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Red and Gold

Hey guys! Here I am in this situation again. Because I am such a wonderful friend (sarcasm), I missed another birthday. This time, the wonderful Anika at @avengerofyourheart had her birthday, and I was not online…

To make that up to her, I am dedicating this fic to her, as we also celebrate the birthday of our one and only Tony Stark! I hope you like it sweetheart, and happy birthday! (I didn’t go into too much detail with the cake- I didn’t want to make any mistakes!!!)



You sat in your loungeroom, putting the final touches on the wrapping paper. The ribbon was being very stubborn, but so were you, and you finally managed to get it curled. You smiled at it with satisfaction.

Then you heard the ding of the oven, and you made your way to the kitchen, putting on your oven mitts, and removing the cake. You placed it on the rack to cool before icing it.

Today was Tony Stark’s birthday. It hadn’t snuck up on you like birthdays sometimes did, because he was talking about his big party a week in advance.

You would attempt to attend the party that night, but Bucky was still very much in a state of confusion, and you weren’t sure you wanted to be away from him. You thought about him down in the gym with Steve, and smiled. It had been less than a month since you had discovered that Bucky was still alive, and it was still strange to you. Wonderful, but strange.

The cake was ready. You carefully placed it into a container, making sure not to damage the arc reactor icing on the top, and pressed the lid on. Checking the time on the oven, you saw it was 2:30. Perfect.

You took up the cake and gift, and made your way out of the apartment, and up to Tony’s lab. He would still be in there at this time, even on his birthday. You nodded when you heard the sounds of his equipment, and a swear word enter your ear, confirming this.

You knocked awkwardly, trying not to upset the cake. Tony continued his work, so you waited patiently. He had heard you, he just needed a moment to finish whatever it was he was currently doing.

When the door opened, Tony’s face went from one of distracted concentration, to that of a smile. “(Y/N), what brings you here?”

“Well, I thought I’d wish you a happy birthday early,” you replied, lifting the cake and the gift slightly for emphasis.

“Thanks (Y/N)!” he replied, taking the wrapped gift you had held out for him. He ushered you inside, and carefully cleared a space at one of his cluttered work benches. He pulled a stool over for you, and you sat a little awkwardly on it, anxiety beginning to course through you. You were never good at this part.

Tony brought his own stool over, and smiled at you. You felt how happy he was, and your nerves eased slightly.

“Open it,” you prompted gently.

Tony looked at the gift for a moment, and then back at you. “Are you sure you don’t want me to wait until everyone else is here?”

You shook your head. “I prefer doing this sort of thing one on one. Besides, I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to… stay… at the party.”

Tony looked at you, understanding in his eyes. You were worried about the disappointment you were expecting to feel emanate from him, but that never came.

“I’m sorry, Tony. I’m such a bad friend,” you uttered.

“You aren’t a bad friend, (Y/N). You are an amazing friend, and a caring wife. And aside from those things, you must also be so confused about everything.”

Confused was probably a good word to use, but you didn’t confirm his assertion.

“Do you want me to postpone the party? I’m more than happy to,” Tony offered sincerely.

“Oh no, Tony, don’t do that! You’ve been looking forward to this! It’s your birthday!” You replied, frustrated that you had somehow managed to make things difficult, again.

“Alright. But, since you may not come, we’re having a little party together now, OK?”

“OK,” you smiled.

“JARVIS, could you play my party mix, please?” Tony asked.

Of course sir.

The music began to play, and Tony went back to his gift. Your nerves returned as he ripped the paper away. His face was still for a moment, before a large smile flashed across it.

“This looks really comfortable, (Y/N), thank you!” Tony exclaimed, holding the thick, wool jumper up to himself.

“Well, I figured this would be a gift that your elderly Auntie Barnes would make for you,” you replied. You could sense that he liked it, but you still felt silly about your reasoning.

“You made this?”

“Yeah, I made it. I used to knit and sew a lot when I was younger, especially during the war. I haven’t really done it since I woke up, but I guess I’ve still got it,” you explained, twiddling your fingers.

Tony looked at you in awe, and you could sense the affection, when he put the red and gold jumper on. He stood up, and posed like a model might.

“What do you think?”

“It looks wonderful on you, Tony!”

You were happy he liked it. While at first you had intended the gift as a joke, the further you progressed with it, the more you realised you were trying to give Tony a gift a family member might. You wanted him to feel warm and loved.

“Cake next, or dancing?” Tony asked, pulling you out of your reverie.

“Wait. How are we supposed to have cake in here?” You asked, looking around the lab.

“Well, I used to have a no food policy, but Bruce gets so cranky when he’s hungry, and we know how well that could go,” Tony explained, moving to a cupboard and opening it. Inside was a mini fridge, a microwave, a few plates, and some cutlery. “So I had all of this put in.”

He picked up two plates, a knife, and two forks, and returned to his stool. You slid the cake over to him, still in its container, and he pried the lid off, chuckling when he saw the arc reactor design. He looked at you, and raised his eyebrow.

“I was telling Pepper I was going to make you a cake, and she suggested this,” you explained with a small laugh.

“My god, she knows me,” he answered, cutting two slices of the cake as best he could with the knife.

“Wait, what about the wish?” You asked him.

“Oh, I don’t have any candles in here… I have a bunsen burner,” Tony thought out loud.

“Just make a wish. You don’t need fire for that,” you smiled.

“Alright, alright. I wish-”

“Not out loud! You think the wish.”

“Do you believe it’ll make a difference?”

“Not really,” you replied sheepishly. You weren’t sure how you felt about wishing. You had stopped believing a long time ago, but with Bucky back, you weren’t sure. “But it’s tradition.”

“Fine,” Tony huffed. He made his wish, silently, and then gave you a piece of cake. You chatted together as you ate, about all sorts of things.

When you had both finished, Tony stood and held his hand out to you. You looked at him, confused.

“It’s a party, (Y/N),” he sighed. “People dance at parties.”

“Right,” you answered.

You stood as well, and placed your hand in his. He pulled you close, and you danced together.

“Thank you, (Y/N),” Tony began. “Aside from the jumper, and cake, you’ve given me the best thing you possibly could today.”

“And what’s that?”

“You’ve made me feel… loved.”

“Of course you’re loved, Tony,” you replied, squeezing his shoulder gently as you kept dancing.

“Please don’t stop… making me feel that way.”

“I won’t.”

You both continued to dance, Tony holding you especially tight, when eventually JARVIS let you know that Bruce was coming. You ended your little party, and you hugged Tony, kissing him on the cheek. You wished you could say the words you longed to say. I love you. But you knew it would make him uncomfortable.

As you left, Tony told you it was ok if you wanted to skip his party that night. “You should be with Metal Man. Besides, I don’t think even my extravaganza tonight could top the party we just had.”

You smiled, thanked him, and left.

Later that night, as you sat with Bucky, helping him through a memory he thought he had, Steve got home from the party.

“How did it go?” You asked.

“Good, good. Loud. Oh, and he wore your jumper all night, (Y/N), and he wouldn’t take it off,” he replied.


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Bedtime (Steve, Tony, Natasha, and Bucky)

⚬Steve: You were a sweet little angel to him.  You calmed him down a good amount from you being around him.

A bath came first, including bubbles. You typically gave him a beard most nights. He would lean down and kiss you. “Daddy!” You giggled and shook your head when he did so. He rested his forehead on yours and pecked a kiss to your nose. “Love you Daddy.” You sweetly spoke before yawning. “I love you too, doll, so much.” He said before putting your pajamas on and bringing you to bed.

