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send me a character and a number and i will draw it


(undertale spoilers)

here are some observations i made about frisk/chara/asriel/flowey while using the colour picker and generally staring at sprites and things for way too long while drawing! this assumes that frisk/chara are seen in the same lighting (which is maybe questionable because we only see chara in the dark and in a sepia toned photo).


  • chara has lighter hair than frisk
  • chara and asriel do NOT have the same coloured sweaters
  • asriel’s sweater is actually the same yellow/green flowey is
  • chara has a vivid green sweater with a pale yellow stripe (the stripe is actually the same colour as chara’s skin)
  • asriel has a pale green sweater with vivid yellow stripe(s)
  • flowey’s face is not actually pure white
  • in chara’s jumpscare sprite, the eyes/mouth are the same colour brown as their hair/pants (not red)


  • according to the sepia art, asriel/chara (prior to undertale) each wore a sweater with one stripe in the middle. there are no stripes on the sleeves
  • asriel and chara both wore pants
  • asriel goes barefoot while chara’s shoes are questionable
  • they could even be tights
  • chara’s legs are completely covered nevertheless
  • we have no idea what frisk is wearing
  • frisk’s clothing still looks like a onesie with shoes or socks of some description
  • chara seems to still wear their original outfit when we see their sprite
  • asriel’s sweater at the end of the pacifist route changes slightly and now has two stripes that go across the sleeves (perhaps a parallel to frisk’s two stripes? maybe to show how asriel confused frisk with chara?)
  • however, asriel’s battle sprite seems to have four (yellow) stripes, each one going across the sleeves
  • could this mean that frisk also has four stripes and not two like in the sprite?
  • in asriel’s battle sprite, he seems to be wearing a round neck sweater (not a turtleneck)
  • the round neck sweater may apply to frisk/chara as well
  • frisk’s sweater stripes do not go across their sleeves (even when viewed from the side)
  • asriel doesn’t have a visible tail from behind
  • in the sepia art, chara is seen with a neat full fringe
  • by contrast, frisk’s fringe seems to be more choppy

(i made this little gif so you can more easily compare the small differences between frisk and chara’s sprites)  

One Piece 848

I’m sure what I say is already said by someone else, but I’ll throw it out there anyways. This post, of course, concerns Nami’s expression at Pudding’s news of Sanji’s proposal to her.

Initially, when I read other people’s views on her expression, I thought to myself, Yeah, Nami could be extremely upset at the news more so than Luffy. But it’s really how to tell because of the way Oda draws them. (Emotions is mostly show by the eyes.)

The way Oda’s draws male eyes is simpler compare to female eyes. It could be because Nami’s eyes are more detailed that she comes across looking more shocked than Luffy. For all I know, they could be equally shocked.

Anyways, I didn’t put too much emphasis on it until certain people made a huge fuss about it. I decided look at the chapter again and noticed that Oda actually drew their expressions side by side three times, one page after another.

The first one is when they see Pudding. Nami is clearly surprised while Luffy looks angry.

The second one is the news of Sanji’s proposal. Both are shocked. Truthfully, I think Oda could have draw Nami’s expression from the first set and it would have fit fine with Luffy’s second expression. Instead he went with a more drastic look for her.

The last one is Pudding’s whisper. Nothing to say except whatever Pudding whispered to them horrified them.

One more thing to add. (My shipping goggles are on for this.) Notice how Nami is in the exact center of the page, also notice how her panel is the only panel without a dialog bubble blocking any part of her face. She doesn’t say anything and her expression is very prominent here. She even holds that expression to the last panel of the page, unlike Luffy who goes back to being angry. Nami is very shocked and Oda wants you to absolutely see that.

principle-speaker asked: Do u know of any books that are like “American Psycho” by Bret Easton Ellis? Thanks!

I believed I tagged you in the post I made yesterday about serial killers, so I would definitely check that one out for some adding books! But here are some others that I think you may enjoy! Also one duplicate because Anthony Burgess relates too much to both in my opinion! :)

Not all of these are psychos/sociopaths…some I put just because they get into the mind of someone in an interesting way! Send me a message or comment if you wanted a more detailed reason of why I chose what I did! Unreliable narrators can be so much fun!

1. A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

2. Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh

3. Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk 

4. Lolita by Vladimir Nabakkov

5. Kill Your Friends by John Niven

6. The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks

Thanks for the question! Happy reading!


The Ackermystery

Gagh, this thing. There are so many different ways you interpret everything and all the nit-picky details are all really important and too easy to miss. But I’ll give it my take. 

What we do know is this:

  • Mikasa and Kenny are definitely Ackermans. If the Ackerman family was persecuted then it doesn’t make sense for Mikasa to openly use that surname unless she actually is one. We see Kenny talking to his grandpa, talking about loads of Ackerman business and generally seeming pretty much in the loop, at least back then.
  • Levi is 99.9% an Ackerman. I didn’t put him in the category up there because technically we only have Kenny’s word that he is one, and Kenny is not someone whose word you would trust implicitly. But it’s taken for granted in the manga that he is, and as he has no reason to lie to Mikasa - and if he did he would be out of character and far-fetched - we know he experienced that ‘power’ waking up in him at some point, so he probably isn’t mistaken in his surname.
  • The Ackerman family were once right-hand soldiers of the royal family. When the king decided to mind-wipe the entire populace was when the Ackermans began to be persecuted, roughly. 
  • This was because they were immune to the mind-wipe. They rebelled, and so were tracked down and picked off by the royal family by way of the Military Police. This continued well into Kenny’s time, whittling down the Ackermans until there are only three presumed Ackermans known to be alive at this point in the series.
  • At some point in their life, every known Ackerman except Grandpa Ackerman has said they’ve experienced a moment which is described as an unknown power awakening in them, triggered by stress or trauma.

This is a fair bit to be aware of by SNK standards, but it still leads to an awful lot of speculation. This speculation I shall put below the read more break because this post is getting long.

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anonymous asked:

Totally agree with you keeping SHERLOCK in the family as much as they did was really off putting to me. Amanda was one thing but then Benedict's parents was way too far. It made it really difficult to watch. If the baby ends up being in it too (or Sophie) i think that might be the thing that pushes me over the edge into not watching anymore (series three has me teetering there already.)

:’) Yes, I understand how you felt. Of course I totally respect what producers and writers wanted to tell us, but I honestly think they didn’t have to show everything in detail about Sherlock to us. Sherlock’s parents and their house, young Sherlock, and even Sherlock’s feelings. They showed just too much. It was even not so subtle, was it?
Well, unpopular opinion of mine, hahahaha. Don’t mind me.