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The Drought Network Edit Challenge: Top Five Taylor Swift Songs 

↳ #5. Safe & Sound (From ‘The Hunger Games Soundtrack’) [feat. The Civil Wars] 

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Can you please introduce me into a boy group 💕💕💕💕💛💛



They debuted in 2011 with the song “Freeze” which was banned from TV because it was too sexy.

I know that they’ve been caught in some scandals for being true and themselves and not saying “yes” to the norms of korean society, I won’t list them, if anyone is interested in negtive shit about other people Google it. I won’t state negative things about my ult group. They’ve been through thick and thin together without losing any members. They are really close, you can see their relationship is not only business. They protect each other. They are a family. My BOYS, my BLOCK B!

I will put their title songs and MVs down below in choronological order. They have had a song in almost all genre’s that are considered popular. They are late bloomers in the industry, BUT they are real and pure talent. They are having a comeback on November 6th. SUPPORT THEM! <3

Title Songs


Block B:


Tell them


Block B:


Nilini Mambo


Block B:

Be the light

Very Good


Block B:



Zico debuts solo:

Though Cookie


No Block B comeback as whole

Block B BastarZ debut (P.O, U-Kwon, B-Bomb):

Zero for Conduct



I am you, you are me

Say yes or no

Boys and Girls

Veni Vidi Vici

Dark Panda( ft. Hyorin, Paloalto)

Oasis (ft. Crush)

Okey Dokey (ft. Mino)

Pour up (ft. Dean)

Park Kyung debuts:

Ordinary love


Block B:

A few years later



Bermuda Triangle(ft.Crush, Dean)

Park Kyung:

Inferiority complex ( ft. Eunha of Gfriend)


Selfish & Beautiful girl

That’s right

Make it rain


Block B:



She’s a baby



Park Kyung:


When I’m with you

P.O debuts solo:

Men’z night

Block B Projects *Japanese*:

Winner(P.O, U-Kwon)




Loves me or not


*the pictures are their latest teasers, so they are extremly accurate*


Oldest hyung. Very memorable voice. One of a kind 1,68 hyung. I love Taeil he has protected the children through so many years. Icon of Korean celebs and tattoos. He is the most tattooed kpop group member. A fashionista. The only kpop artist that represents us people with glasses. I know there are many idols who have glasses but Taeil is the only one that doesn’t wear contacts but proudly wears his glasses. He has always let his donsaengs shine.

Birthday: 24 September, born 1990


MY ULTIMATE MAN. MY FISHING LEGEND! Legendary visual. Loves fishing. He was called by media useless and he was in depression for some time, my poor baby, I still want to beat the shit out of those cunts. 

He loves fishing and is the only korean idol to be featured on the cover of a fishing magazine.

One of the elite members of the club of magazine Men’s Health. His issue was the second most baught after Taecyeon’s issue and that should speaks volumes. This issue came out around the time the media claimed he was useless, but then Jaehyo shared he had been living on bread crusts and 250ml of water for 7 days in order for the cover to look amazing, which outraged BBC, our fan club, because we believe and still do that the media made him doubt himself so he was ready to push his body on the extreme in order to satisfy us. I cried back then because I really love no male idol like I love Jaehyo so to know that I failed my boy broke my heart. He also has a spectacular voice - a very soothing, rich one <3

Birthday: 23 December, born 1990


Our Minhyuk was actually supposed to be a member of Infinite, but thank God he is out B-Bomb now. There is nothing much to say apart from the fact that he is a spectacular dancer with an amazing voice…I love him!

Birthday: 14 December, born 1990


Our dancing LEGEND! His name is next to Taemin’s when it comes to dancing. U-kwon is a true master of the movements and while Taemin is a legend in gentle forms of dancing, U-kwon is the legend of hard-core hip thrusting and body rolling. His voice as any other in Block B is special and unforgatable. I will put a link below my ranting love for him of his absolutely iconic Joker performance. I’m serious this boy stroke something in my heart. He is in a relationship for years with a non-idol girl. Netizens call him rude, but I find his humor to be absolutely fantastic. Is kinda this very hard humor you can either handle or not handle. Legend!