With good behavior meant another story, if you could stay awake. Steve would take out any story book or make up one to you. Either way you completely enjoyed it. He would use evil and happy voices during the story. Sometimes they included Peggy, Bucky, or some of the Avengers. You ask many questions during thesd stories. Some he would answer with full detail. Some with a vague summery. Some notnat all

Your dad would pull the blankets up to your shoulders, kiss you multiple times, and whispered, “I love you.” Then he would go to his room, knowing you were safe.


Tony had been incredibly different from Captain Rogers. Some nights you were lucky to have your dad tuck you in or say goodnight to you.

Nights that you really wanted your daddy, you make your way to his workshop and stand by the glass with a heartbroken  look. Somehow, Tony felt your stare. Your bottom lip would pop out more and you’d make little grabby hands at him. Your dad would stop, clean his hands, and lead you back to your room as, he held your hand.

“Okay, kid, get into bed.” He would say as you two got there. You obeyed and left your blankets down. “You weaken me up, you know that.” Tony smirked and raised the blankets on you. “Okay, I’m going to go back to work.” He said and started to walk. “Daddy!” You called and he came back to you. “You didn’t tell me a story.” You whined.

He sighed and sat in a nearby chair. “There’s was once this girl called Goldilocks and there were three bears-” “And a chair was broken, a porage was eaten, and she fell asleep in baby bear’s bed.” You complained. “Okay, so you know that story.” Tony concluded. You huffed and did the best eye roll you could do.  Then, Tony told you a kid version of some Avengers battle. Once he thought you were asleep, he would go to your door. “Daddy,” you whispered and he paused, “I love you.” You would finish. “Love you too, Y/N.” He say before going back to his workshop.


She dedicated every chance she got to give to you. It was a little too much of protection at times, but you loved the attention from her.

Natasha made sure you would fall asleep. Especially when you would act up to try to stay awake or to make sure she wouldn’t leave you. That was your greatest fear. Losing her, whenever she was hom and you woke up in the middle of the night, you would sneak into her room. You weren’t prone to nightmares, you just wanted to stay with her and make sure she was still real and there. You wanted her while she was still home.

Even though she abandoned all of her Russian ways, she would sing you a lullabies in the language. You would try your hardest to stay awake and listen to her lovely voice, but it was so lulling. The nights that your struggling to stay awake was working, Natasha would slowly start to sway and rock you.

“Mama, Mama, don’t go.” You whimpered when she laid you down in the bed. “Not yet.” You yawned when she tucked your body under the blankets. “I’m not going anywhere soon, Y/n.” She would say. You grabbed her hand, contact was important to you. You made sure she wasn’t part of a dream. “I love you. Sweet dreams my love.” She would kiss your forehead before slipping away to her bedroom while you slept for the moment.


He was more protective and hovering around you during this time. Bucky didn’t want you to leave his sight.

Around a half hour after dinner, you would start to yawn. Then, you would lay your head on his lap, getting comfortable on him. He sighed and wrapped his metal arm under your thighs and his flesh one up your back and to support your head when he picked you up. You quietly whined. “Shh, doll.” Bucky whispered to you and kissed your forehead.

You tightened your arms around his neck as he carried you to your bedroom. You would lazily help him change you into your pajamas. “Papa,” you muttered and latched back on him. No, you didn’t mind his hovering or protectiveness. “Not tired.” You told him. He chuckled, “Is that why you laid your head on me?” You nodded. He snickered and laid you on your bed, giving you your favorite stuffed animal (or baby blanket.) Bucky gave you a small smile before putting four blankets on top of you. He never wanted his doll to get cold in the night.

“Papa,” you innocently spoke, “Brooklyn story.” You finished with a slight slisp. “You heard them all already, doll.” He replied. “Pwease, I wove them.” You added a pout and a flutter of eyelashes, Aunt Nat taught you well. “Okay,” he gave in and you cheered quietly and snuggled your stuffed animal (or baby blanket.) You never got to the end, but you knew your papa was the hero.

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saeran--choi’s [aka jen’s] recommended fics

so if you all didn’t know yet, before i posted my own peter parker inserts/imagines on here, i read A LOT of peter parker x readers and have amassed quite a lot of favorites and saved links on my phone. Now this is by no means ALL OF THE STORIES that I’ve read, but were namely the ones that inspired me TO WRITE. I wish i could post all 200+ stories I have saved on my phone, but I can’t do that despite how much I want to give every author the recognition they deserve </3

Without any more stalling, let’s get down to it, shall we??

The Girl Across the Hall [1|2] || @toms-spidey {{omg i know i already mentioned her stellar story [[don’t let me go]], BUT HHHH THIS TWO SHOT RIGHT HERE IS SOME GOOD SHIT GOOD SHIT LIKE DAMN I ADORE HER WRITING SO MUCH???}}

Last First Kiss [1|2] || @intheheartoftomholland {{this story right here had the perfect amount of angst and fluff, like, it’s so good and I find myself re-reading it when i’m in the mood for some heartache ;w;}}

Late Night Kiss Series [part 1] || @thespideyimagines {{this writer was also one of the writers that REALLY inspired me to write my own peter parker imagines!! she does a hella excellent job with like describing emotions such as yearning and heartache??? [not like that] is also a really good story, but it made me cry so much bc of its angst hhhhh ;n;

Paintings and Ramblings [oneshot] || @buckys-fossil {{nOW IF YOU READ [NOT LIKE THAT] AND NEEDED SOME FLUFFY STUFF TO HEAL YOUR HEART, THEN THIS IS THE PERFECT ANTIDOTE FOR HEARTACHE!! It has everything that I want in a perfect Peter Parker fic, and I won’t give away much other than the fact that Peter plays as Reader’s ‘’sort of’’ secret admirer in this fic, and I’m a sucker for secret admirer romances ;w;}}

Teen Romance Flick 101 / Too Young To Feel This Way || @v-writings {{this is pretty much a legendary story, and one that makes me strive to be a better writer 。゚(TヮT)゚。 the amount of detail the writer puts in both stories makes it all the more real to me, and I just love the dash of angst the author includes in her stories (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و}}

Home For Christmas [oneshot] || @misswinchester221b {{this was so perfect and fluffy! it was very sweet and i just adored how the writer made my heart melt at the end of the story 。゚(TヮT)゚。}}

You’re My Gift [oneshot] || @avengersfictionxreader {{the fluffiest holiday fic with the dorkiest spiderboy, what more could you ask for??}}

Secret [oneshot]] || @xxemoji-ogxx {{this one i have –admittedly– read over and over again, and i’m super happy to be friends with this author because she’s so sweet ;w; it’s one of those classic ‘best friends to lovers’ stories with a dash of spiderman saving the day and it is SO WELL DONE!!}}

and that completes my list !! let me know if the links lead to the wrong story and what not and I’ll fix it because I REALLY WANT YOU GUYS TO READ ALL OF THE STORIES THAT I MENTIONED??? They’re all so good, and if it wasn’t for these amazing authors and their inspirational stories, i honestly would not have been brave enough to writing anything on tumblr at all 。゚(TヮT)゚。

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hello!! i love your art so much! and umm, i was wondering if you had updated brush settings? i noticed in your videos you were using a different brush than what you had before.. i wanted to try and practice painting in your style (if you're okay with that ofc!) bcus i always do thick lines and cell shading.. wanted to learn a more painted style and you're a huge inspiration to me ;;

hi! aw, thank you so much! my “technique” is pretty awful and time-consuming, honestly, i wouldn’t wish it on anyone, lol. if you are still interested, i use 3ish brushes.

some background: i use paint tool sai. my pen stabilizer is either on 15 or S-2. i paint on one layer. i hardly use filters or fancy layer effects.

