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Part 4 of Yuri on Ice but with bad CG voices and poor writing (with the additional benefit of mediocre editing)

Part 3: Pip Pip Yurio // Part 4: Eye of the Tiger // Part 5: Where I Take This Seriously?


Yoonkook Week Day 1: Favorite moment(ssssss) 

I wanted to make a post dedicated to this little moment. It’s a brilliant bit of acting on Liz’s part. Jemma’s been so strong and firm in her conviction while confronting the LMD!Fitz up until this point, even while he’s trying to sow doubt that she might not be real, and this is the first moment when she truly breaks. It’s unclear whether she’s asking the LMD not to hurt her - or for real Fitz not to kill her if she is the LMD. That awareness of her own deep desire not to die is potent, even if she could be a machine programmed by Radcliffe to do his bidding. Then again, there could also be a bit of her that’s asking for LMD!Fitz not to hurt her on an emotional level - if he is an LMD, she desperately doesn’t want to have to hurt him, because hurting Fitz (even a version of him that isn’t truly him) pains her as deeply as being hurt herself. It’s truly a tour de force acting moment.


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Perry Cox and Bob Kelso: Synchronized Grumps

getting into a fandom is like getting into a pool

sometimes you hear that it’s really good but you don’t want to get too obsessed so you slowly walk down those stairs until the water is at chest-level, and you lean comfortably against the wall of the pool and hey you’re kinda into the fandom but not too invested ya feel?

sometimes you don’t want to get too obsessed so you start walking down the stairs slowly but shit you slip or lose your balance and the next thing you know you’re headfirst into the pool and into the fandom what have you done you wanted to be a Casual fan but now you’re running an unpopular trashy tumblr blog

sometimes you’re like “fuck yeah bro Obsession time” and you climb onto the diving board and take a leap of faith and now you’re surrounded by water everywhere, splashing as you finally hit the water and filling you up, and this fandom is now your life and it is everything and all you care about

sometimes you could care less about a fandom until some friend of yours fucking shoves you into the pool and on one hand you’re like “wtf” because you don’t have TIME for this but hey it isn’t so bad in here hm thanks friend i owe you one bc now i’ve got folders and folders of fanfics in progress

sometimes you’re like “dya reckon i should dive in” and everyone’s like “NO DON’T GET IN HERE THE WATER IS FREEZING AND I THINK SOMEONE PEED IN IT” and you’re like “alright” and you stay out of a problematic fandom thanks to your friends

sometimes your friends warn you but you’re like “meh i’m a #rebel” and you dive in anyways and fUCK the water really is freezing and you kinda hate it in here but you also kind of? don’t? it has its good sides and its bad sides tbh but doesn’t everything?

sometimes it’s not a pool but it’s an ocean and you’re fucking swept out to sea congrats mate


Jackie (2016) dir. Pablo Larraín.

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Serensema, can I ask: What are some ideas that are brewing in your head for next incoming headcannons/fics/mini fics????


I have A LOT in store… it’s just these requests are taking their sweet sweet time for some reason (because I’m an idiot and decided to make them minifics) 

- I have like three requests left? They will be done first
- Jumin X MC, Hades x Persephone AU Multi chap
- Zen X MC semi reset theory multi chap
- V route (not romance with MC) quite possibly multi chap   
- A tragedy mini fic series… or 2…
- A tragedy/fluff HC (like a choose your own story, you can choose the angst end or the fluff end)
- A collab smutty/funny collab
- Smutfest 2k17 (minifics, the smuttiest things I will ever likely write in my life)
- Jumin Smut (plot? what plot!)
- AU RFA smut
- 2-4 fluffy HC

Things that are up in the air
- My royalty AU multi chap fic
- Assassin AU oneshot (though this is super cool so I want to do it)
- QUITE POSSIBLY a reverse of the To Help series depending on the demand for it… 

… As you can see… I’m a busy little bee… what makes it worse is that I keep getting amazing ideas and requests and I’m like- WHAT THE HELL DO I DO FIRST?!?!?

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okay i just wanted to say i LOVE how you write aftercare so once we do get there with pitch and jack in tgatnw i will ascend to a higher plane of existence. tbh for me getting there is half the fun because you write their dynamic so well and i adore the slow burn but also whenever we see how badly jack is doing im just like can someone (that's you pitch) please take care of this poor boy

Haha, getting there is half the fun, and I kind of love dragging it out, because there’s something about going back to the story from the beginning and being like ‘aha you suckers‘ or ‘Pitch you’re gonna feel so guilty for saying all this stuff to Jack one day. e.e’

I’m honestly surprised (I shouldn’t be) at Jack’s resistance to opening up. I mean he’s been very careful to characterise anything he doesn’t enjoy, as his fault, unless he can directly blame Pitch for something. And he’s trying both things in this chapter because he’s feeling pretty trapped.

I’m starting to suspect that one of the reasons this is happening because it’ll create a snowball effect. If he realises he didn’t deserve one thing, maybe - just maybe - it could mean that he hasn’t deserved the rest of it? He’s so scared of that. He’s way more scared of his powerlessness in an abusive society, than he is of hating himself.

And I think Pitch realises that now too.

Which is why we need four hundred years of aftercare lol.

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so i'm planning on getting my first tattoo soon, and it's something i've been looking forward to for a long time. the thing is i'm considering getting a fae tales inspired tattoo, and i wanted to know if you were okay with that? i know some authors are uncomfortable with tattoos relating to their works, especially if they aren't asked for permission beforehand


SERIOUSLY SEND ME PHOTOS I WANT TO SEEEE (if you’re comfortable with that of course) and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH