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i know no one is going to see this but please stop copying and pasting/screenshotting whole articles on here. journalism is a dying business and those sites rely on people actually viewing them to survive. put a single quote and a damn hyperlink it’s not that hard

Almost all the artists I know: *put some soft melodic music at a reasonable volume, sitting on their organized desk, with some tea or soft drink near them* Okay it’s time to draw, I gotta get in the mood, relax a little, maybe vent while it, let’s think clearly what I wanna draw or doodle…

Me: *puts speedcore at 100% , trows all art suplies into my disorganized bed, swallowing a  mountain dew without breathing*   FUCK YEAH BITCH LET’S DRAW PERIDOT RIDING A FUCKING PIÑATA

wanted to draw my favorite flower lesbian again bc its been awhile since I’ve done anything with Alliacea. 

now that I’m out of my “MORE COLORS, MORE SATURATION, BLINDINGLY HARSH CONTRAST FOREVER” phase, I’m thinking about going back and fixing up the islander designs to make them a bit more pleasing C: 

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Could Pachycephalosaurs have really been capable of headbutting or did something in their skull structure prevent them from doing this?

There’s one thing in their skull structure that makes whacking bone on bone perhaps not a great idea – their brain. Frankly, I can’t see pachycephalosaurs butting heads with each other like often thought. Their domes (as adults at least) are rounded rather than flattened - which seems completely counterintuitive, as they’d slide or ricochet off of each other, rather than connecting. I’d also put head-shoving each other out of the way for this reason as well (although the flattened heads of juveniles may say something…)

However I’d say that flank-butting is probably more likely. Head lesions are fairly common on pachy skulls, and the bone structure of their domes supports the idea that it could take damage.

I posted this message on Wattpad and it works for here too. It’s just an update about the covers on my stories, and the story titles in case it was missed. Ignore this if you don’t care lol. 

Yes, I changed a lot of my story covers. I LOVE the ones I had but for my own reasons I don’t want to have any band members faces on them. I don’t really want to go into why. ANYWAY a lot of people have already started sending new covers bc my quick ones I did SUCK. A lot of people are asking to make them too which I really appreciate, but I think I need to put a list on here of what I already have and what I don’t. 

I already have ones for: play me like a puppet, lavender, under your spell, insatiable, under the covers, glitter, twice in a lifetime, grow up, forgive me father, the deal 1 and 2, miss novocaine, starting something dangerout, 1000 paper cuts, ttoyl, tangled in the great kellin quinn, kellin Quinn and the son of Voldemort and low. I haven’t changed complexes yet but someone on tumblr is making me one. 

I don’t need ones for any of those listed above because I’m not gonna change them again. 

The ones I DON’T have, which I edited to really bad ones,a dn are totally up for grabs to make if you like are: IHBNTY, trust, have faith in me, cold blooded, doctors orders, oneshots, the prince and the outlaw, act the part, winter vacation, heart-breaker, the lunatic, obsession, summer lovin, hush hush, sweet sixteen, the boyfriend experience, possessed, head says no body says yes, locked up, 30 week kellic challenge. I’m also down to change Low and GTSMU even though they already have ones I made ages ago. 

YES, you will notice I changed some of the titles of a few stories, for my own reasons again. Don’t wanna go into it right now. But a lunatic’s lament= the lunatic. bleed into your mind- obsession. all hail the heart breaker= heart-breaker. a most profound silence= possessed. mgsnbyfsy= head says no, body says yes. ugly birds in a beautiful cage= locked up.

If you wanna make, go ahead. Come back and check this post though because I’ll edit it when each cover is “taken” lol. I basically just use the first ones I see, in fairness and all. But I won’t use any with band members faces on them or even their names. I just don’t want it plastered everywhere in case the band members really don’t want that lol

Anyway, if you’re making, then have fun

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one thing i don't get abt the antis is that their description always says shit like (✨✨✨anti- shaladin✨✨✨) or (evil anti with like stars or other aesthetic things ) i don't get it. you're evil. there's no reason you should put fuckin stars next to it to show your aesthetic theme . ((i just thought this was odd lol :P))

