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In The End (Part II)

Heeeeey ya!

I know you guys have been waiting and I have promised like, two weeks ago? I’m sorry it happens that I am an idiot.

My home computer had a problem and Microsoft word doesn’t work anymore, which obligated me to put it ll in the drive, I have a phone version I use to brainstorm things… What happened is that I finished most of it in the Phone and when I accessed the from the computer it wasn’t there. Result? I had to write it again because I forgot to sync with the updated version and I lost it when I opened on the computer *facepalm*

But finally, here we go! This chapter was a bit longer, but I thought it would be good to end it here and begin the next one where all things get moving :)

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Another shout out for @starcoweek2 for such incredible event that started this, Thank you!

Thank you all for this! I couldn’t do it without you! I hope you guys enjoy!

Part I

The first time he saw her, he felt pain.

Not the usual pain, not the kind of when you get hurt or injured, the pain that went through him was the kind of pain that he felt when he faced something from his former life.

But much worse.

Every time he had met angels into their Mission, it had hurt (mostly emotionally.) It hurt to see what he once was, to see those beautiful beings of pure light and free of pain, hurt, sadness… To see those wings so full and bright it could blind a human. He could feel the pain on his back, as if his broken wings were missing what they once looked like and wanted to hug the angels.

He couldn’t.

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Jesse McCree, You Complete Idiot (Jesse McCree x Hanzo Shimada)

         “Jesse McCree, you complete idiot,” The archer says, looking at McCree with a glare that could kill a village.

            “I know, I sure am,” quipped the cowboy, winking at Hanzo, who sighs and gets back to aiming.

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((Real Life Conversation and Actions))

Me: Bursts into sisters room. “POKEMON GO IS OUT DOWNLOAD IT!” 

Sister: OKAY! ((Downloads)) 

Me: We have to go be the very best right now. (Its 10pm)

Sister: Shouldnt we put real pants on. 


Sister: OKAY! 

Our mother: “Where are you two going?” 


Mom: What? 

Sister: To catch Pokemon. 

Mom: “It’s dark out and storming.” Looks at me. “And don’t you have to be up at 4am for work?” 

Me: “We are grown ass women who need to go out in that storm to be the very best!” 

Me and sister: In the car giggling like idiots as she catches a pidgey, doduo and paras. 

((I am an adult and so is my sister /o/. Also I am really sad that apparently my galaxy note 2 isnt compatable with pokemon go … but I am getting a new phone in the mail on the 12th that is running android 6 marshmallow.))