Birthday: 9 April, 1992

His Joker performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPQsHhNDJN8

Park Kyung

There he is! The shade of it all. Shade legend himself Park Kyung. The boy with soft songs and rock hard roasting skills. Honestly, you need to see him in action Park Kyung can’t be explained. Somehow even if he isn’t your bias he is still your bias in Block B. Zico’s other half. They have kissed. Zico has kissed many people, but we’ll get there too. I LOVE PARK KYUNG!

Birthday: 9 July, born 1992


There it is! King of it all! King of Korea! One of the three Ko’s! One of the three influencers of music! By now filthy rich, the one and only Woo Jiho. Zico is honestly everything. But I admire him and love him even more due to the fact that he coyuld’ve just gone solo a long time ago and just leave Block B, but Zico never did and never even once, even when he was solo receiving solo awards or a music video always mentions Block B. Always thanks his family, he calls them his second family. And to whoever says that without Zico there won’t have been Block B, I would say what Zico said the last time they told him that: “Oh, Fuck you. My hyungs are everything to me, so don’t you ever disrespect them.”

Fenuis composer and producer. I can go on and on and on, but I wont because I want to keep it short. Ah yeah, and he dated AOA Seolhyun for about 5 months but then split with her because he had no time to see her and also has kissed U-Kwon and Park Kyung on national television and also has amazing lips if you haven’t noticed yet.

Birthday: 14 September, born 1992


Our precious baby. Daddy in the streets and baby in the sheets is his case. True variety genius. He is called the next Heechul because of his unique persona. Amazing rapper and visual. Always kind and nice to everyone. I love my baby bunny

Birthday: 2 February, 1993

I hope that has helped a little. I’ve been writing it the whole day :D

Getting to know you

Forgive me I type what comes to mind and sometimes I ramble as I don’t proof read.

The beginning of BTS(2013 early 2014) you have JK who is this cute little bunny who is extremely shy, doesn’t talk much, cries easily, and def. introverted compared to the others.  Jimin being from the same place(and born first) and being the amazing person he is becomes JK security blanket. JM and JK said it themselves they spent most nights together at night.  I think JK missed home and would cling(yes sleep hugging JM too) and follow JM around, they 100% slept in the same bed(nothing sexual).  At this point JM saw JK more like a little brother just like his own brother at home.  JM tried to break JK out of his shell, you see this in the logs they do together.  JM doing most of the talking and then prompting JK to say something.  JK and JM have ALWAYS from the start had a close relationship.  However he is not the only one who saw something special in jImin.  Jimin is a people pleaser, he knows what makes people tick, he knows how to make that other person feel special, and RM said it best when he said you can fall in love by looking into Jimin eyes.   

Remember now I said I’d be talking about all members at some point(I could be 100% wrong don’t hate the reason why I put this under jikook post is because of the bigger picture here, in the end JK and Jim are soul mates, lovers and best friends but how did they get there?)

During this same time period you got Suga who I think was the first to realize he had a little crush on Jimin.  They were extremely close from the start as well.  Suga and Jim would stay up late at night talking.  In multiple video’  s you see Suga smiling more than we’ve ever seen during this period, interacting, stroking Jimin neck, back hug him how many times did you see that back then??? Yes he looked at Jimin funny and making faces but he still holds on to his shoulders.  I kind of hated the Rookie king video’s where JImin gets the punishment a lot.  If you watch it again and pay attention.  Over half the members(esp. Suga) are trying to comfort Jimin when he gets hurt.  Little back touch here a brush of fingers from Suga, most look to the ground knowing Jimin is in pain and not wanting to watch.  I think this was the one where they are hitting under his nose with a stick.  I am surprised more people at this time didn’t take to the harem fics like crazy because Jimin surrounded by all his members, Suga lifts Jimin shirt up as two members hold him down lol and hit a bug off his abs.  (in one of these video’ s is the first on camara love for Jibooty with JK spanking Jimin multiple times and no reaction from Jimin so this happens a lot eh?) All through I need you period  in the beginning you see these adoring looks towards Jimin, a little bit of jealousy(or protection? from other idols during promotions) Suga did when Jimin didn’t say his name on who he wanted to do a colab with or who crush he had in the group(I think he said hope during an interview), when JK fed Jimin.  Eventually we see less and less of this and I think Suga realized that although Jimin looks up to Suga and does love Suga, it’s not the same because Jimin has always wanted and loved JK on a deeper level.  Now did anything happen with Suga it’s hard to tell because if something didn’t happen then why does JK get so jealous all the time(I’ll have to go into JK jealously later as this is way too long as it is..yes he’s a little possessive too and JM loves it).  My gut is telling me, no, no kiss or anything like that but that JM is very affectionate with all his members, he likes being wanted, he likes attention, he likes messing with JK to get a reaction, and he uses Suga and others(yes sometimes on purposes) to get it.  So to end this long post I’m going to say that Suga is a lot happier these days, he is over the crush on Jimin and I think that has a lot to do with Jhope..just saying.