1) my main brush. i use it 90% of the time: lineart, coloring, painting, everything. it’s quite scratchy, but i’m super comfortable with it…

1.5) my main brush, but rounder/cleaner. i almost never use this…but if you find the above brush to be too rough for your liking, i recommend this one.

2) my blending brush. this is a new brush for me! i think it’s totally changed the way i paint, too. i use it a lot for eyes, skin, and hair. it only seems to work when the colors you are blending are on the same layer.

3) my “drawr” brush. i made this brush to slightly emulate how drawr brushes are like. i made it so that the weight of the line stays the same no matter how much pressure you put on it. i use it for lineart/sketching, minor details (eyes), and for writing text.

hope this helps!

• sing into my heart

nonnie requested: Could you do a riverdale/flash imagine where the reader is a part of Josie and the pussycats as the guitarist and Barry (he goes to a different high school) and his school go to riverdale (maybe for a football game or something) and he sees the reader perform and kind of falls in love with her performance outfit might have something to do with that (the ones that were used in the I feel love performance) and he asks her out afterwards sorry if this is way too much detail

A/N: Nah, I need as much detail as I could get so I know to get a crossover right so thanks for the fill in. Please pretend that Riverdale and Central City are in the same state for the sake of this imagine. This is interesting as I never thought of putting Riverdale and The Flash together and this also an au kind of as Barry will be of high school age ( I will never, ever write something similar to Miss Grundy & Archie because that’s just wrong and gross. ) so no super powered Barry or anyone from S.T.A.R labs in this but you do get a shot of Iris and Joe in this. Here’s the link to the song that is playing as it’s from the 2001 movie Josie & The Pussycats that I never seen but hope you enjoy! Please give me feedback if you’d like to see crossovers! Ships and requests are closed for the time being until I get caught up.

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           » Relationship(s): Barry Allen & Reader (crushing) «

[Link to Song ]

You had a smile plastered on your face as Valerie helped you with your costume after you helped with her’s before putting on the signature cat eared headband. You were a member of Josie & The Pussycats as the guitarist and backup singer as today you were performing an away game in Central City, way different than your small town of Riverdale. Even luckier to being able to perform at the game so you were a bundle of nerves while stepping on stage, nodding off to Josie that you were ready as you began to play a few chords on your F/C electric guitar.

I’m a punk rock prom queen
Brown paper magazine
Hotter than you’ve ever seen
Everywhere and between
I’m a ten ticket thrill ride
Don’t you wanna come inside?
Five star triple threat
Hardest of the hard to get
No one’s little red corvette
Ain’t seen nothing like me

You sang into the microphone as back up for Josie, you didn’t notice a boy watching you in awe that boy being Barry Allen. Barry didn’t really want come to a football game since it wasn’t really his thing but Iris and Joe insisted that he come and do this thing called being out there. He didn’t want to be out there and wanted to stay home to watch his scfi movies until he noticed you and your group going on stage to sing. Iris nudged him a little as he looked down at his foster sister, “That’s Josie and the Pussycats. I’ve heard they do this quite a bit of their games back in Riverdale.” She says in a hush whisper as he nods slowly, watching you still while you strummed on your guitar to the song. Admiring your S/C flesh in the leopard print outfit with a black choker around your neck as your hair was done in your signature style with cat ears on top, bobbing your head slightly while you sang along with Josie.

I’m your late night head rush
Ace high royal flush
Red velvet orange crush
You just don’t impress me much
A glossy, double cover spread
Opened up inside your head
A black cherry paradise
Half the sugar, twice the spice
I don’t wanna treat you nice
Come on baby roll the dice!

You had your eyes open for most of the time as you looked up to see Barry was looking at you from the crowd like most of everyone, knowing he was probably from Central City since everyone knew everyone in Riverdale. Swaying your hips to the song and flashing a smile at the brown haired male before winking slightly to be subtle. You were about to reach the end of the song soon so maybe you could talk to him, hopefully if Josie was alright with it. Music was your life at a young age from your aunt raising you who loved singing even though she wasn’t the best, she saw your gift and told you about to Mayor McCoy as your aunt worked under her. Mayor McCoy soon introduce you to her daughter as you became friends with her as well as Val and Melody through singing at sleepovers before making it turn into a band. Mayor McCoy always thought you girls had talent and was always excited to introduce you guys on stage or to simply watch you from the talent show.

It took 6 whole hours
And 5 long days
4 all your lies to come undone
And those 3 small words
Were way 2 late
‘Cause you can’t see that I’m the 1!

Josie finished as everyone roared and applauded your performance as you went off stage before getting congratulated by Betty, Ronnie, and who knew, Cheryl too. You pulled off your guitar from the strap as someone tapped your shoulder as you turn to see the boy who stared at you from the crowd. “Um, hello. Do I know you?”

“Afraid not but my name is Bartholo–I mean Barry! Barry Allen. And you are? By the way um great performance out there it was amazing.” He seemed to fumbled his words around as you smiled at him, he was really cute.

“Y/N L/N, or YN/N. Nice to meet you, Barry. And thanks I guess.” You say as you were about to go meet up with the other girls of your band before he caught your arm as you turned to him again, “Yes?”

“Would you go on a date with me Y/N?”  

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Hi there. I want my MC to hack or manipulate either a phone into exploding and setting off the fire alarm, or somehow set of the fire alarm. Basically I need the building to evacuate without there being an actual fire, or not one that my MC doesn't remotely cause. Is there any way that I can have that happen? Thanks

Oooh, distraction time! Don’t Try This at Home (or anywhere else for that matter). I’m also not going to go too much into detail in case some clever little bugger decides they want to set off the fire alarm and go home from school early by setting off an exploding phone.

That said, let’s get started.

There’s always setting off a smoke-bomb to trigger the fire alarm, even put it on a timer and hide it in something innocuous, but I don’t suppose that’s quite what you’re looking for if you’ve come here.

Now, did you ever hear about the Samsung exploding battery stink? It was all over the media for a while, got banned on planes and all sorts of fun stuff, ended with a recall (two, actually) to fix the issues. This could very well fill your author needs, especially if your MC has access to the phone beforehand and at least a basic understanding of electricity.

One of the problems with the Samsung battery was the positive and negative terminals of the battery degraded quickly, and shorted out the battery circuit. When this happens, the entire voltage of the battery flows through the resistance of just the path between the terminals and the internal resistance of the battery itself. Long story short, high current flows through the battery’s internal resistance causing rapid heating, which causes gasses to build up, pressure to build up, eventually leading to a lovely dangerous kaboom.

Your character could take advantage of this and, with a little technical knowhow, rig up a system that would short the phone’s battery on command. It would probably take a few seconds to get going, but your character would probably test this beforehand to see how long it takes and decide if it fits their needs. Scientific method, people.

Originally posted by sciencesideoftamblr

Getting in and tampering with the phone, your MC could create a new path in the complex circuit that is their phone. This path would basically amount to a switch that, when power is applied in the correct way, connects the terminals of the battery and causes the short. This switch could be a transistor, a solenoid, or anything that brings the terminals of the battery into permanent contact somehow. Hook the other end of this new path into a part of the phone that is only given electricity in any great amount at certain times, and viola.

With this setup, your MC could call the phone, set an alarm (specific time or length of time), or do any number of things to trigger the short. Place the phone well, and the fire alarm will probably go off.

Your MC could also just tamper with one of the fire alarm switch housings in the same manner, creating a switch that closes and sets off the alarm upon a set of conditions being met, get a small timing circuit driven by a ten-cent timer IC and a battery. This would mean having enough access to one of these housings to figure that out, however. It’s probably fairly self evident but it is worth mentioning that tampering with or falsely activating safety systems is illegal. Don’t do this.

