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unexpected things from s3 that still make me really really happy and smile: isak and sonja’s conversations, whether it was in the minutt for minutt clip or via their texts, all throughout episode 10.

You Chose the Wrong Side (Peter Parker x reader)


1. Hey Bonnie! Could I please have a Peter Parker fic where he has this girlfriend (the reader) and he’s trying to keep his superhero life and “normal” life separate but they end up colliding and she’s put in danger. Angst (since you’re the angst queen) and she ends up dying or something? I’d appreciate it, thank you 

2. Can you do one where you’re Steve or Tony’s daughter and you’re with Peter Parker, and some villain makes peter choose between saving you or aunt may (or maybe even you and Gwen) and he picks the other? And your dad finds out and has to live with seeing the other person constantly, and peter feels constant guilt.

Past events are in italics

“You can’t possibly save them both, so stop wasting your time and decide who lives and who dies. The choice is yours to make, Mr. Parker.”

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Chapter 18: Episode 8

          The sharp chirp of my phone breaks through my thoughts and I turned slowly to watch the screen. The number I saw there wasn’t the one that I expected, and maybe… I hadn’t wanted it, anyways. But this…

          I picked up the phone, slowly putting it to my ear. “Yes?” I whispered.

          “Laney.” His voice was practically alien to me. Did I forget that, too?

          “What’s wrong?” I asked.

          “I… really need someone. I really need… I just… Can you come?”

          My gaze refocused on my computer screen; tab after open tab, unfinished spreadsheets, hours’ worth of work.

          Believe me, I’d love to… but I don’t have a free moment.

          “Sure,” I whispered. “I can come. I’ll be there soon, Klein.”

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hey! i lost a fic on ao3 that i read a long time ago. josh would go out to party and tyler would just stay on the tour bus sleeping and one day someone either tried to kidnap josh or put something in his drink and he's really out of it when he gets back and tyler wakes up and realizes something is wrong, i know this is really vague but if you know what it is help me out. thanks!!

This one(?)

across a fragile line (hold me down) by SoloChaos   (5/5 | 31143 | Mature)

my demons are begging me to open up my mouth.
i need them; mechanically make the words come out.

Josh isn’t one to drink, so he’s nursing a coke that’s steadily making its way to lukewarm. He’s sitting at the bar and watching some local metalcore band that’s truly mediocre when some guy, maybe a little bit older than him, leans up against the bar and smiles at him.

“Buy you a drink?” the guy asks, tapping his fingers against the bar.


Today, I fucked up by telling my son the wrong thing as I tucked him in.

This just happened. My 4yo son wanted me to carry him to bed. I obliged as I often do. Also often I tell him he’s getting so big that some day I won’t be able to carry him. But today was different. Inspired by one of the most memorable posts I’ve read here, as I laid him down I said “one day, unknown to either you or me I will put you down never to pick you up again.”

I thought it was going to go right past him like when I say he’s getting too big for me to carry. Instead, he looked at me from his bed, tears welling up in his eyes, and said in a quiet little voice, “Daddy, that’s so sad.”

I lost it.

We both wept for about an hour until I held his little hand as he fell asleep.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.

it is a lot to handle. my mouth is dry. in less than a week either i am granted the right to be alive or i must put all of my plans into a back pocket and head for anywhere else. i have a fully thought-out strategy of survival for zombies. i didn’t make one up for the president being our source of danger. i didn’t count that into my calculations. do i stick around and graduate? do i live in the canadian wild? where do i run to?

there’s a lot going wrong right now. the pipeline seems to be a poison that’s easy to ignore. companies buy the right to ruin the earth and we are told that it’s just the way things are. okay. 

a woman i have never been previously a fan of is kidnapped and mugged. people blame her for being too publicly wealthy. she becomes a shadow of herself, panicky and promising she won’t make the same mistake. there are people who find this funny. for the first time in my life, i care about a kardashian, because her struggle in public mirrors mine in private.

the childhood book series i loved will now feature an abuser in a feature film. i am reminded that abuse accusations shouldn’t ruin someone’s life. i am the life that the abuse ruined, and it must lie only on my shoulders. i have been listening to the audiobook of harry potter. when she wrote an abused child did she know that many years in the future a man worse than the dursleys would be cast as a hero.