BTW the first time I saw jealous JK was day 100 video FM 6/13…RM puts his hand on the back of JM and JK removes it.  So even back then JK just couldn’t help himself.  JK tends to pop up a lot because even then he would either film Jim or stick close to his security blanket.  One video in a hallway during MV? JM is hugging Jin and JK pops up JM looks flustered and pushed Jin away.  I’m not exactly sure if that was before or after day 100 because Bangtang TV doesn’t always post things in order of when it’s filmed so forgive my confusion.  Now I’ll leave it at that and post another day I have off from work.

EXO Theory Pt. 2 - It’s All a Dream

Part 1 - Kyungsoo as Omnipresent | Part 3 - MAMA 2016 | Part 4 - Baekhyun | Part 5 - KoKoBop and the XiuHo Connection |  Part 5.5 - ECLIPSE?!

Yes, it’s been a thousand years since I wrote part 1 but I had no internet for a month and when I got back I kinda forgot a lot of what I’d been thinking about (should have made notes or something oops). BUT with the release of Lotto I’ve been thinking about it all over again and furthered my idea, so I decided to continue on.

So, just as a preface, this is the order that I think the overall story of the MVs is taking place in, now including Lotto just before Monster:

MAMA/History/What Is Love - Miracles in December - Romantic Universe - Lucky One - Overdose - Love Me Right - Pathcodes/Call Me Baby - Wolf/Growl - Lotto - Monster - Sing For You.

So, in this part of the theory I’m gonna continue on from where I left off. In the last part, I outlined why I thought Kyungsoo was an omnipresent character in the overall story, due to his Earth power’s ability to link/connect to the other members (imo). 

Part of the reason I think Soo can do this is because, I think the MVs are meant to be some kind of shared dream/hallucination shared by all the members, that the ‘red forces’ are putting them under in order to find the Heart of the Tree of Life. The reason for this is because the two halves of EXO have been split and live in different worlds/planes (MAMA narration kinda says this ‘stand on different ground but see the same skies // stand on the same ground but see different skies’) and so they need a common plane for them all to be on to figure out where they’ve hidden the Heart.

There are obvious hints to this in Lucky One. However, I think Lucky One is more complicated than that.

Before this weird space/power sequence that features some weird dancing from Kai (??) the EXO members had been acting very robotic and without a lot of emotion. Then as soon as this sequence is done, the explosion from Soo:

is followed by the members regaining their powers and trying to escape the facility.

Lucky One, I think, is meant to be some sort of test for the members set by the ‘red forces’. If the sequence of MVs I’m following is right then Lucky One is the fourth MV in the sequence, directly after Romantic Universe.

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Theory of LOTTO

After hours and hours of trying to get some sense into the LOTTO MV, I’m back with another theory that still leaves many questions unanswered.

Now once again, I might be refrencing to my previous theories so I suggest you take a look at those too. I know, self promo much, but honestly, I’m way too lazy to repeat everything again.

Ok? Ok.

Let’s start with the time the MV takes place. At first I thought that SM is playing with us again by putting the MV’s  in the unchronological order but then I thought that if they fought these guys before Monster, Baekhyun wouldn’t have had a chance to go to the ‘dark side’ since the red forces know he has fought against them before. So, I’m assuming this MV is placed after Lucky One and Monster.

So now, after EXO has succesfully escaped with the help of Baekhyun, they start a plan of their own against the red forces. Remember how in the Lucky One MV the nurses, or whatever, were in white clothes? Well in Lotto the 'bad guys’ also have white clothes. I think the masked people in Lotto are the same group that got EXO in to the facility and now the boys are getting back at them.

The MV starts with EXO clearly trying to blend in with the rest of the people, but it’s clear that they are the ones in control. Kai seems to be leading the gamble table while D.O. and Baekhyun are making sure the cockfighting goes as planned.

We see Chen in white clothes, which ads to my theory about them being in Chen’s dreams and that Chen is trying to be/act like everyone else. Here it’s, however, clear that he no longer fights for the other side.

Next we see Chanyeol, Suho, Lay and Sehun walking in to the cockfighting arena/room and the masked people running away. I think this is the point when they realize that they have been scammed and they call the police to help. In the gambling table Minseok looks like he’s glad that the acting is finally over and Kai looks like he saw something interesting, most likely the masked man/the leader of the masked people and went after him. That’s how he ended up in the car with him.

Now, some say that Sehun and Lay closed the door so that no one can go out but I think it’s so that no one gets in, meaning mainly the police once they arrive. This way they can follow their plan without the masked people getting in their way. They burn the dirty money and the masked leader is caught by Kai and likely Chanyeol, since he jumps on top of the car.

The police arrives shortly after. At first they are seen pointing at Chen who doesn’t seem to be surprised which ads to my suspicion that they were planning to get arrested from the very beginning. They still fight against them, for show, I suppose. You know, to make the cops think that this wasn’t their plan all along. However, we only see Kai and Chanyeol actually being caught so I’m not sure what happens to the others… Though I swear to god, the guy who pins Chanyeol against the car looks like Baekhyun

Now, to the girl in the MV. At first she’s running from something or someone. We don’t see what or who. As fir the dogs that are propably supposed to reseble wolves, I see them as some kind of guardians. They never try to attac the girl, just make sure she’s ok. And as for the casette that she takes from Chanyeol at the end, yes, it could be what D.O. was filming in the cockfighting room but I think there’s more to that. Anyway, it’s clear that she is on EXO’s side and I think they made it look like a kidnapping so that she would get to safety and could help EXO from outside.

So, this might be a bit far fetched, but I’ve learned to believe that everything in concept MV’s means something, so hear me out. The text in the car(in the ending scene) caught my eye. 

I’m fully aware that it could just mean the car model or something, but then again, that would be advertising and you don’t see much of that in K-Pop videos. So I did what every person would do and googled it. I was given this:

”In 49 B.C., perhaps on January 10, C. Julius Caesar led a single legion, Legio XIII Gemina, south over the river Rubicon from Cisalpine Gaul to Italy to make his way to Rome. In doing so, he (deliberately) broke the law on imperium and made armed conflict inevitable. Suetonius depicts Caesar as undecided as he approached the river, and attributes the crossing to a supernatural apparition. 

According to Suetonius, Caesar uttered the famous phrase ālea iacta est (“the die has been cast”). The phrasecrossing the Rubicon” has survived to refer to any individual or group committing itself irrevocably to a risky or revolutionary course of action, similar to the modern phrase “passing the point of no return." 

So, in a nutshell, everything EXO has been doing has been a conscious decision. Everything had been building up to this moment. There is no turning back. Caesar’s choice made conflict inevitable, so did EXO’s. They decided to fight for their freedom and that’s what they did. And if we’re to believe that EXO ends up like Caesar, they will get their freedom.

Now, before I end this, I would like to note something that I couldn’t quite understand myself. Remember the tattoo/picture in Lay’s hand in Love Me Right? And on the money used on the gambling there is a picture of a skull of some sort. It resembles the masked leader but also the picture in Lay’s hand. Lay is also not in the scenes much and in the end he seems to be looking at something quite peacefully. He was also at the end of the table in Monster MV. I can’t really put these pieces together but there’s definitely something up with him. Just saying…

Also, I’m writing this quite late so I’m sorry if I’m not making sense and/or missed something

And then a bunch of hasty Kairis cuz I’m still awake. She has the dubious honor of being the only character with a role in all 7 of my stupid AUs (so far). …jfc I have seven stupid AUs how did this happen.

