i queued a queue of posts scrolled by

last night, like a crazy person, after I finished parts 3 & 4 of Twin Peaks I scrolled Tumblr for a million years (i.e. an hour and a half I AM NOT JOKING) and queued so many Twin Peaks posts but I don’t want to spoil anyone soooo, I don’t know. Just know that I have a bunch in my queue and that I want to shout about the new stuff but I’m trying not to ruin anything for anyone!!!!!

Hey y'all.

I feel like I’m wasting my breath with this, but I want to again encourage ppl (especially ppl who are new to the blog) to please please please! Submit! Things ! Mod Tyler and I can only do so much, and when you’re touring for a show and also have severe ADHD it can be really hard to find time to think of quotes to queue up. There are about four days worth of posts queued, and I would really appreciate it if folks could help keep this blog going by submitting quotes via asks or submissions! If you can’t think of any yourself but see a great quote scrolling thru tumblr, tag this blog! We really need y'all to come thru on this, so please don’t leave us hanging!

Hey Staff, if you really want to make a worthwhile adjustment to Tumblr, how about making the page NOT refresh when I change one goddamn tag in a queued post. IT TAKES A WHILE TO SCROLL AND LOAD A BUNCH OF SHIT NEAR THE BOTTOM OF YOUR QUEUE.

I just want to stay at the post i’m currently on in my list like how it works in Drafts, is that really too much to ask for ;_;