on an airplane, a woman is groped. actually, two women are groped. when the airline does the right thing and alerts the authorities, the authorities decide they’re judge and jury. it’s not the worst crime of the century, so they’re not going to do anything. i’m sure that logic will not apply when they find a black kid smoking weed. or actually a black kid just living.

it is a lot to handle. someone asks me why i’m so stressed. how can i not be. i feel helpless. i feel like no matter how much campaigning i push i never get anywhere. i feel like the battle is lost before it got started. i feel guilty and angry and empty. i can’t undo the things that have already happened, are still happening. i can’t wind back time and set bernie in the lead, can’t unwrite hate speeches, can’t bring back the bodies in the streets.

i just want peace.

Don't hit my guys!

Previous boss walked into the office where I was team lead over three engineers. I was out at the time, but heard this from the victim… Boss was angry about a mistake one of my guys made on a architectural plot (not a ‘mistake’, but a 'failure to use telepathy’).

Boss got so angry that while standing behind the seated engineer he punched the guy in the side of the head.

As if immediately realizing what he did was wrong, he said; “Fix it” then left for the day.

I got back to the office soon after and they told me what happened.

We made a pact that is he ever put hands on one of us we’d all stand up and put him down hard and back each other up.

Well, it never came to that. After approaching upper management and HR I got the runaround on reporting the incident. They all basically said; “If it’s was that bad then report it to the police, but he’s too high in the political structure to fire for this.”

Unhappy with that answer, and with my guy unwilling to involve the police, was set a plan into action.

We invited HIS boss, the district manager to see the progress we had made on a day when boss wasn’t around. During this I asked the DM to have “Skip-level 1-on-1s” with my guys saying that it would be good for morale.“ He agreed.

Each one of my guys opened with; "The biggest concern I have is that boss-man punched Tony a couple months ago and HR told us they couldn’t do anything about it. How can you ensure my safety?”

I got called in and gave my story but had to say I wasn’t there. I had tried to report it up through the proper channels and failed. I was told it was political suicide for my entire team if I was to push it.

District Manager didn’t buy in to the political bullshit. He made things happen. We agreed that my guys should not be in fear of physical attack. I also had DM’s backing in case of political fallout, and he was a personal friend of the CEO so that was good enough protection.

Boss-man was walked and trespassed. Boom, headshot.

Don’t hit my guys!

Please stop hating on hetero pairing just because they don’t match up with your ship or because both parties involved appear to be heterosexual. One or both of the characters in the pairing could be bi or pan so calling it homophobia just because it’s a m/f pairing is wrong and for a lot of people who preach acceptance for all types of love except for hetero, hypocritical. Trust me, the latter isn’t that rare of a bird on tumblr. And if the pairing is straight then so what? Are you telling me that by having a straight m/f pairing, they are automatically an insult to every other type of romantic/platonic ship? That’s just ridiculous. If you don’t like the ship, okay, but don’t label it falsely and spread hate because you want to discourage/shame others from shipping it. How about spreading positivity towards something you do ship? After all you attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

Don’t touch whatever belongs to Min Yoongi. Don’t.

Honestly it’s really fucking cute when haters pop up doubting BTS and Yoongi because he’s been calling them out forever now. “Oh oh my haters, curse me some more. Keyboard warriors, please put effort into it. Yeah, just like that keep looking down on me, proving you wrong is my hobby.( We On)” Literally he’s the one who had to choose between eating cheap and walking home or eating even cheaper and riding the bus home. All in the name of music. All so he could work in his studio for no pay and struggle with a feeling of incompetence/depression when he literally performed for only a pair of people. A pair. Like two people. 

That’s why he didn’t think it was wrong to be an idol, because fuck it, some people can barely survive while only doing music. Yet, that’s all Yoongi wanted to do. That was the most important thing for him and he couldn’t imagine giving up music or shoving it the the side for another job. He’s being realistic, he’s making a living while doing something he loves and that path happens to be one of an idol. What did he get in turn for giving up everything else, for leaving home, for dancing at early hours in the morning, for lacking sleep and food and going through rigorous training? What did he gain from finding a median to allow him to keep dreaming? Unwarranted hate.