Of course, your MC would have to be very careful or they’ll be caught when the burned phone is found and the cops called. Fingerprints, a stray hair, the various unique numbers associated with the phone, the sim card (and more), all relatively trackable.

And seriously, don’t try this at home. C’mon, people.



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Why Do you ship Charioce x Nina? PS: i ship them 😍

Because of that undeniable natural attraction between Charioce and Nina. 
That’s definitely one of my favorite things about this blooming relationship.

I have loved so far how subtle has been, or sometimes well remarked that has been the anime with this factor more than once. We have some unplanned meetings that have been the triggers of some beautiful scenes that we have seen more than once if we are true fans of this couple.

And on the another hand, we have the little details put in a very successful way to show us “the beginning” for the progress we’re all waiting for.

Charioce was that first person for Nina. She had for the first time a different feeling around someone that she never had seen before in her life.

And it seems she wasn’t the only one, Charioce too.

They are constantly chasing each other.

As you can see, with a few episodes I have enough stuff to realize that the thing between them surpasses too much a mere attraction of the moment. The feeling of “I want to know more about this person” is good enough to keep me in the expectation of knowing how far their small love story comes.


dat-profound-bond-tho said // Castiel in 18

send me a character and a number and i will draw it

[Mark] Racing Hearts (Chapter 2)

All Chapters

Disguise. It doesn’t have to be elaborated, or complete. People car so much about you, that you only have to change a detail for them to think you’re a totally different person. Thanks to that detail, I make my way inside the school without anyone stopping me. I get into my suit, grab my helmet and walk outside towards the circuit. No one noticed. No one never notice, except when they know you too well.

Right before I can put my helmet on to completely hide my face, my eyes meet with one of the gorillas’ next to me. Shit. I try to take a step away from him. He freezes for a second and frowns, before his face falls in realization. Shitty crap fuck.

“Hey!” He calls after me.

“Damn it!” I curse, bolting away in the direction of the garage, hoping I can get into my car before he can catch me. But he does, getting a hold of my arm before I can even run a foot. Despite all my resistance, my writhing and struggling, the gorilla drags me away from the track into the building, and then up to where Kam’s office used to be.

When he pushes me inside the office, I almost forget about my rage. The place had been redecorated. The floor, the walls, everything smells like money. The two broken windows have been replaced by three huge ones, and the desk has tripled in size. Everything is covered with pictures of him, every cupboard has a trophy on it, or a magazine cover with his face on it. And he’s there, at the desk, in civilian clothes, arms crossed over his chest, sitting back in his leather chair. His stare is impassible as he eyes me from head to do. He still had a cut on the corner of his mouth. I smile do myself, proud of my right hook.

I’m going to jump him.

I will break his fucking face, and career.

“Thank you, gentleman.” He says to the gorilla, who lets my arm go.  He exits without a word, and I accompany him with a glare even though he can’t see me.

“You dyed your hair blond to get in.” Tuna observes, pulling my eyes back to him. He has his chin up in a pensive manner.

“It worked.”

“Sit down.”

“Fuck you.” I scoff. Who the fuck does he think he is? He’s trying to order me around? Do I look like his submissive brunette?

“You are banned from this place, you do understand that, right?” He articulates, leaning forward and putting his forearms on the desk.


“Then why are you here?”

“Because I don’t care.” I retort, because duh. And I am done explaining myself. I reach for the doorknob and hear him sigh, then his chair screeches as it slides back. I look back at him, and he’s standing, anger in his eyes.

« Listen, Sivan- or whatever your name is. » He starts, circling his desk. “You want to race so bad? Race me. I win, you get the fuck out of here and you never show up again.” He says once he’s right in front of me. I have to tilt my head back to hold his gaze, but it doesn’t make me less confident. In fact, I was waiting for this moment.

“I win and you give Kameron the place back.” I propose. He laughs at me. He actually does, as if I was some naïve young girl.

“Deal.” He agrees, and I love how he underestimates me. It’ll only make him more surprised and angry when I win.


“I’m the US champ, and you’re nobody. This is basically already over.” He tells me as we both step out of the lockers at the same time. He’s changed in his dark blue suit, his helmet tucked under his arm.

“You really have no idea who I am.” I observe. It’s only better that he doesn’t know me.

“You’re pretentious enough to think I should, which means you’ve been somebody before.” He calculates as we walk onto the track, the sun hitting so hard it almost blinds me.

“But that also means you’re rusty.” He adds. Ah. I don’t react to that.

“Four laps. Let’s go. I have a press conference in two hours.” He prompts, his face disappearing under his helmet. I put mine on, my heart starting to beat a little faster. The adrenaline rush is only starting.

I’m not nervous. Excited. And maybe scared. I’m not scared I’ll lose, because I won’t, but I’m scared I’ll get hurt while doing so.

Frankly, seeing his face as I take the school back isn’t worth breaking any kind of bone. 

Inside my Bugatti, I realize I’m still totally not used to her. Half of a parade lap is all I got to do with her. This is a disadvantage: I don’t know my car. But it’s not that different from any other car; I can overcome it.

I join the starting line and he pulls up next to me. I don’t glance in his direction: because one, I wouldn’t see him, and two, I need to focus.

I make the motor roar once, twice, before a loud voice comes and disturb me.

“Sivan!” Xav yells in the microphone.

“This is the second time you take the wheel in ten years, and you want to race?! The US champ?!“ He shouts, and I know I should be shitting myself because angry Xav is something- and maybe I am, but I can’t let him ruin my start.

“Sivan!” He calls when I don’t answer.

Some student gives us the signal, and I speed away like a rocket. He overtakes me in no time, but that doesn’t mean I messed up, at all. I’m right behind him, and I know this baby has more to give. 

I’m just right behind him, fast and determined. One lap. Two laps. I let him think he’s winning.

Manipulation. Manipulating your opponent while playing poker, while having a conversation, while playing monopoly is easy. Manipulating him with my car is better.

Third lap. He must be jubilating. I speed up gear four. 

Fourth lap.

I see him move to the left to get on his geometric line at the start of the corner. His cornering technique is basic, classical. He leaves his left open, thinking I wouldn’t dare come in because no one can take a corner that way.

No one except me.

I dive into the opening at too speed, give a little swing to the left and pull my handbrake for a fraction of a second. The back of my car makes a comma that forces him to swing to the right. In a blink of an eye, my handbrake is pushed down and I’m speeding away again, while he tried to avoid the fence.

I won.

I cross the finish line a few seconds later, whooping and screaming in joy, not only because I beat him, but because I raced again after such a long time. I still got!

Rusty? My ass!

As I slow down, I’m more aware of the erratic speed of my heartbeat. I am so fucking excited. I can’t feel my legs. I open my door and take my helmet off, panting. My legs wobbly, I use my arms to pulls myself out of the car. The students on the side of the road are applauding. Xav and Kam are running towards me.

I fucking won this race.

I can hear my heart in my chest and in my brain, and my legs are shaking, but I won. I don’t have any strength left, but I won.


I collapse to the floor, and darkness closes in. 


I feel groggy and sleepy and tired. I’m slightly aware that I’m moving, and that I fainted.


I convince my eyes open, slowly blinking up to register my surroundings. Uncle Kam is towering above me with a worried look, and I’m aware I’m lying down in a moving vehicle. There’s a paramedic next to him, watching in silence and checking my vitals. Everything comes back to me: the race, and the fainting, but most of all, the victory against this arrogant kid, Mark Tuna.

“Hi.” I smile sleepily at him. My head hurts but I feel good. I feel fantastic. I beat him, this douchebag. And I got my home back.

