i raid in an hour

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Prompt: "My kill count is only like, 11 people"

“Yuuri, how are you so good at this?” Victor asked, staring in wonder at the bright expanse of his flat screen TV.

Yuuri’s tongue poked out of the corner of his mouth, just shy of the foam-tipped mic of his headset. His thumbnails dug into the joysticks of his Elite controller, leaving little crescent marks in the rubber—a terrible habit that he’d never been quite able to break, but the pressure was on, and everyone on the opposing team was gunning for him.

“Vitya, my kill count is only like, eleven people.” Yuuri’s eyes flickered to the top right corner of the screen, and—

—no scope headshot.

He grinned.

“Katsudon, you cheating four-eyed bastard!” Yurio snarled into Yuuri’s ear.

“That’s what you get for using a hand cannon as your primary,” Yuuri replied with a smug smirk. “Can’t get close enough to Firefly me now, can you?”

“Have you even dropped your Special Ammo?”

“Kind of hard to lose it if I haven’t died yet, isn’t it?”

“I fuckin’ hate Iron Banner. After this match I’m joining your fireteam.”

“He’s just mad because he’s losing,” Victor said as he scooted across the couch to cuddle up against Yuuri’s side with a smug, proud smirk. “My Yuuri’s so talented.”

“Victor said—”  Yuuri started, and caught a glimpse of a bright blue helmet. He took aim.

“I heard—what—he said—fuck!!

Yuuri grinned to himself as the achievement Strength Of The Wolf popped up on their screen. Alpha team was absolutely crushing Beta team, and Yuuri wasn’t the only one responsible for the ten kill streak without a single allied death. “We have to get you a better scout rifle. We should run the raid later.”

“Does Victor know how long a raid takes?”

Yuuri shot a sidelong glance to his fiancé, who was enraptured by the PVP match. “Um, no. But if we find a good group on the LFG subreddit I don’t think it would be a problem.”

“Whatever, whatever.” Yurio went suspiciously silent.

Yuuri sat up, instantly alarmed—his eyes scanned the screen for enemy players, and then—

His health bar flashed as he was taken down to half by a well-placed hand cannon round, but Yuuri was prepared. He smashed the left and right bumpers and a bolt of lightning struck the ground below his Warlock. He unleashed his Stormcaller super to the tune of one, two, three Guardians—

Reign of Terror—fifteen kill streak.




Pairing: Taehyung/Reader

Summary: What happens when the school’s player ends up taking an interest in you?

Length: 8.7k words

“I don’t know Ji-yeon I don’t think I’d make a great partner for that.” I said shutting my locker and throwing my books in my bag. “Can’t you find someone else?”

“Come on Y/N the grand prize is almost $3,000, imagine if we win,” Ji-yeon groaned shaking my arm in frustration. “Please I’ll even pay for your fee to enter.” I rolled my eyes about to give her another no in response until I heard the first period bell ring and I shot her a smirk,

“Got to get to class don’t want to be late!” I teased pushing my way through the hundreds of students filling the halls. I heard her shouting over the crowd and I proudly smiled to myself for getting out of another one of her schemes she wanted me to partake in. Although Ji-yeon was my best friend, she certainly always got both of us into trouble. Back in freshman year she somehow managed to convince me to sneak into a bar with a fake ID she bought off some guy she met outside the mall, needless to say it obviously didn’t work and we were both grounded for the rest of the school year. Ever since then her shenanigans have gotten crazier and this idea just sounded like trouble to me. I made it to the English building and found my classroom, I made a beeline to my desk and got all my materials I needed for the period as the final bell rang signaling the start of class.

“Good morning class please turn to page 147 on your book, you will be working on this worksheet today,” Mrs. Kim announced, “Also I have the flyers for this years Senior Assassin competition, the prize is pretty big this year so take advantage.” My head shot up from my book and I waited patiently for a flyer to get around to my desk.

This is what Ji-yeon was talking about…

Grabbing it I scanned it reading the rules and details.

Senior Assassin Competition

Rules: You and your partner will be assigned two targets and you must eliminate them by shooting them with a nerf gun, you must do this outside of safe zones. Last team standing wins the cash prize.

Safe zones: School property, jobs, homes.

Please turn in the fee to participate by Friday. Targets for each team will be released on Monday. Good luck everyone!

“You gonna do it?” My classmate Yerin spoke up next to me getting my attention. I shrugged my shoulders, “I’m not so sure, Ji-yeon wants me to be her partner but I think I’ll pass.”

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tell me about raiding

(i hope its ok if i post this)

so raiding basically is running these special phases areas and killing all the bosses/mobs that drop better gear
theres a ton of difficulties and the harder ones can require weeks of tryign to kill a boss. but i was in one of the best raid groups + was the best of my class (death knight) on my server cluster
its super team and strategy oriented, and you’re running them with like 25+ people most of the time and if one of those people fuck up you all can die

i raided for about a year and a half for 4 hours every tuesday/thursday and the group i ran with was basically all 21+ year old guys in the military(i was 15/16), but i was grandfathered in and still destroyed all of these older guys

our raid leader is this super cool guy, hes a sweetheart but if you fucked up he was on your ass and his excuse was because he knew you could do better

he was kind of a hardass and super strict, but one boss has this mechanic where random people will get transported into his stomach blah blah blah. so our raid leader was explaining all of this and in his sentence used the phrase “one of you fucks will get teleported into his tummy at random,” and i lost my fucking shit i had to take a 15 minute break because i made everyone else start laughing at the fact that this guy had just said tummy

another rly good time i remember was i had this joke that i would LOSE my shit over if i tried to tell it, like would laugh for 5 minutes before being able to actually tell it (this joke), AND THEY WOULD CONSTANTLY ASK ME TO TELL IT so id be losing my shit in vent tryingto tell this stupid joke and everyone else would start laughing

just thinking about it makes me extremely happy, i made a lot of really nice friends and had a lot of good times it was just so Good.