“You’re idols so even without a listen I can tell it sucks, I don’t like your lyrics even if I don’t see it it’s a video. Since you don’t have much power you must have done some dirty stuff, seeing the things you do you’ll fail soon. (Two!Three!)” You really think that came from nowhere? Of course not. He’s literally been called, to his face with others watching, an “icon” for girls, not “real” hip hop just rap. They called him an “industrialized icon” and not music To. His. Face. And that’s right, he didn’t have power. He sat there listening to these so called, self proclaimed “experts” of hip hop gang up on him.

But the funny thing is BTS and Min Yoongi were bound to gain popularity, they were bound to be recognized, way more than these hip hop experts could ever dream of; why? Because “during that time, at the least, I slept less and moved more.(Agust D)” Also because he’s had truckloads of more experience and because he, as a person, always gives and cares for fans. Being a bling bling “icon” for girls? Fine. Why not? As long as his music was doing what he always wanted it to, giving a voice/ energy/ hope/ warmth to the people who didn’t have it. “I can withstand tiring and harsh trips back and forth from work because my people are watching. Even if my body hurts, i can withstand it because the screams come crashing. The difference between pre and post debut, even while living on a line between rapper and idol my notebook is full of rhymes. Between the waiting room and stage i hold a pen and write lyrics, this is me, in your eyes what has changed? Damn shit i’m the same, I changed? Go and reiterate i didn’t change and guarded my roots i’m still rapperman. (Born singer)” Hard working and a true pinnacle of somebody who does everything for music and to connect with fans. It’s no surprise he got fame, unimaginable fame that shut out all the “real” hip hop haters and made them admit, in shame, they were schooled.

He’s always built a wall because of this, and Yoongi does a good job of hiding it. We’ve never seen Min Yoongi openly cry. He’s always managed to hold back. He’d pat his members on the back, he’d smile at them, he’d hug them, but he’d never cry. Because to those just waiting for their time to pounce back, to them it’s a weakness. “아… 아이돌 다 됐내.” You’re just fully an idol now… that’s exactly how they’d belittle him. But look at him. Finishing tours successfully, breaking records, dominating charts world wide. He spreads more music and leaves more of his legacy in the k-hiphop scene than anybody who’s ever talked ill about him. So yes, he deserved this award. He deserved it so much. Because even if it hurt him inside he knew how harsh reality was, he took the title that was slaughtered and seen through colored lenses and he bore it proudly even if people tried to break his back with it. He made music, he lived his dream and this was the physical proof of his effort. “That’s right, keep (hating) on and on. We’ll be happy by ourselves, good yeah i’m good (Two! Three!)”

That’s why haters are pointless. “Take it away from them? It was stolen from ______? They don’t deserve it?” Give me a fucking break, do yourself a favor and get over it. You can’t steal this glory from him, you can’t for a second downplay it. This was all him. It was all his. (As this is a Yoongi appreciation post i’m using singular nouns) but seriously. The countless doubts and ridicule he faced to produce something that would make a wide audience happy is rewarding him and being recognized. So don’t you dare, ever, not even for a second, argue that he didn’t deserve this. And don’t you dare call him out for finally releasing his emotions because he’s achieved his goal. This is his moment, his year, his prize. 건드리지마 손도 대지마 “Don’t touch it, what’s mine, don’t even put a hand on it.” (Give it to me). Don’t touch whatever belongs to Min Yoongi. Don’t.

Spideypool Proposal
  • Wade Wilson: [goes down on one knee, and presents the finest of candy ring pops] Peter, will you marry me?
  • Peter Parker: Aren't rings supposed to be like 10% of your salary?
  • Wade Wilson: I stopped killing people with your help, so I am officially out of the mercenary business. In fact, I don't even have this month's rent.
  • Peter Parker: [starts tearing up] We're both so poor.
  • Wade Wilson: Are you okay?
  • Peter Parker: I'm just a little upset.
  • Wade Wilson: [stands up] Why??? Did I do something wrong? If you need more time, that's okay!!! I'm sorry for rushing things.
  • Peter Parker: No, it's just-- [gets down on one knee] You beat me to the proposal. [presents a plastic Spider-Man ring]
  • Wade Wilson: [gingerly takes ring and puts it on his pinky since that's the only finger that it barely fits] You've made me the happiest man alive, I'll keep this until it breaks! Which might not be too long because I will probably lose my hand during a fight or some shit. [pulls him into a hug]
  • Peter Parker: [smiles] Don't worry, I have more. [pulls out a whole bag]
  • And I'm sorry, but I'll probably eat yours when the ramen supply runs out.
  • Wade Wilson: You have a problem. But I got you covered, babe. [pulls out bag of ring pops] And they're all red.
  • Peter Parker: [smiles] I love you. [pulls him into a kiss]
Scorpio men