“How are you feeling?” Kam asks me, slipping his hand in mine and squeezing it.

“Hella good, Kam. I did it.” I mumble. “Did you see me out there? Did you see his face at the end? I didn’t. I bet he was-“

“Shhhhh.” He coos, bringing a hand up to caress my hair. I really do feel sleepy but I want to celebrate.

“You went too far too soon, Sivan.” Kam scolds softly. “You still got it, yes. But you’re not ready yet.” He says. Why isn’t he happy? Why aren’t we throwing a party?

“I got the track back.” I remind him. He kisses my hand.

“And I thank you for that.” He murmurs.

“But no more until I say so, okay?”


After a good nap in the ambulance, the doctors put me in a room so I can rest and so they can run some tests. I already know I just had a hard time coming down from this adrenaline rush, but a little bit attention doesn’t hurt anyone. Xav and Elijah join me at the hospital, and while we are chatting, Mark Tuna barges in like an angry bull.

He’s wearing his off-track clothes again and a furious facial expression. He’s out of breath, as if he had run to get there.

“Who the fuck are you?!” He asks me. I smile smugly.

He’s furious because I beat him, because he underestimated me, because I’m a woman who does better than the US champ, because I go the school back, because he knows he’s a worthless idiot and I’m the one who wins.

If he wasn’t so much of a dick, I could find him hot, glaring at me like that, storming inside as if he was ready to trample everything. But he is that much of a dick. Really.

“Did you come to say hi? So kind of you.” I beam at him, to make him rage even more. He exhales through his noise like a bull. I sit up and clear my throat.

“Sivan O’shea, triple world champion.” I introduce myself, and watch his face fall as realization dawns on him. This is amazing.

“And a little bit rusty.” I had, mirroring his words. “How does it feel to be banned now, tough guy?” I ask, proud of myself.

“He’s not.” Kam says quietly.

“What?” I whirl my head towards him, almost snapping my neck, my eyes wide and my brows furrowed. “Why?”

“I owe him a lot. I was this close to closing the school when he arrived. Things weren’t the same since you had left.” He says softly, and my heart sinks a little bit. I had no idea he had almost gone bankrupt because of me. But I refuse to believe that asshole saved him.

“He also has talent; he’s the US champion, that’s always good to take. I believe you two will find a way to cohabit.” Xav chimes in. I did this for nothing? I raced until my body couldn’t take it anymore to get him out of my way and now we have to cohabit?

“You mean I’ll eat her alive.” He challenges, and I shoot him a death glare. He has his arms crossed over his chest, his lips jutted out in what almost is a sulky pout. He’s not banned, yet he’s not smiling. Even this kind of victory doesn’t make him smile.

“You really don’t know who you’re talking to, dickhead.” I spit back. The door opens again, and it’s the submissive brunette. She’s wearing short shorts, a tank top and heels.

“Mark, we have to go.” She purrs, putting he manicured hand in the crease of his elbow. He barely acknowledges her, but gets moving. I scoff, slumping back on my bed.

“Oh, and this color looks horrible on you.” He informs me before walking away. I know I’m not meant to be blond, but I needed to get in. Who does he think he is anyway? I never asked for his opinion. Dickhead.

Gender/Cosplay Q

Someone asked the other day something along the lines of “is it okay to cosplay Venus (from We Know The Devil) if you’re cis” and here is a long answer because this is complex (Venus is canonically a closeted trans woman(also I wrote it)).

So I fundamentally have a problem with the whole premise? It makes me so uncomfortable to think that someone might be forced to answer—to themselves or anyone else—their birth assignment or whether they are cis or trans under pretty much any circumstance, let alone because they wanted to cosplay a character they felt a connection with. The politics of outside policing of identity are frequently horrendous anyway, but also obviously I think people should not have to feel like they are committing to something just by the way they dress. If it felt unsafe for people dipping their toes in gender feelings to cosplay a canonical closeted trans woman, the irony is almost too painful for me to imagine? Because not just trans women have feelings in common with Venus, and not everyone who is a trans woman and empathizes with Venus experiences gender the same way. So it’s fine! No pressure. 

I honestly worry a little like I’m already putting too much pressure on cosplayers with this very detailed answer, but the idea that there might be a closeted trans woman being either told by others or telling herself she can’t cosplay a closeted trans woman because she doesn’t think she’s trans enough or thinks she’s too cis is so horrifying a thought I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. A truth can be ambiguous; protecting that liminal space protects people. (One of my friends responded to this by saying “Venus is exactly the sort of person who would ask this question.”) Protect Venus, imo.

(As an aside, I the author, don’t have any special authority that can be relied on for moral correctness or protection—no author does, when you make a work it’s out there in the world. Authors can be pretty wrong about their own work! If what I say has any worth, it’s on its own merits, not because I wrote the We Know The Devil. This feels important to add, as someone who sees word of the author used as a blunt instrument to shut down discourse.)

This article made me so sad. My parents got married right before the civil war in El Salvador. My dad came here in 1979, right before my brother was born. He looked for a job for six months in San Diego, before his sister found him something in New York. He found an apartment and worked for 3 years. My mother would write him and tell him about the bodies that littered the porch and yard almost every night. He saved enough money to go back to El Salvador, hire a couple of coyotes and bring my mother and brother home.

My mom had no idea he was coming. She was hanging laundry and my brother was playing with his toys when my father showed up. “It’s time to go,” he said. My mother looked at him and the two men with him. She nodded. This was real. She scooped up my brother and barely had time to say goodbye to her family before they were on their way.

They made it to Guadalajara by bus, the most luxurious leg of their trip. They made the rest of their way by foot. My mom, my dad, the coyotes, and my brother who was only 3 at the time.

They made their way through desert and jungle, mostly at night. There’s one part of the story my mom tells over and over, recalling every detail like it was yesterday. They had reached a cliff that dropped about 20 feet. The only way around it was to jump it. My mom, having carried my brother most of the way put him down as she watched one of the coyotes and my dad jump. “Jump,” the other one said to her. “No. No. I’ll go back. This is too much. I’d rather go back,” she was frightened but she did not cry. “This is your only choice,” the man told her. “I am not jumping that with my son. Leave. I’ll go back.” The man stared at her. She was serious. In one swift motion, he picked my brother up, jumped the cliff and took off, past my father and the other man. My mom did not hesitate. Next thing she knew, she was tackling the coyote and taking her son back. “It was the only way to get you to jump,” the man said.

Crossing the actual border was easy. There was a hole underneath the fence that they all crawled through. From there, they ran for what my mother says felt like forever. Through people’s yards, past their barking dogs, until they came to a truck. They piled in, along with others who were also being smuggled in. The drive was long. I’m not sure how long they stayed in the house where they were being hidden, or how they were able to get on a plane, but they made it to San Diego airport. My dad bought my brother a little toy car before they got on the plane to New York. My brother says this is the first thing he remembers.

I think a lot about this story and what my parents went through to get here. I think a lot about what life must have been like back in El Salvador. My mother tells me about a little girl who went missing, only to be found buried upside down in the ground, her legs sticking out, and a pole jammed between them. It was a real life nightmare, and even though the war is over, gangs have taken over. Not much has really changed.

The people who come to this country, especially from Central America, see the US as their only hope. If they stay where they are, they die. They can come here, and they might die on the way, but there is hope that they won’t. That’s it. Their choices are die or maybe die. And IF they actually get here, it’s only to find that they’re not actually wanted here. No one wants to help them, they can’t find work, they are literally illegal. Imagine someone telling you your entire life and presence is illegal. You are not worth anything, not even your life. You left a life of fear for a life of new fears. Fear of being caught, fear of being found, accompanied by the still too familiar fear of dying. Their idea of The American Dream was a lie.

