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One Piece 848

I’m sure what I say is already said by someone else, but I’ll throw it out there anyways. This post, of course, concerns Nami’s expression at Pudding’s news of Sanji’s proposal to her.

Initially, when I read other people’s views on her expression, I thought to myself, Yeah, Nami could be extremely upset at the news more so than Luffy. But it’s really how to tell because of the way Oda draws them. (Emotions is mostly show by the eyes.)

The way Oda’s draws male eyes is simpler compare to female eyes. It could be because Nami’s eyes are more detailed that she comes across looking more shocked than Luffy. For all I know, they could be equally shocked.

Anyways, I didn’t put too much emphasis on it until certain people made a huge fuss about it. I decided look at the chapter again and noticed that Oda actually drew their expressions side by side three times, one page after another.

The first one is when they see Pudding. Nami is clearly surprised while Luffy looks angry.

The second one is the news of Sanji’s proposal. Both are shocked. Truthfully, I think Oda could have draw Nami’s expression from the first set and it would have fit fine with Luffy’s second expression. Instead he went with a more drastic look for her.

The last one is Pudding’s whisper. Nothing to say except whatever Pudding whispered to them horrified them.

One more thing to add. (My shipping goggles are on for this.) Notice how Nami is in the exact center of the page, also notice how her panel is the only panel without a dialog bubble blocking any part of her face. She doesn’t say anything and her expression is very prominent here. She even holds that expression to the last panel of the page, unlike Luffy who goes back to being angry. Nami is very shocked and Oda wants you to absolutely see that.

WIP Thing...

Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

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I’m only gonna list the ones that are like..close to done…I have a whole list Here and I have WAY more that aren’t listed…BUT, I’ll put a few on here I suppose:

Necessary Evil

SPN Dean x Harper (OC)
Co-writing with my little sister @wrenwritesometimes. Think a little along the lines of a Harley Quinn x Joker type relationship..with a SPN twist.

Pureblood Vs Mutts Pt 2

SPN Winchester Brothers & Werewolf!Reader
Taking down the pack that killed her family.

Bar Angels

SPN Lots of past and present main characters appear
Between Heaven and Hell, where hunters go after they die. (If I write too much more, it’ll give it all away!)

Unknown Title

SPN Dad!Sam x OC
OC is a best friend, and former medic for the brothers. She left when Sam came back without a soul.
When they visit her after a hunt they finished not far from her, she fixes Sam up and takes care of both boys. Showers, comfy bed to sleep in, warm meals. The shock comes when they find out why she left hunting for good. 

Predictable Love

SPN Dean x Reader
After a rough hunt, Dean takes off to unwind. Sam calls the only person he can trust to help Dean through.

My Everything

Marvel Steve x Reader
Song fic

Got a couple other series in the works, and a few more oneshots…Not to mention a bunch of requests! My google drive is loaded with WIPs LOL 

Since I have no idea who has done this yet…I’m just gonna tag random people :P If anyone wants to take part, by all means consider this your tag!!!

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To Cuddle Or To Not Cuddle - Owen Grady One Shot

I’m so sorry this is really short, I tried to put as much detail as I could think of adding.

Lately things had been very crazy at the park, there was about three weeks before the park reopened from the maintenance closure. 

At the moment you were busy filling out paper work because one of the dinosaurs at the gentle giants pen attempted to bite and charged at one of the new interns. And with you being their trainer all of the shitty paper work and forms got dumped on you.

“Baaabbeeee,”Owen groaned from the other room.
"Come and cuddle with me! You’re working way too hard, and besides you have the day off tomorrow!”
“Claire needs these in by tomorrow, Owen. And this week I haven’t even had the chance to put my name on it.”
“I know, but who cares if it’s late by a day or two. Hell, if you come cuddle with me now I’ll help you fill it out after!”
“I doubt it! If the both of us work on it we won’t get anywhere. I’m better off working on it on my own.”
“No buts, Owen. I really need to get this done." 
“Okaaayyy. My offer is still on the table.”

Sighing, you put your head in your hands and glanced at the pile of paper that needed to be filled out. You had gotten yourself a little less than half way in so you concluded that it was pointless to stop now. 

You had been filling out papers for at least another hour and a half and were slowly coming to an end, but it would still take awhile to complete everything, and then double check them all. Considering Owens offer you might be able to finish it and still get a good nights sleep.

"One more page and I’ll ask Owen.” You muttered to yourself.

Coming up to the last place you had to fill in you checked the time on your phone. 

1:17 AM

Groaning internally you contemplated continuing or going to bed and cuddling with Owen. You had been working hard and cuddling with Owen was something you didn’t want to miss.