AUs: Email My HeartMallverseHer Majesty’s AUArchetwist AUGamma TeamShitty Fantasy AUKingdom Heart of the Cards

Others: Sora - Riku - Olette - Namine

…I didn’t even mean to put the Kingdom Key smack dab in the middle like that, I was just following the order of all my other lineups. Also bursts of purple on the ends?! Damn this is serendipitous.

Talk Me Down

Happy birthday @kurootetsru​ :3 thank you for introducing me to Troye Sivan, and unknowingly sparking an idea for a MakoHaru fic where Makoto is Troye and all his songs are about his unspoken feelings for Haru X3  AO3 Link

In order to get the full reference of this fic, and to enjoy Troye’s greatness, I highly encourage watching his three-part Blue Neighbourhood MV

“Hee hee!  Look, Haru-chan!  We can put our pinkies inside the keychains coach Sasabe gave us—they’re like little finger puppets!”

“Shh, Makoto.  If we’re not quiet, your mom will scold us for staying up too late.”

The two childhood friends huddled close together, taking refuge underneath the sheets of Makoto’s bed with nothing but a flashlight and the keychains they had received from their swim club earlier that day.  Mrs. Tachibana had already come into the room once to remind the boys that they had school the next day and needed their rest, but her efforts proved futile considering the pair had felt restless ever since playing house with the twins.  

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[ENG TRANS] Daesung on でぃらいと (diraito) Interview by EXCITE MUSIC

[Source: http://ent2.excite.co.jp/music/special/2014/d-lite2/interview.html

Translated by mmvvip. Please credit if you want to take these out. thank you]


Q: Concept mini album “Diraito” was fun to listen. How did you think of this concept? 

D: During D-LITE DLive 2014 in Japan D’SLOVE Tour, I sang Furui Nikki (Old Diary originally by Akiko Wada) and Japanese version of Nalbwa Gwisoon which I received a great reaction, and I personally had so much fun singing them. It’s almost the end-of-the-year party season so I thought it would be a great idea to make an album that people can sing at karaoke and have fun. My music video shows the fun choreography so I want people to sing and dance at parties.

Q: So the “fun project in fall” you mentioned during the tour was about this.

D: Yes it was. Nalbwa Gwisoon and Daebakiya were the two trot songs that were perfect for the concept of the album and I wanted to put additional 2~3 songs.  I sang Furui Nikki during the tour so I decided to include that, then I chose Dounimo Tomaranai which I listened to when I was searching for songs.


Q: Nalbwa Gwisoon was translated by Kenichi Maeyamada (a.k.a Hyadain). The lyrics are very unique.

D: I’m very thankful because Hyadain is the only one who can express like this.  The original Korean version was full of humor.  I kept worrying “What will happen when this gets translated?”, but I was relieved when I saw his lyrics. So I decided to let him write Daebakiya too.  I tried rap in Kansai (Western Japan) dialect for the first time.  I never even talk in that dialect so it was difficult, but Hyadain made a guide vocal for me. I used that and listened to it so many times to practice. Recording took a while.

Q: Furui Nikki turned out to be a rock style that you like?

D: Yes. I really like rock, and also the original song sounded rock-ish to me.  That’s why I wanted to make it rock style. I thought it would suit my character.

Q: Not only the HA! shout but also different kinds of fake-souds were included. Were you able to add them naturally?

 D: No. I record them beforehand. We make different kinds of fakes and try them during recording. Then I receive opinions from staffs and choose the good ones.

Q:  You prepare carefully. 

D: Yes. By the way, I heard that Akiko Wada (original singer of Furui Nikki) played my version of Furui Nikki in her radio show yesterday.  I was so scared (laugh)

Q: That is nerve-wracking (laugh)

 D: I really wanted to know her reaction…. Staffs told me she happily said “I’m very thankful~” and I was relieved! Because the most important thing for me is that I want the original singer to enjoy listening to my version and not to lose the original appeals.

Q: Did you know Dounimo Tomaranai by Linda Yamamoto from before?

D: No. I found out about this song while I was trying to find songs for this album.  I thought I wanted to sing it right away the moment I saw the performance by Yamamoto.  Its “power” was great and it was a little different from Akiko Wada’s power. The concept of the arrangement was “marching.” I had this image in my head of people singing it and marching forward, so I arranged it with that style.  I put in the part in the interlude where people can sing along, because it felt like many people would be able to sing it together.  I thought it would be a great idea.  Then I actually made it in and it suited perfectly than I was expecting.  I listen to it when I go running and it gives me power. 


