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The great fan-theorying 2016 - Vision and Wanda (post-Civil War)

First of all, I would like to point out that back in August last year I got the whole plotline concerning Wanda and Vision in Civil War right. 

Some quotes from my post/fan-theory from a year ago:

If because of the explosion, she (Wanda) gets arrested and put out of commission, that would explain why she’s not in either line-up. Possibly means the rest of the movie is about trying to get her out, since Cap knows what really went down and that she doesn’t deserve to be locked up…

…Which means that likely he’s (Vision’s) the only one who can be in charge of guarding her and/or making sure she doesn’t take over the guards’ minds.

Leaving Wanda and Vision alone.



I grew up on Wanda and Vision comics, because my dad was a huge sap and actually collected their miniseries as well as West Coast Avengers, which was then passed onto me. I also keep up with the current comics to see what Marvel intends with their relationship now, including their kids (if you’re new to the ship, oh boy is that an interesting chestnut of information for you to digest!).

What’s more, I have a script-writing background, and I’m currently in the media industry. It’s kinda my job to write stories, keep stories straight, and assess them objectively. Theory-crafting is my job, lore-mongering is part of my skill-set.

And with Vision and Wanda, you gotta go through like 40 years worth (not counting the last few months even) of history and drama, good and bad, to figure out where the MCU wants to go.

Lucky for you, I grew up on this shit. It’s second nature for me to keep it all straight.

This gonna be a huge post, people. This post will be about me addressing some stuff about how they are portrayed in Civil War, some stuff linking to their comic counterparts, and I’m actually going to include my theories about Marvel’s end-game plan for these two, and this includes looking at other material/media in association with the MCU that has come out (video games, comics etc.)

For newbies to the ship, I’m going to link to some primer material as well, because you guys gotta get introduced to Billy and Tommy. Strap in!

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