the definitions that I had to learn for the test and kind of ignored the fact that my boyfriend was pretending to be a sulky five year-old on the other end of the couch.

I wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing but after a while I realized that he was too silent and must have been up to something. I glanced over at him only seeing his phone that was in front of his face. I thought he finally found something to occupy himself and was about to read the next paragraph when I noticed that the camera of his phone kept focusing on me, he was moving his phone with me.

“Matt, are you fucking videotaping me?” I asked closing my eyes as the realization hit me. He couldn’t hold his laugh back and his whole body started to shake.

“I’ve been making videos of you in the past ten minutes with Snapchat filters,” he said still laughing at his way of entertainment.

“Did you upload them?”

“Of course I did, babe!” he responded as if it was the most natural thing in the world. And in addition, he kept making videos of me while we were talking.

“Matt, stop,” I said giving him a serious expression but I couldn’t hold it for long, it made me smile too how playful he was and how hard he was laughing. Even though he was sometimes annoying the shit out of me I still loved his stupid face.

“No babe, just say hi to my followers,” he mumbled sitting up and showing me from different angles to his fans.

“Hello guys, you are watching the “my boyfriend can’t chill” show!” I chuckled shaking my head and glanced at Matt who kept his eyes focused on the screen trying to capture me in the best possible way.

“Tell us what you are studying,” he told me nodding at my book that was now lying on my lap waiting for me to get back to it.

“Molecular bionics,” I said sighing.

“That literally sounded so sexy even though I have no idea what you just said,” he smirked at me from behind his phone. Matt always told me how attractive he found that I was studying stuff that he know nothing about and will never understand. In fact, this is how we met, at the library when I was studying for my finals and he just walked in with one of his friends who was looking for some novel. And it was crazy to think that it had been over a year when this happened.

“It’s the-“ I said wanting to explain myself, but he shook his head.

“No, let’s keep the mystery, I don’t want to hear about molecules.”

“You know it’s… whatever, no molecules,” I laughed closing my textbook knowing so dam well I won’t be able to study anymore until Matt was at my place. “Will you just stop recording?”

“No, you look too good now babe,” he smirked at me.

“Yeah, messy hair with glasses. Never looked better!” I joked rolling my eyes at him getting up from the couch and I walked over to the coffee table to get my drink. I stood in front of him with one hand on my hips as I gulped from the tea.

“You know that I love it when you are like this.”

“Trashy?” I asked raising my eyebrows.

“No! Don’t say that!” he said giving me a serious expression from behind his phone.

“Alright, alright. Your followers must love seeing me sassing you,” I chuckled putting the glass back to the table and I walked back to him. “Don’t record me from this angle, they are going to see my double chin,” I told him covering my chin. He just laughed, but finally put his phone down next to him and then grabbing my waist he pulled me onto his lap.

“You have too many problems,” he sighed shaking his head at me as he slipped his hands under my shirt on my back.

“But you love my problematic ass, don’t you?” I innocently smiled at him.

“Whatever, just give me a kiss,” he growled before pressing his sweet lips to mine.

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Do you ever wonder how Lisa Lisa must have been feeling in BT? Like, finally being reunited with her son but unable to tell him who she really is, seeing how much he's grown since he was a baby, probably seeing George II in some of his features and maybe personality. Like, I want to know more about what she must have been feeling and thinking through all of that

Lisa Lisa’s a really strong woman like she straight up went for and took out her husband’s killer right after it happened. So I think she’d have coped being apart from Joseph for so long since she knew he was going to be raised in good hands and realistically that there was nothing more she could do in the situation since she’d been the one caught committing a crime.
Somewhere she’d have probably resided herself to either never knowing Joseph, or never telling him that she was his mother since Erina had planned to raise him having no knowledge of hamon- given that she’d lost both her husband and her son through their interaction with it. 

I can’t imagine she’d have been too surprised about Joseph’s appearance or his height given what George looked like and what she remembers Joseph being but would definitely be able to see aspects of herself in him. I kind of get the feeling that she’d have been able to spot him a mile away in the centre of a crowd. Personally, I still don’t think she planned to tell Joseph who she was right up until the very end or at all because if he was to actually die at the end of Battle Tendency then she probably wouldn’t have wanted the chance to get more attached to him that she already was. 

I don’t know buddy, I’m unsure too 


‘Derek, I can walk down the stairs alone.’ you giggled as you husband Derek carried you downstairs.

‘What if you slip, you know how clumsy you are (Y/N).’ Derek joked as he put you down.

Derek has been like this since you told him you were pregnant two months ago, the rest of the pack joked that you had him wrapped around your finger.

You totally did, and when he or she was born, your child will too.

‘I’m not that clumsy.’ you said.

Derek raised his eyebrows at you and sighed.