Okay soooo…I’ve decided to talk a bit about Scorpio men/boys. First of all, I don’t know any Scorpio boy who isn’t attractive in any possible way. I have been in a relationship with one for more than 10 months and I guess I have changed a bit since that. The thing with Scorpios is that they seem attractive, mysterious, lovable and romantic, but also distant and cold at the same time. They put passion in everything. You might think they’ve given up on what they want, but that’s so wrong. Even if something’s impossible and they know that it is, they keep on fighting and putting everything in it. Sometimes it also scares them that they are so passionate, and they just shut it off and pretend they have no emotions. They push people away and won’t tell them why because they don’t even know why themselves. And yes, maybe they are miserable, selfish and loners sometimes, but fact is that they NEED someone who just understands them and loves them. Sometimes they need this person so much that they search for that perfect person in everyone, so long, that they may have tried it with too many people. This is why people often call them fuckboys or womanizers. But it’s not that they just want a relationship with every pretty woman, it’s just because they need someone and try to find this person because without them, it’s hard for Scorpios. Sure, they have friends and many people who adore them. But most of this relationship are platonic and sometimes shallow. They need something true, something honest. Something where they can be themselves completely, without having to fear of being judged, rejected or even hated for who they are. And if they found this one person, who they finally can trust and open up to, share their secrets with, be funny and laugh with, it’s heaven on earth with a Scorpio man. You are his queen, his best buddy, his secret lover and you have his sudden romantic, vulnerable heart that seemed to be so far away, so distant, so cold. If they once trust you and love you and you feel the same way for them, then please, for god’s sake, don’t ruin it. You won’t find anyone else who cares that much for you like a Scorpio man cares for his woman.

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Cheat in my class? I'll get you, my pretty.

I was teaching middle school math.  Upper middle class school of usually super nice kids.  I also have an uncanny memory.  Random kids in my classes passing in the hallway can walk up and say “What did I get on my test?” and I can usually tell them their exact grade.  One day I passed back tests in class, and a boy who made a 95 came up and said, “You marked one wrong that was right.”  And sure enough, there was the right answer on the paper.  But I swear I remembered that he had put a different answer.  And of course I could see that it had been erased and changed.  But I’m human–I could have made a mistake; he could have changed it before he handed it in, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and changed his grade to 100.  The next quiz we took, same thing. He walks up with a 95, saying, “you counted one wrong that was right.” Now seriously, what are the mathematical odds that the exact same thing happened again, to the exact same kid?  And I’m pretty accurate in my marking.  I could even see the eraser crumbs on his paper from where he had changed the answer!  I knew the little cheater was trying to put one over on me again.  So I said, “I really don’t remember this answer being here when I marked your paper.”  He said, “I promise, Ms. Skizethelimit, I really had this answer.”  I said, “Are you SURE?”  He put on the sad puppy face and said, “Yes, I promise.”  I said, “Well, in that case, I’m sure it will be the same on this (reaching into desk) photocopy I made of your test before I handed them back.”  Yes, I did photocopy that little sneak’s quiz before I handed it back!  As I compared the two papers, the river of tears began as he knew he’d been caught.  Not only did he have to keep that 95, I took 5 points back off the previous test, too.  Take that, sucker!  And don’t pull that crap on me again!

Edit–Just a little note that teaching philosophy/grading has changed pretty radically these days and grades are meant to be a reflection of actual ability in the subject area; not a reflection of values or ethics.  So I really would not be at liberty to give a kid a zero when he made a 95 (not saying I agree with that–just stating the rules that teachers are bound by)  I didn’t say he wasn’t punished; just not by me.  I had a conference with his parents and showed them the tests.  He’s really a nice, polite, never any trouble kind of kid…just a little too driven to perfection.  I believe they grounded him.  