It’s bc they think it’s funny that we tell them to stop being aggressive and abusive like ya this isn’t a joke you need to fuckin stop

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wait so i do know the real reason you put the scars on the doctor but like, what if it's because the same thing happened to them and so they decided "well if it happened to me why shouldn't i be able to do it to someone else?" which is obvs a horrible mentality but thats the point

acTUALLY we made novocaine a prequel specifically to avoid something like that? b/c the “abused becomes the abuser” trope is kinda……………… yikes 


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My mum doesn't support independence. She says she feels no more connected to someone in Sheffield than someone in Scotland, and so I guess thinks her vote for Labour is to the benefit of the UK as a whole? I disagree so much, but I couldn't seem to articulate how I don't think this line of reasoning is solid. I just don't think we should have our votes expected to 'bail out' the other countries, among other things. How do you argue against this kind of logic?

Personally I don’t think her reasoning is that solid. I believe with Scottish independence, England would change its tune with regards to their politics as they would see their northern neighbour doing things differently to the Tories. 

The government that England votes for is the government that Scotland gets. It is not our responsibility to ‘rescue’ England for their mistake. Their are some elements of the English Left that ignore Scotland’s needs so long as we put them in a position of power.

If I was you I’d open up a conversation with her about the creation of an English Parliament. If she genuinely feels no more connected to someone in Sheffield then she won’t be opposed to it as it would be to the benefit of the whole of England. It would mean more MP accountability. 

If she says she wouldn’t support an English parliament then her political opinion means nothing as she wouldnae even give the English the opportunity to change things.

(It’s a screencap so it wouldn’t appear in the ship tag)

I’m sorry it disturbs you. I beg to differ though. No “fact” concerning these two during that period of time is available. That’s why we have headcanons. 

That comic shows my interpretation and understanding of the characters and that inevitably leads to the reason why I am not fond of any romance between them. I wrote it was some potential anti material only in the tags because that was not the main point of my post. Some tagged the ship anyway but it’s okay. So “determined to put others down”? I don’t know. 

More elaboration below. 

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1. What is a weird habit you have or have had in the past? Ehhhh… I have some so I don’t know which one to tell lol

2. Where can you be found on a typical Sunday morning? In my room… I swear.

3. Pineapple on pizza? NooOOooOoOOOOOOoooOOOOoooOOoO

4. Do you wet the toothbrush first or load on the paste first? Wet. Never forget: Always wet first before you put it in ;)

5. Who was your celebrity crush in high school? I didn’t really have a celebrity crush because I had always found a good reason to dislike them.

6. When did you lose your first tooth? How? 6 years old. Dunno, ‘bout time I guess XD

7. Paper or plastic? Paper 

8. How often do you eat out? I eat in the uni cafeteria almost daily. Does that count?

9. Did you know that elephants are the only four-kneed animals that cannot jump? I could swear they can but oh wow I learnt something new lol

10. How many times have you been in love? Not even once. I don’t have time for that.

11. Why did you make a tumblr? Heard of it from someone. 

I’m tagging: @dinklebert @tsukareta-levi @sugarplum-senpai @fragile-lynne @tvvy @raefill @agent-2-6 @farlanchurch-isthemumfriend @krista-w-chan @varrix @gaypaperbagg

My questions are:

1. Is there a book/movie that you’ve read/watched many times? Which one?

2. What do you love most about your friends?

3. Ever been a witness to someone doing something hella embarrassing? (You don’t have to tell anything about it)

4. A fandom you didn’t think you would ever be a part of?

5. Do you have a “trash character” you like?

6. Pastel or Black?

7. Pet peeves?

8. If you had one free wish what would it be? (Wishing for xx/endless wishes is not allowed)

9. What are your favourite tropes/AUs for your ships?

10. Are you an emotional person?

11. Are you more attracted to popular ships or rare pairs?

hobi was wearing today the shoes jin got him for his birthday!

we’ve always taken shelter in our unhelpable pride

‘Why do you love me? What is there to love in someone like me? Please, tell me why you’re so fond of me because honestly? I don’t get it.’

I was perplexed how could he not see why?

‘I love you because you’re you.

