i queue'd to you every night

zach …….. what can i say ! it’s your b-day and i’m writing this a night before so that i’m sure not to miss posting this on the day of . i needed to let you know , somehow , in some small way , how much you mean to me and how much i cherish our friendship . i love chatting with you about jane austen and feminist theory . i love the life you bring to not only my dash but my life !  i feel like every conversation we have leaves me laughing , excited , or inspired , and that’s QUITE a feat

you are perhaps the most genuinely kind human being i have met on this website . you have such a compassion for people ( funnyconsidering…. ur characters ;-) ) .  you are so talented , and i mean this whole - heartedly , you are so talented . you have such a bright future ahead of you and i cannot waIT !! to see where you take yourself ! 

i lov u a whole lot ‘n this is real sappy but u deserve really nice things on ur bday ! u just do ! k i love u so much ! by e !   /   @satankissed