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For my love, Gintama’s Sakata Gintoki. ♡ Please like if you see this! Mutuals, I would appreciate if you could reblog as well! ♡

Happy New Year! 2017 is the Year of the Rooster~🐓

It’s the return of Yukata!Robin! It’s becoming a tradition to draw him for every season haha. Also I’m glad 2017 enabled me to draw Rooster!Chrom. He’d be like “WAKE UP, ROBIN” “THERE ARE BETTER PLACES TO SLEEP THAN ON THE GROUND, ROBIN”

I think you’re not obligated to “Follow Forever” when the person changes their url and you can’t figure out who they were before the change.

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amysantigao 👀

@amysantigao tbh melissa is one of the blogs that i feel like is too good TM to be following, like they have such a quality dark/bw blog like how can i compare. but really they have the best taste in fandoms aka quality posts especailly if your looking for bw content. again idek why they follow me. all around great blog and im sure person tbh 

Y'all send me people’s urls and I’ll say nice things about them 💕

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#it just hit me #but dyad was probably behind jennifer not getting past the pre-olympic stage #because imagine the mess they would have had on their hands #if a world renowned athlete appeared on tv #and the day after #ten or twenty women who looked exactly like her suddenly emerged

I… I honestly never thought of this before. You have broke me.

Don’t you just love it when people repost your edits and moodboards to Instagram without even considering crediting? This is exactly why I’m putting my tumblr URL on my edits now.
I’m seriously regretting not putting my tumblr URL on that Duran Duran 1981 moodboard because it’s actually got my Patrick Nagel drawing on it and now it’s gonna float around on the internet…

Also @beetlejuice-betelgeuse I’ve seen your edits, mini posters, pastel colour edits and icons (particularly of Simon) floating around on Instagram without people giving credit. You mentioned in the tags of the John Taylor icons that you want people to give you credit, so I assume you mean that for your other edits too. Just thought you should know about how widespread your edits are because I really love your edits and it’s a shame that you don’t get credit for them.


I’ve decided to go ahead and leave this blog and start fresh.  You can find me here @michaelxtrevino.  I’ll be keeping this blog as an archive.  Thanks to everyone who has followed me, liked and reblogged my junk, for all the great conversation, and for putting up with my bullshit. Y’all are the greatest.  



-then why do you keep coming back for us?

-because you were the first. the first face this face saw. and you were seared onto my hearts, amelia pond. you always will be. i’m running to you, and rory, before you fade from me.

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I haven't been on tumblr in a long time, and I was trying to figure out who you were, kayleigh sounded familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it, but then i saw a desus post and it all came flooding back to me omg

lmao omg… sorry you were confused for awhile!

shit, i try avoid things like this normally and used to have “formerly richonnegrimes” in my description but i recently took it off since i’ve had my url changed for awhile now. maybe i should put my old urls back on my about page. i didn’t even think about not having it anywhere on my blog anymore. 

a steven bust because it’s been too long since i’ve drawn him

i didn’t plan on making a follow forever because i’m lazy but i’ve been put in some SO now… i must… if you changed your url recently i might not remember but if we’re mutuals then just know i’m love you, also this is in no specific order 

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