Q:  Singing these old songs is a chance for young generation to listen to it for the first time. How do you feel about that?

D: Isn’t it great?  I wasn’t even born in the 70’s when these songs were made.  I know that many people already know these songs because they are famous, but there will be young people who would listen to it for the first time.  I want for those people to listen to the original songs.  I really want to tell them that they are great songs.

Q: Not only as a singer but you also have so many ideas as a song arranger.

 D: No, not really (laugh) I have to listen to soooo many songs, be concerned, think a lot, then finally get new ideas. I don’t know when those good ideas come so I keep thinking and thinking.

Q: About ideas. You planned the ideas for Nalbwa Gwisoon MV.  I laughed so hard; it was very comical!

D: Thank you (laughs) My ideas weren’t organized so I really want to thank the director who put them in order and made this MV.  I had an inspiration from this one commercial I saw a long time ago.  I’ve made so many MVs until now, but I feel disappointed when people don’t understand the concept of them.  Even though we put so many messages into it, people don’t understand it watching them only once.  So this time, I didn’t really think of the overall flow but simply tried to express the lyrics.  I wanted to make the MV like a commercial; just showing funny short scenes for 5~10 seconds that anyone can laugh at.

Q: I think you successfully managed it (laughs) Which idea do you have the most confidence?

 D: I personally felt confident in that scene where I break the crackers. But I wanted to express that scene more clearly.  When I watched the MV, I thought the funniest scene was that part with G-DRAGON.

Q: Did you personally ask him to appear? 

D: No. I felt bad to ask him so I couldn’t.  But G-DRAGON said that he will be in Japan when I was filming the MV and wants to be in it. It was nice of him to say that so I really wanted him to give him a handsome character and a great scene for him.

Q: You are so nice! That scene was funny but you probably felt sad…

D: Yes. I had no confidence after shooting that part (laughs) I just had to forget all my handsome side in this project. I named this album “diraito” in hiragana (simplest Japanese character) so people can feel closer to me.

Q:  You wanted to have the comical role so the fans can enjoy?

D: That’s right. I feel that I have to when I have to.  I didn’t want to worry about my past impressions on people. When I have to be funny, I would change myself 100% completely, then I go back to the past image.  That way, I think fans will enjoy it more and they will be able to look forward to my next album.

Q: I see. By the way do you have end-of-the-year parties in Korea?

D: End-of-the-year party is also popular in Korean culture; people in our Ent do it too.  We have been busy these recent years but until 3~4 years ago we had them every year.

Q: So do you guys drink and talk about how the year was?

D: In Korea, we don’t talk.  Only drinking (laughs).  We just say “Good job~! Now let’s drink!”

Q: Do you have any party plans this year?

D: No~. Wait! There is a party that would be great.  BIGBANG Dome Tour would be the great end-of-the-year party!

Q: BIGBANG Best Album will be released soon . 

D: There will be 50 songs included in that album so you will be able to know everything about Bigbang.  Please look forward to the new concept pictures.

Q: How did you feel looking at the list of 50 songs? Was it long or short?

D: The time felt so short.  We debut in 2006 in Korea and it would be our 10th year in two years.  I could never imagine BIGBANG will have its 10th anniversary.


Q: So you thought BIGBANG wouldn’t last that long when you debuted?

 D: I just didn’t have the time to imagine about our future. We were so busy every day…

Q: You are probably still busy these days, but you are successfully building up on your career and doing well on both solo and group activities.  What are your goals now?

D: The difficult topic that BIGBANG have on our minds now is “What and How are we going to remain?” We must make better things and we must achieve higher goals. This idea is making us difficult to make an album and the process is becoming time consuming.  Also the fact that so many people listen to our music now compared to when we debut is making us take our time to make new music.  But we all have in mind that we want to make music that people can listen to and feel fresh even after 10, 20 years. 

Q: What comes in mind when you hear “autumn/fall”?