The old drawing popped up on my Facebook timehop today (or yesterday, as it now stands) and I just had to do a newer version to see how drastic the difference in style would be. (wow). It’s only been 3 years and yet I’ve made an insane amount of improvement. I feel like any artist, regardless of medium, tends to feel like their progress isn’t very obvious, but to see an old creation versus a new one can really put that into perspective. It’s really encouraging to see how far I’ve come and I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in 3 more years.

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Rapunzel’s outfit detail

Recently, I’ve had more than one person ask me for my opinion/observations about the details on Rapunzel’s outfit, for cosplay purposes. Here are some I’ve made that many people either don’t notice, get wrong, or just choose to do their own way (and there’s nothing wrong with that). But for maximum correctness, here’s what I’ve seen.

The dress actually has layers which are often not accounted for. I have spotted: slip, skirt, sleeveless shirt, bodice. Many people make the bodice and skirt all one piece, for simplicity’s sake, or, if they do make separate pieces, put everything that shows up on her torso as one piece and the skirt separate. In actuality, she has a sleeveless undershirt with a separate bodice with attached sleeves over it.

Here, you can see by the gapping/bunching, that the skirt is high-waisted, as is evident by the lack of skin showing.

Here, you can see that the lace is attached to the top of the sleeveless shirt and is white, and that the sleeves are attached to the separate bodice and not the shirt. The shirt buttons up the back, and thus is a solid piece in the front.

More evidence of the lace being attached to the sleeveless shirt.

Here, you can clearly see that the cap sleeves are sewn onto the chiffon three-quarter sleeves - they’re all one piece.

Here’s an interesting detail that clearly shows two separate things. 1) The lace attached at the bottom of the undershirt is pink, not white. 2) This is further evidence of the bodice-over-undershirt design.

And here we see the panels in the bodice, and that it doesn’t have boning, it’s just form-fitting.

This serves to show that the skirt is all one piece - it’s not an overskirt and an underskirt - and that the lace is attached to her slip. This also shows some of the paneling in the skirt, and that the “trim” embroidery goes around the bottom, minus  the center panel.

Detail on the skirt shows that the stripes that border the center panel are embroidered, and are not trim.

And that sums up the details I’ve noticed on Rapunzel’s outfit.

I really want Lucy to say Jessica is the only one in the world for Wyatt, and then I want him to prove her wrong. 

