i queued a queue of posts scrolled by

I’m calling myself out cause my queue is so long and my memory so shitty I will scroll past my own posts and try to reblog them because I like the post, but forget queuing it. 

twishimmer replied to your post “i really hate those “not reblogging the artist’s work only discourages…”

I hate when ppl demand u don’t like the post BC….. I like things so I remember what I’ve already queued??? Or plan on queueing??? So I just get anxious n scroll past vjjvjjb

Same like? And sometimes i just dont like putting so much art that isn’t mine on my blog ,its the same reason why i tend to not touch selfies.

Also sometimes art doesn’t get a lot of notes bc people would post them at a bad time (Tumblr used to not be really active until like 5-9 PM CTE for me). That’s why i do like morning, evening and afternoon reblogs for people who missed it. ppl need to stop over thinking it

anonymous asked:

how can i put a custom tag on my queue like yours? its automatic (just to queue it the tag will appear) or i have to add a tag in every post i queue?

You need to install xkit and then you’ll get this symbol on your dash. Click it and go to “get extensions”. Find and install the auto tagger.  Then you just scroll down to the “tags by state” section and write your preferred tag on the “tags for queued posts”

Hey Staff, if you really want to make a worthwhile adjustment to Tumblr, how about making the page NOT refresh when I change one goddamn tag in a queued post. IT TAKES A WHILE TO SCROLL AND LOAD A BUNCH OF SHIT NEAR THE BOTTOM OF YOUR QUEUE.

I just want to stay at the post i’m currently on in my list like how it works in Drafts, is that really too much to ask for ;_;