My parents and my brother are all United States citizens now. They are hard-working, tax-paying American citizens. My mother probably knows more about American History than anybody reading this. But she still doesn’t speak English too well, and since she doesn’t wear her certificate of citizenship around her neck, people will still think that she should go back to where she came from.

“Go back to where you came from. Go back to your life of fear, of hopelessness and nothing. Go back to probably die.”

Fuck you.

mental-reject  asked:

Part 1: Oops. I think it cut off I'll send in parts. Hope it doesn't become a problem. Can all of them try to kiss at once?? (Reference to ask someone made ages ago). Or pationate kisses to everyone because we saw Norman and Wirt already.

(I just imagine one of them is not gonna pull away because It’s so good, and then they nearly pass out from lightheaded ness, or they get drunk off it (like a love high. Sorry. Just my fanfic loving mind talking). Or if It’s not too much to ask, both somehow?? Idk. I know It’s a lot. I’m just dead of happiness from all of them. Best couple. Relationship goals all the way. ((I sat straight through and read the whole thing and jshdgsjn I just can’t put ino words how much I love every little detail <3 You’re just amazing!!)). I’M SO SORRY FOR INCONVENIENCE 

(It’s not an inconvenience at all!! Thank you for sending in an ask! I’m happy to see that you’re enjoying the blog!!!)

[Wirt] As for a passionate kisses… Norman nearly died from embarrassment the last time I gave him one, and Dipper’s probably not ready for one in the slightest. I mean, come on, he literally fell off the roof when it finally sunk in that we were dating!

To Cuddle Or To Not Cuddle - Owen Grady One Shot

I’m so sorry this is really short, I tried to put as much detail as I could think of adding.

Lately things had been very crazy at the park, there was about three weeks before the park reopened from the maintenance closure. 

At the moment you were busy filling out paper work because one of the dinosaurs at the gentle giants pen attempted to bite and charged at one of the new interns. And with you being their trainer all of the shitty paper work and forms got dumped on you.

“Baaabbeeee,”Owen groaned from the other room.
"Come and cuddle with me! You’re working way too hard, and besides you have the day off tomorrow!”
“Claire needs these in by tomorrow, Owen. And this week I haven’t even had the chance to put my name on it.”
“I know, but who cares if it’s late by a day or two. Hell, if you come cuddle with me now I’ll help you fill it out after!”
“I doubt it! If the both of us work on it we won’t get anywhere. I’m better off working on it on my own.”
“No buts, Owen. I really need to get this done." 
“Okaaayyy. My offer is still on the table.”

Sighing, you put your head in your hands and glanced at the pile of paper that needed to be filled out. You had gotten yourself a little less than half way in so you concluded that it was pointless to stop now. 

You had been filling out papers for at least another hour and a half and were slowly coming to an end, but it would still take awhile to complete everything, and then double check them all. Considering Owens offer you might be able to finish it and still get a good nights sleep.

"One more page and I’ll ask Owen.” You muttered to yourself.

Coming up to the last place you had to fill in you checked the time on your phone. 

1:17 AM

Groaning internally you contemplated continuing or going to bed and cuddling with Owen. You had been working hard and cuddling with Owen was something you didn’t want to miss.

“Owen can you come - You know what! Fuck it! I give up!” You yelled throwing your hands against the table.
“Make some fucking room, Grady.” You said stomping down the hallway, hearing Owen laugh at your sudden outburst of anger. 

Throwing the door open to the bedroom you closed your eyes and proceeded to blindly throw yourself on the bed.

“I don’t know why I declined your offer in the first place.”
“Me neither, love.” Owen said, pulling your body closer to his.
“This is so, so much better than signing stupid papers and shit.”
“Mhmm.” Placing a kiss on your forehead he snickered as you draped your leg over his.

“You’ll still help me tomorrow, right?” You hopefully asked.
“Of course, anything for my little worker bee.”
“Don’t ever call me that again. It makes me sound like a stripper.”
“You can definitely move like one though.”
“Whatever. I need sleep and you do too. But when we finish the paperwork tomorrow I promise we’ll have some fun.”

Leaving Owen alone with his imagination you turned your back to his front and closed your eyes, hoping to get some decent rest.

Writing Planner

1.- Finish that one request that has been untouched for a while now, I had run into a wall and couldn’t find a way for me to get rid of it but I have finally found a way and it’s ready to be continued.

2.- Re-write Emma’s first chapter, I have just noticed that it was all over the place, a fear of mine is overwriting and putting too much focus into little details that people may find useless, but because of that the story seemed really forced, and I need to change that.

Also I was afraid that if I didn’t mention any of the Winchesters or something SPN related the first episode no one was going to read it, but I have decided that I owe Emma a good backstory, I need to pay more attention to her life and I NEED TO CHANGE HER PERSONALITY; when I first imagined her, I thought of her as a perfect mixture between Bobby’s personality, Dean’s and Spencer’s, but instead I wrote her as this emotionless, yet scared little woman, which was never my intention for her.

That’s why I’m going to be changing her story, it’s all going to make so much more sense, I promise.

3.- A Jared x Reader fic, all I have to say is that Jared catches the reader doing a “Soulmate” quiz with the male characters of Gilmore Girls and the results aren’t the ones he expected. Just goofy and fluffy business hehe

The Ackermystery

Gagh, this thing. There are so many different ways you interpret everything and all the nit-picky details are all really important and too easy to miss. But I’ll give it my take. 

What we do know is this:

  • Mikasa and Kenny are definitely Ackermans. If the Ackerman family was persecuted then it doesn’t make sense for Mikasa to openly use that surname unless she actually is one. We see Kenny talking to his grandpa, talking about loads of Ackerman business and generally seeming pretty much in the loop, at least back then.
  • Levi is 99.9% an Ackerman. I didn’t put him in the category up there because technically we only have Kenny’s word that he is one, and Kenny is not someone whose word you would trust implicitly. But it’s taken for granted in the manga that he is, and as he has no reason to lie to Mikasa - and if he did he would be out of character and far-fetched - we know he experienced that ‘power’ waking up in him at some point, so he probably isn’t mistaken in his surname.
  • The Ackerman family were once right-hand soldiers of the royal family. When the king decided to mind-wipe the entire populace was when the Ackermans began to be persecuted, roughly. 
  • This was because they were immune to the mind-wipe. They rebelled, and so were tracked down and picked off by the royal family by way of the Military Police. This continued well into Kenny’s time, whittling down the Ackermans until there are only three presumed Ackermans known to be alive at this point in the series.
  • At some point in their life, every known Ackerman except Grandpa Ackerman has said they’ve experienced a moment which is described as an unknown power awakening in them, triggered by stress or trauma.

This is a fair bit to be aware of by SNK standards, but it still leads to an awful lot of speculation. This speculation I shall put below the read more break because this post is getting long.

Keep reading

principle-speaker asked: Do u know of any books that are like “American Psycho” by Bret Easton Ellis? Thanks!

I believed I tagged you in the post I made yesterday about serial killers, so I would definitely check that one out for some adding books! But here are some others that I think you may enjoy! Also one duplicate because Anthony Burgess relates too much to both in my opinion! :)

Not all of these are psychos/sociopaths…some I put just because they get into the mind of someone in an interesting way! Send me a message or comment if you wanted a more detailed reason of why I chose what I did! Unreliable narrators can be so much fun!

