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‘The most fatal thing a man can do is try to stand alone.’

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Fanfic: Try Try Try (Ch 3)

Warning: This chapter has smut.

“I realize that’s how it happened with Ralph, but I am a fan of efficiency, and maximum chance for conception occurs without those.”

Paige turned beat red and put a hand over her face. Shaking her head, she dropped the box of condoms back into the drawer. “Wow,” she said, giving a little laugh. “Are you sure you want to have kids with me? I may really drag down their I.Q.”

“Ralph turned out okay, and I have it on good authority that his father’s I.Q. test came back negative.”

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MBTI answers reference

This is intended as satire, and also if you’ve sent me a question recently, they’ve all been thoughtful and respectful and I hope you figure out your type and/or your crush likes you back.

Looking for answers? You may need to look further, but start out here!

Q: I’m sometimes do [terrible thing]. Is this an XXXX thing?

A: No, you’re just an awful human. Your type is “The Living Worst”.

Q: I took some tests and they all said different things and I’m aware that I could study cognitive functions so that I could figure this out or at least give you an informed reasoning of why I’m stuck between a few types, but I don’t feel like it lol.

A: Study cognitive functions.

Q: I think I’m AXXX because sometimes I like to be alone and sometimes I like to be around people.

A: Congrats! You’re part of an elite cadre of special snowflakes who is not purely introverted and hates all human interaction or purely extroverted and will die if left alone for 30 seconds, your card is in the mail.

Q: My bone is sticking out of my leg and I can’t feel it, is this inferior Se?

A: You’re going into shock, PLEASE CALL 911 AND GET OFF TUMBLR.

Q: I’m Enneagram ZwX, what’s my type?

A: Well if this is an MBTI blog that’s never mentioned enneagram, I probably have no clue what you’re talking about. If it is, then I still can’t type you solely based on enneagram.

Q: How do I get my XXXX friend/crush/parent/sibling to do something?

A: Man, how do we get anyone to do anything? Usually either by asking nicely or paying them.

Q: What type makes people like [whatever]?

A: Preferences are not dictated by type. Look at people’s motivations.

Q: What type makes people do [whatever]?

A: Actions are not dictated by type. Look at people’s motivations.

Q: I think MBTI is bullshit.

A: Well then you have definitely proved your lack of belief in it by taking the time to anon message an MBTI-specific blog.

Q: You need to stop doing [whatever].

A: Why yes I am totally going to change my personal blog to suit your preferences, anon.