i r innocent

Hey so you want to hold something or what
nah im fine, i love my pile of air.
*sigh* just let me-
i said im fine
hold on

be glad i didnt give you a rat.
or worse, a lizard. 


Update for @rhabdophobia blog.

i guess i can call this a AU??credits for @camilaart since she is the one who created the amazing series known as glitchtale.



name: bete noire.

gender: female.

soul trait: fear,but frisk and the others still doesn’t know that.

  Some Info:

frisk is actually taller than betty in this “AU”,because it actually fits?? c’:

she was supposed to have a hat,but then i decided to don’t add it;;

she tries to practice athletics,dancing and cooking.

she is aware about what happend in the past timeline. (thanks to one of her soul’s trait ability)

betty is considered the “backup for the ambassador of monsters” since she is always by the side of frisk.



name: you can barely see it bruh

gender: genderless.

soul trait: determination.

  Some Info:

frisk treats betty just like a little sister.

even being the ambassador of the monsters,frisk still doesn’t feel responsible for everything that they need to do as a ambassador.

they like to spend their time being with the others than staying alone.Even thought they enjoy quiet mornings.

they actually like sweets(for example: chocolate ),but they don’t eat it very often.

they always gets worried about their friends,expecially after the events in the past timeline.


frisk(glitchtale),betty and akumu belongs to: camilaart


eyy <3

[this is a scheduled post]

the cast of foi literally includes:
-3ft tall birb jock (eagle)
-Rebellious Royalty™ (midnight)
-exasperated parent of Rebellious Royalty™ (eventide)
-waterbender child of a fire nation governer (ash)
-steven universe but with dragons (emerald)
-lonely autistic snake person who just wants An Single Friend she gets like six (snake)
-sid from toy story but a fundamentally good person (shark)
-robin hood but worse (lore)
-robin hood’s sister, javert (ire)
-Mentor Antagonist (Mentagonist)™ (ebon)

I am in Great Need of an AU where Summer’s life is in danger for whatever reason (like some alien is coming after her or something hunting her down exclusively) and Rick doesn’t really have time to deal with it because he’s got some business in another dimension to take care of so he customizes his ship into a humanesque form so she can go to school with Summer and protect her (Rick knows that the ship will take care of her bc the ship is always asking Rick about her; “Hows your granddaughter doing?” “Is Summer safe?”) and at first Summer hates her bc shes scaring off all of her friends (and potential boyfriends) but then Summer realizes that inside this murderous hunk of metal is a Teenage Girl so Summer tries to teach her the ways of a high schooler (and probably gives her a proper name other than “Ship”) and the ship feels something stirring inside of her whenever shes around Summer and its not the tiny universe fueling her

Once Rick and Morty come back from their most recent shenanigans, they find Rick’s ship listening to the top 40 and doodling hearts around Summer’s name in her notebook

The ship would have to go back to being a ship, but whenever she’s got spare time she reverts back to her humanoid form to be with Summer

(i drew and wrote this at 4 in the morning so sorry if its bad lol)

“Wh-oopsies. This isn’t my room!! So sorry.” Bailey started giggling, clearly intoxicated, “I hope i didn’t wake youuuu. Ssh, go back to sleepy.”

My Tales of pillowcases collection so far. As I said before in an old post, I have 57 pillowcases in total. I’m still waiting for some more to arrive, but honestly I think I really need to stop after that.

(For those who are interested, I’m gonna try to post pictures of the pillowcases by series.)