1. A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

2. Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh

3. Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk 

4. Lolita by Vladimir Nabakkov

5. Kill Your Friends by John Niven

6. The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks

Thanks for the question! Happy reading!


anonymous asked:

So I have this funny little headcanon, wherein both Oliver and Felicity figure out Jon's from the future and the other person's kid, but they don't realize he's also their own kid. So they end up pining a lot over the other person, because Jon's great, really great, and he needs to exist, which means Oliver and Felicity shouldn't be together, right? 'Course, Jon catches on pretty quickly and proceeds to bang his head against a wall because his parents? Are hopeless.

Ok, I giggled over this for a long damn time.

Perhaps Jon comes clean with the team - I’m from 2044, I’m the next Arrow, and I know you both - but he leaves out a few crucial details. To Oliver: “You’re my… mentor, I guess. You taught me to shoot.”

To Felicity: “You’re my boss. And you Watchtower for me, just like you did for him.”

To Dig: “Also my boss. Your wife too. Oh, shit, sorry, are you guys not remarried yet?”

But Oliver and Felicity each keep noticing the weirdly intense similarities between Jon and the other one, and the way he cares about them much, much more than for a boss or mentor… and they put the pieces together. But they’re terrified to ask who the other parent is.

Tommy learns this particular truth first (absentlyabbie​ and I were talking it over). When he hears the words “Oliver’s son,” his first thought is that Jon’s mother is Laurel. Jon is just baffled. “What? No.”

And all of a sudden, just by the look on the guy’s face - because Tommy has seen that look before - it all clicks. “Felicity.”

Eventually, in the middle of a heated argument over what to do with a villain, what lines to cross, Oliver demands to know how Jon knows some of the things he knows. Why he picked up the bow in the future.

“You want to know? Fine. Fuckin’ fine. Summer of 2039, the Black Hand kidnapped my mother, and we needed to get her back. Turns out, we could do that, because Dad has a very specific skill set. From five years surviving on a shitty island. And doing wet work for ARGUS. And joining the Russian mob. And being the fucking Arrow.” Livid, breathing hard, Jon snaps, “That is how I know.”

In the panting silence, Oliver says, “You’re my son.” It’s not quite a question. Not quite a statement.

Jon scoffs. “Oh, fuck, no. The Oliver Queen in my Starling - the guy who’d be horrified you’re even fucking considering this - I’m his son.”

“What happened to your mother?”

Thrown, Jon furrows his brow.

“Did you get her back?”

“We did. She was fine.”

Oliver licks his lips. “Can you tell me her name?”

Jon can’t help it. His eyes slide sideways to Felicity.

In a very small voice, eyes going wide, she says, “Oh.”

Then she and Oliver look at each other, and it is by far the most embarrassingly intimate moment Jon has ever witnessed between them, including the time he caught them making out on the sofa.

“Shit,” he mutters. “I… I’m going to go.”

Fic Recs Mega Post

So, I know everybody’s busy trying to keep up with the tsunami of awesome that is the 2016 Hannibal Big Bang, but this list was getting hella long so, screw it, you all know how to bookmark, right? As usual, these are longer, complete works (I’m still trying to figure out a system for shorter works that wouldn’t be too time consuming), and they’re listed in the order they were read. Hope you enjoy :)

Widow’s Walk by hesterbryde ( @littlethingwithfeathers ) finds Will recuperating in hospital after the fall, bereft of Hannibal, whom the authorities believe dead. Grief-stricken and lost, Will soon finds himself drawn back into working for Jack on a new series of murders, trying to understand the slippery meaning behind them. This is a smartly written and compelling case fic, with Will haunted both by this new killer and the ever-unsettling yet longed-for spectre of Hannibal. The character work is sharp (Will’s reactions to Jack are particularly delightful) and the case is well-crafted and pleasingly gruesome.

Crossing Caina by feverdreambloodopera ( @bonearenaofmyskull ). After the fall, after they’re reasonably healed, Will and Hannibal are alone together on a little boat, with a lot of tension and too much time to think. This is a beautifully crafted story, with an incredible amount of care put into the details of life on a boat and the dangers that entails. It’s also very moving, with an angry, resentful and heartsick Will butting up against a yearning but increasingly frustrated Hannibal in all sorts of fascinating ways. Cleverly paced and plotted, this has a nicely underplayed sense of drama, both internal and external, with enough suspense to ensure that I had to read it in one sitting :)

There’s no shortage of post-fall takes on the SotL storyline, but Child of Wolf by eonism ( @magenmagenmagen ) is a particularly fine example. A follow-up to Pioneer to the Falls, this finds the murder husbands back in the BSHCI, back under the dubious care of Fred Chilton and mysteriously missing the third part of their little family. A year into their incarceration, Jack Crawford (who, for reasons he won’t disclose, refuses to visit his former colleagues, despite their repeated requests) sends Clarice Starling to try to persuade Will Graham to give him any information he can about a new serial killer named Buffalo Bill. From there, Starling works to keep any more girls from being killed while all around her, games of manipulation and deceit – from prisoners and lawmen alike – are threatening to overwhelm the case. This is a thrilling adaptation of SotL, pulsing with excitement and emotion and with particularly fine versions of both Clarice and Will. It divides sympathies remarkably well, delving into the various shades of grey the characters deal in with insight and thoughtfulness.

And on we go with the post-fall shenanigans, this time in MissDisoriental’s (no tumblr account, I think) The Shape of Me Will Always Be You. This takes on the challenge of not only sustaining a first-person narrative over almost 280,000 words, but doing it in the notoriously sassy, salty and slippery POV of Will Graham. And the result is a triumph, capturing Will’s introspection and indecision whilst also turning his sass to maximum (drunk!Will makes several appearances and is a delight in every one). Moreover, the plot itself is complex and highly crafted, with several seemingly disparate plot strands woven together in unexpected ways and numerous terrifying foes, both old and new, for our boys to face. The focus, however, is truly on Will and his relationship with Hannibal – what they are to each other, what they want from each other, and whether their relationship is sustainable – with a pulsating, electrifying chemistry in their scenes that lights up this fic, and my little shipper heart :)

Breaking my extended post-fall fic run, next up is Don’t Lose Your Head (Because The Devil’s In The Details) by TheSilverQueen ( @thesilverqueenlady ). This is a completely charming and delightful AU, in which Will is the devil incarnate, summoned one fateful day by the raw power and rage of a young boy named Hannibal Lecter, who wants nothing more than revenge on those who have wronged him. Impressed and intrigued by the boy’s potential, Will makes him a deal: the means to exact that revenge, in exchange for his immortal soul. However, the consequences of their agreement are much more far-reaching and profound than either being expects, as Will circles Hannibal’s soul, while Hannibal does his best to gain the upper hand. Written with an appealing lightness of touch and a sort of blackly twisted playfulness between the leads, this is a ridiculously fun read.

One of my favourite things about the Hannigram ship is the friendship that underpins it, the connection between two lonely weirdos who might be the only people in the world capable of understanding each other. It’s this aspect of their relationship that’s explored in Our Stars are the Same by beforethedawn and Destinyawakened ( @constructfairytales ), an AU in which Will and Hannibal meet as children and instantly become inseparable best friends. Until, of course, fate and circumstance conspire to rip them apart, leaving tragedy, pain and burgeoning yet unresolved feelings in their wake. There’s something of a golden nostalgia to this fic, the depth and immediacy of Will and Hannibal’s connection bathed in a warm and idyllic vision of their childhood (bullies notwithstanding). Which, of course, makes the inevitable obstacles to their continued togetherness all the more heart-wrenchingly compelling. I’m on record as not always being a fan of kid and teen AUs but this is so wonderful, it never even occurred to me to object and I’m immensely excited for the next instalment!

