i queued more of their stuff

Hey everyone, I got a bit of an odd question for y’all.

It’s probably pretty easy to see that things have kinda floundered here.  I feel like I’ve taken a big turn from the stuff I used to do, but there’s also that feeling of being stuck.  I’m generally not one to complain about follower counts and all that stuff, but with things haven’t not changed much for the past couple months….I just wonder!

Would people prefer it if I moved some of my personal work to another account, and just put fanart/character stuff here?  Do you want to see more fanart, or anything else?

I just wanna know I’m doing okay, and that everybody is enjoying things!

reblog if u post:
  • aesthetic stuff
  • cute art
  • yellow things
  • positivity
  • journals, tips, etc
  • studyblr
  • nice photography
  • funny text posts
  • doggos, animals, and related things
  • fashion (like cute ootds & stuff)
  • room inspo
  • whispers haikyu
  • sunflowers, flowers, and more
  • basically posts that will make u say ‘aaaah this reminds me of sunshine’

i’ll be queuing tons from everyone + check out the blog of sum ppl who likes this. thank u !! 💛

I mean, technically yes, requests were closed but i was really itching for some septicpie and I haven’t drawn Pewds with his beard yet. I’m sure his beard tickles >w <

Ask me about my cat

Send me a number and I’ll answer for my cat

1. Name?
2. Fur color?
3. Any family you know (other than you)?
4. Age?
5. Favorite toy?
6. Nicknames?
7. Cinnamon roll or problematic fave?
8. Length of fluff?
9. Any funny habits?
10. How old were they when you met?
11. What does their food bowl look like?
12. Indoor or outdoor cat?
13. Recent picture?
14. Old picture?
15. Cuddly?
16. Ever changed their name?
18. Eye color?
19. How do they express love for you?
20. How do you express love for them?
21. Any theories on what breed?
22. Do they ever wake you up?
23. How much do they meow?
24. Any hiding spots?
25. Do they enjoy guests?
26. Lofty objects to sit on?
27. Wear a collar?
(and describe collar?)
28. How much shedding?
29. Do they enjoy brushing?
30. Ever drink from the toilet?
31. How do they get your attention?
32. Embarrassing thing they’ve done?
33. Weirdest thing they try to eat?
34. Are they like your siblings, children, or friends?
35. What time do they eat breakfast?
36. Do you cut their nails?
37. Do you think they understand you?
38. Ever make fun of them?
39. Do you take their picture often?
40. Ever hiss at you?
41. Ever try to scratch or bite you?
42. If you try to grab their paw, what do they do?
43. Do they ever eat bugs?
44. Canned or dry food?
45. Weight?
46. Ever got lost?
47. Do you buy them presents?
48. Do they respond when you call?
49. Do they ever see other cats?
50. Declawed?
51. Funniest expression?
52. Favorite place to be pet?
53. Worst thing they’ve destroyed?
54. Give them a head kiss.
55. What time of the year is most exciting for them?
56. Are they good at hunting real prey?
57. Do they ever attack nothing?
58. What are they doing right now?
59. How long have you had them?
60. If you could have them stay as a kitten forever, would you?
61. Ever baby-talk to them?
62. Favorite napping position?
63. Have you ever stepped on their paw?
64. Ever tripped you on stairs?
65. Any ear hair?
66. Favorite view from a window?
67. Describe why they are precious.
68. Fit the cat stereotype?
69. Chaotic neutral?
70. Do they enjoy following/ keeping you company?
71. Are you their favorite human?
72. Do they like tv?
73. Favorite noise to make?
74. If they were a Neko Atsume cat, what would their momento be?


Into the Badlands Meme | [2/4] Quotes
    ⋭ People once thought this a holy book. They believed it held the answers from a god that would save them. Boys, there is no god in the Badlands. How do I know? A god does not feed you or clothe you or protect you. I do. (1x01)

anonymous asked:

Hello ^^ Your art is amazing, cute and beautiful! I was sad then I saw your work and I forgot all of my problems ^^ Have you any tips for unknow artist on tumblr who want to get their art more exposured even if it's not fanart but original stuff?

Hi and thanks a lot! (i’m so sorry,I forgot this was in my drafts)

Hmm to be honest I’m not completely sure ‘cause getting your art out there can be difficult but here’s a few tips/what’s worked for me:

  • Be active. This might be a given but obviously the more you post the more exposure/followers/notes you get. You can’t post a piece then disappear for like a week and expect to have a ton of followers.So you have to be active and try your best to post as often as you can. And don’t worry if your stuff doesn’t get a ton of notes at first,be patient and keep on posting.
  • It’s ok to draw fanart. It can get you a lot of exposure but be careful,if you overdo it you might be labeled as a fanartist and people might not be too interested in your original work so focus more on original art and sprinkle in some fanart every now and then.
  • Draw what you like and what you know you’re good at. For me for example I’m not too good at drawing males and mecha so I focus more on drawing girls,flowers/plants and clothes.
  • Always use hashtags! some good tags are #artists on tumblr #illustration #art (I use the first one for all of my art)
  • I’d say post at the right time but I’m not completely sure if that actually works? Definitely post after 4pm though.
  • Post your art on all social media! Don’t just post your art on Tumblr,post it on Facebook or Instagram or deviantART or even Twitter! I know some people found me through Instagram and then followed my blog and vice versa :)

“The most interesting pairing for me is Karen and Frank Castle,” Woll says. “I think it brings out aspects in each character that we wouldn’t have thought were there — a bit more of a cold-hearted side to Karen and a bit of warmth, I think, from Frank. They end up being very similar in many ways.”