domestic wesper would be

  • jesper almost always waking up late
  • wylan noticing but deciding to let him sleep in
  • jesper hopping around with one shoe on as he tries to put on the other, shirt completely buttoned wrong, “i’m going to be late! i’m going to be late!”
  • wylan laughing, “jes it’s fine. i’m the boss, remember?”
  • “no, no, no, i have to go.”
  • quick goodbye kisses
  • jesper racing out the door, wylan standing in the foyer holding jesper’s guns he can’t fathom how he left without, counting down the seconds until jesper realizes and comes back
  • jesper crooning at them, “what would i ever do without you?”
  • wylan rolling his eyes, but jesper beaming at him. “i meant you, wy.”
  • lots of wylan blushing.
  • slow welcome home kisses.
  • stories about their day over hot chocolate, sitting in the reading nook jan had built into the library for wylan before he knew wylan couldn’t read
  • wylan not being ashamed to be there anymore. in fact it’s one of his favorite spots in the house now. sitting beneath a big bay window, views of sunset over the canal, surrounded by pillows. an excuse to be squished against jesper’s side. 
  • what could be better?
  • domestic wesper would also be wylan playing music for jesper when he’s especially jittery
  • jesper finding his hands have stopped shaking
  • wylan loving the way jesper’s eyes are closed, the way he’s absorbing the music. so much, in fact, he almost blunders a few times
  • it’ll be jesper sharing his favorite music with wylan in return, introducing him to new things
  • lots and lots of terrible dancing around the house
  • wylan being so undeniably happy it leaves no room for embarrassment
  • and just imagine jesper waiting up at night for the servants to go away
  • because there’s a full kitchen for him to work with and he’d be damned if he doesn’t utilize the skills his mother taught him. 
  • jesper humming as he bakes (i can’t get rid of this headcanon?) because his mom did and he swears he feels her nearby
  • wylan waking up to sweets galore, “where is all of this from?”
  • “the food fairy. he heard you were a good boy this year.”
  • eating cake for breakfast and regretting it later.
  • lots and lots of sickness from too many sweets but they don’t mind because they get to lay side by side in bed while the servants bring them soup and tea and extra pillows
  • sometimes wylan would stay up to catch “the food fairy” and hear jesper humming.“what’s that song, jes?”
  • imagine jesper tossing flour at him out of spite for giving him such a start, “why aren’t you sleeping?”
  • flour fights start ensuing (i’ve used this with ninej i think but sh)
  • but also it’ll be
  • jesper teaching him how to cook
  • and wylan telling him about chemical reactions during dinner
  • “sounds like us.”
  • “how do you mean?”
  • “two substances brought together that causes sparks to fly.”
  • wylan blushing because could he be any more cheesy? probably not. “i wish i had flour to hit you with right now.”
  • and of course there’s jesper reading to wylan (how many headcanons have I done of this already???)
  • and surprise picnics in the garden under wylan’s favorite tree. don’t imagine wylan as a kid hiding behind bushes and trees to get away from his father bc i just did and it’s painful. why do i do think these things but wylan surprises jesper with them, using the recipes he taught him.
  • jesper asking despite a mouthful of food, “how are you so good at everything?”
  • and wylan appreciates this because he’s right. he’s good at most things he tries and it doesn’t matter what things he can’t do. 
  • most importantly it’ll be 
  • jesper realizing he doesn’t need chaos to give him a rush. staying in one place could be enough. is enough.
  • and wylan realizing he can be happy in the home he was once frightened of. he is safe again. he doesn’t have to hide from jesper.
  • and it’ll be jesper laying awake, studying wylan’s features highlighted by the glow of the fireplace after he’s dozed off. jesper whispering, “i think i might love you, merchling.”
  • wylan opening his eyes just enough, “you think?”
  • “YOU’RE AWAKE?” 
  • wylan grinning. “i was trying to catch the food fairy. he sings beautiful songs.”
  • “you know what, i take it back.” but the look in his gray eyes tell wylan he’ll never be able to take it back. he means it too much. jesper fahey might be is in love with him. he can flirt the pants off anyone, but no one else gets that look.
  • “well i might feel that way too.” wylan tries to sound indifferent, but his cheeks are as red as cherries.
  • “yeah?” wylan imagines that’s the expression jesper used to get when he won on the makker’s wheel. unadulterated bliss. dilated pupils; a new high. a positive one.
  • “you’re looking at me like you have a winning hand.” jesper whispers.
  • if this is what winning feels like, no wonder jesper got so hooked on chasing the euphoria of it.
  • wylan doesn’t know much about gambling, but he knows not to risk winning hands. no one ever gets lucky twice. jesper knows it. 
  • wylan having the unnerving thought, jesper wouldn’t risk this, right?
  • and his cheeks are burning so bright, and he can’t form any words.
  • jesper’s smiling at him, in the way only he does, the way that makes everything seem so much easier. even if jesper is nervous, too. 
  • do you have a winning hand, merchling?”
  • “i don’t think i’m supposed to tell.” 
  • “you can trust me.”
  • “you probably said that during all your card games.”
  • jesper rests his forehead against wylan’s. “but this isn’t a game, and i won’t ever lie to you.”
  • wylan shivers. maybe he can’t put his feelings into words, yet. maybe expressing himself will never be as easy as it is for most. but he’s enamored by jesper, jesper is where his thoughts start in the morning and end at night.
  • and i love you may be stuck in his throat, but he can still say it in other ways. 
  • “yes.” wylan finally answers and he wraps his arms around jesper, because you’re supposed to keep your winning hands close. only a fool wouldn’t. 

(i also did domestic kanej here)

We were getting news of the election all day at my school. I’ve just started teaching my fourth graders when one of the girls puts up her hand.

She asks if Trump is going to be president. I’m already struggling to keep my emotions in check, but I tell her calmly that yes, he probably will be. Her face just dropped.

“But didn’t Trump say because he is rich he can touch me?”

This broke me. It should break everyone.

That’s the behaviour America just legitimized in its president.