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i love danger days so much but i can never listen to it in whole because it’s just so sad to me, so nostalgic. maybe it’s because there’s so much ending in the album; the fab four is supposed to die, it’s the last album before my chem broke up. after vampire money i just feel so wistful for times i never even knew of when they existed. even just thinking about it leaves me a little sad and achy. 

now, don’t get me wrong, i totally jam to the songs. they’re bright and fun in the moment, but once it’s all over things turn melancholic. i wonder if that might be how it was meant to be listened to, or if it’s just me.

The Stranger Things Characters, but as my friends in our limo after prom

Jonathan is the one who came without a date and wants to control the music, but only plays the sonic theme or smooth jazz

Dustin is the one in the back who keeps yelling to play song lyrics instead of the actual song title

Lucas is the one screaming at them from across the limo “SAY THE SONG TITLE IDIOT I DON’T KNOW THAT SONG” whilst typing in the title of the song

Max is the one who broke the fucking window by accident

Will is the one who fell asleep with a paper bag on their head (i still dont know where they got that bag)

Mike and El are the two who just became an official couple and are for some reason on the floor holding each other for dear life

Steve is the one who got into a fight with their date and left them to hang out with music guy

Nancy is the date who started the fight


Hopper is the limo driver who was mad the window broke, but when he saw how scared they were said he’d tell the limo people he did it

Joyce and Bob are the parents who keep texting the kid who’s phone died and showed up 2 hours before the limo arrived

Young, broke & Fabulous



for the anon who asked for a gay anecdote

i’m not gonna answer just in case the others have better answers lmao.

but here’s a couple of my finest gay moments:

-the time i started dating my best friend and my parents didn’t know so they took us on a roadtrip and we shared a room and bed (noThING HAPPENED) and then took us to dave and busters where we had our first official date™️

-the time i started dating my gf on coming out day

-the time when i was little and i told my dad i was a girly girl and he thought it meant i was a lesbian

theres a couple lol

ok like

this is not an Astro post to start off

but like. y'all. y ’ a l l. day6???? LiVE????? is beYOND ANY. THING. I COULD HOPE FOR. i will admit, the day didn’t really? Start off that well, I forgot to go to mass in the morning, and then schoolwork, and then rushing to the venue?? And I lost my scarf on the way and then I forgot to bring a hairtie for my hair/poster, bUT THINGS WENT UP ST THE EVENT OK. People talked to me!! It was really nice, and it made me feel a lot less nervous (like I’ve gone to things alone before but? Like. It doesn’t get any less nerve wracking) and we even exchanged twitter/insta handles which was so nice??? And! I helped someone find their keys, and they were so cute and nice about it!!!! Fansign was Super quick so like I’m a little sad but!! I managed to get 2 compliments out and a little melting down!! Wonpil was first and can I say he has a surprisingly intense gaze like wowza boy I was a little embarrassed u were making eye contact with me????? But I told him I thought his voice was really beautiful and he said thank you!!! And that was that, but like things went downhill so fast bc j a e was next and my dudes do I lOVE JAE. So I kinda broke a little and told him he was my fave and then kinda let it slip my friends bet I’d cry but I hadn’t yet lmao. Uncool as heck. Dowoon has the fastest signature lmao and he didn’t even look up before passing it to young k rip me, I had to say “hi dowoon :)” and his head like WHIPPED up to say “hi” like he was surprised I could talk maybe LOL. My glasses fell off when I embarrassed myself in front of Jae so I was in the process of putting them back on and?? Poor young k he like looked at me and made eye contact and froze for a second ,,,, I’m guessing bc I looked a m e s s and he was probably trying to gauge whether or not I actually was gonna cry (spoiler: did not) but I said “hi” and he said hi back and signed then passed to sungjin. And sungjin. Wow. W o w. He is. Very good looking. Like, Very. Cameras do him no justice. His face ? Is a good face. I composed myself enough to mumble a not so eloquent compliment along the lines of “everything you put out this year has been so good” and he looks up??? With the most genuine, happy expression ever?????? Like. I’m blessed. I got secondhand happiness from that. I went into that and left that shaking a little. Did I mention that they were al literally the most beautiful????? Like tired, and made up, but still beautiful. Energy was ramped up to the max during the set though, vvvvv grateful as that’s what let me really let loose and have a lot of fun!!! And a lot of it is a blur tbh I just remember quality music and lots of screaming lyrics (or just screaming) and LOTS of jumping. Many sweet and fun moments. Many funny ones too. I love these kids, they’re sO GOOD. I was already a fan but I am like even more converted now. Everyone love them pls they deserve it.

Bonus, I somehow??? Got blessed by soME GOD Bc for free!!!!! Young k came down into the audience!!!!!!!!!!!! And danced with us for a hot second!!!!!!!!!!! and he stopped!!! Right!!! By!!!! Me!!!!! As in!! Less than 4 inches from me!!!! I. Was. Dead!! Just screaming in the back of my mind!!!! I couldn’t even touch him like everyone asked f I did but I kinda just hovered my hands and danced Bc a lot of ppl were trying to touch him and idk I didn’t feel like I should!!! But he’s beautiful!!!! And much taller than expected!!!! Sorry @a lot of people, my pink head is definitely in videos,,,,, but wow that set me up on a high that I rode for a long Long time. Good times. I was nearly in hysterics. I was also nearly deaf, sort of hoarse, and also out of breath. And very hungry when I got home.