‘OK, maybe I am, but I only fell down the stairs once and it was dark.’ you pouted crossing your arms over your tiny baby bump.

‘Aw, you’re cute.’ Derek smiled before kissing you.

‘Easy there, that’s how we got in this mess.’ you teased as you pulled away.

A headcanon

What if Bular wasn’t biologically the son of Gunmar, but just just like any other troll from different tribes, something similar to Draal’s.
Bular is exceptional and is a favorite to Gunmar. And since he raised, like, 500+ babies, he grew fond of Bular and precieved him like a son. He goes as far as to calling him his son.

Or maybe he wanted his own, as a heir to ruling the human world…

I don’t know I’m really tired

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You know so many people are thinking it will be Adam assuming he's a dad when Victoria befriends 'Bex' and possibly helps her through a pregnancy test. I really don't mean to raise false hopes because I have literally not got a bloody clue where all of this is leading. But what if it's actually Robert who sees the test? Robert who assumes he will be the Dad, when he's been lying to Aaron? What if it is actually Vadam's baby but the belief its Rebecca's causes some massive drama for Robron?

Only because, Adam assuming he’s a Dad is not exactly newsworthy. I don’t think Adam has had a spoiler dedicated to him since the Ness scandal of 2015? I’m probably wrong. Sorry, sorry. Just had to put my pathetic-so-weak-it-can’t-stand-a-wind-test theory out there.

This is too positive for me rn. Let’s hope you’re right and they won’t make Rebecca pregnant.




february 27 ;

     happy birthday to our thai prince,ten chittaphon leechaiyapornkul, a humble,multi-talented person ever since he was born,raised in a lovely family,surrounded with positivity and full of charms;words just cant describe how amazing you are ♡.wish for you to be always happy and healthy so that we can see you smile & perform on the stage of your own –soon

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jellal last line in the manga was: " stand, rise on your feet!... in order to protect erza I must...!" do you think he'll a play a role in saving erza against acnologia? but this is acnologia who we are talking about. the strongest in the verse. i don't think hiro don't have any plan for him, since he's yet to be redeemed and he was used as a hype tool for august -_- (yeah august was so strong, no one could beat him but at least he should've had his spotlight like gildarts and cana for exemple)

I think whether or not Jellal has redeemed himself is subjective. I personally think he’s done enough to earn his retirement and raise his babies with Erza on a quiet farm somewhere.

As to whether or not he’ll be back, I think so. But as I say over and over… Jellal is a secondary character on his best day and tertiary on every other day. If he pops in, it’ll be Erza related. It usually is.

I no longer stand with Planned Parenthood.

In wake of the videos surfacing about Planned Parenthood selling baby parts I feel called to share my story.

The first time I had an abortion I was 21. I had grown up in a Christian home and raised pro life. I started dating “B” when I was 20. I had a crush on him since I was a teenager and when he started showing romantic interest in me I was on cloud nine. He had been one of my closest guy friends and I thought that was the foundation for a great relationship. It was really good for a while but then “S” reentered both of our lives. She was his ex-girlfriend and supposed to be one of my good friends. She didn’t like that he and I were together and wanted to prove to me that he still had feelings for her. He broke up with me the day before my 21st birthday. We stayed “friends” and he would still text me and tell me he knew he was making a mistake. He used to call me the only good girl left. By December we were back together and did really well for a few months. In March “S” had weaseled her way back in and “B” and I broke up. On April 1st I realized my period was late and ran out and bought a test. It was instantly positive. I was was floored. I knew what caused it but I was a “good girl” and things like that don’t happen to me. “B” and I were still on good terms so I called him and told him. It being April Fools Day, he didn’t believe me. I drove to his house with my positive test and showed him. We were both at a loss for words and agreed to talk about things when we both had time to think. A week or so later he convinced me that an abortion would be the best option. I agreed because at the time I really believed that. I was young, working retail, living at home. He was not working at the time and didn’t want to be a dad. We were not together and I wanted my baby to be raised with parents who were in love. I don’t exactly remember when i told my mom but it was after I had decided to get an abortion. She did not support it at all. She would only refer to it as me killing her grandchild. I went to Planned Parenthood for my first of 2 appointments. They did an ultrasound to make sure I was really pregnant. Once that was confirmed they made me watch a movie. In the movie you “followed” the lives of 3 women who were pregnant and made different decisions. The first girl chose adoption. It depicted her having a tough pregnancy and a hard time giving her baby up to its new parents. The second girl chose to mother her baby. She had to go on welfare and even lived in her car. The third girl choose abortion and was able to finish college and live an awesome life. After that I talked to a “counselor” who went over the options in more detail. She told me that at 21 and living with my parents I would probably never go to college or do anything other than work minimum-wage jobs. She said raising a baby was tough And it would be hard for me to get ahead. She then explained the 2 types of abortions to me. The surgical abortion where the baby is manually ripped out of a mothers womb or the pill abortion where the body is forced to miscarry. I was early enough to get the pill abortion and that seemed more “natural” so I went with that route. I came back to the clinic a week later to start the process. I took one pill there and they gave me one to take 24 hours later. The first pill filled my body with different hormones and killed my baby the second pill expelled it from me. I had taken the weekend off. The lady at Planned Parenthood told me i would bleed but it shouldn’t be more than a heavy period, I would have slight cramps and I might be nauseous and dizzy. I laid in my bed at my moms on a plastic trash bag because there was so much blood. I had cramps so bad that I couldn’t stretch my body out and I would get dizzy and vomit anytime I got up to go to the bathroom. My only saving grace was my grandma. MaMurl brought me soup and hot tea. She ran me a bath and changed my bloody sheets. She took care of me. My mother didn’t support my decision so she pretended like nothing was happening. The second day I was still needing badly but it had eased up and so had the other symptoms. I felt like hell. “B” was upset that I didn’t let him go with me or help. I was so ashamed that I didn’t want anyone around. I felt like I had to carry this “burden” alone. I found out years later that “B” didn’t think I was actually pregnant or had an abortion. I didn’t ask him to help pay for it because he didn’t have a job. He thought I made it all up to keep him around. Eventually, I pushed it out of my mind and moved on completely.

