i quite like how this turned out :)

Hey-o everybody ❤️ 💙

I was looking at my past art recently, and for some reason it just really got me down. I feel like half of my art is really on the low-quality end, and it’s been making me really insecure about all of my art.

I sorta did a redraw of a cotton candy garnet piece I made a year ago… except more like, melancholy - to match my mood I guess. This is my way of showing myself that I’m not all bad, and I am improving. But idk, it’s still hard to be happy with any of my drawings anymore :/

all reblogs/likes/commentary is very much appreciated  💖


character moodboards: anakin skywalker

“Anakin’s fear is a kind of dragon. A cold kind. A dead kind. Not nearly dead enough. That is the kind of fear that lives inside Anakin Skywalker: the dragon of a dead star. It is an ancient, cold dead voice within his heart that whispers all things die…”  “The dragon reminds him, every night, that someday he will lose Obi-Wan. He will lose Padmé. Or they will lose him. All things die, Anakin Skywalker. Even stars burn out…

My present to @gleamingandwholeanddeadly for the @hannigramholidayexchange I’m participating in! I hope they enjoy this ^^

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! May your sins be sinful and your rude, eaten. =w=

Jaime talked Brienne into wearing ugly christmas sweaters but the mistle toe is too much. (kinda-update to this 3 year old drawing)


The 100 - Pantheon

those are like the best fucking roses i’ve ever drawn man


Now, in order to capture Vandal Savage, I’ll require the service of..”
                      “Killer, klepto and pyro?”           

quick will sketch

Think it was about time I do a screen redraw with my non-consistent style. Might do more (even if the background takes me hours XD).

Holding On To You

Can you write an imagine where Gerard is like punk and y/n ’s neighbor and he likes her and always makes comments towards her and stuff and one time he finds her all sad and stuff and comforts her so basically fluff

So I know I’ve kept it kind of fluffy on here, but I do have a few smut requests/ ideas so hold tight! (also, would it be beneficial for me to make some kind of FAQ about what requests I accept/don’t or should I just tackle them as they come in?) This one seems to have a lot more backstory/ introspection and less dialogue, but I really like how this turned out! (it might be a bit cheesy, but it is fluff) I kind of took a different route with this one so I hope you like it! x

Side note to my side note. I just wanted to thank you all for following and sending in these awesome requests! I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them ! xx

Warnings: Just a wee bit of angst is all. :)

y/c= Your city

Since you were 16, you had lived alone in a rundown apartment in y/c. Not because you wanted to. Life alone was hard, and you’d trade anything to have things back to the way they were before. But because on one seemingly normal day, you lost both of your parents in a car accident. With no close relatives you had been forced to figure things out for yourself since then.

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The Septiceye Samily!

had this idea when i was looking through my prompt list ^^

Prompt: Draw a family portrait. Plot twist: It’s a family of insects or animals. (yes I know, Sam is not an insect or animal but it’s still cute)

soo this little family has grandma and grandpa, mum and dad, a college graduate, the emo kid, a toddler and lil baby sam.

Hope you like it :D

cartoonish-dreams weekly art of 2017 - week 6