I love you because when you smile, your lips always tilt slightly to the left. When you smile your amazingly sharp canines peek through giving you a juvenile look. When you smile, your ever present dimples show more — if that’s even possible —. When you smile, your eyes crease at the edges and your beautiful eyes become slits of pure joy.

I love you because when you laugh, you tilt your head backwards. When you laugh, you always close your eyes. When you laugh, you grasp your stomach and bend over. When you laugh, you always end in a deep sigh and smile after wards, you grasp my face in yours and kiss me as if we’ll never kiss again.

I love you because when I do something you like, you giggle. When I do something you like, you’ll caress my hair and pat my cheeks. When I do something you like, you look at my lips and say, “I fucking love you”. When I do something you like, your eyes bore into mine and I see a flame ignite in them.

I love you because when you’re concentrated you furrow your eyebrows. When you’re concentrated you tongue pokes out of your delicious lips and glides over them. When you’re concentrated, you tend to break out of it for a slight second and do that 'hmmph’ sound you know I like just to give yourself a small break. When you’re concentrated, you grab something to eat with your left hand and bring it to the right side of your mouth and proceed to take a bite.

I love you because when you kiss me, you grab my face with both hands. When you kiss me, one hand pulls on my hair, while the other runs its thumb across my cheek. When you kiss me, you always do a series of multiple pecks after we end making out. When you kiss me, I can feel you smile and let out small giggles of content. When you kiss me, you hold my face in your palms and look at me for a good while then you tell me I’m beautiful.

I love you because when you hug me, you hold me for a long time. When you hug me, you grasp me firmly with both of your strong arms. When you hug me, you use one hand to rub my back. When you hug me, you put your face in the crook of my neck and breathe in my scent. When you hug me, you won’t let me go until we’ve embraced each other tightly.

I love you because when you talk about something you love you smile the whole time. When you talk about something you love, you tend to look down at your hands. When you talk about something you love, you furrow your eyebrows and smirk a little. When you talk about something you love, you let out small sighs of happiness. When you talk about something you love, you always tilt your head to side and shrug your shoulders at the end because you get embarrassed at your enthusiasm.

I love you because when you make me blush, you tease me about it. When you make me blush you put your hands on my cheeks and remark, 'baby your cheeks are hot’ at which point I reply, 'no they’re not, I don’t know what you’re talking about’. When you make me blush you look at my cheeks and smile and say 'baby you’re blushing’. When you make me blush you hold me down and ask me why knowing damn well that makes me blush more.

I love you because when you tell me stories about your past, you say them in a low voice as if speaking louder will make them come back. When you tell me stories about your past, you always hug me and won’t let me go. When you tell me stories about your past, you run your hands through your hair because you know you might cry. When you tell me stories about your past you always mutter the phrase, 'why am I even telling you this?’ And we both know it’s because you love me, and you want me to know what I’m getting into.

I love you because when you notice I’m sad, you’ll look at me and poke my cheeks until I smile. When you notice I’m sad you tell me 'stop being a taco without the shell’ because you know I’ll laugh. When you notice I’m sad, you’ll hug me and tell me you love me. When you notice I’m sad, you’ll ruffle my hair and whisper in my ear, 'Tina eat your goddamn food’, because that llama is our spirit animal.’

I love you for so many reasons, if I listed them all, this poem would never end.

The best way to put it is, I love you because you’re you.

—  Beauty in IT /// I love you because…
Reminder to tell fic authors and artists how amazing they are

The reason:

besides them spending a lot of time on their pieces and putting all their heart into it (and being bloody amazing at it),

most of them - okay, I mainly speak of me here, I don’t know about others but I just assume it’s the same for them - can’t get compliments from their friends and family and people close to them cause

1) they don’t get their obsession with the show/ship
2) they are homophobic
3) you wouldn’t really want to show explicit works to your parents either, would you?
4) they write in English which is not their native language and not many people around them understand it

So it’s our responsibility to show them that they are doing an amazing job and that we enjoy seeing/reading their work. They need the confirmation and motivation.

So leave comments.

leave comments.

leave comments.


Day One: Why You Love Them
↳ ‘know no shame’