*echoey voice* Spacedogs in Spaaaaaace. Ahem. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Yes, Magical_Destiny’s ( @magicaldestiny ) Star Wars crossover The Speed of Light puts Spacedogs amongst Adam’s beloved stars. Well, first of all it lands a none-too-pleased Nigel on Tatooine, grounded without a ship or any prospects, until a blue-eyed young man from Alderaan mentions he has need of a pilot to get him back home. Except their plans change, because we all know what happens to Alderaan, and Adam and Nigel suddenly become far more important to each other than either could possibly have expected. This is a gloriously entertaining romp, edged with sadness, and Adam and Nigel fit seamlessly into the Star Wars ‘verse in their roles as pure yet badass youth and roguish, secretly soulful pilot.

I think one of the universal experiences of being a Fannibal, we can all agree, is that of screaming “JUST USE YOUR WORDS YOU EMOTIONAL MORONS!” at our beloved murder husbands. So, being a generous, kind-hearted type, damnslippyplanet ( @damnslippyplanet ) has done us all a favour by helping the boys to do just that, in A Gentler Ending, a fix-it fic in which Will decides not to let Hannibal just walk out his door in Digestivo. Instead, they discuss their relationship, like adults (kinda), and Will finds himself making some life-altering decisions. As with all of Slippy’s writing, this is insightful and moving, playing on an idealistic “what if” without losing sight of the reality of what this alternative decision would mean for both Will and Hannibal. It’s immensely satisfying writing, from one of the best in this (or any) fandom.

Amongst the many, many, many theories that have been put forth about exactly what was going on in Will Graham’s head when he pulled Hannibal and himself off that damn cliff, it has been suggested that maybe, just maybe, our seemingly indecisive little murder muffin actually planned the whole thing. It’s this possibility that’s explored in Wounds We Leave in the Sea by Melusine10 ( @katamaran10 ), in which Hannibal wakes, injured and completely confused (not to mention more than a little impressed) by the fact that Will seems to have prepared their miraculous survival in advance. Not to mention that, to Hannibal’s delight, he seems to have finally figured out that certain feelings are entirely reciprocal between them. There’s just the irritating manner of some major injuries to be dealt with before they can really get down to business. By turns delicate, amusing and utterly adorable, this features some seriously high-quality character work, with genuine insight into both these emotional idiots as they do the hard work of figuring out how they fit together, now that there’s no question that they want to.

The hook for the amazing Blood Bond by HotMolasses ( @evenunevenme ) is that Will doesn’t discover he’s an alpha until the fight with the Red Dragon (despite omega!Hannibal’s myriad attempts to awaken his true nature). Which, of course, results in a brutal and passionate declaration of love between our murder hubbies, culminating in Jack discovering them in a seriously compromised position when he arrives at the cliff house ;) From there, this fantastically entertaining fic follows Will and Hannibal as they work to ensure that they will never be separated again, becoming ever more deeply conjoined and ever more gleefully wicked. Thee are many amazing things about this story: one of my favourite dark!Wills ever, full of salt, sass and cunning; some ridiculously hot Hannigram scenes; Will and Hannibal actually getting to live together in the big Baltimore house (this makes me so happy); some highly satisfying revenge… But best of all, it features an astonishing depiction of what the process of forging a psychological mating bond might feel like to these incredibly complex, intense men. The chapters dedicated to this are some of the best omegaverse writing I’ve had the pleasure to read – please don’t miss out on them!

Rare Pairs are one of my favourite Fannibal phenomena (try saying that while drunk!) and it’s rare I find one that doesn’t work for me (and honestly, that’s usually because I’m incapable of shipping Will and Hannibal with anyone except Will and Hannibal). That said, some of them affect me more than others (Basic Chickens, CharJo and LuChiffre amongst them). To which list I must now add the Mustache Husbands, aka Igor Stravinsky and Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett, as beautifully paired in VictoriaSkyeMarsters’ ( @artbyvictoriaskye ) incredible fic Wonderstruck. Gorgeously literary and searingly emotional, this finds Ellis, post-Gallipoli, hiding his PTSD behind too much alcohol and unable to sleep, until by chance he meets rising but controversial composer Igor and becomes hopelessly infatuated by the man whose music finally eases his nightmares. Their connection is profound and undeniable on both sides, but strained by its illicit and taboo nature, with neither man entirely sure how to live with their feelings, but unable to conscience giving them up. After reading this and being utterly mesmerised, I had to go back and read it a second time, pretty much instantly. The chemistry between these characters is electric, with a sweet sadness that’s impossible to resist, not to mention that VSM’s writing style is utterly wonderful and totally suited to both the characters and the period. I won’t use this space to shamelessly beg for a sequel (or maybe an omegaverse AU, cos I’m bad that way!) but I will say that if such a thing were to happen, Vic, the speed with which I would be on it would put Usain Bolt to shame!

Hannibal Lecter, as depicted in our beloved tv show, is one of the most complex, multilayered characters ever created. Not_You’s (no tumblr I could find) stunning Five Pieces of You takes place in an AU where the trauma of Hannibal’s past caused these layers to manifest as five distinct personalities. All of whom, in their own distinct ways, love and adore Will Graham. I must admit, when I read the premise for this fic, I expected something dark and perhaps a bit lurid (I mean, one of the personalities goes by “The Cannibal”). Instead, it is a warm, thoughtful and deeply moving examination of a complex and challenging relationship, in which both characters are defined by love and understanding (while still recognisably being Will and Hannibal, quite the feat on the writer’s part). Most importantly, there is never any attempt to suggest that Hannibal needs to be “fixed” or that there’s a “true” version of Hannibal and all the other personalities are some sort of horrible extra appendages. Instead, Hannibal is depicted – and directly acknowledged by Will and other characters – as a whole, legitimate person, and that is both a joy to read and completely in keeping with the tone of the show itself. Not to mention that all of Hannibal’s personalities are wonderful characters in their own right, and should be experienced by as many readers as possible!

When @wrathofthestag first mentioned she was writing a Jack/Chiyoh fic for #eattherare, I must admit my mind was a bit boggled - it’s not a pairing I would ever have imagined, let alone believed I could find appealing. So it’s testament to the ever-amazing wrath’s talent that not only is Between Iron and Silver a beautiful, stylish and compelling piece of writing, it’s also an utterly convincing and deeply moving depiction of this most rare of pairs. Set in Mexico City – which is practically a third character and so gorgeously, lushly described they should hire wrath to write the tourist brochures – this features a chance meeting between two born survivors who have little idea what to do with their continued existence except to continue in it. As their transitory companionship grows and deepens, though, there may be a chance for a brief window of happiness, and to lay some ghosts to rest. This unbearably beautiful fic has not received even a fraction of the attention and kudos it deserves - I’m begging you, go read it, don’t let something so wonderful pass you by.

Ok, I think that’s it for this round. As always, if there are bad links or mistakes, please let me know and I’ll sort them.

Ep 12 Thoughts - Katsuriko

Between this and Honoka trying to make Yuta fat again, I haven’t been able to stop laughing.

I think there was a lot of good in the episode and also a lot of missed potential, but I’ll focus on the stuff I loved first and then make another post for the rest!

So first things first: Katsuriko!

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*puts head in hands*

My brother showed me a funny volleyball video today and asked why one of the players wore a different color and i went on to explain about liberos and then setters and spikers and service aces and i realize now i know way too much about this sport

We played volleyball back in grade and middle and highschool and i NEVER knew these things and the whole sport was fun but also distressing to me because it just looked like a free-for-all and i feel like if i knew back then some of the details and structure involved i would’ve been a lot more motivated to play it

Also i learned more from a fucking anime than 8 years of school i just want to lay down for a while and think about my life