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This is my number one favorite YouTube video of all time. 8 seconds long, and in that brief span, gives you minutes of laughter and HOURS of stuff to discuss. What is this competition? Who is this guy in the rafters? How did he get there? Why is he WAKING UP there? The title implies that the sleeping man is the video uploader… is he still trying to piece together how he materialized there? The greatest part of this video is the dangling carrot of mystery that will never truly be solved. Short and sweet- the best YouTube video of all time.

Thank you very much for checking out this whole list of videos. It was fun putting them together! I’ll have to do another list like this sometime. But until that day- don’t forget to do the skit!

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I binged watched twd from 3-6 & playing catchup with 7. I wasn't sure if they would put richonne together romantically at first even tho I shipped them from 4. Then the weird stuff with jesse happened & I didn't get it & had some doubt for richonne. Then they got together & it was the best! Can I ask how long have you shipped them & when did you know for sure they would be canon? Love your blog btw.

Hello there! Thanks.
This is a great question, because for a while, pre-canon, there were some rough times being a Richonne shipper. S3 there were hardly any of us; S4 Richonne was an underdog ship. Then S5 and 6A were really difficult because of how Rick was written and the Jessie debacle (which was so unnecessary) with the addition of racist arseholes in fandom. Some people, not many, but some, gave up on our OTP ever going canon. It was rough, but I bring it up now because looking back to that time reminds me that our fandom is tough as nails. Even when there were those of us who felt disillusioned and thought our ship was never going canon, we still loved them and supported one another as shipmates. Sorry, I’m getting to answering your question, but I just needed to say that 😊 I’m a From the Fence Richonner; I shipped them as soon as they laid eyes on each other. Never meant to, but blame DG and AL for that hehehe ‘Clear’ had me in my feels because Michonne opening up to Rick about talking to Mike, and Rick flirting with her and thanking her more than once! I knew something was forming between them then, but I was certain they’d be canon when the episode 'After’ aired. I know, they didn’t share an on screen scene or anything, but the symbolism of what happened in that episode made me believe they were going to be together. Michonne alone, reverting back to her old ways; Rick and Carl hurting and trying to keep it together. They were all so broken in that ep. We had the insights into Michonne’s past and saw her talking to Mike (callback to 'Clear’); we had Carl blaming his father; we had Rick trying to be strong. It was heartbreaking to see them like that, so fractured. But what solidified in my mind that they were going to be a family was: 1. The fact that Michonne chose to live when she chose to follow their tracks; she chose Rick and Carl. 2. Rick’s relief when he saw that Michonne had found them; he smiled and laughed, after everything they’d been through with the fall of the prison. It was as if everything would be okay because Michonne was with them. I’m crying right now because I always think back to the interview Andy did where he spoke about that scene and called Michonne their future *sighs* forgive me, I’m getting sentimental. I hope you find an answer in there somewhere hehehe
Thank you!

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Hello! Out of a number of short stories that I've failed to finish, I'm left with three characters that I'd really like to put together for a mystery/thriller novel. Do you have any prompts for how a detective, a witch, and an unassuming radio host could end up in the same room? thanks!

Someone is murdered live on the air. The radio host and the witch are the only witnesses but they are also trapped in the station with the killer. Add detective as needed.


Putting together the opossum skulls (and one raccoon!) I picked up out on my uncle’s farm last fall. Finally got them all cleaned up!

Most of these were headshots (all were dispatched after he spotted them trying to get into his chicken coop) and had been laying out in the woods for months so there are lots of missing pieces but it was still fun working with what I did find! And one of them has a neat pathology I’ll post pictures of shortly!

Last week I was starting to get anxiety about my January finances because of Teka’s numerous vet bills, so I put together a spreadsheet in excel (if any of you want to budget but don’t know how, I can upload a blank version of my spreadsheet so all you have to do is plug in numbers and it’ll calculate stuff for you).  Turns out financially I’ll be fine, but I just though I would share my pie chart I did of all my expenses.  Out of all my January expenses, over 19% was for Teka!  Compared to the 5% I spend on groceries, or the 2% I spent on gas!  I’m not confident, but here’s hoping Teka won’t lay any more eggs…

HIGH SCHOOL AU (important)


so i’m really far into the high school au planning

it will be amv, and since i want to like start putting this together soon i’d really love pictures of everyones muses in a high school outfit like things? that would be so great!!! can be anything high schooly, supporting  a band, preppy, football jerseys, whatever you want!!

so just like draw your muse in that ^^ for me to use

color or no color, doesnt matter


i just need it by like…….monday please………xD 

i have next week to work on this and put it together to hopefully get out something by wednesday

please reblog!! thank you so much

Sunday afternoon meal prep! Putting together breakfast, lunch, and snacks for work. I’m working with 1500 calories and at least 100g of protein. I also like dinner as my largest meal.

Breakfast: 2oz chicken, half a slice of gouda, on a hawaiian roll. I don’t like breakfast foods and I’m on meds that can cause stomach issues and this is the best combination to stop them (About 200 calories)

Lunch: 3 to 4 oz of homemade jerk chicken (measured raw), 150g of boiled and seasoned carrots. This week, they are boiled in a thai ginger broth (260ish cal)

Snacks: single serve piece of good chocolate, and a quest bar. I’m also trying out siggi’s yogurt, and some sort of jerky bar. Snack calories will vary.

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Can I put butters and Kyle in a room together? I wanna just sit back and watch you too converse, talk about trending topics.

Butters: Hey! Did you hear Beyonce’s pregnant?

Kyle: Yeah, I don’t know why people care about that stuff so much. I mean, shouldn’t people worry more about the state of planet earth?

Butters: Apparently PewDiePie is a racist now!

Kyle: Again, can we just-

Butters: Apparently, this guy ate a picture of Jason Segel, until Jason Segel ate a picture of him!

Kyle: You’re just so carefree it’s almost sickening. 

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I really want that emotional trauma healing set but dont have the money for it! Just want to let you know your sets and crystals are amazing

I’m glad you like it! 

That set was probably my favorite one I put together because it has so many of my favorite stones to work with that are really really beneficial to me <3 

Thank you to everyone who’s contributed to the fanbook!

I’m gonna work on putting the book together in the next few days before sending it off to be printed :)

If you missed the deadline, get in touch with me asap so that I can still slip you in!

I will definitely share pictures of the end result once I’ve received it and then it’s time to count down to Barcelona and to giving Harry all of your love!!!