i question my choices too

John watched in horror as Sherlock fell, once gain, over the edge. This time, it was out a window, and unknown to John in that second, only three feet high. 

John hurried outside and ran to Sherlock, who was lying on the ground, just in the process of sitting up, looking simply stunned.

“What the hell–Sherlock–are–are you ok? Sherlock?”

John ran over to him and knelt down, already grazing Sherlock’s head for any blood. Sherlock stared at him in surprise. He narrowed his eyes at him as John continued to examine him, still not concluding that he was alright.

Sherlock’s eyes widened. “Oh my god,” he whispered.

John blinked and leaned back so he could look at him. Sherlock was fine, not even a scratch. He roughly stood up and inhaled slowly, urging himself to calm down. Sherlock stood up stiffly as he continued to stare at him in shock. John ignored his stare and squirmed underneath it, unsure what Sherlock was deducing from him.

“You love me,” Sherlock stated.

John’s eyes widened and he lifted his head up abruptly to gap at Sherlock. “What–no–I”

“It’s obvious now. Oh my–why didn’t I see it before?” Sherlock started stammering and muttering as he processed what he saw. John’s heart hammered in his chest nervously.

“No, Sherlock, I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” John turned on his heel and began walking away, clenching his fist by his side. He didn’t know exactly why Sherlock was realizing that now, and he didn’t want to hear a rejection right now either.

“Wait, John, wait!” Sherlock ran after him. John picked up his pace.

“Just, forget about it. Delete it or whatever,” John muttered. 

Sherlock grabbed his arm and turned him around. John refused to meet his gaze, and focused on the cement.

Sherlock exhaled shakily, and he seemed nervous too, although John didn’t want to think why. 

“I love you, too,” Sherlock said, his voice heavy with relief. His mouth twitched with a promising grin.

John straightened up and stared at Sherlock, hardening his gaze. He rounded his shoulders and then flung his hand across Sherlock’s cheek.

“Don’t mock me,” he nearly growled. John turned on his heel and continued walking way, ignoring the stunned look on Sherlock’s face.

“No, John, wait–wait, watch out–!”

John ignored him, and continued walking, but then he was blinded by bright lights just before the car screeched to a halt. John collided with the front and rolled over the hood before landing back on the street, the world fading around him.

Before I go, since I can’t make the actual event, here’s my contribution to Ace Day! I’m ace/aro and glad to finally be comfortable with my own identity. :)