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skam fic rec masterpost

so i love reading fic, its like my favorite pass time and that’s all i’ve been doing for the past three months so here’s a huge fic rec list of some fics that i have read and am currently reading and im in love with

big thanks to fic writers! yall are amazing and so important to the fandom <3

a lot of these authors are also on tumblr im sure but i don’t have all the urls so i’m gonna put the ao3 usernames for now. please if you’re on tumblr and would like your url to be in this instead of your ao3 username, just holla at me and ill change it! <3

(ps i’m so sorry i had to shorten up the summaries on some of them so it wouldnt be too long!!)

(pps these are NOT all of the fics I’ve read and loved, there are many more but this was getting long so i had to stop and i’ll probably make a part 2 some other time!!)

make sure you read the trigger warnings for some fics as they can get angsty

okay here we go :) happy reading <3

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sugasets → gintoukis

For my love, Gintama’s Sakata Gintoki. ♡ Please like if you see this! Mutuals, I would appreciate if you could reblog as well! ♡

i didn’t plan on making a follow forever because i’m lazy but i’ve been put in some SO now… i must… if you changed your url recently i might not remember but if we’re mutuals then just know i’m love you, also this is in no specific order 

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a steven bust because it’s been too long since i’ve drawn him

does anyone else get really excited when they see a url from a really tiny/obscure/nonexistent fandom? it’s like i’ve recognized the signet ring of a secret society, except instead it’s a notification that says “none-of-this-nonsense-please liked your post”

Honestly ya’ll changing your URL’s like every week stresses me out lol