So today I went raiding (pokemon go) and because I got a decent lineup of mons I got pulled along in a all morning adventure with a group of filipinos.

I hoped in the car and we drove around raiding for a few hours. I finally got the last of the legendary birds. 

I AM FINALLY FREE. (More or less.) I don’t have to work until next monday. 

My To-Do-List (Monday!)
- 3 IC-Asks
- 2-3 HC Asks
- Replies - maybe a few starters, if I can manage!
- PLOTTING WITH PEOPLE. I’ll slam people’s IM over the next few hours. 
- I’ll continue to write on my drabble! I already posted an incredible small excerpt here
- playing more Kayn in LoL - I want my iconsssss (and in 292 years reach my goal to be a mastery 7 Kayn despite sucking hard) 

It’s kinda a lot to do, but I’ll be super busy tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. And with busy I mean raiding for like 10-14 hours per day. Sooo I want to be productive today.

If you want to reach me starting tomorrow (or, honestly, if you just want to talk/plot with me) please add me in Discord!  It’s Neith#4414 

So there’s this adorable/angsty Undertale au by @babyblasters that sort of crosses the gaster balster au and baby bones ideas together. They have several chapters worth of a fic to go with it and I was inspired to write a scene. 

Spoilers for this au abound! It also doesn’t really make sense unless you’ve read what’s happened so far soooo… Read at your own risk. 

It’s kinda long and it’s also really crappy so don’t cast any judgement that’s too harsh. I also had to come up with an OC on the spot so I hope you guys like him?

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I love your blog so much!! I've seen your answers so I hope you can help me understand this: I've been wondering about the season zero Yami, cause he's totally cool but a psycho xD but then we see the DM Yami being cool and (a bit scary too) but, when do you think he stopped setting people on fire and being the cool guy we all know and love (I'm saying it in the manga canon, cause DM confused me to no end) Also talk us about the relationship between Yamy and Yugi. You rock, thank you!

Aww, thank you very much Anon! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog and my silly ramblings! Also I’m sorry it took me awhile to get to this, I decided to try doing a raid in WoW tonight and I was in there for hours. ^^;

Anyway, I’m not the most knowledgeable person about the manga since I haven’t read it all the way through yet and I only own the first two volumes, but from what I know I think the turning point where he made the decision to stop punishing people with penalty games actually came during his final confrontation with Pegasus. He had continued to use penalty games during Duelist Kingdom up to that point, but from what I understand after the duel Pegasus told him about how he had obtained the Millennium Eye and that all of the Items had an evil intelligence in them. I think this page explains it pretty well.

Like Anzu says, hearing that must have been rather unsettling to him and it’s at this point that he starts to seriously question who he really is and where he came from. And he makes the decision to stop punishing his opponents like he had been doing before because he doesn’t want to become someone evil like Pegasus had been and maybe he’s starting to wonder if the evil presence had been influencing him as well when he did those things.

Even long before this point though he had already started to change and become less of a crazy eyed avenger and a bit more reasonable and calmer thanks to the influence of his friends. I’m not sure when exactly this change happened though, if there was one specific moment you can point to and say that was it or if it was a more gradual change overall. I do know though that he always did have the capacity to care for people even from early on and he’s always been very fiercely loyal and protective towards his friends. The only time he would ever act would be if they were in trouble, after all.

Unfortunately there isn’t really any clear cut moment of change for him in regards to penalty games/mind crushes in the anime, since they obviously didn’t do the early manga chapters and had to alter stuff in DK because of that. He just sort of stops using them for no particular reason after the fight with Pegasus.

Oh geez, Yami and Yugi’s relationship… It’s just such a beautiful bromance between them and I really love how close they are. ;-; What I love most about them is just how easily they always support each other when the other has doubts. Like early on in Battle City, Yugi wants to support Atem during the tournament even after he finds out his real reason for entering it but at the same time he’s also down on himself and feels like he can’t really do much to help. Atem immediately tells Yugi that he’s always been a strong person and that he’s able to always do his best because of Yugi’s support. He supports him by reminding Yugi that he’s important too and that Atem believes in him.

And Yugi is always there to support Atem as well and worries about him if he starts to become too quiet or worry about things too much. Like how he asked Anzu to hang out with his other self for the day because he thought she would be able to cheer him up or in season 4 before they leave for America when he calls Atem out on his brooding and is like “Hey come on, just tell me what’s bothering you.” Because Atem has a tendency to keep these things to himself and not want to burden his friends with his doubts and Yugi is able to easily recognize this behavior because he’s been guilty of it himself before too. But he does his best to be there as someone who will listen and I love when they do talk about things with each other and their worries that they find hard to share with others.

And of course seeing them work together as a team is always pretty awesome. They know each other better than anyone else and they also both admire each other so damn much that it’s adorable. I love their team up against Pegasus and how they worked out how to get through the maze Noah put them in in the Virtual World together. I love how they are each others’ hero and how Atem taught Yugi how to be braver and more confident in himself while Yugi taught him how strong the power of kindness is and that not being afraid of losing is a strength as well.

…Heh, this post has probably gone on for too long and it’s late now so I hope I was able to answer your question well enough!

fucking crying at this 4chan raid guys I have been cruising these tags for like an hour and I cannot tell you how many more pictures of kittens and dragons and fucking corgis I have seen than material meant to offend my ~delicate female sensitivities~

well done gentlemen you sure put me back in the kitchen but how on earth did you manage to pull yourself away from all that sex you’re having