The second time I was 24 and living in Richmond. I had become the perfect brainwashed liberal. I had been sleeping with this guy for months now and was on birth control. Birth control is not 100% effective and I got pregnant. I made the first appointment at planned parenthood before I told him. I went into this appointment knowing I would get an abortion and hoping I could get the pill abortion again. The surgical one was to much for me. With the pill I could pretend that I was just having a miscarriage and not killing my child on purpose. I went home with my information and talked to the guy. He was/is a nice guy and offered to pay for it and drive me. I let him pay for it because at this point I honestly couldn’t afford it. A week later I took the first pill and 24 took the second. This time was a little easier at first. I bled less and my other symptoms were less severe. This time however I passed a baby. I can’t be 100% sure that what it was but I started cramping hard and went to the bathroom. Something hard came out of me. It was not baby shaped or anything. It was brown and hard and a rough oval shape. I started crying because what I was doing became real.

At the time i was very much the poster child of a planned parenthood supporter. I was blind to what really happens. I believed the lie that I was stopping a life and thought that I should have total freedom over my body. I was really uneducated on the topic but talked like I knew everything. I would lie and say I didn’t regret my decisions and because I had an abortion I would life a happy and healthy life. As time went on it took me recommitting my life to Christ, finding an amazing man, marrying him and trying to start a family of our own before i regretted it. I remember going to the doctor after finding out we were pregnant. I felt ashamed when she asked how many time I had been pregnant ,two. How many children, none. Then i had to tell her I had an abortion. That first doctor visit didn’t go as planned. We had miscarried. At first, I felt like God was punishing me for what I had done it the past. I didn’t expel the baby naturally and had to get a D&C. We had just gotten married and I was not covered by his insurance yet. It was cheaper for us to have the procedure done at Planned Parenthood. I remember sitting in the office waiting room for the third time and my heart was heavy. This time I wanted my baby more than anything. This time was different. I knew that over half the ladies in the room were their for abortions and it broke my heart. I felt the weight of the two babies i killed on my heart.

For those who support planned parenthood I have a few things to say. #1- I was absolutely pushed in the direction of an abortion. The first time I was open to other options and they made me think that was my only one. The info they give in abortion is much greater than of other options. She made me think that. My life would be hell if I had that baby. #2- A lot of Planned Parenthood supporters say you’ll never regret your decision. That’s bull. I regret it every day. It may not be immediately but it will come. I was a huge pro choice supporter. One day you will wake up and it will weigh heavy on your heart. You may not admit it but it will come. #3- sure Planned Parenthood offers other services at their offices. Take a look at any office and the percentage of abortions will be at least 50% or higher of the total services preformed.

It’s no secret that I am a follower of Jesus. It’s because of him that I am okay with my past now. I will never get over the fact that I willingly killed 2 children (who had heartbeats). I know that God has forgiven me and one day I will meet those two children. Planned Parenthood has a veil over so many people’s eyes. They had one over mine for so long. I’m just glad that I serve a God who allowed me to see the truth. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with a little girl. Going through this pregnancy has been a blessing and hard. Knowing that it is a healthy baby and gets to life where as the others didn’t is not an easy feeling. But whenever I feel that way, I pray. Abortion stops a life. If you believe that everyone deserves life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness why not the life inside you? What is the difference between that life and another. With that being said, I do believe in being more than pro birth. We need to set up ways that ladies who chose life can further themselves. If you are pro life you need to be a supporter of all stages of life not just the birth. If anyone has any questions feel free to inbox me. This is my story.