D: Fall is the season of “preparation”.  I love winter, so fall is the season to prepare to go skiing, hot springs, and parties.  I think everyone should listen to my mini album and get ready for parties (laughs)  I sing Nalbwa Gwisoon at parties.  We had an after-party after we performed for Incheon Asia Games.  We went to Karaoke and G-DRAGON put Nalbwa Gwisoon and called my name.  I had to ran to him; he handed me the mic and I sang.  I’m always prepared to sing it (laughs). 

Honestly it’s kinda ridiculous how rappers literally have to do the bare minimum to get ratings from khh fans, honestly someone puts up their middle finger and suddenly ‘wow x person is super hard, oh wow true hip hop attitude’. As much as hip hop does carry with it a certain attitude, we also need to understand that superficial things like wearing certain clothes or swearing doesn’t suddenly make something 'hip hop’.

I was talking to black-khiphop-fans about a comment I left on a post about Loco’s latest video. Basically I found it lazy, and I thought that he could have put out something better (I may or may not have accused Jay of using all of aomg’s mv budget for his videos- tongue in cheek of course) and the reply I got was obviously I don’t know what true hip hop is and how everything can’t be deep. Negl I do love my fake deep rappers but why even put out good videos when this is what I’m apparently supposed to be super enthusiastic about. Has it got to the point now where in order to kid ourselves that our enjoyment of khh is somehow superior to our kpop counterparts (I am aware these overlap) that we have to pretend that most khh at best is a really good fake name brand knock off that we like the look of but we know it’s not the real thing.

breathless MV
  • bin not moving to pick up that drink he needs is me honestly #lazy 
  • is eunWOO CARRYING MJ HOLY SHIT either mj is rly light or dongmeme has hidden muscles
  • i didn’t even see jinjin behind eunwoo how is he this short
  • can we talk about the scene where they all fall down bc ALL THE BOOTIES
  • eomma eunwoo looks like he’s having a heart attack in that plastic bag i’m dying
  • boys in the fridge
  • SANHA AND DUCK!!!!!!!!
  • sad moon bin and saD MJ OMG 
  • that duck
  • they arranged them IN ORDER OF AGE in that boppy height thing i’m screaming
  • the ghosTIE AND THE BOYS 
  • sanha pls it’s past your bedtime
  • bin eating MJ’s hair what 
  • that choreo looks mad though i can’t wait to see it double speed

conclusion: astro cute af, breathless MV leaving us breathless

anonymous asked:

So comeback will be 12 PM KST not 12 AM? I have to put money in my card so I'm hoping it's 12 PM 😂

Before I start answering, I want to note that I will NOT be answering any asks that are already answered in this post and my past few ask posts. If you ask a question I have already answered, the ask will be deleted.

Comeback is at 12AM KST (this will be the MV and album drop (digitally)) on the 13th. Pre-orders start tomorrow on the 25th at roughly 12PM KST.

Sorry if you’ve answered this, I just want to double check. To get the poster and special gift thing, it’s the first batch. So we can order it from any site? It doesn’t just have to be the BTS official site for first batch???

U said that the mini gift thing will be available from the 25th-1st… So, we can order in between those days b4 they sell out right?(so we don’t have to be on the rush) Or we still need to order ASAP like right when it gets released to just to make sure u get it?

Special gift is not first batch. Special gift is until February 1st (this is for orders through the official shop). For other sites the time span for the special gift will probably differ. We will have to wait for each site to release details about that. I don’t know if there is a limited stock on special gift, but it doesn’t seem like it (at least for the official shop). As for other stores like kpoptown.com, I don’t know which albums/how long they will have the special gift before. I can’t help much because BTS has never done this for an album before. As for the poster, that is first batch. So as long as you order within the first batch of albums, you will get the poster. Basically the rule of thumb for all comebacks is ORDER ASAP.

how do you preorder the album?? through the fancafe?

Guys…I really won’t answer this question again. It is in my FAQ and the past few asks I have posted. kpopmart.com, kpoptown.com, ktown4u.com, btsofficialshop.com. These are just a few but if you look up “kpop albums” on Google, I’m sure more stores will show up.

How long do you think it will take for kpoptown and kpopmart to get the album for preorders?? Or will they have it right at 12am KST?

Pre-order starts at roughly 12PM KST (that is how it has been in the past). btsofficialshop.com will probably drop it right at 12PM KST, but other sites tend to be a bit off (usually a bit late).
- Kylie