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My name is Nikita. Six years ago, I was taken from prison and forced to become an assassin for a secret unit of the government; a Black Ops program called Division that has now gone rogue. They destroyed my identity and they destroyed the man I loved. I escaped, and now the man that trained me, someone I trusted, is hunting me. What Division doesn’t know is that I have a partner on the inside: Alex, a new recruit with a dark past who I’ve trained in secret to resist their control. Together, we’re going to take Division apart, one mission at a time, and the last word they’ll breathe before the end…
                                                                    will be my name.

[Studying law] was awful. It’s one thing speaking fluent German, and another thing understanding the German constitution, which I hadn’t grown up with, or legalese in German. It was incredibly, fiendishly complicated. And I just wasn’t in the mood to learn that. What I was in love with was the idea of being a lawyer – the briefcase, the BMW, the raincoat, the standing up in court proving somebody’s innocence. Which essentially was sort of acting.

my wonder woman experience

I cried. So fucking much. I couldn’t leave the theatre because I couldn’t stop crying. I sat through the credits and only left so the cleaning staff could do their thing. And I didn’t just cry in the obvious part, I cried every time a woman did anything badass. I did not realise how deprived of female badassery I was. Wow.

I had unreasonably high expectations for this movie and it surpassed every single one. Gal Gadot is a treasure and Chris Pine broke my heart. Everyone was amazing.

I’ve had WW blacklisted for the past week so I have no idea if you all liked it as much as I did, but I hope so :)

This is the worst review ever but just know that I loved it with all my heart.

Just for the record

This is the reaction of someone being acused of having feelings for their sibling

This is the reaction of someone being accused of having feelings for their close friend

(and please remember he just ran out afterwards without giving a clear answer)

I think this is the closest i could get to actually draw for halloween this year 😅 Hope everyone had a great helloween/october!!

Come back and tell me why
I'm feeling like I’ve missed you all this time
and meet me there tonight
let me know that it's not all in my mind

late again. terribly late.
kyouhaba week day 6: travel!
where they take a long and relaxing car trip togheter after graduating to see Europe, until they arrive to Italy where the relax ends because there there aren’t. street. rules.

Follow Forever #1

So, YOI creator appreciation day recently passed and i missed it because i was busy with family stuff, but I also recently hit 400 followers (!!!), so i thought it was time to do one of these! I really want to say thank you in general to everyone who has not only followed me but sent me sweet messages or comments on my fics, it truly keeps me going on days when i want to quit. PS- I may be doing a little fic giveaway for my next goal ;)

@schoolningyo - wrote my all time favorite Otayuri fic, Sea Town! So lovely and their writing is just so serene and haunting and I adore it!

@basilique - Wrote the amazing Sex and Other Madnesses Series, and for a whole-cast series it really keeps all the characters on an interesting storyline and the world building is superb! 

@otasucc - Lia is the light of my blue hell life, tbh. She is so funny and I can thank her for bringing CP into my life and for that I owe her so much. I would literally fight for u lia you’re gr8. 

@thoughtsappear - my dearest bug. She always is there to bounce around fic ideas and listen to my complaints. 

@severeminx - One of the first blogs I followed and talked to here in the YOI fandom. Such a lovely, classic soul. Every time I see her selfies my eyeliner skills shake with envy.

@creemsicaal - made the first fanart inspired by one of my fics I ever received in my life, and it was actually a “remember where you were” moment for me (standing in the middle of a costco) and I still look at their work in awe, so incredibly talented! (Yuri Fanart)

@otapocalypse - brought my favorite angry coke boy to life (or at least in art) and for that i’m so grateful. an incredibly talented artist who really put so much detail into the Otabek and Yuri that live and wreak havoc in my head, just look at that tiger tattoo! Still stunned. (Almaty’s Fire Otayuri Fanart)

@eclair - Made some silly words that meant something only to me into beautiful writing for all to see. Thank you for recognizing and lifting up my words <3 (Otabek’s lyrics letter art)

@blameotayuri - Is always so nice and positive to everyone, myself included. Has an beautiful singing voice to match her sweet soul. Ducky is the shot of sugar we all need.

@trashyartz - has made some of my all time favorite Otayuri art! The style just captures Yuri so well and is so inspiring to me. 

@betelxeuse - Has always left the most amazing, long, and helpful comments on some of my fics and have made my heart just leap with joy. Thank you so much for your support 

@tootsonnewts - just a great, supportive mutual! I hope we become closer friends because Ashley has an infectious positive energy and I really love seeing her on my dash.

@ghostmoonchild - Another great and supportive friend i’ve made here.  Thank you for listening to all my ramblings. Miss you <3

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