“Owen can you come - You know what! Fuck it! I give up!” You yelled throwing your hands against the table.
“Make some fucking room, Grady.” You said stomping down the hallway, hearing Owen laugh at your sudden outburst of anger. 

Throwing the door open to the bedroom you closed your eyes and proceeded to blindly throw yourself on the bed.

“I don’t know why I declined your offer in the first place.”
“Me neither, love.” Owen said, pulling your body closer to his.
“This is so, so much better than signing stupid papers and shit.”
“Mhmm.” Placing a kiss on your forehead he snickered as you draped your leg over his.

“You’ll still help me tomorrow, right?” You hopefully asked.
“Of course, anything for my little worker bee.”
“Don’t ever call me that again. It makes me sound like a stripper.”
“You can definitely move like one though.”
“Whatever. I need sleep and you do too. But when we finish the paperwork tomorrow I promise we’ll have some fun.”

Leaving Owen alone with his imagination you turned your back to his front and closed your eyes, hoping to get some decent rest.

The Ackermystery

Gagh, this thing. There are so many different ways you interpret everything and all the nit-picky details are all really important and too easy to miss. But I’ll give it my take. 

What we do know is this:

  • Mikasa and Kenny are definitely Ackermans. If the Ackerman family was persecuted then it doesn’t make sense for Mikasa to openly use that surname unless she actually is one. We see Kenny talking to his grandpa, talking about loads of Ackerman business and generally seeming pretty much in the loop, at least back then.
  • Levi is 99.9% an Ackerman. I didn’t put him in the category up there because technically we only have Kenny’s word that he is one, and Kenny is not someone whose word you would trust implicitly. But it’s taken for granted in the manga that he is, and as he has no reason to lie to Mikasa - and if he did he would be out of character and far-fetched - we know he experienced that ‘power’ waking up in him at some point, so he probably isn’t mistaken in his surname.
  • The Ackerman family were once right-hand soldiers of the royal family. When the king decided to mind-wipe the entire populace was when the Ackermans began to be persecuted, roughly. 
  • This was because they were immune to the mind-wipe. They rebelled, and so were tracked down and picked off by the royal family by way of the Military Police. This continued well into Kenny’s time, whittling down the Ackermans until there are only three presumed Ackermans known to be alive at this point in the series.
  • At some point in their life, every known Ackerman except Grandpa Ackerman has said they’ve experienced a moment which is described as an unknown power awakening in them, triggered by stress or trauma.

This is a fair bit to be aware of by SNK standards, but it still leads to an awful lot of speculation. This speculation I shall put below the read more break because this post is getting long.

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principle-speaker asked: Do u know of any books that are like “American Psycho” by Bret Easton Ellis? Thanks!

I believed I tagged you in the post I made yesterday about serial killers, so I would definitely check that one out for some adding books! But here are some others that I think you may enjoy! Also one duplicate because Anthony Burgess relates too much to both in my opinion! :)

Not all of these are psychos/sociopaths…some I put just because they get into the mind of someone in an interesting way! Send me a message or comment if you wanted a more detailed reason of why I chose what I did! Unreliable narrators can be so much fun!

1. A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

2. Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh

3. Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk 

4. Lolita by Vladimir Nabakkov

5. Kill Your Friends by John Niven

6. The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks

Thanks for the question! Happy reading!


What I love about this show is that they managed to give us a scene that is equal parts honest, heartwrenching, and profoundly disturbing. 

What Shaw went through isn’t romanticized – you can see the horror on Root’s face when she gets the whole picture – and I don’t think it’s glorified or sensationalized, either. Shaw is very matter-of-fact about the simulations, doesn’t go into too much detail, just gives Root enough information to understand.

And Root – Root is so desperate to save Shaw. She’s not threatening to kill herself because she truly can’t live without Shaw (though I’m sure some part of her feels that way in the moment). She’s threatening to kill herself because she thinks that it will keep Shaw alive, especially since Shaw has just told her that she’s the one person Shaw couldn’t kill in 7000 Samaritan simulations. She banks on Shaw’s inability to kill her and trusts her to put down the gun in order to save her one more time. 

It’s desperate and it’s ugly and it’s kind of manipulative but it’s also kind of beautiful and full of so much love that it makes me ache all over? She can see how much pain Shaw is in, can see how badly she’s been hurt, and she does the only thing she can to save her in that moment. 

Would Root have gone through with it if Shaw had shot herself? I honestly don’t know. I don’t think so. I think she’s too cognizant of the larger battle they’re fighting, of Samaritan and the Machine and all that hangs in the balance.

Root loves Shaw, absolutely, and I think their scenes reflect that. But I also think they reflect how smart Root is and how desperate. And don’t even get me started on Shaw and how much she loves this damn team, and Root in particular. It’s all fucking brilliant.