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Invaders Now! #2 // Christos Gage, Alex Ross, Caio Reis

Because Bucky’s role during the war was to “do the things Cap couldn’t do” (which I think is better phrased as “do the things Cap couldn’t be seen to do”), people wrongly take that to mean Steve has never done anything morally dubious or killed anyone (during a war!!!) & Bucky can never truly redeem himself because he did Bad Things even before he was the Winter Soldier. I love these panels because they directly refute that. I don’t understand why anyone thinks Steve would hold himself above Bucky in that way, simply because he didn’t want to get his hands dirty or make the hard decisions.


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          “relax,” they drawl the word, leaning back against a picnic table. emerald green scarf is wrapped around their neck, deep grey sweater covering most of their upper body. legs are outstretched as they down another mouthful of beer. “if you truly think any of us prisoners are going to try something here, you’re a fool. anyways, i just want to get smashed.”

FUNNY STORY OF YESTERDAY: so I’m bisexual and I was driving my boyfriend over to his new house where I’ve never been before and he was giving me directions and he goes “just keep going straight down this road. I know that might be hard for you.” LIKE THE SASS. THE TRUTH. ITS UNREAL

I am in Great Need of an AU where Summer’s life is in danger for whatever reason (like some alien is coming after her or something hunting her down exclusively) and Rick doesn’t really have time to deal with it because he’s got some business in another dimension to take care of so he customizes his ship into a humanesque form so she can go to school with Summer and protect her (Rick knows that the ship will take care of her bc the ship is always asking Rick about her; “Hows your granddaughter doing?” “Is Summer safe?”) and at first Summer hates her bc shes scaring off all of her friends (and potential boyfriends) but then Summer realizes that inside this murderous hunk of metal is a Teenage Girl so Summer tries to teach her the ways of a high schooler (and probably gives her a proper name other than “Ship”) and the ship feels something stirring inside of her whenever shes around Summer and its not the tiny universe fueling her

Once Rick and Morty come back from their most recent shenanigans, they find Rick’s ship listening to the top 40 and doodling hearts around Summer’s name in her notebook

The ship would have to go back to being a ship, but whenever she’s got spare time she reverts back to her humanoid form to be with Summer

(i drew and wrote this at 4 in the morning so sorry if its bad lol)

“Wh-oopsies. This isn’t my room!! So sorry.” Bailey started giggling, clearly intoxicated, “I hope i didn’t wake youuuu. Ssh, go back to sleepy.”

My Tales of pillowcases collection so far. As I said before in an old post, I have 57 pillowcases in total. I’m still waiting for some more to arrive, but honestly I think I really need to stop after that.

(For those who are interested, I’m gonna try to post pictures of the pillowcases by series.)